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- Listen, the girlfriend, unless, we came to thump with you here? - Went to the hall we will dance. - I told Irka after, having sat a half-hour at the table, accustomed to the lesbian a little - club and warmed by wine, didn't feel like "black sheep" among very young lesbians any more. And the atmosphere which reigned in "Oyster" promoted, to that that, to be as everything, in this club for women, in the hall music loudly played, everywhere, laughter was heard, smelled of spirits, tobacco, some girls sitting at tables, smoked, saw beer and wine, others danced and everything was cheerful. - And that went Marina, we will dance, we yet not to time with you publicly didn't dance together. Irka told me and we with her got up from a table and holding hands went to a dance floor where the fast youth melody, was replaced, quieter music, for slow dances that was just for us with the girlfriend by the way. Well didn't stick to us to adult women, to jump on a dance floor together with young girls. - Darlings, I love you, expensive, I love. - I spoke to Irka, the words of love, gently embracing, the girlfriend for a waist, dancing with her in the dark hall of club for women. - And I you, Marinochk love, strongly, strongly. - "Cutie" looked at me from below up, eyes in love, and I didn't keep, kissed the girlfriend on a mouth in a hickey, but nobody paid attention to us, many lesbians, dancing kissed, the friend a druzhka and some, having embraced went to separate cabins, for more intimate communication. - Excuse the girl, but we didn't order to you champagne. - I told the waitress when that brought, for our table where we sat with Irka, a bottle of expensive champagne, "the House Perenyen". - And it to you from that table, was asked to transfer. - The very young waitress answered, showing, to eyes on a table not far from us at which two lesbians, the young girl and the woman in forty years sat. "From what they would present this expensive champagne to us" I thought, pouring myself and Irka, on a glass of sparkling wine, the bottle was already open, and me only remained the obliging waitress, to flirt for the mistress. In our leysbiysky family, I assumed a role of "husband" at once as was more, is more skilled than Irka and I liked to be active more. - Marines, and from what perepug, they passed this wine to us? I asked me, "cutie" drinking, small drinks, tasty French champagne which we with her never drank in our remote town. Yes I also, plainly couldn't, understand, sense of this gift from two lesbians, mature and young, the tables sitting for couple from us. Usually so men, do when at restaurant, send, to the women who were pleasant to them, wine or flowers, and then sit down for their table that will closer get acquainted with them. Then that we with Irka, attracted this two "pink" and they decided to pay our attention to them, thus. I gave a toast with champagne towards a table at which the lesbians who sent us with Irka, a bottle of the French wine sat was impropriety top, not to thank them for so generous gift. "The house Perenyen" against the background of, cheap wine and beer which was drunk by rather poor students looked is very found. - Irka, went to them we will sit down to a table, somehow inconveniently it turns out, they presented champagne to us and we are with you nothing. - I told "cutie", vstvy of a table, taking with myself a bottle of wine and lifting Irka by a hand. - Sorry, it is possible to sit down for your table, we with the girlfriend for the first time in "Oyster" and nothing plainly know. - I told addressing the adult lesbian, obviously east exterior which apparently, patronized to the young companion. - Yes of course, of course you sit down, we also wanted to approach you but you were ahead of us. "Natsmenka" answered me getting up from a table and moving us with Irka chairs. - I am Madina, Madina Nadirovna, and this is my loved Tanechka. - "Natsmenka" was presented to us with Irka, considering us with the girlfriend, beautiful, slightly slanting, big eyes. "Precisely she is Tajik, they have the most beautiful women, among Asians and an eye not strongly slanting." I thought considering our new acquaintance, kotrory presented us with Irka, a bottle of, darling, of champagne. - And I, Marina Vladimirovna, and am my love, Irina Mikhaelovna. - I presented myself and the girlfriend, sitting down at a table to "natsmenka" and its young mistress. - So you say that for the first time in "Oyster" or in general in a similar institution? - I asked me, "natsmenka" beginning to smoke expensive female glamour cigarette, and releasing, smoke from the thin, aristocratic lips. "And she beautiful, it is also visible not from the poor, as with taste it is dressed, drinks expensive champagne and smokes, very expensive cigarettes." I thought, considering "natsmenka", by sight it was, in forty years, somewhere between forty, сорокапятью for years, dark-haired, with well-groomed, the person, not swarty as this Madina has no most of Asians appearance, quite European, only slightly slanting black eyes of the woman, gave in her the daughter of steppes. - Da Madina of Nadirovn, for the first time, not only in "Oyster" but also in general in Moscow. - I answered "natsmenka" and itself without knowing why, told it about the misadventures with Irka at myself in the province. - Yes you won't envy you Marina Vladimirovna, but you correctly made that you arrived to Moscow, here to lesbians it is possible though in clubs to go where nobody disturbs them. - Natsmenka showed eyes on the hall filled with young lesbians and poured to all of us on a glass of champagne. - For acquaintance also let's pass on first-name terms, don't call me more on Marin's middle name. Laughing, Madina told me, shining with a dazzling smile, gave a toast with the French wine, clinking glasses with me, with the Tanya and Irka. - Well Madina, we on age not so strongly differ. - I told "natsmenka" looking this southerner in the face and with horror for myself, felt as my pussy with pleasure of a zanyl and started up juice, обмочив panties. Laying I as always, forgot to enclose, but not it concerned me and the fact that I probably on the present fell in love, having met in this smoked lesbian club, the woman of the dream. - "Mother" it is possible we with the aunt Ira, we will go we will dance? - I asked "natsmenka" her Tanechk, having called Madina, mother, it were visible a relationship at them the most frank and the girl, by the form, the vcherashniya the schoolgirl, respected and was rather afraid, the mature companion. - Yes go dance, we too with Marina Vladimirovna will go to the hall, we will warm up. "Natsmenka" laughed and getting up from a table, pulled me by a hand on a dance floor. - And I too, as well as you are Marina, for the first time in a similar institution, me today, here Tanya, I dragged and it is visible not for nothing. - Madina spoke to me, dancing with me, slow dance, east woman, embraced me for shoulders, nestling on me and I through clothes, felt, fire of her body. "Why, why I the silly woman came to this "Oyster"" I thought dancing with Madina, embracing, lovely to my heart, the woman for a waist, I fell in love with this beautiful "natsmenka" completely and my panties became wet thoroughly, the pussy, foully, continually started up love juice, Nov in a proximity anticipation with east beauty. And the fact that I will be close to her today I didn't doubt, the intuition never brought me. - Marina?., Marina Vladimirovna, you as the girl, well you shouldn't do it here. - "Natsmenka" told me being discharged of my kiss, I without controlling itself, suddenly wanted to kiss it, seeing as other girls dancing near us tseluitsya in a hickey. - If you want me to kiss Marin, then it is more best to do it not in this hell-hole and at my place for example. - And here among these young people, ссыкух, to us to adult women, didn't stick, to express the feelings. Eyes "natsmenki" laughed, and she embraced me even more strong, kind of letting know that she doesn't mind, continuations, our acquaintance at her home, in more intimate situation. - And why not Madina, time destiny brought together us in this place, I want, will closer get acquainted with you, but how to be with your Tanya and my friend Ira? - I asked this madly beautiful woman, looking in her black, slanting face and chuvstvy fire, a hot body of "natsmenka", even through clothes and what will be when I go with her to bed? - We will go all together to me home and we will go into a gruppovushka in "pink" style if your Ira not jealous. - Yes she in my opinion with my Tanya, found a common language as they it is cheerful, chirp, the friend with a druzhka. - Madina, showed me on the dancing nearby, our mistresses, my Irka, having embraced Tanya, something was whispered to her on an ear also by the girl, laughed, looking at a tridtsateletniya the woman, eyes in love. Yes they and externally, resembled at each other, both black, a small rostik, beautiful and tits at them small. Not that at us with Madina, "natsmenka" was dressed in a white, trouser suit under which at the woman, stuck out, large boobies, it isn't less fourth size probably. - Honestly, Madina, I didn't change the girlfriend yet, but with you I want today, strongly, I want to change her. - I told "natsmenka", looking in her beautiful, a little slanting face and having lowered, hands are slightly lower, having put them on large buttocks of the woman, having slightly rumpled. Dancing I saw how some girls, "turmoils" held other girls of "dayk", by bottoms, having lowered palms him on buttocks. - Oh you and the minx Marina, well I when don't love me at all, for an ass touch. - You finished me, the collective farmer, really finished. - Madina, grinned, the dazzling smile, took away my hands from the, buttocks, and having looked for eyes in the hall, our general mistresses, called the young passion. - Tanya, Ira, go to us, we home uyezhay. Having hardly heard, the calling voice of "mother", her Tanya, right there I started and I went to us for a table, together with my Irka. - Marines, I don't want home, let's stay here still, it is so cheerful here. - "Cutie" as the child, inflated sponges, holding Tanya by a hand, she wanted to dance and both girls have fun with the mistress of "natsmenka" despite an age difference, quickly made friends and looked, the friend on the friend, eyes in love. - And we to Madina, home go and there we will continue our evening. - I told faithful "cutie" and that nearly jumped up for joy. - Oh Marinka as it is healthy, but I will only call the aunt that she didn't worry. - Irka, having got from a handbag, phone, I began to keep ringing to the relative and Madina, at this time, gave, the waitress, a tip in a look, the five-thousandth banknote. It was necessary to see, the face of this little girl whom poor students, never gave such money. "Yes to see this Madina, the young woman, not poor, time throws such money" Once again I thought, estimating that in our remote place, on five, thousands, it was possible to live month. - And well there will be enough chicken, for you to giggle, you get into the car. - Madina Nadirovna told, to our mistresses, Tanya and Irka when we left club and went to the paid parking where there was a natsmenka car. The car, Toyota a lendkruzer" which joyfully began to hum hardly was a match for the hostess, beautiful and strong, silvery ", Madina, turned, a key in the ignition lock. - Be fastened Marina, I like to go quickly. - Natsmenka stretched to me to help, the passenger, to fasten a belt, safety and I tried to kiss her again and this time is successful, Madina Nadirrovna, itself opened lips for a kiss and hot language, east beauty got into my mouth, the truth the kiss was short but exciting. I pinched expensive lipstick, from lips of beautiful "natsmenka", choking with a smell of the French spirits, hair became permeated with the smell of them, this smart woman and I thought about myself," I was gone, absolutely was gone". I on the present fell in love with the first in life and it was the love at first sight, great love but not that that was at us with Irka. Only behind this, a dark-haired krasvvitsa, with slanting eyes, I was ready to run on the world's end. If with Irka, I carried out a role of mother, all the time sponsoring the mistress, then with Madina, I felt, and wanted her to be the girl. - Oh Marina, we will arrive home, I you will force to wash the pants, through wet, on your fault, the collective farmer. - Laughing "natsmenka" told me and having included speed, left from the parking to the city. "Yes I agree, to be your laundress, Madina, the darling, only, to kiss, your lips, to caress your hot body, for the sake of it I am ready for everything" I thought considering the hostess, the huge Japanese SUV. - Tanya, you be not fond with Irina Mikhaelovna there, at home you will be engaged in it. - "Natsmenka" told the young mistress, without wrapping the head back, we rushed on Varshavskoye Highway at great speed and Madina couldn't distract from a wheel, but in a rear-view mirror, it was well visible how Tanya, kisses my Irka on a hickey and that is thrilled with it, even closed the doll eyes. "Well, it even to the best, "without shadow of jealousy of the girlfriend, I thought. Be easier for me, to oversleep with Madina, without listening, reproaches from outside, the, now former, to the mistress. And the fact that Irka, already became former I didn't doubt, my love, in a white trouser suit, with jet-black hair, sat next on a driver's seat, dashingly operating huge Japanese "animal" which growling in the dark, mchalat four, drunk and raunchy lesbians to the place where they will be engaged in the perverted love. dating service kettering today date good or bad site mapMain Page