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Once, sitting in the dining room, in our business center where I work, during a lunch break I saw our new employee. She sat at a table opposite to me. I couldn't but pay attention to her. First, to my measures she was very nice. Not slender, but not thick, with a magnificent breast and wide hips. Secondly, on her there was a light white jacket and very beautiful pleated skirt long slightly over the knee. I always tested weakness to women in beautiful and magnificent skirts. And Lisa, so she was called, I wasn't an exception. I sat and just admired her, but didn't decide to start talking in any way. And so several days proceeded. Every time she came to work in some beautiful dress or the next nice short skirt, and I tried to be crossed as often as possible with her to have an opportunity to admire so marvelous creation. And at one of such moments when we went in the elevator, and I admired Lisa in a black skirt, with wide folds, she for some reason got into the handbag and certainly couldn't but notice my strongly bulged trousers in that place where there was my advantage. The dick stood as the stone idol, and I couldn't hide him in any way. — Maybe will be enough a bestolka to stare at me? If you want to fuck me and tell. I see that your dick of it wildly wishes. So why to torment him? I became stupid, but the hand instinctively pressed the feet button and the elevator stood. Lisa, without hesitation, kneelt and, having undone a fly on my trousers, got my standing dick and at once took it in a mouth. I loudly exhaled what it was pleasure. Lisa very tenderly licked a uvula a head of a dick and from time to time entirely swallowed him to the throat. I so wouldn't last long. Having lifted Lisa from knees, I developed her a back to myself and inclined forward. She rested palms against a wall of the elevator and spread legs. Having raised edge of a skirt, I saw its wet a pink chink. Panties on her weren't. Prankish. I was rubbed by the dick about sexual sponges of the Liziny pussy and smoothly entered her bosom. Having thrust the dick at all length, I waited a little that Lisa's hole got used to him a little, and then began to fuck her very much as the yearned male. I at last did what wanted to make within the last week. I had this bitch, drilled her hole with the dick, caressed her hips through skirt fabric, and heard how she moans. From my sharp pushes Lisa's skirt slipped from her buttocks to me on a dick and his obvolokl almost entirely, at the same time becoming impregnated with allocations from a vagina. I understood that I can terminate now. When the dick already bulked up and was ready to splash out the white and dense juice in Lisa, I took out it outside, and it streamed her on a back, spraying cum drops on a skirt and the girl's jacket. Lisa, having understood it, sharply I became straight and I began to turn to me, at the same time I didn't manage to depart, and my dick in addition was still wiped about her skirt, leaving a long strip of a cum from a bottom to before. — You what did? — she cried out. — What will I tell the husband now houses when he sees these spots of a cum on me? — Forgive... I didn't know... I didn't want... — to my act there was no justification. — It is good that though I left the car near an entrance. I will manage unnoticed to reach it. Lisa as could corrected a skirt and a jacket and pressed the first floor. The elevator started further. And I hid the advantage in trousers meanwhile. — If carries, I will manage to throw clothes in washing that the husband didn't notice — Lisa aloud reflected. — And you are, of course, a good fellow. Isn't present that in a mouth to me to terminate, and instead I soiled all. — Sorry — I only could also tell. — All right. If I come to work tomorrow then, everything was. Itself is guilty, eventually. Doors of the elevator opened, and she in a trice jumped out of it and went to an exit from the building, to the "saving" car. And I with a silly smile upon the face went home. I can't tell that didn't worry for Lisa. Someone knows what will be made with her by her husband if notices spots from a cum on a skirt and a jacket. But I hoped that everything will manage. Next day she came to work. As soon as possible I took me aside and I told that there were with her houses yesterday. It appears, she didn't manage to slip imperceptibly by the husband in the clothes soiled by a cum, and he at first became angry and threw everything that will turn up under a hand, but then suddenly seized Lisa and fucked her as a wild animal. And he and she as a result were satisfied. Still Lisa told that her husband stated the offer to invite me on a visit and to arrange sex three together. On Lisa's face and how she told it, it was visible that she very much wanted it. — Well, it is possible to try — I uncertainly agreed. — And when? — Give after work today — she began to smile, rejoicing to the fact that I agreed to this "experiment". — Will you go with me, OK? — Well. After work we went to it home. In the car Lisa often turned to me and smiled. It was visible that she is already a little brought. And I all road worried. Suddenly her husband waits for me there only to fill to me a muzzle and to kick the ass? Probably, feeling my nervousness, Lisa took my hand and thrust to herself between legs under a skirt. On her there were no panties again, and a perineum was more hotly and very wet. — Thrust into me fingers — she asked. — It has to remove your stress. I didn't begin to oppose. Slowly I thrust one finger into a hole and I understood that there it is so wet that will get at least two more. I didn't begin to waste time on trifles and drove in Lisa's chink four fingers at once and began to work them actively there. At Lisa even breath intercepted. — And it isn't dangerous? — I took an interest. — You after all are driving. — No... everything will be good — the girl moaned from pleasure. When we reached, I was already devilishly horney and wildly wanted to fuck the fellow worker. How she looked at me, I understood that she wants the same. Having come into an entrance, she called the elevator and, having turned to me, told: — I want that you now in the elevator nakonchat on me again. It very much will be pleasant to Alexey. — I understood that she spoke about the husband. My dick was so horney what to refuse such offer would be silly. We entered the elevator. In several seconds as it started, Lisa pressed the feet button again. This time it was curved back, having leaned an upper back against a wall of the elevator and, having spread legs, raised a skirt hem, letting my dick pass in her wet vagina. I lowered a little trousers, embraced Lisa so that my palms squeezed her buttocks, and started the dick in her hole. Sticking Lisa on the stake, I felt how her juice flew down on my dick and legs directly to me in trousers. I wildly wanted to taste the Bay Lizy. I pressed it to myself stronger and, having bent, kissed on soft scarlet sponges. It was wonderful. — Now I will terminate — I whispered. Having heard it, Lisa got down from my dick, sat down on hunkers and began to jerk off it before the person. The cum scattered a furious stream it on hair, a face, in eyes which she specially didn't begin to close, and on a breast. She achieved the — all person and clothes were in my cum. — Perfectly — she made a purring sound and pressed the button of the floor. Lisa didn't even begin to correct anything, and all in a cum quietly went out of the elevator and went to the slightly opened door. Probably her husband already waited for us. — Darling, we came. I entered the apartment after Lisa and closed behind myself a door. Having seen the naked man who appeared in pass between the hall and the room, I at first was frightened, but soon understood that it is Alexey, and on his face the radiant smile shone. — As it is great that you, at last, came. I couldn't but notice that his dick already stood rooted to the ground. Probably, the type of the wife who is filled in with my cum caused in it an instant erection. — Vividly undress and come into the bedroom — he told me, took Lisa by hand and took away to the room. Having undressed I followed them. They already lay on a bed and caressed each other. Alex is naked, and Lisa in the clothes soiled by me. She even didn't begin to wash a face from a cum, and it was actively licked now by her husband. They called up me to themselves and laid on a bed the person up. From above on the person me the village of Liza, having substituted my uvula the damp perineum, and, having bent, I took my dick in a mouth. I began to lick, suck and bite the inflated sexual sponges of beautiful Lisa while Alexey, having been located behind her, lifted up her a skirt and on my eyes, literally in three centimeters from them, drove the dick in the wife's ass. Lisa was curved, having pressed me into a face the pussy. Balls of her husband beat me a nose, but didn't prevent me to watch how his dick drills Lisa's point. And juice from a vagina and flew. I grabbed with one hand Alexey's dick, than surprised him a little, and put out from Lisa's ass. Then corrected her skirt so that it covered her anal hole and partially I covered my person, and I moved apart more widely than the girl's buttock. Her husband understood that I want from him. And together with fabric of a skirt the dick started over again entering into an anus of the wife. There was quite enough moisture that he freely entered it, having tired out with the dick and a part of a skirt. Lisa began to suck more actively my dick and in a moment, enjoying a type of the dick which is wrapped up in a skirt getting into Lisa's bum I began to cum in a mouth to Alexey's wife. Having understood it, he too one smog more to suffer and poured out the cum in the wife's ass. On Lisa's shout I guessed, as she reached an orgasm. Having put out a dick from the wife's ass, Alexey began to take off from her a skirt, slowly extending that part of a skirt from her anus that it was driven by his dick there. On a skirt there was a lot of cum as Alexey terminated in it, and there were also parts of shit which stuck to fabric while she was in a gut. Having crumpled a skirt in a lump, Alexey looked at me with a malicious smile and ordered to open a mouth. Then, the skirt impregnated with a cum and shit appeared at me in a mouth as a gag. Lisa watching it was ready to introduce the contribution too. And soon from her pussy the hot stream of urine, directly on a skirt began to flow that stuck out at me in a mouth. Having filtered through fabric, she reached a throat. I physically couldn't spit out it, and I had to drink. At the same time it caused in me and fear for the mentality and in too time wild excitement. Having noticed that my dick costs upright again, Lisa, having completed urination, was developed and sat down on him from above. Alexey was attached behind, and I felt the dick as his device drills the wife's ass again. The girl's face just shone with happiness. In a few minutes Alexey suddenly took out the dick from the wife's bum, and I saw that he goes to me with such look as if just about will terminate. He kneelt before me, and his dick, having pushed a skirt is even deeper, it appeared at me in a mouth, and then cums was splashed out to me in a throat. In the same second also I terminated. What became a last straw before I failed in a postorgasmic nebytiyo. Author's E-mail: dating service grand rapids mi date ideas near johannesburg site mapMain Page