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Continuation Hy here and again was time to rewrite Dima's diaries (my son). Now he is already married and he is 25 years old. To his wife, Elena, too 25 years. She from other city, the orphan. Recently she buried the grandmother who rostila ee all ee life. (Russian Virtual davalka! - good advice) Hy yes, all right, about everything in stages. I will write from a name of Dima that it was more convenient to you to perceive. Today Tuesday, me is already time to go to institute, an I sit and I write this diary. I think mother guessed that I write in the diary (the clever boy). Therefore from this day I will write with usual Russian letters. I will come from institute I will continue. Hy here I and houses. Mother at work, called and told that today I will spend the night one, she will remain to y of the girlfriend (mistress) of the aunt Ira. Cool aunt. Primaya as "tank". It seems to me that y them communication. Though... I noticed that as only in the morning mother puts on red erotic linen, surely then calls and says that she y of the aunt Ira spends the night. I knew long ago that my mother the bisexual. Somehow I caught ee as she kissed co of the acquaintance. (Look as mother of the main character has sex with other women! - editor's note) Today gave stependiyu, probably I will go while there is no mother, I will make by her a surprise... ... Hy here came. I was in shop of the lower linen. Huge choice of any clothes. Pradavets helped me to choose a dark blue set (a brassiere, panties and a peignoir on ties.) Class. Now I will read lectures and I will go to Lenke to halls. ... Wednesday. C of institute came. Yesterday with Lenkoy there was mind-blowing cekc. She expelled all girls from the section and decided to suck away me y at what without asking me. A I as on the evil dressed black openwork panties which mother presented me last month. Slightly co of shame didn't die. A she as was surprised, an on an ear with a smile called then, "my favourite pervert". I was already going to leave, but she didn't give, told that ee got it and now she knows what to present to me for New Year. I asked not to do ee of it. Then there was a smart blowjob. Lenka shifted thongs aside. Ee a finger of y me in buttocks... It that-to. She always caresses me fingers in buttocks when sucks. She didn't allow me to lick ee. I told that y her other plans. She put on and we went to walk. We walked on the park. Snow was trampled down. Dirty, ugly. Ho Lena led me there where nobody went. Clean snow, thick layer. Played snowballs. Then send ko to me. I told that I want to acquaint ee with mother. Lena was confused a little, told, that isn't ready. Ho I told that it is mother asked me to bring Lena to us home and to acquaint. Lena agreed, but told that not long therefore that then ee won't let to halls. I told that we are not long. We came into shop bought wines and flowers. I wanted that my girl presented flowers to my mother. We came home at the beginning of the ninth evening. I knew that in an hour the halls will be closed and Lenka it will be necessary to spend the night y us, but didn't know as mother will treat it. Be that will be. We came home. I opened a door the key. Water rustles in the bathroom. Mother in soul. I helped Lena to take off the top clothes and carried out to the room and having closed a door went to mother to the bathroom. We are never closed when we wash (only in absence of the father when he in a business trip). - Mothers, I came. - I am glad. - I am not one. - With someone? Oleg? - No, Lena, my girl. - Here as? Did you decide to acquaint us? Mother stood ko to me a back and having bent down soaped the legs a bast. Ee charming buttocks was before me and I having stretched pyky began to caress ee a crack. Mother moved apart legs poshire and having risen continued to wash herself. - Perfectly, I will leave now, but she shouldn't know what between us, you remember? - Of course, mother! - Then go to her, I sechas will come. I left and went to the room. I told that mother will come now, I will make for a coffee so far. Lena volunteered to help me. We went to kitchen. I delivered to the Turk, filled coffee, poured water and put on fire. Lena approached a window and looked to the night city. Here mother came. - Coffee, it is excellent, thanks darling. Hi, Lena. I am glad to acquaintance. I am Tatyana Vladimirovna. You can call me Tan if itebe it is more convenient. - Very pleasantly. I now. Lena went to the room and brought wine and flowers. And having given a bottle to me podoshchla to mother. - The grandmother always learned to give flowers at the first acquaintance. - Thanks, darling. They are magnificent. Thanks to your grandmother that brought up such granddaughter. - Hy that you sit down, - I told, pouring some coffee in cups. We took seat at a table. Mother got candies. We began to drink coffee and to talk. It was interesting to me to watch women as they got acquainted. Then mother suggested me to open wine and to go to the hall to watch the TV set and to drink wine. Mother sat down in a chair and picked up legs under herself, a we sat down on a sofa. Drank wine stirred. I ukratkoy looked for hours. And here the arrow passed 22: 30. I bent to Lena on yxo and told that we opazdali and ee won't let any more. Mother saw the upset and a little confused face of Lena. - What happened, Lena? - I was late to the hostel. - He is big a trouble. You can spend the night also y us, a tomorrow with Dima you will go together to institute, you will run in halls behind things. - Inconveniently somehow. - It is inconvenient to sleep on a ceiling, the blanket falls, legs freeze. - Mother smiled - Bce solved, you remain y us. Dima go beds to Lena on the bed, an itself in the hall you will have a sleep on a mattress. - Well mother. - I left. (following narration words of mother) - Lena, it is possible a frank question? - Yes, - Lena confusedly told - You were engaged in sex with my son? - Yes, - Lena answered, - I will more better go, somehow I will agree that I was let to halls. - The silly fellow, I don't mind. I only for safe cekc. You are protected? - Yes, condoms. - Ymnichka, only don't drink a tablet, you will ruin health. Also be not afraid of me. There is no Y us with Dima secrets. - It is possible I will accept a shower? - Of course, the darling, the help will be necessary call me, don't hesitate. I also will rub a back and I will wipe. From such frankness Lena was taken aback a little. - A where decide to sleep. If one, Dima's y if c him, tell him about it. He knows that I don't mind. We already told c to them on this subject and be not afraid to wake me if is engaged in sex. I like to shout in an orgasm. Neighbors resort. I see I you shocked with the frankness, but I am such. I think, to us the friend of the friend will be so simpler to understand. He satisfies you in sex? Lena reddened and kept silent. - Don't become flustered! I am such straight line, even most it is a shame! Just sex - an important part of human relations. Whether it isn't important межуд the man and the woman or between same-sex partners. If people love each other - sex has to bring them happiness and satisfaction. By the way, Dimochka, as well as any man, loves anal caress. - And you from where know, - Lena had an uzumlenny person - Somehow I found him behind masturbation in soul. On by dick he caressed to himself buttocks. Hy is fine, itself you will understand. Go to a shower, the towel is there. The night dress is necessary? Lena nodded. - Go, I will bring you ee to the bathroom. (the son is farther) I came into the room and met Lena, she went y bathing. She dragged me to the bathroom and was closed on a latch. - Why you didn't tell that y you such mother? - What? - World! Lena smiled and kissed me a long kiss. - You can not lay motras, you with pit co me. Mother resolved. - I knew that so and will be. Mother never minds. - A I that not the first y you? - The first (I told lies). Ho we with mother already spoke on this subject. - It is clear, all right go, I will be washed. Your help won't be required to me. I left the bathroom. Here Lena looked out and dragged me back. - Stand. A your mother knows that you carry ee panties? I was rumpled without knowing what to tell. - Yes, knows. - Then I want to see you in a bed in those panties. - Y me is others, - I told. - Yes? Then itself solve what, but they make horney me. The boy in female panties? It abruptly. And potsan I got this. Bay!!! All right bring down, I to wash. I left the bathroom and went to kitchen. Mother cleaned after us cups and washed ware. I embraced ee behind. - You what, malysh? - I asked smiling to mother. - Won't you consider it treason? - Hy that you, foolish! Kak I can? We with you won't live forever? You will fall in love, marry and will leave from me. - Never... - Never never speak. Yes I think to you it was lucky with the girl. Kak she in a bed? Does blowjob? B buttocks? - Mothers, I hesitate to speak on these subjects. - What it suddenly? You fuck mummy and you don't hesitate, a here to tell as passes night, you hesitate. Hy is fine. I promise to climb to you and I won't begin to disturb. Shouts you can not hesitate of B. I know as it to constrain groans of pleasure. He restrain. I ask one. Be protected. There are elastic bands. Mother stretched me packing from three condoms. I took packing and gave smacking kiss ee in a cheek. Ho she detained me and stuck into a mouth a passionate deep kiss. I answered her with that. - Hy run, prepare. Will you dress my gift? - A is possible? - Hy if it doesn't frighten Lena, then of course. - She already saw me in them. - Yes, and that she told? - What wants to see me today at night in them. - So don't upset with Hy the woman. I came off mother and went to the room. I took blue panties and I undressed, I put on a dressing gown. B is time the bathroom left Lena dressed in a dressing gown. I gave smacking kiss ee in a cheek and went mytsya. Still time with pomshchyyu cream moved away all rostitelnost and made to itself an enema. I got out, I shaved. I dressed panties, a dressing gown and I went to the hall. Mother watched the TV. I bent and kissed. - Quiet night, mother. - Yes what here quiet night! All right go. Ydachnoy of marriage night. I went to the room. Lena already lay under a blanket. I switched off light and laid down. - I want at light. - Lena told. - A as mother? - She told that we can do everything that we want. - All right. I got up, included light. - Take off a dressing gown. I took off a dressing gown. I remained in some blue lacy panties. - Turn ko to me a bottom. I turned. - Mmm. What y you magnificent bum. Many women of o such dream. And you also depilate from a body? Go here. My dick already began to escape from panties. Lega sat down on beds and I saw that she in a night dress which mother gave her. Transparent and fitting. I approached Lena. It undertook an elastic band of panties and delayed. The dick jumped out. Lena bent and kissed on a head. I embraced me for buttocks and having pushed pyky under fabric, I squeezed goditsu. Then ee fingers got into my hole, damp from oil. It inclined me to itself. - Mother told that she is pleasant to you when you are fucked fingers in buttocks. It is the truth? - Yes. - A than still fucked you? And someone? - iskustvennym dick. - Bay! - From where does mother know A about it? - I caught me in the bathroom with the dick in a bum. - Do you dream that you were fucked by the man? - No, of course. I am not a gay. - Ho would like that I fucked you? - Yes, very much! - I was delighted. - A you don't consider me the pervert? - No that you! Bce is normal. With pleasure I will have you in buttocks. Will you be my bitch segdya at night? - Yes. - Then switch off light and lay down. I switched off light and laid down with Lena nearby. Lena began to rumple my dick a hand. Then I got under a blanket and the dick began to suck. At the same time I caressed balls and an anus. I terminated Yzhe in three minutes to it in a mouth. - Yum-yum. A fuck me now. I see y you everything still costs. It is necessary to use it. Lena put on condom a dick and got up before me dog-fashion. - Fuck the bitch! Vyebi me! I began to pull Lena. And already in about five minutes it terminated. She laid down on a bed. My dick all still stood. - Lena, it is possible you in buttocks? - Wait couple of minutes and you can start. While Lena had a rest, I licked ee of a buttock and an anus. Lena turned over and lifted up legs. I took gel and the dick greased. I put a head to an anus and I began to press slowly. Lena held me by hips and attracted to itself so far I completely didn't plunge into it. I waited a little and began to move. In about three minutes we pomyanili a pose. Lena laid down on a stomach, having exposed buttocks and I entered ee buttocks again. Lena caressed a hand the clitoris and ee asked to fuck more rigidly. She terminated again. Then she got out from under me. Also I pulled out from under a dildoe sofa! - From where? - While you washed at you found in a case. We with girls in halls play about sometimes same. Drgug we fuck the friend. A after that as your panties saw solved also you otjimet. Don't you mind? - Only for. - Then in a pose, the bitch! It brought me, but in too time and frightened. He wanted to get under ee boundless influence. With mother it was a game. I knew that if what-to not to be pleasant mother stops. To expect A of what from Lena didn't know. - Lenochka, give not today. - All right, darling. When you want, tell. Or I can what-to not so made? Can too rigidly? - And it too. - All right, rascal. We will be indulged in other time. A now my pussy wants cekca. Lena removed a dildoe and began to suck my dick. Then I saddled me, I caved in and I began to caress my balls fingers. I rumpled ee of a breast and twisted nipples. She terminated Bckope and fell to me. Wash all still the fighting dick was in her and continued to move. - A now in buttocks. - Lena got up on knees and rested against a back. I put a dick to ee to a hole, but it was dry. - Take lubricant. I took gel and greased an anus of Lena and the dick in condom. - Stand, don't move. I am. I embraced ee for hips and Lena began to be stuck on my dick. She slowly and without stopping poglatila all my trunk. And only when my balls concerned ee polovy sponges, it stopped. - A now I am yours. Fuck me as to a knot. Mmm. I want! I was accepted natgivat by ee. Minutes passed five. Then she came off the dick both having turned and having removed an elastic band began to jerk off and suck it. I held ee by the head and fucked in a mouth. There I also terminated in a minute. Lena licked lips and kissed me on a hickey. I felt taste of the cum. Mother already made similar and it was pleasant to me. - Hy, how to you, lovely? - Magically. - I am glad. All right, I in a bathtub. Nothing that I naked on the apartment walk? - Normally, mother sleeps. Lena went, wagging hips at light of the moon. 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