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After that my new acquaintance was gone for some time, but thoughts of video haunted me... And a week later from him the call was distributed. He recommended to me to plan nothing for evening, I understood what will be in the evening... After the 7 he came for me and we arrived to the rental apartment... — Go to the bathroom, make toilet. This time the roughness from him wasn't, only unimpassioned monotonous speech. I having quickly taken a shower I put on white stockings with a belt, the set of red lace lingerie (thongs and a bra) from above a pink peignoir which appeared through and hardly covered buttocks... After I "having licked" hair gel vulgarly I made up and I left... He waited for me in the room, my look pleased him. But here only he didn't begin to stick... — Now you will be fucked for money... Which you naturally won't see. I was taken aback from his words... — If you do everything that you will be told... I will remove video... and if isn't present, I think you know what will be. — Give I to you I will pay... only darings... — No... I want that you understood someone you are actually... Now I will leave... I will return when everything ends... — And someone... — Wait! He interrupted me and I left having slammed a door... The apartment was one-room and even on a situation it was clear that removed her not to spend the night. In the center there was a huge bed with a big mirror back, on the minding couple of massive chairs from black leatherette... I sat down on edge of a bed, began to scroll everything that happened to me for the last week in the head. And I was pleasant to admit honestly it madly, though it was a shame. Soon the entrance door opened. In silence the room was entered by two guys of years of 25... — Mm what nipple here at us One of them broke silence. I only silently looked at them and I address the friend... — I think we won't be time to lose... And literally in a minute having abandoned all clothes on a floor, one of them approached me — Give take him in a mouth the babe... I having stretched to his dick I took it in a hand and podrachivy I began a tip of a uvula to lick an open dickhead, it began to bulk up and at that moment I sent him to a mouth and began to move the head. The dick of the stranger quickly bulked up and became stone. And when he was completely ready I took out him from a mouth and moved to the second. He already almost stood and I needed only to lick a little him for due effect. After that I leaned back on a bed and having widely spread legs removed a narrow strip of panties having opened the hole for the dick — Someone the first? They exchanged glances and one of them climbed on me from above... Having brought a dick to mine still to a hard hole he began to press. From it I in half-voices moaned and having unclenched the buttocks waited... Slowly, but surely the dick got into me I having cast away the head rolled up eyes and groaned... when his balls concerned my perineum I understood that he was completely in me... The guy having got up I lifted up my legs to myself on shoulders more conveniently and I began to fuck slowly me increasing the pace. His sluggishness angered me, but at the same time was very pleasant. And having developed my buttocks properly he began отмашисто to fuck me, the room was filled with sounds from his blows and my groans. Having made horney me thoroughly... I took the initiative. Having removed from the lover I got up and having approached the second which I watched everything sitting in a chair... — Do you want me? — Yes... give sit down on him... I sat down from above and having taken a hot dick in a hand itself sent it to myself and slowly fell. The guy leaned back in a chair and just derived pleasure from my movements. It is a little поерзав on him, at that moment I didn't want fast "end" and I having got up from his dick I sat down in a chair nearby. Having begun to smoke a cigarette. — It is pleasant to you? — Yes... you are simply divine... Having quickly finished smoking, I took the guy by hand that sat in a chair and laid on a bed... Two of them lay nearby and were completely provided to all my joys. Having slowly pulled together a peignoir I settled down between legs of one of them. This time I began to lick greedy his balls, later... having lifted up them I moved to his anus and having licked it completely... I treated also and the second... guys were in pleasant delight from it. After I laid down between them... — And now you will make with me everything that you want... I was bended over right there, one appeared in my buttocks... and I began to suck the second... And near to half of hour my clients enjoyed my body much... Me twisted on all bed as wanted, I didn't understand any more how many times they changed, but both of my lewd holes were constantly occupied. Feeling that soon... — Boys where you want to terminate? They almost in two voices — In a mouth... And for convenience we moved to a floor... I was kneeling, they on each side and I as the lewd female rushed about between their dicks... in end having plentifully terminated me in a mouth... They were delighted and having quickly put on thanked me and left... I pinching the remains of a fresh cum from a face I sat down in a chair and impatiently I lit... He entered... — And you know the business, boys were delighted... — I just made what you asked... will you remove now? — I will remove... don't worry... agreed... Did you terminate that? — No... you know that I love He approached me and having grabbed by hair — Do want I will make so you love? — Yes... I want... And having lowered trousers — Give suck a vaflersh! And I without thinking greedy his dick zaglotat, all was hurriedly and I greedy moved lips on his hardening dick and when he already stood a stake he having seized me by a hand directed to a wall understanding what he wants I bent down and having bulged buttocks waited him he approached behind and having taken me for buttocks — I adore the smashed asses! My hole at that moment after almost hour sex with two guys was such. And from one sharp push he drove it in me and began to fuck. My hole squelched from excitement and I greedy bit lips publishing loud groans and having brought me to a rough orgasm... My legs gave away and I kneeled, it having developed me and not allowing me to recover the breath the dick to me stuck into a mouth and itself I began to fuck. And in a minute having thrust him it is deep... the dense cum began to fill my throat. I didn't manage to swallow of it an ion any more flew down on my breast, having taken out a dick it smeared the remains on mine to cheeks — Go to the bathroom... whore. I having hardly got up, I washed and having returned to the room... — I removed video... It was pleasant to be the girl on a call? To admit, what occurred that evening to me was pleasant and it didn't oblige to anything me and I agreed... I WAIT FOR YOUR TRITE COMMENTS IN THE PRIVATE MESSAGE dating rules meaning retirement date calculator kerala site mapMain Page