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— You know, I am already almost sure that mine changes me — Alla took a sip to tea and took the candy stretched by the girlfriend. — And what this time? It is remembered, all last alarms were false... — No. Now all in a different way. I call him yesterday, I tupanut and by mistake dialed working number. I thought only when his suckretary answered me... —... She thinks? — I interrupted Marjan — Well! Listen to the end! Well, this chick answers me and such sugary voice says: "Hello, Alla Gennadyevna". Well I couldn't admit to her that I dialed not that number, well and began to get out. Like, "the darling, you won't remind me when Andrey Sergeyevich has the return train?". And that says: "And he already left. Arrival tomorrow at 8 in the evening" — Well and that? — And that! He told me that he comes back only the day after tomorrow! Do you understand now? Anyway with some lyarvy I decided to carry out a night! — And can and isn't present. Maybe the surprise to you decided to make! — Syurpri-iz? Went crazy?! Yes he flowers gave the last time to me 5 years ago. You don't know him simply! — So would acquaint. How many already I ask you. — Still what! And suddenly he will suspect something! — Well as you wish... And what you plan to do? — I will go to the station to eight. I will try to track... — Ms. Marple you my darling — Maryana stretched to the girlfriend and gently kissed her on a mouth. — Marjan... Don't begin! Just finished! But that didn't listen. She disappeared under a blanket and buried the head between the mistress's legs. When language of the girlfriend concerned her clitoris, Alla screamed, having nearly spilled tea, and happily laughed. She put a cup on a bedside table and tried to discharge of herself Maryana. — Well, hare! Well it isn't necessary! The half-seventh already! To the station it is time for me! — You will be in time. You are such sweet! I so like you to lick there — the deaf voice from under a blanket was distributed. At this moment the phone call sounded. Women first didn't pay attention to him, but that wasn't appeased. — Here unruly someone! — Maryana with a dissatisfied look got out of a bed and took the mobile phone. I looked at the screen and shortly I explained, is from work. Urgently. I will depart. Having used leaving of the mistress, Alla got out from under a blanket too and began to put on slowly. When her partner returned, she was already almost ready. — I will go, a kisonka. Don't take offense... — Yes everything is normal. At me too here affairs for the evening were drawn. When will we meet? — I don't know. Maybe the other day in general to you I will move. — Yes don't dramatize you! Nothing can and isn't present. — We will look. Go to me, kiss me on good luck. Women embraced and merged in a long sensual kiss... Andrey descended from the train in high spirits. Still! He has ahead the whole night with the girl who waits for him and misses. And nobody will prevent them! At the station square he bought a magnificent bouquet of roses and went to the taxi stand. Unexpectedly side sight he snatched out in crowd nearby a familiar image. Alla? The man began to peer fixedly into human porridge, but so noticed nothing suspicious. Really it seemed? It is necessary to think logically. "She couldn't see tickets, I took them already at the station. Someone else knows that I come back today? Only Natasha. Hmmm... Here it is more best to perebdet, than to nedobdet!". Andrey decided to call the secretary just in case nevertheless. For such supervigilance he had bases: on the wife almost all his commercial real estate was rewritten. And if something happens to receive it back it would be difficult. The story by Natasha confirmed his worst fears, but the cunning apostate quickly thought how to turn a situation in the party. On the way home he stopped by at familiar small restaurant and gathered any goodies. Then I called the become sad mistress and I cancelled a meeting. I arrived home before Alla and already I managed to prepare everything for her return: flowers in a vase, glasses, candles... The wife was discouraged and long tortured him from what such holiday. The answer "just like that" obviously didn't suit her. Eventually she was satisfied with the version that commission of the successful transaction in a business trip that partly even was the truth became an occasion. Evening passed perfectly and very naturally came to the end with rough sex. For the first time for the last month... 3 days later Andrey had a rest in a bed with the mistress after a powerful mutual orgasm. He he is lazy I fingered a finger the swelled up a little dark brown nipple of the girl and argued aloud: — You know, a kitten, washing on the course to me changes. — Why you never call her name? "Washing", "this", "that"... — What for? To anything it. — Well as you want. So why you so solved? — I arranged her a surprise after arrival. And she directly any all was. As if she was tormented by something. Well, type, I am all such romantic loving husband, and she... —... Yes nonsense it! Just I didn't expect from you. Infrequently, it is visible, you so indulge her. — Infrequently. It's true. But it even not the main thing! She on a breast had a hickey! I specially didn't begin to ask, so she explained. Yes it is so detailed that is even suspicious! If it validly was so innocent from what it to her so to go to bat was? And? — And what explained? — Well, type it seemed to her that there she has some consolidation. I was frightened of breast cancer, I began to investigate. Also I overdid. Here tell, it is possible? — And you tell me: probably to discuss such things with the mistress, and? — Devil! Yes. Forgive. I didn't think. — Yes not парься! With me it is possible. I in marriage don't ask for you. Everything suits me as is. There would be I another then would tell: changes! But I am honest. Easily there could be it! A breast — a thing gentle... The girl turned to the gentleman slightly sideways and touched by a hip of his dick. — Oh! You are ready again? — And that! — it is proud Andrey answered. — Then go to me, my zherebchik! How do you want me? — Give from above now. He rejected a blanket and threw hands for the head. The mistress rode out his hips, was inclined to his face and long kissed. Then I began to go down kisses below and below, pleasantly tickling the man's body the hair. Having reached the dick the girl didn't begin to take him in a mouth at once, and long teased Andrey with language and lips. But once the volume reached extreme extent of excitement and to try to enter by force to the partner a mouth, that dexterously was turned out, moved forward and with scope of the village the expiring pussy to the eager lover's tool. (Especially for — Making a basin circular motions, she for several seconds brought Andrey to the next orgasm, and only after that took care of herself. Using that the dick didn't weaken yet, she very actively began to move up-down, at the same time caressing hands the peaked tits, and soon violently terminated. Alla the third day I reproached myself with the suspiciousness and with the fact that didn't manage to thank the husband for his recent surprise adequately. "He so tries for me!" — it inspired in itself: "The dinner arranged to me. For me earns money that I didn't need anything. Works late hours for this purpose! And I... Silly woman!". She long thought and, at last, decided how she should arrive. The husband returned after 11. She met him in the hall with a hairstyle, a make-up and in a korotyusenky dressing gown on the head a body. Having twisted Andrey's neck with hands, she at first stuck on his mouth we will kiss, and then slipped down, on most on a floor, and began to undo the spouse's fly hasty. Having taken out his dick, she took him in a mouth at once and began to suck passionately. Andrey was without hesitation given to this unexpected manifestation of passion, having leaned a back against a wall. But here Alla stood. The smell proceeding from the husband's groin stopped her. No. It was not others smell. On the contrary, awfully familiar and very pleasant. And this smell affected the woman pyanyashche and excitingly. Her pussy began to be humidified promptly. Everything was good, but nevertheless something was not so! But what? She returned to a blowjob, but did it already purely on the automatic machine. Andrey felt change, and it wasn't pleasant to him. He lifted up the wife, developed, bent a crustacean, lifted up a dressing gown and from scope entered Alla's chink expiring juice. In the same second the wave of pleasure overflowed her and expelled from the head all disturbing thoughts for the time being... So brightly she cumed only with Maryana, but now it was even more best. Much more better! Later, Andrey long couldn't fall asleep. From what it is suddenly his wife gave to him such reception? Prays for forgiveness sins? And the longer he analyzed all strangenesses in behavior of the wife (and strangenesses such there was much recently), the more strong was convinced of the suspicions concerning its incorrectness. And then he decided to act. Next day he called from work to Alla and reported that he needs urgently to go to the neighboring city for couple of days. But, naturally, it isn't necessary to go anywhere. Instead Andrey stayed at work till 9 in the evening, and then went home. Having silently opened an entrance door, he entered the apartment, and right there in him the rage of the deceived spouse began to seethe. From the bedroom the loud groans of his wife which aren't leaving any doubts in an events essence reached. Andrey rushed there and was stupefied! Alla sat, having leaned on pillows, and between its of widely stretched legs the head of the nude woman was located! The wife screamed, the stranger raised the head, and eyes of the man were rounded. — Ma-maryana?! You?!?! — Devil! — his mistress swore and I hid the face in hands. — You... — Andrey choked — you sleep with my wife?!?! During this instant the terrible guess visited also Alla. She suddenly understood WHOSE familiar smell proceeded from the husband the day before. — Maryana?! Do you sleep with my husband?! Having appeared between two fires, Maryana wasn't confused, and, on the contrary, unexpectedly found self-control. — Well I sleep. But I didn't know. Honestly! You didn't acquaint me with Andryusha, and he never told your name. I sleep! And only tell that it wasn't pleasant to both of you! So can not we will build the tragedy? Also we will use a situation? I — don't mind. You to me both are nice. — You what you hint at? — Alla dizzily asked. — Yes it is clear on what! And time it put... I don't mind too — and Andrey began to undress quickly. — There is nothing? — the wife still was in a stupor it. She tried to get out of a bed, but Maryana strong clasped her for hips and again dropped a mouth to her pussy. Resistance lasted not for long, and already in a couple of minutes the unimaginable ball was weaved out of three naked bodies on a bed in uniform voluptuous desire dating rules qatar hurricane katrina year and date site mapMain Page