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In 198... to year my bride worked as the acceptance inspector in studio on tailoring of outerwear. I met her daily after work at the Airport metro station. It was necessary to wait long as she was the only young girl in studio, and her colleagues, men, tried to detain as long as possible her at work and in every possible way urged on, knowing that I am jealous her, and I wait every day after work. To us at that time was for 20 years, and they were a little more senior and considered themselves naturally more skilled and experienced in these affairs, and frankly laughed at us. And so, in one of evenings I waited for her about 9 in the evening at an exit in studio. The studio was on the first floor of a house, on the second floor there was a reception of the famous healer Dzhuna. Svetlana long didn't leave. Inside, for the known reasons, I tried not to come and therefore took the place on nablyudatelyy point on the backyard from where the window of the room of cutters where they usually gathered was well visible. Having waited for about a half an hour near a main entrance, I understood that Svetlana is late with the cutter Sasha and the master in tailoring Yura which was for 27 years, and they were considered as recognized lady's men. Having come for a house corner, and having got up opposite to a window, I saw the following picture: the Trinity stood at a rack, on a table there was a champagne bottle, Svetka stood having leaned the elbows on the table edge, and guys stood nearby. In hands she had a sex magazine, it was called SEXY seems. They with enthusiasm considered pictures and frankly gesticulated, commenting on this or that scene. This magazine was brought home by me, and periodically showed to Svetka, trying to train her, and also myself, in knowledge group and other types of sex. Further I saw how one of guys, seemed this is Sasha, lowered a hand on my Svetka's thighs and lifts her skirt. All Trinity stood facing a window and everything was perfectly visible to me. The jealousy in me mixed up with excitement, and the dick in trousers strained. They with enthusiasm considered pictures in the zhuranl and through an open window leaf I heard remarks: "And you so would like?", "And if we you so?" I undid a fly and the dick began to rumple slowly, excitement in me accrued. I saw that they put the magazine on a table and all were three together developed by the back to a window at which I held the observation post. Svetka was dressed in a skirt which to her was much lower than knees (on fashion of the beginning of the 80th years), but the type of her roundish, juicy buttocks fitted by fine fabric me strongly made horney. They considered the magazine in which as I knew, quite frank scenes were represented, and briskly commented on them. I saw how the hand of the cutter Yura fell by the back of my bride, and began to caress her buttocks. My dick tried to escape from trousers. The sea of feelings covered me, but excitement got the best. Yura lifted up Svetlana's skirt, pristpustit her pants, and began a finger to rub her back hole and a clitoris. All this was perfectly visible to me. Sasha developed her face to himself at this time, and began to kiss her on the lips and a neck frenziedly. At me in the head everything mixed up. Not in forces to restrain, I lowered a little trousers, placed legs, and the dick began to jerk off. Svetka climbed on a table of cutters, got up dog-fashion, having bulged the appetizing buttocks, Sasha got the, not the bad sizes the dick, and began to drive her on lips, And Yura of lickspittles under her in a pose 69 also began to lick her chocolate hole, at the same time one hand fingering her clitoris, and another the podrachivy dick. We often discussed this scene with it in the sexual fantasies, but then I didn't represent her so visually and therefore now I didn't know how to react. My dick exploded, and пристустив pants, I began to podrachivat him, rotating hips and slightly groaning. At this time Yura lying under my Svetka lifted up the legs bent in knees up and exposed the buttocks on a public inspection. His perineum and balls were clean-shaven, and Sasha with my Svetka began to lick her, giving smacking kiss and publishing the muffled groans. This show extremely made horney me, and having pulled together pants to knees, I began one hand to jerk off the dick, and another to thrust a finger to itself into buttocks. Svetka thrust the manicured finger into Jure's buttocks and began to jerk off him, at the same time sucking away at the cutter Sasha and caressing his buttocks. Then Sasha took the dick and put to Yura's anus, my bride took his dick and thrust into buttocks of the cutter who moaned and stuck lips into her vulvar lips. Sasha covered eyes, and groaning began to fuck measuredly in a bottom Yura, holding my Svetka by a nape, and pressing her lips to the pubis. I stood under a window and violently jerked off a dick one hand, another caressing the buttocks and thrusting a finger to itself into an ass. It was delightful. Meanwhile Yura, with my Svetka, got up nearby dog-fashion on a table and began to vylizvyat a dick to the master Sasha. I heard their groans through an open window leaf. Then all plentifully terminated, including me. Svetka left studio, indifferently. We went home where I fucked her in buttocks and in a mouth, without saying a word about what I saw through a window. But entering the dick into her anus I felt others cum, and it strongly made horney me. She groaned and coiled under me, trying to be stuck more deeply on my dick an ishepcha any obscene nonsenses... To someone this subject is interesting, I ask to write on, we will exchange views and together we will dream. Maybe we will fuck mine dating rules quotes date in english how to site mapMain Page