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The twelfth day of rest Dasha woke up late, with a headache (of course, I added so many cocktails!). I asked me to bring waters in bed. I drank a glass, I raised on me eyes and, though it is curve, but I grinned, probably, having remembered as her lover obkonchat my person. And I, it seems as, don't understand about what she: - What do you laugh? - Yes so, - she significantly answered, - As it was fallen down?... - I was cut down yesterday, I remember nothing. Simply, I woke up before you, I already recovered... - Aaa, clearly... - she couldn't hide a smile, - It is lucky you... Bring still waters, in a throat dried up... When I stretched her still a glass of water, noticed that on her bedside table in a frame behind glass there is a photograph on which the moment of a kiss of Dasha and Mikhail at competition "Mister Orgazmus" is imprinted. - And it that? - I pointed to a photo. - It? - the wife looked at the subject specified by me, - And, the photo... We with Mischa on the way to the beach came yesterday to the photographer and redeemed her for memory. Let here costs... "Well, blow me down! Lived, my wife about our family bed exposes the photo in which she kisses the lover! Doesn't hide her from me, and parades! And what's next? Perhaps she will want to expose a photo on which they will have sex? Or with a dick in a mouth?.". From these thoughts I had an erection and that Dasha didn't notice my reaction, I retired in a toilet, type, to urinate. We were late for a lunch and having not felt hungry. But in bar we drank beer, and the mood considerably improved. Mikhail wasn't, and Dasha obviously wanted to see him, and she suggested me to go with her to the beach to look for the lover also there. He really appeared on the beach in the company of Brazilians. Dasha herself stretched him the lips for a greeting, and then threw off from herself a dress, having remained naked. Then she settled down on a plank bed, and Mikhail habitually began to cover her body with lotion. I was in some confusion, feeling superfluous. But here Dasha helped out me: - And you what stiffened? Undress... - Yes I without swimming trunks... - I too, - she grinned, - Give - give, undress... I took off from myself pants, and Brazilians began to discuss the small size of my dick actively again. This time Dasha didn't argue with them, and on the contrary, inserted into their conversation remarks in Portuguese after which all laughed. Except me because I understood nothing from their gibberish, feeling everything as the idiot. At some point I didn't sustain and asked the wife: - And what they laugh?... - They compare your dick to penises of the guys and Mikhail, and argue how many such willies as at you should be put together that it was pleasant to the girl. They say that three, and I that nine that it was pleasant to the girl in all places, - and she laughed loudly again. - Do you consider that it is ridiculous? - I became puzzled of dissoluteness of the wife who discusses such subjects with strangers moreover and humiliating at the same time own husband, apart from it indecent. - And unless isn't present? In my opinion it is very ridiculous. - And, in my opinion, tritely... - That's OK, be not a bore, - she talked a lot of something to Brazilians again in Portuguese (and they hysterically began to laugh), and then translated to me, - I told them that your dick promised you not to let in the pussy at your personal request. That now only your language has the right to enter my hole. And they answered that in a size I won't even feel a difference, - and laughed together with Brazilians. After the next bathing when we left water, Mikhail asked Dasha to smear it with lotion. I as bewitched watched with what feeling my wife masses to it hands, shoulders, a breast, a stomach and... she concerned his dick. And not just I concerned, and I began to rub gently cream in his trunk. This action reminded masturbation more, and his penis reacted to her manipulations with the beginning erection. Dasha rapaciously began to smile, but at the same time an innocent voice said: - Oh that it with your feature, Mischa?... - If you don't stop, then "feature" will give you a new portion of cream from suntan, - Mikhail laughed the matter off. Dasha laughed, but the dick let go, having gone down to his legs. At the same time on her face there was no confusion shadow also. Though about what confusion I speak? All this nonsense in comparison with what occurred in the evening... In the evening we sat at a bar counter, drank. Mikhail told tall tales, we with Dasha laughed. By midnight we weren't bad pumped up, but not so to lose control. At some point Dasha began to yawn: - Oh, something there is a wish to sleep... Probably, it is time nighty-night... Certainly, I apprehended her wish as to action and the cocktail began to finish drinking team hastily to go with the wife to number, but there was what I didn't expect in any way. Mikhail got up and with a stone look gave to Dasha a hand: - Well, we will go to sleep?... The wife took him by hand and got up from a chair: - Aha, we will go... Thoughts began to be turned without restraint in my head: "it he just wants to see Dasha to our number therefore she so quietly reacted to his offer, he can't directly at me...". But here my thoughts were torn off by Mikhail who patronizing tone told Dasha: - Then say goodbye to the husband, and we will go to me. At this moment I understood what means expression by "a sickle on balls" because I also felt it when the wife without surprise or confusion, stretched the sponges to my cheek and gave smacking kiss: - So far, cat. Quietly nights... Then she took Mikhail by an arm, and they began to move away slowly from me, being dissolved in crowd of vacationers. And I sat and didn't trust in the events, thinking that here now she will turn back. No, I didn't turn back. Well, then she will depart on some distance now, and then will return, having burst out laughing that played me. Well, or at least will return to have a talk with me, her husband why she goes to spend the night to other man. Perhaps something will tell lies to me, having thought up some good reason of the act. No, I stayed even minutes forty, and she so didn't come and didn't speak. And at this moment I really understood that the world around me changed that my wife any more will never be former and that I received what I wanted... But why heart so fights? Why to me it is so terrible and lonely? Why I feel thrown and deceived? And why at the same time my dick sticks out more than ever? At heart I still hoped that my wife played me. I approached Mikhail's number. Around there were people, and I only furtively could glance in a window. But what I saw in a cut of curtains was enough to be convinced that I am an absolute cuckold: naked Dasha, being on all fours, I sucked away to Mikhail lying on a bed. I approached a window in minutes fifteen-twenty: my wife lies on a back, having thrown the legs on Mikhail's shoulders. And that rigidly fucked Dasha, having squeezed her bottom the ruchishcha. Dashin groan it was heard even on the street. When I returned to their window still after a while, saw how Dasha climbs under a blanket to Mikhail and puts the head to him on a breast. The hand of the lover stretched to a sconce, click of the switch and darkness. Means, Dasha isn't going to come back to our number! Means, I should spend the night to one and it isn't even necessary to pretend that I know nothing about her adventures?! But how to me to behave? Mikhail didn't instruct me in this respect... And in general, how to live further, games came to an end, cornigerous everyday life began... The thirteenth day of rest At half of the night I couldn't fall asleep, toiled, jerked off, again toiled... It was cut down only by the morning therefore woke up by the end of a breakfast. Hastily I put on and a fast pace I went to restaurant. Having not felt hungry, but I hoped to find Dasha there somehow to decide on our relationship. And I really came across the smiling wife and her lover, they left in an embrace restaurant. I had some preparations, some clever words which I had to tell Dasha, but I lost a speech power when I saw her dress. Her body was covered absolutely transparent парео turquoise color under which there was no underwear! Her breast, her nipples, her pubis - all are in the public eye! Transparent matter did her nakedness even more attractively, than if my wife was in general without a thing. And at the same time Dasha wasn't confused either the night adventure, or nakedness in the public place at all... Having seen me she began to smile even stronger, nestling on Mikhail: - Good morning. - Kind... - How it was fallen down? The devil, she still scoffs over me. I had hundreds of options of preparations as ours will be constructed with her a conversation, but I also couldn't present that she will have fun in this situation that will belong to all events, as to entertainment. I tried to transfer a conversation to a serious harmony: - I slept badly, I waited for you, and you didn't come... - Foolish, I said goodbye to you in the evening. Unless I said to you that I will return at night? - No, but... - You see, I didn't deceive you, - she grinned, - So itself I am guilty. Well, go you eat, and I will go to gather for the yacht. - On what else yacht? - Mishina friends, well, Brazilians, chartered the yacht for several days, and invited us with Mikhail to sweep. Nothing to myself I put! My wife goes to ride with the lover, and doesn't even ask me, simply, informs. As though this self-evident - I wanted and I left on sea walk with the lover. But unless I wanted not such changes in behavior of my wife? Such. But somehow everything very quickly occurred that I couldn't control a situation any more: - And when you вернутесь? - When? - Dasha sprinkled from laughter, - We leave on couple of days so I don't know when we return, I don't speak about that when... Certainly, after such conversation, at me during a breakfast the piece didn't climb in a throat. Having drunk coffee, I went to our number where Dasha already stopped packing the things in a bag. - Dashenka, well can, you won't go, and? I will miss... - What do you ache all the time? Really you mind that your wife has a rest properly? You behave as the egoist. - Well, I want too... - What do you want? - I want you... I with you sex had no whole eternity... Dasha stood in thoughts several seconds, then flopped on a chair and lifted up a dress (panties on her weren't): - On, lick and jerk off, - she spread legs. Having dropped to her bosom, I with greed began to lick each millimeter of her divine pussy. Also I caught myself on a thought that I don't even ask about bigger that I am glad at least that the wife allows me to do it a cunnilingus. I was strongly made horney and already began to jerk off when at a door knocked. Dasha the resolute movement discharged my head of the perineum: - Well everything, for me came. Further. Don't get bored. She gave smacking kiss to me in a cheek, and having taken a bag left number. And I and remained to be kneeling with a horney dick in a hand - lost and stunned. In the evening Mikhail sent me couple эмэмэсок: on one Dasha the dick to the lover sucked, and on another - all face of my wife is splashed with a cum, and she smiles, posing on his camera. I lay and jerked off, savouring these pictures. dating service over 50 dated and related follow up site mapMain Page