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Stas's fingers just caressed the first minute my sexual sponges, paying special attention to that place of my pussy which smoothly passed into a pubis. I not really strongly was fond of anatomy of female genitals and that in this place the clitoris is located, then didn't know yet. Anyway, his actions began to affect my organism at all not as I expected before. I waited that everything that it with me will make will cause in me only one disgust and loathing for him, however now when he quite gently and skillfully caressed me between legs, I began to notice that my body begins to respond on this caress, and to respond positively. Excitement grew, I was sometimes made horney earlier, but never before had this feeling as strongly as it occurred now. Very much relaxed me, well at least the first minutes that Stas even didn't do a hint on trying to get fingers into my vagina. It was possible to him just inconveniently as I lay still on one side, with the drawn-in legs, but all the same if he very much wanted it what to give me the "correct" situation to him wouldn't make special work. However a minute later he nevertheless decided to go further, having begun to approach an entrance to my vagina closer and closer. When I felt that his fingers try to get into me, I contracted all over. "Here also the moment when I have to leave the virginity came! I didn't keep!" But fatal minute moved away on some time as when Stas's fingers reached my pleva, he stopped. — Shit, Earrings, she to a campaign virgin! Estimate!. The virgin, and walks in such dress as though she is the general davalka. Or, maybe, she swore with the guy and decided that she will give today to the first comer someone will try to get her under her short skirt? How do you think? It seems to me that the second option more realistic than the first … I lowed something in reply, not really happy with the fact how he called me and that I thought of me. But Stas answered my not clear protest only with a mischievous snicker. I felt as strong hands of the guy begin to be raised me from a floor. In some second I was even delighted, having decided that he regretted my virginity and now will help me to rise and find girlfriends. But, as it appeared, he lifted me absolutely for another. As soon as I accepted vertical position, at once felt that he drives me into the corner, at the same time lifting up one my leg. It wasn't that senseless to resist, just in such state I even that stood on the feet hardly, resisting somebody. He picked up my leg under a knee the right hand while left I began to attach his body to my perineum. From the first touch of a hot head to the pussy slightly distorted me, I again muffledly lowed something, having tried to hit the guy with a hand. However there was at me something like the movement when you try to cool yourself during hot weather – it was impossible to call it blow in any way. The young man drove me into the corner even stronger. — Prepare, the bitch, will be a little больновато now! Almost along with these words he made quite sharp movement a basin then I felt sharp vagina pain. The virgin pleva was broken off, the dick of the guy got into me at all length at once. From surprise and severe pain I seized him hands, trying to find a support not to be pushed to the floor. Never before I felt similar pain at myself between legs, it was quite strong, but at the same time a little pleasant. The young man's dick long time didn't move in me at all, probably giving me the chance to adapt to this to feeling of fullness, new to me, inside. But nevertheless one feeling didn't allow me to enjoy this pleasant pain fully – sense of shame. It was a shame to me that I didn't keep the virginity prior to a wedding as planned earlier, and I lost her in such awful and bashful situation with the person absolutely unfamiliar to me. In the eyes tears gathered. — What you made … bastards … I … - I wound the head from outside aside, trying to find though the help for myself from somewhere. Before eyes Sergey rushed, and only here I completely assessed that situation in which I walked smack. Besides that I will be fucked by Stas, there are nearly hundred more percentage probability that after him Sergey who already managed to lower the trousers will get me and podrachivat, a stake standing, a penis. In addition, I was in a men's room so not the fact that these two guys will be only someone me will credit for this evening as time before closing of club I was still very much and many, and nobody was going to look for me, probably. About half-minute later, Stas began to move the body in me. When he began to leave, I felt quite strong painful burning which brought me strong discomfort in the pussy. With the second push I felt again painful pain as if the virginity the second time lost, and it proceeded about two minutes until my vagina probably got used to the dick then pain was replaced by burning. — Shit, Earrings, you don't represent as far as this whore has a hard pizdenka … I several times broke to maids of the virgin, but their holes became almost at once elastic and in a minute already freely accepted my "friend", even champed from pleasure. And at this still hard, the dick hardly enters. Do you want to try? Sergey didn't begin to force to ask himself twice. Having approached closely, he waited until the friend gives way to him then he also grasped one my leg, having raised which opened the road to my vagina which was a little soiled by blood for the dick. He without excess actions from all move drove in me the "prichindat" then began to snoshat quite sharply me, every second being accelerated and accelerated. I remembered again what is pain when his dick began to leave almost completely me, and then to get very sharply inside, and he did this procedure several times in a second. Vaginas very strongly suffered from Stenochki from the big size of men's body and from the fact that amplitude of his movements was very big. He didn't feel sorry for me at all, on the contrary, tried to make to me as it is possible more painfully that I groaned even stronger and screwed up the face from pain that I shouted more loudly. Later minutes I felt five as his body begins to twitch inside slightly then it made some more movements inside, and his cum energetic streams began to shoot in me. I didn't even understand what the guy began to cum in me, it seemed to me, my mind for some reason was absolutely in other place. And лкоголь absolutely I blunted my consciousness, I saw only images, but didn't understand at all what happened around me and to me. Only the body and my instincts which by this moment already finally were given took part in resistance. Muddy eyes I noticed that around us people began to crowd, looking at whom I didn't even think that I should fuck with them too. Sergey left me then tseremonialno I bowed to crowd as if it was his public. A silent applause was heard. When I turned the head to a perineum, noticed that on the place of the member Sergey the new body appeared. I didn't even manage to think nothing as he also defiantly and impudently entered me, having taken the highest speed at once. I thought that it is Stas again, decided to finish the business, however, when I looked narrowly at his features more better, I understood that it was not he. Some unknown man of years of thirty-thirty five with might and main rammed my pussy from which Sergey's cum mixed with blood slowly followed. He acted almost the same as the previous partner acted with me, however his dick was a little less, at least feelings were not so painful inside. The man seized me with a hand by cheeks then he attracted to himself and kissed on a mouth, having got into a mouth the language. The kiss to me for some reason was pleasant though it also was quite sharp and rough as though he wanted not to kiss me, and to spit to me in a mouth. Soon enough I felt inside warm waves of a men's seed already familiar to me with which he filled me. When I raised the eyes to his face, was surprised how strongly it changed. However, later short amount of time I understood that it was already other man, but not that whom I saw earlier. Having transferred a view from the man of the room in which I was, I was surprised to the fact that I was not near a sink any more, and in a toilet cabin in which door remained open. "Now precisely nobody will find me", - I thought. Having a little looked out of a cabin, I noticed what crowd of "persons interested" to visit the drunk girl who went around considerably increased. In general it seemed to me that the toilet is completely filled by guys who stood with the lowered pants and standing dicks and patiently waited for the turn, stimulating the economy. I couldn't define any more how many passed time from how I appeared in this ill-fated toilet, it seemed to me that I lived the whole eternity here. Partners were replaced very quickly, or I too slowly thought, and can at all disconnected the consciousness under the influence of alcohol. After the next man who also terminated inside I looked down down and was terrified to how I looked. Almost all dress was lower than a breast is splashed with a men's seed, and not only in front, but also on each side and also on buttocks. The cum also soiled my tights, on them it slowly flew down almost to the calves. It was simply awful to look at all this. On a floor, directly under the perineum, I found a decent puddle of rather turbid liquid – there was no doubt left that it there was also a cum which dripped directly from my pussy. To consider "traces" of all the sexual partners which at me for one evening which didn't come to an end yet was more than at the ordinary average girl for several years, I was prevented by the security guard who entered a cabin. I thought that he sounded the alarm when noticed that I too long don't leave a men's room. My "sufferings" at last were finished. However there was at all not what I counted on. The security guard began to lower from himself black trousers, trying to make it as soon as possible. In several seconds his dick already was in me, quite strongly having stretched my vaginal stenochka in the parties. The matter is that the security guard was Afro-American, and as is well-known, black men have dicks quite decent. Saved a little that he was not the first, and … it is unknown what. Generally, my pussy was already decently developed by the previous men and guys therefore I reached the security guard already fairly shabby and also with at all not closed hole. In me he was active not for long, having begun to cum already five minutes later after drove the black bolt in my rastrakhanny pizdenka. After he poured out in me all the cum which was in his balls, I expected that he will leave, having provided mine trakhodry to the next man who will appear in a toilet, however the security guard probably felt sorry for me. — The attraction is finished, guys! Disperse! – he told, having looked out of a cabin. – And you, give try to wash away from yourself all this. Will be enough you for today. I don't know how in general here brought you, it seems the girl decent, I saw you several times here. However, it not my business. Give, make toilet, I will track that nobody to you stuck while you remove from yourself all this … The security guard really waited for kind fifteen minutes, so far I hardly as could wash away more or less from myself all men's seed that on me was. For this purpose I had to take off completely a dress and to wash his bottom as in a different way I couldn't clean a cum. I don't know how the man managed to hold ardent guys whose dick just jumped out of trousers at the sight of the naked girl standing in only one brassiere and tights which were covered with a decent layer of a cum. But anyway, fifteen minutes later I was clean. It was necessary to throw out tights as to clean them at me it didn't turn out. There was no speech also about what to remain in club and to find friends as: first, on me there were no panties, and the dress was too short, secondly, I was sure that me managed to peretrakhat at least a floor of club therefore nothing will prevent them to begin to stick to me on a dance floor. The security guard brought me to the street and put in the taxi, having told the taxi driver my address which he asked me in advance. "And I filled for today all sexual experience which I had to save up by 21st year. Why I then stored myself so many years, refused to so many good guys that now here and so …" Having started the handle under a dress I touched the perineum which incredibly hurt. It still remained open. "Now I am a whore! The whole crowd of men had me! I don't even know how many they were, there can be ten, can twenty … and maybe that more … My God, why I drank so much?" I looked at a driver's mirror and noticed that his eyes also look at me. Only here I understood that I sit from naked a perineum, and the dress was a little задрато. I threw a leg on a leg somehow to cover "girl" on what the man began to smile. dating rules for 15 year-olds dateline unforgettable host site mapMain Page