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Nikolay Petrovich woke up next day after the events described in the first part of the story, beliefs wasn't near, he got up, put on and went to a bathtub, to wash and shave. After the morning procedures the man went to kitchen to have breakfast. The belief stood at a plate and prepared something. Having heard steps she turned on a sound. — Good morning! — she told. — Kind! — the man answered. — Well as I rather sexually look? — the girl asked. — Yes you perfectly look — Nikolay Petrovich answered, devouring belief with a look. On her the short miniskirt which is hardly covering a bottom, and the blouse which isn't buttoned on four top buttons was put on, and under her there was a red brassiere which because of not buttoned was visible very well. — Belief I want you! — the man blurted out. — No, Nikolay Petrovich not now — the girl answered. — And when? — with impatience he asked. — In the evening. — I can't wait till the evening, at me till the evening balls will burst, yesterday there was my first sex for the last 5 years — with a despair the man said. The belief approached and having kissed him on a mouth told: — Poor mine, well suffer till the evening at me just for you a surprise, suffer and you won't regret. — All right, let's guzzle, with disappointment he said. All day Nikolay Petrovich couldn't wait for evening, and constantly watched TV somehow to distract. At last evening came, Nikolay Petrovich sat and watched TV as suddenly from the bedroom Verin a voice was distributed: — Nikolay Petrovich, go here! He quickly switched off the TV and went to the bedroom. Having come to the bedroom he saw one of the finest pictures which the man can only see: on a bed the belief dressed in that violet dress with which she tried to tempt Kostya when her dynamite decided this moron lay. Well before Nikolay Petrovichem the half-naked girl ready for everything lay. He without hesitation climbed on a bed, and undid trousers providing to the girl the, demanding caress dick, it without hesitation took him in a mouth and began to make rhythmical movements by the head on a meeting to a male groin, and Nikolay Petrovich just stood and looked as the young girl caresses his trunk the sweet mouth making movements by the head to the back forward. () In five minutes of blowjob he took out a dick from the girl's mouth which she released from obvious not hunting. The man laid down on a back and told: — Remove from yourself all superfluous. The girl obediently took off from herself clothes and having remained completely naked, began to wait for further instructions. Having taken the girl for a waist the man moved up her to himself and began to rumple her breasts every minute dropping to them lips, having sated with the girl's breast he told: — Sit down on him and gesture, I showed on a dick. Belief having smiled, I sat down on Nikolay Petrovicha from above and having sent him to the wet pussy having stuck on him, I began to make rhythmical movements by hips on a meeting to the dick, the apartment was filled with women's groans. Nikolay Petrovich took belief for a basin of the beginnings quickly to fuck the girl driving a dick as it is possible more deeply. In a few minutes he told: — Get up I want to test your buttocks for all fours. The belief obediently got up on all fours, and Nikolay Petrovich was attached behind. — Give, Nikolay Petrovich to an otymeyta me in an ass! — loudly the belief told. The man didn't begin to wait for the repeated invitation and the dick sent to a hard ringlet of an anus, a sharp push he drove a dick in a warm, cozy hole. Having clasped the girl for hips he began to hollow rhythmically her to the back, periodically awarding her with a slap on elastic buttocks. — Аааааааааааай! — the girl moaned, feeling as the dick enters her anus. Nikolay Petrovich continued to tear up Vera at vigorous speed sticking her on a dick, and the belief heart-rendingly groaned deriving unimaginable pleasure. In a few minutes the man ceased to hollow Vera and moaned: — I cum! The girl having understood, the dick from the buttocks pulled out and having quickly developed took him in a mouth, and began to suck away intensively. In several seconds Nikolay Petrovich Stal violently to cum to Verochka in a mouth. Having waited when the stream runs low, the girl swallowed everything. Nikolay Petrovich laid down on a bed, Vera laid down to him on a breast and in a few minutes they quietly fell asleep. To be continued... Leave to P. S the opinions into the account of the story in comments and let's make so, I want to write stories about Zorro, about the black widow (Avengers), Wild wild Vest, the taxi, a treasure of the nations. You write one name in comments and by results I will write the story. dating rules love hard netflix date related cast site mapMain Page