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The next day passed unnoticed. But every other day, already since morning, a door of the apartment knocked. Alyona, having seen in Vadik's peephole, I showed me to hide in a case. Itself I opened a door for the guest. - Sdfafstfuyte фёфя Alyona. There is no Yura's Fyafa the house? - No, Vadyushka, don't worry. How are you? - Oh, фёфя Alyona. To me was so хорофо. I to a dafa бояфся to fa to skafat. - What so Vadyushka? Don't quail. I also think two days only of you. Went quicker to the bedroom. - without parting a long talk, the wife pulled the guy to the bedroom, throwing off from him clothes and removing the. The neighbour's fellow that isn't strong and I resisted. He only occasionally bukhtet something in not absolutely clear language. He and itself came to fuck here today, so in general without having understood a brain what occurred couple of days ago. But it he so strongly wanted to repeat the event. Again I observed sex a marathon sitting secludedly in a case. This time of what was only not done by the guy with the wife. More precisely everything was done by Alyona, and Vadik only substituted the huge dick. It and a crustacean had her long, and in a usual pose, having thrown Alyona's legs to itself(himself) on shoulders. The wife tried to teach the guy to do to kuna, but this wanker didn't understand what it is necessary to do by language between the woman's legs. Everything ended with a large number of orgasms and the fountain of a cum again. But this time Vadik cumed having directed the hose to the wife's pubis. And again, the enjoyed Alyona, quickly pushed out the guy from our apartment. Having forced then me to lick her perineum and a pubis from others cum and having terminated from it, she said: - You know I Am brisk, I when on him jumped when already I terminated few times, so suddenly strongly wanted that you left a case, sat down behind and began to lick to me buttocks. - To lick your anus to set in her the dick? - Oh, it is painful to me your dick is necessary. Small, thin moreover and minute you won't hold on, "I skorostret". There was a wish that you language licked me there. I want to feel the hole your language. Sitting on his dick. No, jumping more better. And you me licked buttocks, licked his balls. By the way. not really it is pleasant to me that he has all such overgrown. I will seduce him a bit later, to shave to myself everything there. You represent how it is pleasant to you on his smooth balls and the dick language to drive. - Alyona... - What, Yura? - the wife having widely opened eyes I looked at me, continuing to rumple fingers my bulking-up dick. - Not you didn't want to take his handsome in a mouth, to suck away to him? You want. On eyes I see. What he at him magnificent! - she with pleasure rolled up eyes. - Well... kind of to tell you...... I, it kind of..... In the head opposite feelings fought, there were imaginations as I take a dickhead of Vadik to myself in a mouth as I suck it, caress egg fingers as I lick language to him balls, I potter about a nose in his voloyena, I raise the head and … About! The beautiful hole of buttocks of my wife mokrenky from desire... Very much I would like to fall into such state now and to continue to lick Alyonki's anus, under the squelching sounds of her gallop on the dick of the neighbour's guy. It seems, desires and imaginations of the wife brought me and made horney not less than her. - And why it you, don't want to shave yourself there, and were going to shave it? - Do you like my overgrown "fluffy thing"? Only don't lie that you don't like to potter about in it a nose. - I didn't say what isn't pleasant. And I really like to lick your mokrenky sponges language, a nose moving your volosik. - And so therefore I don't want to shave off at myself. Did you see what expression the guy when he saw my pubis had? It seemed to me that he also was in wild delight. Alyona continued to nadrachivat to me a dick. It was firm as a stone again though already several times I terminated today. - Here. Time is pleasant to you why I will shave off the magnificent head of hear? In vain raised so many years, perhaps? And here I like to suck gladenky. And hair in a mouth don't climb, and in nostrils. Wons what beautiful we made yours писюн, having begun to shave it constantly. And to it I want to make already. And that you at the following fucking sat near us. No, would sit behind more better and I licked my heels. In cool that will be! A huge elda of Vadik in me and you stand on all fours behind and you lick to me heels. No! It is more best if you suck my fingers on legs. Well, and we will make. And today to sleep! When next day, Vadik came to us, we represented a scene that I returned. Alyona before my arrival, suggested the guy to undress to a goal, a pier that together to take a shower. And in that, the moment when they faced naked a door vaany, entered the apartment I. - фяфя Yufa?! - at the guy from surprise the jaw hung. - Op-pa! - I tried to represent surprises, - And what you do it here? - Oh, and you don't see. Decided to go to a bathtub. And here you came. If the guy couldn't be washed today though the neighbor will help. Don't hesitate of Vadyushk. The uncle Yura to you will make nothing bad. We were only going to wash. So, Vadimka? - Yes, yes... - by the confused voice the guy, - Only мыфься. - Here and all answer, hubby. And you what thought? By the way, also you can join us. - Aha, I now. - taking off from itself clothes and thinking that Alyona is a little not according to the scenario. Several tens of seconds, and I naked already too in a bathtub. Being covered only with a towel. And there already Alyona soaps a back, to the neighbour's guy standing to her the back. Both wet and from it such sexual. Vadik was embarrassed a little when I came and too turned that I didn't see his "advantage". - And what you are Yura, a towel decided to hide? Ha-ha-ha! - Alyona continued to soap the guy. But having already nestled on his back the boobies, - you there though have something? Or such small that you don't hide, and you are afraid that it wasn't lost. And well show us. - Alyona sharply bent down, a finger pulled off from me a towel on a floor. - Alyona stop. - Oh, you only look. There something is! Ha-ha-ha. Such small. Юр. It is a clitoris likely? Ha-ha-ha! Look at Yurochk what size has to be at the man. - Alyona turned to me the rehouse, the neighbor who isn't resisting at all, - Here! Here, as weapon of the real man has to look! As at Vadik. - Alyona clasped with a palm a dick of the guy, a drochnul to him few times, - the Truth is one shortcoming. Overgrown he at you Vadyulk. Not smooth dicks don't love the girl. And you want that you were loved by girls? Do you want that they писюн took yours in a mouth? And for this Vadyushk, he has to be shaven and gladenky. Now we to you will shave him! - Fyofya Alyona! - Vadim tried to be indignant. - Any aunt Alyona. To you I want to make more better. Alyona took foam for to have a shave, a nod showed me that I held up a palm, squeezed out to me on a hand foam from a bottle. - Give I Am brisk, shave Vadyushka there. You are able. The only thing that you are able to do, so to shave the pepper. Here though not under a microscope it is necessary to do it. Maliciously I pinned up Alyokh and I laughed loudly. Vadim was discouraged, but is so sluggish thought that didn't undertake anything, I remembered about what we agreed with the spouse, but after all was afraid of the events a little though it also brought me. To take a dick of other man in a hand. Yes, big, beautiful. Shaking from excitement and such desired me. These seconds when my hand reached for a vadikiny dick, it seemed eternity. And here. Here he at me in a palm. Such podgy, such lukewarm. I looked at him as zavorozhyonny. The hand randomly drochnut him and I felt as he in the eyes grows stronger. - You were asked not to jerk off him, and to shave. - Alyona's voice returned me thoughts, - don't you know what to do? Ha-ha-ha! Soap at first. Soap and then shave. Ha-ha-ha! - wife протян ula to me safety razor. And, well. yes! Of course! I soaped foam a dick to the neighbor and holding with fingers his head up, began to shave off from him volosiki, often washing away them from the razor under water jets. I did it smoothly, slowly, trying that no volosika remained. The wife with the guy, having embraced, watched with interest down what I do there. - It is pleasant? Will be unusual a little, Vadik, but then will get used. - Mugu. - Vadim lowed. - So, I Am brisk, the good fellow. Now let's wash away everything. - the wife a shower washed away residues of foam and hairs from the guy's perineum, then also the dick stroked a palm of egg, having peeled off it, - About! It seems гладенько. Touch the fingers Vadyushk. How to you? Gladenko? The uncle Yura tried. - Yes.-again incoherently the guy responded. - Now you, Yura. Stop! Not, not! Not fingers. - And than? - I who was the person opposite to the member Vadik as sat down while I shaved to him was indignant. - A mouth check. We have to know that girls won't scratch the sponges and uvulas, so far to humour Vadik. Check I Am brisk, check. Walk on him language, take a head in a mouth. More safely. Give more safely. Pancake. I wanted. But now it is so difficult. The nature of a body resists, and desires push forward. Again with great difficulty, but I after all came nearer facing the guy's dick. Language got out. Contact of his tip of a head. And I and the neighbor shuddered. But nothing blew up. Language nestled on the dick already more densely, walked from the basis to a head. Before eyes there was such handsome! Shaven, with blood streaks and such draft, brilliant head, the dick of the young guy. The mouth himself opened, lips were closed on a head and I began to suck it. What this pleasure to hold with lips the fat and firm dick and to suck it. My brains departed when I drained in him when my language began to lick the slippery head withheld by me in an oral cavity lips. Mmmm. And as it is pleasant when from a hole also I became exudes преякулянт. I took a nap stronger. Without unclenching lips I led the head forward, being stuck by a mouth on a dick. Then back. Forward. Back. The hand of the wife laid down on my top. Why they are silent? I opened eyes and without letting out the member Vadik from a mouth I looked up. To be stunned! While I stuck to the guy's dick, my wife, having embraced him, взасос kissed. This astounding show! Holding a dick in a mouth, to watch from below as your wife kisses someone. As they фырчат as their jaws move as cheeks strain, muscles of mouths when they push each other languages in mouths and are with pleasure sucked. Sosa, I look. I touched the. He a stone costs. As it is pleasant to suck and look as on a body of your wife palms of other man walk. As he turns and pulls her nipples, impudently rumples her buttocks. The wife both handles embraced him for a neck and snuffles from pleasure, kissing him. And you suck to him and you move slowly up and down, without coming off eyes their hickey. - So, everything, boys. What do we cost here? Were quickly rubbed off also by run to the bedroom. I was already made horney. Calm me. There it is much more convenient. In total Yurik, all! I stuck. Will be enough. I checked quality of shaving, let's also others suck this candy. In total boys, grabbed towels, me and ran. - Alyona stopped fantastic action. Having grabbed by Vadim's hand, my wife quickly pulled out him from a bathtub and dragged to the bedroom. I was started wandering behind them. Having come for lovers into the room for about ten seconds later, I found them in a pose "jack". Vadim lay on a back, on his face a perineum Alyona sat and so far he licked her the pussy, she tastefully sucked and the dick jerked off to him. I so didn't want to disturb them that I just stood near them and jerked off to itself. Alyona on wait a minute came off sucking and told me: - What you cost, help me, lick to him balls while I suck. I sat down on a floor, between the spread legs of the guy and began to lick to him balls, watching at a short distance as on a trunk of his dick which was embraced by sponges of my wife, her saliva flew down. A couple of minutes so, then Alyona was unbent, seized me by a nape, spread a mouth on a dick of the neighbor, itself was pressed to him into a mouth by a clitoris and with loud groans terminated! - Good fellows boys, good fellows. - she lamented while she changed situation, departing from an orgasm. She got down from Vadim's face, "equestrian" sat down in a pose, I grabbed a palm his dick, sent herself to the pussy and began to be stuck slowly. - Yes, yes, yes! Super! Fuck me Vadimk, fuck! The guy seized my wife by hips and the dick from below began to push in her. And she was stuck on him with the doubled force, groaned, growled, fyrchat, itself squeezed palms the boobs and asked not to stop and fuck stronger and more rigidly. - What do you sit, the idol? Lick to me buttocks, the sucker. Lick to him balls, horned. Pancake, so roughly. To me. But it so brought me. I didn't begin to annoy her. Right there closer. And I put out tongue far away. I moved apart accurately her buttocks which are actively moving up down before my person and I tried to lick her an anus. Sometimes my language came off below, and I was passed by it on Vadik's balls, pinching from them, her techka which is flowing down from Alyonka on his dick. Times at me very successfully turned out to walk language between halves of buttocks of the wife, to feel by a language tip as the hole of her buttocks extends. At these moments I heard cheers of my wife, and then evil curses in my address. Therefore tried to humour her even more better. And she shouted more and more loudly. And here. I strongly pressed language on an entrance to her buttocks, loud exclamation and … Alyona stuck by the pussy on a dick of the neighbor shook in a strong orgasm. seconds thirty loud groans, tremblings and she falls on the guy, having nestled on his hairy breast the boobs. Her hands twist his neck, lips nestle to him. I raised the head to look and here heard: - Lick heels, the dumbass while I have a rest. Well heels, so heels. Why to rukatsya. It was removed slightly back. About! So it is even more best. It is visible as the wet and fat dick sticks out in the pussy of my wife. Everything is smeared with her techka. It is pleasant to look. Kiss. But I don't see, and I hear as I see only her buttocks and as on it the guy drives a finger. But now I can walk language on the wife's heels, lick them, suck fingers of her legs. My God, as it is pleasant to do it, looking as lovers "come to life" again, become active as the dick begins slow, superficial movements in my wife. And as the finger of the guy disappears in her buttocks. And I sit on a floor at them, and at this moment I lick heels to the wife. Such idyll lasted still for about one hour. In this hour, the neighbour's guy fucked Alyona and having put her a back on a bed and its legs to himself on shoulders, and having put her "crustacean" and deeply planting passionately answering to him with oncoming traffic. He turned her sideways, fucked in a mouth, holding by hair. All this time, I darted about around them, jerked off to myself, sucked sometimes to Vadim at the request of the wife, sometimes licked her between legs, sucked nipples. A final chord became when we with the wife took seat under the standing guy, the wife jerked off to Vadik and he terminated to both of us on faces and in a mouth to Alyona. Alyona spat out then the guy's cum to me in widely opened mouth and forced to pinch from her face, his cum. Generally time passed fantastically. When tired guy showed the door from the apartment, the happy wife asked to carry it back on handles. While I bore, she laughed and said that I am an excellent nipple. - I hope, my hubby cuckold, you won't be now minds that your spouse whore fucked with others? - Of course darling. Only allow me to be present at these remarkable meetings. I will think over it, my olenyonok. Ha-ha-ha! I carried. Fell asleep on a matrimonial bed. She обкончавшаяся and tired. I with dreams of what interesting meetings expect me in the future. dating scan geelong pricing gun labels wholesale site mapMain Page