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— Alyona, get acquainted, this is Oksana. I stood in the apartment unfamiliar to me in the presence of two girls, one of whom I didn't know at all, and itself dressed as the girl, and took great pain to look easy. Knees literally shivered with terrible nervousness and shame at me, and in eyes even slightly grew dull. Perhaps the cause is there was bright light in the hall, but I already felt so as if hit me with current. The benefit near me there was Marina who gave me though a little confidence, without giving me directly on the place to crash down in a faint. When "sparks" at me passed in eyes a little, I managed to make out Marinina the girlfriend. Oksana had short, almost malchikovy hairstyle, her fair hair was upright shaved from sides and combed on the party. On her was a minimum of a make-up and at first I would even take her for the guy if didn't know. And she was dressed suitably: short black jacket, gray sweater, jeans and sneakers. But even despite rough "прикид", it seemed to me very attractive. — Marish, and you are popular now, huh? You accept all evening of guests — Oksana told. Besides and the voice at her was slightly rough too. — Oh and go you. Just the girlfriend came, I spoke to you. — And where this your hapless? I brought his things. I swallowed. — And, well … you with him missed each other — Marina reported, having looked at me. — I told, another time will come around. — Well? — puzzly Oksana asked. — Odd person, however. Though he was lucky that I didn't encounter me. And I to him would paint that, at all points here. Wasn't enough still that these goats hung around here. — Well, he good — Marina stood up for me. — Well I don't know, is more visible to you. So, your girlfriend, you speak? Oksana mistrustfully looked at me, and I hurried to look away, feeling as at me inside everything literally turns over. My heart knocked so strongly that in ears just the ring stood. She some time attentively considered me as if some exotic exhibit, and I, having looked down, shifted from one foot to the other in the painful expectation. Besides my legs in tights terribly itched, thongs hardly stuck into a bottom, and the brassiere awfully wanted to be undone. I felt that I redden, I felt how her eyes drill me from head to foot and I wanted to hide literally for the Marine not to be mocked for the ridiculous look. "Devil — I thought — she will get to the core of me. Same it is obvious that any I am not a girl. Wasn't enough still that she expelled me in such look". — Well time the girlfriend, I, of course, doesn't mind — at last Oksana broke the silence and, having smiled, approvingly gave me a hand. — Alyona is glad to acquaintance. I gave a hand in reply, and we greeted. Slightly felt better me from that thought that Oksana won't throw out me on the street with a shame, but something in her look disturbed me. — All right, I so far in a shower. I soon. And you so far to tea drink. And too deliver to me, Marish — Oksana told and I left in a shower, having left me with Marina in the hall. I with relief sighed, but my heart still beat. — It seems, you were pleasant to her — I told me Marina why I reddened even more. We passed on kitchen where Marina put a teapot again, having lit me the elastic, striped buttocks. Having snatched the moment for a respite, I tried to collect the thoughts. — What should I do?! — desperately I asked to Marin half-whisper. — How that? Just be yourself. You are Alyona — the Marine smiled. — You know how girls behave. If you hesitate, I will help you. You the main thing don't worry, well? It for only one evening. — I will try — I told thin, almost female voice. — There now, you see. Already it turns out — it is pleased Marina and villages opposite to me told. I estimated as it is more best to behave what to tell and as to me in general to get used to an image. After all the girl I infrequently happened to stay, and especially in the company of other girls, one of which very much was pleasant to me. "Pancake, and I with them also should spend the night. Really I will sleep together with them?" — suddenly I slipped at me a thought which, has to tell, pleasantly I warmed me and slightly I priozhivit my dick sheltered in a soft bed of female panties. I felt that at least once in life I will be able to stay that someone I always dreamed, and even without being ashamed of it. I was made horney by a thought of that, as Marina, and her girlfriend see in me not some pathetic pervert, but the pretty, modest girl who just came to sit and chat. Meanwhile Oksana already left a shower and joined us in kitchen. And I suddenly again was embarrassed. We somehow became friends with the Marine, and here I didn't know Oksana at all. "What she for the person? — I thought. — Why she puts on as the guy? Why she so doesn't love guys? And why she likes guys in women's?" I felt something bad in all current situation, but Marina so I have nothing was near was to worry. I paid attention to house clothes of Oksana: a red plaid shirt over an undershirt, shorts and socks. "Such contrast" — thought I, looking at a graceful and distinguished Marine. But again having looked at Oksana and her quite courageous image, I with horror understood, as Oksana is pleasant to me too. Not that I was too greedy for girls, but also she too in me awakened something. I liked the fact that she behaves as a real man. Besides, I for some reason very much wanted that she was attached to me behind. All of a sudden me cold sweat began to break through. I vpyalitsya somewhat quicker in a floor and tried to drive away any evil thoughts and to pacify the hormones. "Really I so got used to an image?" — I nervously thought and took a sip to tea. Girls about something talked, but I even didn't hear, and literally shrank from that thought that with me in the room there was a girl, much more courageous, than I. Besides, it was slightly pumped up and was by the form slightly more senior than me, and it strongly made horney me. At heart I madly wanted that Oksana seized me. — And how are you, Alyona? — I heard a voice. It was Oksana. She started talking to me and from tension I didn't even know that to answer her. But having looked at the Marine and at how she silently encourages me, I started talking the soft voice: — Well … it is normal … Marina entered. — Oksash, you know, Alyona just left recently the guy. She a little not in mood. Here also I came to talk to me. So … I became nervous. — Ah, here, in what business — Oksana told. — I am so sorry, Alyona. Though guys, they such what are, huh? Come, fuck, then throw. So be not upset, he for certain was a swine, as well as all of them. Here I began to protect imagined being from attacks of this feminist. — Well, he was good, it is simple … probably, he didn't suit me. — Ah here is how — Oksana with detachment told. — Listen, and you didn't think that guys, maybe, at all don't suit you? — Oksana, well what you! — I besieged Marin's girlfriend. — She is upset, and you to her hang up the noodles here. Don't listen to her, Alyon, all have cockroaches. You to yourself will find the guy, don't worry. — Aha, of course. And then again on the same rake — Oksana venomously told. Though this man-hater began to strain me, I decided to give in to her. — Though you know … yes, I had many guys … and all left me … as soon as received that it is necessary for them. Frankly speaking, whether I don't even know … I should meet them. Oksana looked at me as if on production. — Listen, Alyona. You are a beautiful girl. Be not upset because of any there goats. It just guys. They don't understand girls as girls. Chuck in you them. — Yes, Alyon — supported Marin — don't get into the head. You have us, your girlfriends. — Well … I don't even know. Thanks, girls. "The devil — frantically thought I — yes you and the truth got used to an image. Only don't take in head about tampons to talk to them, хех". Some time we just silently had tea as suddenly the silence was broken by Marina. — Oh, Oksash, you know what? Too it are pleasant to Alyona of bolonki — having grinned, she told. I nearly choked. — Truth? — Oksana was curious. — Well. You estimate, I told her about our shop and she such "wow!" it is simple. Poshurudili with her in a warehouse a little bit — well there, sleeping bags, jackets, panties — and her in general is direct it was pleasant. And as I told her what at our place is, so she is even direct all was lit. Well Alyon, well don't hesitate what you. "My God what she bears? — I thought. — All right, I won't lie, the truth is pleasant to me". — Well … yes, I am fond … a little too — I said. It was visible that this news pleased Oksana. — Listen, are you serious? Don't you joke? So it cool! And long ago you in this subject? I continued to play. — Not really … To me somehow the guy suggested to try … And it was pleasant to me — I was filled in with red paint again. — Since then here it became interesting. Oksana and Marina cunning exchanged glances. — Listen, Marish, went we will show. And that there is a wish to brag. — Went. Alyon, we have something there. Don't you want to look? For nervousness I tarried, but soon agreed. Girls took away me to the bedroom where I turned into the girl not so long ago. Oksana opened a case and got the down-padded coat hanging on a hanger from there. "Well and that it in him it?" — I thought, having noticed, however, that the down-padded coat was far longer than usual. It was the black brilliant down-padded coat with a violet lining and a hood. It was quite volume by sight as if a blanket and I was far more fat than usual down-padded coats. It so seductively rustled and very pleasant smelled. It was mix of smells of nylon and female aromas which I inhaled a full breast and literally felt how these two put on it. It was such attracting and sexual that I at once wanted to put it on myself. — Well? How to you? Itself sewed — with pride Oksana said. — Very great — I answered, admiring this bolonyevy creation. — Do you want to measure? — Marina as if having read my thoughts asked me. I began to hesitate again, but I the truth wanted to measure him, and I answered only: — Well … it is possible, probably … I pushed hands in sleeves and I was overflowed by the same wave of feelings, as last night: this amazing softness of smooth, slippery nylon which cooled and at the same time warmed me, this feeling of comfort that you in this chubby, warm blanket, feeling that to me allowed to wear someone's clothes again now. Besides that attractive brunette in a mirror looked in it very sexy, flaunting and feeling itself in the new clothes. — Well as? — Oksana asked. — Very great. You are just a fine fellow. — And yes nonsense. You look further — Oksana intrigued me. In the beginning she found a lightning at the very bottom of a down-padded coat — almost at a floor — and the fast movement clasped me in him, having pulled a hood. Then both girls put my hands on seams and — I didn't expect it in any way — undertook lightnings at pockets of a down-padded coat and clasped my hands of a jacket directly to shoulders on each side, припечатав them to my trunk and having hidden them in a thick layer of Bologna. Then they put me on a bed and the easy movement Oksana clasped bottom edges of a down-padded coat, having closed thereby my legs. I lay on a bed, slightly shocked, without understanding what just occurred as suddenly Oksana with a smile said: — And last stroke. And, having undertaken a lightning from above of a hood, sharply I clasped to me a hood. I heard as girls burst out laughing. "Yes, probably, and the truth ridiculously looks" — I as soon as reached me that Oksana sewed a down-padded coat which turns into a sleeping bag into which I was reliably packed now thought. I even couldn't move hands, so, I had no chances of release at all. I was slightly frightened. I thought that little girls got to the core of me and decided to pack in a bag out of harm's way then thoroughly over me to poizmyvatsya. As soon as I understood that I got, I began to panic a little and began to twitch in it to "pukhomeshka", but suddenly the hood was undone and maiden faces seemed. — Well as, it is pleasant? — Oksana asked. I didn't begin to hide the admiration. — Mind-blowing — I told a trembling female voice. — There now, I spoke, it will be pleasant to her — joyfully told Marina. — And that. Cool idea, huh? This is Marina thought up. — Aha. Do you want to lie down still, Alyon? Their persons who are looking through through a hood of my down cocoon looked such charming that I just didn't want to refuse. — Well … I can lie down a little … to test — having smiled, I answered. — Ha, well you so far here … sweat стируй, very ha, and we will depart for a while, OK? — Oksana asked. — Well. Only … you can clasp a hood? And that in eyes shines — I told Oksana the same trembling voice, feeling as I am more and more made horney from the soft captivity. — As you will tell — Oksana with astonishment told, having exchanged glances with Marina, and completely clasped me in my down dungeon. — Just in case — call, very ha — I Marinin heard a voice. Girls left on kitchen, and I lay on a bed and luxuriated in the warm, chubby, bolonyevy cocoon in which me so perfidiously closed. Improbable pleasure rolled on me with an uncontrollable force to which I simply dared to resist. My dick got up as a log, uncontrollably making the way through several layers of a women's clothing. especially for From that thought that I got in a trap, I was made horney more and more: I thought that I put on a down-padded coat, and it appeared in a self-made sleeping bag of which to get out to me was actually unreal, my hands were clasped outside. "Well, they will come and will let out me — I thought. — For now, probably, it is possible to relax a little". In impenetrable darkness closed "pukhomeshka" I felt very comfortably and comfortably and was very glad that asked Oksana to clasp me. Oh, I always wanted to be closed in this warm and soft dungeon without any chances of release and just to luxuriate in this close bolonyevy bag, feeling aroma which proceeded from within, aroma of their clothes, aroma of their bodies, once here also relishing in this voluptuous nylon monastery. I knew that they for certain left me here not just like that. They for certain wanted that I tested the same that was tested also by them, being held down and full desires to plunge into this soft and rustling cocoon. Perhaps they even caressed each other, Oksana embraced to Marin, and Marina Oksana and they groaned from unreasonable pleasure which brought them this bolonyevy imprisonment. "Here — I thought — pushed me, probably, in the bag for joys. But after all what for?". I couldn't restrain any more and I passionately wanted to touch myself, but I understood that it at me won't leave in any way. Ardent, passionate desire just incinerated me, and I just didn't know that to do with itself. I felt as I slightly lowered a little in panties — more true in laying — and knew that they for certain purposely left me connected on hands to mock over me that I just lay and writhed, being exhausted in mad desire which can't escape outside in any way. I already literally went crazy from delightful desire as I suddenly heard a voice: — Alyon, you were already warmed? My heart violently began to knock. In a desire rush I already slightly propotet and inhaled now and the smells as suddenly my hood was undone and before me Marina and Oksana who held some oblong device in the hand appeared. — And we prepared a surprise for you — Oksana told, having maliciously laughed. As soon as the device buzzed, but my person easy bewilderment was reflected. — That's OK to you, girls. . what you … — with aspiration was told by me. I felt that I already almost grew weak from these tortures in the bolonyevy conclusion and poorly thought. I didn't understand what now will have to occur and, above all why, but I was ready to it and passionately wished it. — You to close or how? — still maliciously Oksana asked, having inclined over my body packed into a down cocoon with the vibrator in a hand. — Yes — I barely audible said, having reddened. As soon as the lightning was closed over my face again, I already prepared. I felt how the buzzing stick of the vibrator wandered around my perineum, gently massing it through a thick down-padded coat, kind of teasing with the power over my emaciated desire a body. But as soon as she came nearer directly there, I felt just explosion of emotions. The devil, with me never before it was that I packed into a sleeping bag was touched the vibrator by some girl, and in the face of the second girl. It was just tremendous. I indulged in delightful desire and secretly hoped that so far Oksana to me vibrates, Marina stands nearby and quietly potragivat herself, directly through the kolgotochka and striped panties, kind of representing herself on my place and жаждя it to be closed in this bolonyevy trap again. But I was lucky: in "pukhomeshka" there were I and it was simply delightful. Oksana only slightly pressed to me "magic wand", and I was convulsively curved in mad, passionate pleasure, representing myself that Alyona whom they saw me. By Toi Alyona who left the guy and came to look for helps at the girlfriends and it was fraudulently packed into a sleeping bag in which to her masturbate now. But I was doesn't mind. On the contrary, I always wanted to be closed in a bag that my friends over me dominated, and I would only writhe and coiled from the gushed pleasure, not in forces to break off my mean fetters and to break loose. I felt such weak and helpless, felt as if I was kidnapped and that nobody will come to the rescue to me while these two with me are amused, as with some toy. But I got in this trap, and I was even glad in it to get. And my friends knew it, they purposely tempted me and enticed then to doom to this mean, but very comfortable imprisonment. And they didn't want to mock over me, they wanted that to me it was good. And me and the truth well, in this dark, cozy, strong cocoon which already even all became impregnated with me and my juice as it once became permeated with the smell of Marina and Oksana. Now I understand how him it was good in this cozy dungeon as he was good to be felt like unfortunate captives, such helpless and vulnerable, being in power of some vibrating stick which is capable to dement you. Poor things constantly appeared in captivity each other, and now they needed the new captive to feel what it, to doom someone to so desired punishment and to observe how she writhes in the unrestrained desire while you secretly dream of again to appear there, in this bag. While Oksana was active in my perineum through soft thickness of a down-padded coat, I felt how desire increases more and more and more and stronger overflows me, from the head to finger-tips. I already thoroughly sweated in the stuffy cocoon, dressed besides in a warm jacket and tights. All my body just incredibly itched, and I even felt how my bottom got wet. But me it was good in my soft and cozy bed which warmed and protected me. To me was very pleasant from the fact that I could feel at last the real girl, I could plunge at last completely into this stream of female feelings, having experienced the real storm of emotions what is experienced by girls when him masturbate. I felt such indescribable euphoria that I wanted to stretch it, but I felt that I won't be able to restrain soon any more. The ardent desire just overflowed me and I, quietly groaning blindly and being bent under the pressure of the vibrator, thanked the lucky stars for this tremendous adventure. Through the closed hood I heard somewhere in the distance Oksana's voice: — Well as, well? — Yes — still I barely audible answered and felt as the vibrator slightly increased the power, having made the way not only through a down-padded coat, but also through a skirt, tights and panties which were on me. From violent desire I just went crazy. My dick furiously twitched in impatience somewhat quicker to splash out the energy which collected during my down imprisonment, and I even drove eyes in an anticipation of fast, long-awaited apogee. I presented how I looked from outside at that moment. On a bed the black, elastic, brilliant parcel clasped tightly which groaned and shook in delightful desire lay, and at this time some girl gave to this parcel indescribable pleasure whereas another looked at all this and it was pleasant to her. But in this hard and dense cocoon there was one more girl, the beautiful brunette who just insolently was thrust into this bag for fun to look how she delightfully pines in the soft and close captivity, being burned with mad desire to terminate somewhat quicker. Oh yes she always wanted to be packed into a bag, to be the unfortunate captive, wanted that with her here were so tickled, even without her consent. But she didn't even expect that to her will begin to masturbate, and her girlfriends. Everything happened so suddenly that she didn't even manage to undress and to her masturbated directly in her tights and her pretty rozovenky panties. She didn't even manage to understand anything before appearing with the head closed in this bolonyevy trap. She didn't even expect that her girlfriends whom she knew long ago were capable of such mean and mean act. But she didn't become angry about the girlfriends, on the contrary, she was pleasantly surprised that they with her made it. She always wanted to get an orgasm, having been packed into a sleeping bag. She even wanted that looked at her. Still: her seductive forms and bends as if at a charming doll, distinctly appeared through a thick layer of a down-padded coat, forcing itself to wish. Her sensual, elastic breast which is wrapped up in soft and gentle nylon passionately rose and fell under the pressure of feelings. She wanted to be touched, felt, pressed to itself, oblaskivy her trembling body packed into a smooth and slippery bolonyevy cocoon while she enjoys the cozy captivity somewhere in the depth of the stuffy dungeon. Perhaps she even was touched at this time, can her even directly okhazhival from two parties, she very much would like that she was touched, but through a dense, thick down-padded coat she didn't feel it, and felt only as the vibrator literally crashes into her perineum and quietly moaned, receiving an orgasm about which I dared even to dream. Being completely held down and closed, she felt such weak, such vulnerable, and from it her desire inflamed with an unprecedented force. And as the vibrator worked quicker and quicker, her body was more and more curved, and she groaned more and stronger, жаждя to receive what always I wanted. Though her already was hot, her chubby, warm cocoon warmed her even more from what she already rather weakened and panted. She already went crazy, wishing to break quickly loose from the dense cocoon as a butterfly, but she so didn't want to leave the soft and cozy nest where it was so good and pleasant to her. She just fell in love with him and received from him a mad high while her girlfriend with might and main bashed out her as if trying to be drilled in depth of a bag. She pressed more and stronger, and the cocoon already lowed and twitched from the indescribable ecstasy overflowing the girl in him. From a hot bag and surplus of feelings her breast zakolykhatsya quicker, letting know that it is already almost ready to terminate. "Yes! … Yes! … Yes! … "— she repeated barely audible, but soon her languid plaints became louder and louder, so, that them it became heard even through tightly the clasped bag. "YES! YES! YES!" — the girl, so passionately more than ever already shouted earlier. She was so horney that it was literally ready to escape from the strong cocoon, so she was overflowed by desire. And here, when tension already was on a limit and the girl couldn't restrain more any more, the vibrator sharply increased power, in an uncontrollable rush of passion the doll was curved and from depth of a bag the thin, lingering groan which marked approach of a desired, long-awaited orgasm sounded. But the vibrator continued to work. The next passionate groan sounded, but is already weaker, behind it one more, and one more, and through some time groans stopped, and the black parcel once live and full of passion on a bed lay not movably now, enduring the tremendous sexual adventure. I heard as the vibrator ceased and I was undone at last. Bright light broke through in a bosom of my cocoon, and I lay grown weak and completely released, desperately absorbing fresh air. — Well as, it was pleasant? — I heard Oksana's voice. I lay on a bed, tired, sweaty and out of breath, trying to cope with the stream of emotions and impressions which seized me. I slightly recovered the breath and, having slightly smiled, softly said: — Yes. And Oksana smiled to me in reply. Then Marina approached and asked: — Well, still you miss the guy? Without thinking twice, I, still запыхаясь, answered: — No … Well him in an ass. Girls loudly burst out laughing, and I still tried to recover after new, tremendous impressions. And at that moment I understood that it is good to have such girlfriends after all. And something prompted to me that our evening didn't end yet. To be continued … It is sent: Stan_Smith dating scan kent dateline queen elizabeth site mapMain Page