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I welcome, dear readers. My history begins in 2009 when I was lucky enough to get acquainted with the future girl Alyona. To me then was 18, actually as well as my darling. A couple of words about her bribing appearance, the girl was slender, 165 cm in height, with quite good buffers of the second size and the finest bum to which it was necessary to pay attention. The pretty face and brightly red long hair supplemented a picture. We were students and began to build our small paradise. Everything in general was quite good, any unfaithfulness, joy and happiness. In spite of the fact that I constantly tried to catch others men's eyes on the darling. And was there what to look at, Alyonka never hesitated of the body and always favourably emphasized the advantages. Heels not less than 12 cm, stockings, short skirts, translucent blouses. Generally, I even itself envied her fellow students who could slobber on it every day. And to admit, such thoughts even made horney me. Periodically, I jerked off in a toilet, representing as my darling is fucked directly on a teaching table by any zadrota. By the way, in respect of sex at us everything was good, I won't tell that the fantasy, but on 4 with minus will pull. And so 2 years proceeded until I was expelled from University and took away in army. Year lasted long, considering all my experiences concerning the beloved, but also it ended. Demobee. Having returned to the town, I was stupefied. Alyona changed to unrecognizability, her already big breast was poured, having turned into the firm three with plus, the waist became absolutely an aspen, and a bum, oh, you would see her, elastic, tightened, juicy. Besides, she settled on a side job, in non-study time. The side job on the fan, she became Go-gotantsovshchitsey in one of the most popular clubs in the city, reasoning it with the fact that she likes to dance, and money pays quite good. Having few times scolded on this subject, I strangled vanity, having reasonably decided that it is more best with the girl dancer, than to be one. In respect of sex too something changed. Now Alyona groaned more loudly, coiled stronger and also pleased with deep blowjob, but her eyes at the same time were empty as if mentally she was very far. Periodically I began to visit on her workplace. She danced smartly, the truth always in underwear or dresses, excepting topless - performances. However her look burned, and the ass span as last time, allowing others hands to thrust crumpled banknotes into panties. It is silly to hide, it made horney me not childly, and once when I jerked off in a toilet cabin, having seen enough of the jumping buffers of the girl, I heard as the guys washing hands speak. — Smartly, today the vaflyorsha acts, my dick already missed her throat. — Pensively I spoke the first. — Stop, I heard her guy from an armeyka returned, hardly she will continue to whore. — He sighed — Eh though I with pleasure would push through a dick between her milkings again. — Don't tell what you don't know. I last week personally took her to the house. I thanked the French blowjob with progloty. — Men began to laugh enough, and in my head pictures of memoirs rushed. Last week I didn't go to take away the princess, having stayed at home. She was late and when came, tried to run away into the bathroom at once. I caught her and kissed, the taste of her lips was slightly salty, but I then didn't pay attention to it. Remembering these pictures, I obkonchatsya plentifully, having splashed a toilet bowl cover. I acted quickly. I to horror didn't want to prevent these street muggers to fuck the girl. I reached a room of rest of dancers and called Alyona. — The darling, at me something the head ached, I probably will go home and there I will wait for you, well? — She made a dissatisfied attractive face, but in a voice joy notes were distinctly heard. — It is a pity, the road. You me don't wait, go to bed. — I nodded and hurried on an exit. House I couldn't find to myself the place. The dick stood and wasn't going to fall. I represented how unfamiliar men this minute fuck my darling, breaking off her the dirty dicks. There was a wish to go to jerk off, but I courageously restrained. Three hours later the door was opened and Alyona entered a corridor. She was it is obviously disappointed that I still don't sleep. I didn't begin to wait for something and to explain, and just drained in her in lips, getting language as it is possible more deeply. This time I clearly felt taste of others cum. I filled up the girl on a bed and having undressed, began to fuck roughly. The dick entered, like clockwork. I felt others cum in her sweet pizda. Really they cum directly in her? She isn't afraid of pregnancy? The girl was shocked with my actions and took a broad view open eyes. — Do you love when you are fucked? And, whore? — the answer didn't follow. — Answer, a nipple. — And here such game it probably was on temper. — Yes, I adore dicks in me. — Do you flow when in you at once three huge dicks? — The loud groan was the answer to my question. Her body began to tremble. She was covered by an orgasm. Wild and violent. But I wasn't going to stop. — I want that you were my whore. That you every day mouth strangers. I would be the happiest. — At this moment I began to cum, filling in a pussy with a favourite cum. Having recovered the breath, she looked at me with cunning eyes and smiled. — Did you now seriously speak? — The Ryzhenky vedmochka slowly came off the dick. I looked away. The dick also didn't think to fall. Here I felt moisture on the lips, this is Alyona a cherpnula of a cum from the pussy and having covered my lips, got a dirty finger into my mouth. — Suck dry. — She smiled enough, considering as I execute the order. — The good boy, the taste is pleasant? He can you I am familiar? The dick increased in sizes so as far as it in general was possible. In the head pleasant images floated. The Sisyasty little girl took me for a dick and began to nadrachivat it, continuing to whisper on an ear. — And that if I tell you that just an hour ago I was fucked by three young guys. Round the corner club. Yes, at once three together. One fucked me in a point, the second tore the cudgel my pizda, and the third was pushed by the dick in my mouth. The last before terminating bent and forced me to lick his ass. I couldn't refuse, a cat, you understand? Then he was discharged in my mouth and having wiped a dick about hair left. The second the fact that fucked my juicy bum terminated. It was discharged in a mouth too, I cleaned his dick from the shit language, having swallowed everything without the rest then it was necessary to swallow and I will terminate. Darling, her was very much, I nearly choked. And the third fucked me very long, unscrewed nipples, pinched for an ass and gave slaps in the face. (Especially for) And here cattle, it was discharged directly in my pussy, without having found time to pull out. As a result and he left, having left me one who is kneeling in this dark yard. Even I didn't bring as promised. There is nothing to do, it was necessary to be wiped by wet towel wipes and to stop the taxi. I had no money therefore the taxi driver had to suck. To this fat bastard with the sweaty smelly dick. He still so strongly pressed down my head when cumed. I thought, I will choke. And then I came home and you began to lick my mouth. Here and so, my darling. — This second I was discharged by the next fountain of a cum which filled in her elastic milkings. I panted while my girl grinned. Then she pressed my person to the breast, forcing to pinch all cum. I fell asleep with a happy smile on lips, strong embracing the queen. Yes, between us there was an innuendo, but my love to this fiery beauty amplified repeatedly. Next morning I ran in the next jewelry, having resolved to make her the proposal. To be continued dating rules janice html quickform2 date site mapMain Page