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Hello, my name is Elena Anatolyevna. In the life I didn't tell about this case to either girlfriends, or paper. Now the husband died, children live life, to me 71 years were executed. All the life I worked as the doctor in office of urology, so, that penises I saw enough much in 40 years of work. I was never made horney when patients took off before me trousers. Go to urology of the man with problems and usually for fear of the doctor everything "will be wrinkled" so, as not to make out. Well it is fine... There was this case about seven years ago. My friend (too the doctor) asked to look at one her acquaintance — Alexander. In due time the young man came. There were to him 27 years, are married 5 years, and there are no children. Together with the wife they bypassed a lot of doctors, but without result. The guy to me attracted at once, answered some questions with obvious confusion. Having looked at his card I told that he approached and lowered trousers. Having approached me, with some confusion he lowered trousers. I of course saw much for the life, but the fact that I saw that time... Generally, before me slightly eregirovanny dick of centimeters 18, large balls dangled. The dick probably at him began to get up so far we talked. I asked mistresses "flew" from him or not, it is visible deceived that there are no mistresses. I began to feel his balls, at the same time admired his dick. In the head thoughts "what — it climbed when completely gets up". I speak to the guy, it is a little bit playful that he probably didn't make love long ago. He speaks — week. And a dick I watch everything bulks up, the head was slightly opened. I understand that I don't examine the patient any more, and in impudent I rumple his balls. Well, I think, Elena, lived up to an old age and very young decided to seduce the guy. And he all in confusion, on a face not of a trace of lust, obviously I suspect not me I got up. But in the bottom of a stomach I feel, I began to flow old, it seems long ago so I didn't become wet, and here... pheromones in a word. — Turn to a couch Sasha and lean on it hands, now there will be less pleasant procedure! — by voice, hoarse from excitement, I told. With predstatelny at him it appeared everything is all right. — Put on — I told, and itself I didn't fail to look on already the sticking-out stake — Wait — still I will look at a head — and right there completely two fingers to it I bare a head. He even shuddered all over from surprise. — Well with an erection at you the young man I see everything is all right — I smiled to him and up to the end shifted a lace curtain — you tell Week had no sex? Not painfully so? — No, Elena Anatolyevna — a constrained voice he said. — Well at you, in my opinion everything is all right — I said hardly coming off an overexcited dick. — Put on, now we will go to procedural, you will hand over a cum by onanism — I told getting a jar for analyses. — Will you be able? — I will try, I only it seems handed over already, there in the card analyses are — he muffledly mumbled. — I saw, only all the same repeated it is necessary to hand over. I will carry away in laboratory. We will go. — Having got up I felt that my drawers were wet through. — Come — I opened a door in procedural — there are no Magazines with girls, but you think, something you will dream up! — The guy absolutely was embarrassed. — I will close you here. In about ten minutes I will come. In reply he just nodded. Having come into an office I put a hand under a dressing gown. Drawers are crude, from a pizda just flows. "Eh, old, absolutely I went haywire" — I thought looking in a mirror at the plump old woman and pulling together drawers, wet from lubricant. All right now he will terminate and will leave, somehow I will calm down. Well not to offer - to him in impudent itself. Very young it is necessary to him, with such dick at him it is precisely full of women! — Rushed in the head. In about seven minutes I went to the patient. — Made? — I entered procedural. He stood a back to a door, trousers are lowered to knees, pants are put, the right hand on a groin. He turned the head and pomotat the head. At me even to spasms заныло a vagina, lubricant I began to flow on a naked hip. — Isn't present? — I was surprised, sitting down on a couch opposite to him, looking at drooped to Sasyk in his hand and the pants shifted on one side. — To help? — and without waiting for the answer I took a hand of egg and slightly I delayed them down. — Only take off pants. Having taken off pants he didn't even touch the dick, decided probably that I to him will jerk off. Well чтож... A dick in a hand, another touches balls. My knees were involuntarily moved apart, his look brushed to me between legs. — Excuse me — he told having seen my disapproving look. I became impudent in the end and one hand raised a dressing gown doing at the same time the movement by a basin forward that it was visible not only for a long time an unshaven pubis, but also the pizda expiring lubricant with the drooped small lips and the large sticking-out clitoris. — Yes look if you want. — I smiled, moving apart one hand vulvar lips, podrachivy other dick which again began to get stronger. — Now only lubricants добав... ммммм — the Dick filled my mouth, I felt a tart smell of a male groin. So only young people smell. His balls contracted in my hand. The guy zadrygat hips. From the first shot I nearly choked, discharged of it, the cum flew to me to a face, the last less strong pushes got on hair on a pubis. — You what didn't warn? Wasn't in time? — he stood with the thrown-back head and lowed. — Forgive... — That's OK, I something went too far in blowjob. You want me to touch between legs. — absolutely safely I asked. Instead of the answer I felt his fingers on the lips. — I as you see too not iron... hey yeah an aaaa here on a clitoris... ооооох. Waves of an orgasm ran on a body, consciousness grew dim. I regained consciousness from pressure upon a pubis. — NO — but was already late, the huge dick was already in me and furiously rammed me, balls clapped on an ass around an anus. The second orgasm overtook me in a minute. I probably understood nothing any more since the following that I felt, standing at the same time dog-fashion on a tiled floor, it is his dick in my ass virgin before. The guy wasn't lost, probably solved everything and at once. To me it was sore, but it was necessary to suffer to his orgasm. Continuation of history won't be. What to tell... He fucked me periodically a few years more, and then somewhere was gone. I didn't get used to anal sex, and Sasha especially also didn't insist. dating scan rcog date vegetable site mapMain Page