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Alyona widely opened an entrance door to the apartment and now stood in a door aperture in what mother gave rise. Formally she wasn't completely naked. Na to the young woman there were white stockings with a bow on a side which are beautifully emphasizing ee slender legs. White shoes the boat, too with bows and on a high hairpin, doing and without that not the little girl, even higher. Well, there was also on Alyona also the fifth bow or more precisely a big air bow which is beautifully tied on ee to a swan neck. Alyona widely parted and slightly raised hands in welcome gesture. She was, undoubtedly, is beautiful. In thirty years the woman looked younger, it isn't more than on twenty five. The blue-eyed brown-haired woman with short hair. Slightly plump hips, small tummy and breast of the third size, did to ee a figure very womanly. A shaven pubis and round bottom of very sexual. — Darling at me for you a surprise... Alyona became silent on a half-word. She looked before herself and didn't trust the eyes. Na to the ladder platform there was not the one to someone it looked forward. Behind a door there was an unfamiliar man, an Alenka waited for the lawful husband Nikolay. Kolya called half of hour back. I told that goes home. Today Alyona with the husband had anniversary. Five years of family life. The young woman prepared a tasty easy dinner. She didn't want to overfeed the husband, she was the main entertainment for darling. Preparation for a holiday occupied the mass of forces and time. Since the morning Alyona visited salon of beauty. I made manicure, a pedicure and a hairstyle. At home I accepted a fragrant bathtub and I applied the softening milk on a body. Originally the woman put on on herself very sexy lower underwear, but then thought that it will be superfluous, and took off it, having remained in some stockings. In such type of ee not proshenny the guest also found. The young guy, high, dark-haired and brown-eyed, years of twenty three — twenty five with interest considered the naked woman. — You have on a stocking a hole — the oar was spoken by him. — Thanks... The girl looked at a stocking, and suddenly reached her in what look she is. Ee the person was filled in by paint, the left hand automatically covered a breast, a right with a roar closed a door. Blood flowed to the head. In temples knocked otboynye hammers. Legs gave away, and Alyona flopped a naked bottom on a stool. With shame the poor girl was ready to fail through the earth. — What shame. Naked before the unfamiliar man — the young woman lamented. — And a that in such whorish look, stockings, shoes, a bow is fine just naked... What shame... Stockings... And here Alyona looked at stockings and saw a hole. — It is necessary to change clothes on black, but then other shoes are necessary and this bow is no good — the girl thought and took off stockings. Again the call to a door was distributed. — Here and Kolya — Alyona thought and without delaying, opened. Behind a door there was that young person and all so smiled in all mouth. — Well, here — with disappointment in a voice the young woman said. She faced naked the stranger, only now already without stockings and shoes again. The man again of ee with interest considered A. — It you what took in head to spy upon me? — terribly the woman inquired. — Time descended from hands, you also were delighted — Alyona, began to become angry. Hand ee utknutye in boki demonstrated to it. — Go and spy in other place, an I am a woman decent and there is nothing stares at me — the girl began to raise a voice. — Here impudent fellow, what impudent fellow — Alyona thought, an inside at her everything rolled... Including a conversation ended, the woman tried to close a door, but the young person prevented. — You what you afford? What did you to yourself decide it there? — at Alyona intercepted breath from such impudence — If you touch me at least one finger, then I... — I am your neighbor — the guy quietly spoke — I slammed a door, keys remained inside. Allow to use your balcony? Please. The guy spoke it and became silent. Interrogatively glancing at the naked woman. Alyona reddened again. Cheeks at her started to blaze again as a torch, here only the reason on this time was another. — There is a shame what — she thought. — What now does o to her think the neighbor? The guy came on business, an on him the naked, mad neighbor in a fight rushes. There is a shame... — Of course, you pass, you pass — Alenka murmured — I will only put on. The girl ran to the room. — What to her to dress? — convulsively the young woman thought. It would be more logical to throw with a dressing gown, but three ee of a dressing gown already two or even lie three weeks not glazhennye. She doesn't love dressing gowns, a likes to wear the husband's t-shirts on a naked body. — To put on a dress? No it will be silly... A sports suit, a blouse and a skirt, or a jacket and jeans, can shorts? The girl opened a case, ran eyes clothes. There is no time to choose. She posomnevalas and again put on minute a habitual t-shirt of the husband. I have a look in a mirror. Red color the t-shirt was it to the person. The neighbor all this time was trampled down in the hall, considering the engraving hanging on a wall. — Go — Alyona told, on the course correcting a hairstyle. She wanted to make an impression on the man. She even tried to wag hips, but in time bethought. The beginning of acquaintance already turned out not in ee advantage. A little that she stood out before the neighbor in a naked look, so still and wags hips as the prostitute. — Young, interesting. The checkered shirt put on him didn't hide wide shoulders, an in tight gray jeans were allocated strong legs, and... what buttocks at him — Alyona thought, having examined the neighbor from legs to the head. At this moment of ee the look met eyes of the neighbor. It seemed, he read thought ee. Alyona reddened again. In which time in 10 minutes. The girl took the young person for a hand and brought to a balcony. — Here you can, perelazit — with grief she told. Ne it is clear why, but she suddenly didn't want to release a hand of the neighbor. The neighbor seemed too, doesn't hurry. So they also stood, held hands, looked each other in eyes and were silent. At this moment in the apartment the call was heard. Him it was clearly heard through an open balcony door. — The husband — rushed in Alyona's head. Behind the first call the second and third was heard, then a sound of the opened door. The husband opened ee the key. Steps and shout: — Expensive, you houses? I heard Alain's steps so distinctly as if went with the husband nearby. — You should get to yourself. Quicker — Alyona began to fuss — the Husband returned. The girl turned pale. — What now will be? — she thought. A steps came nearer so prompt speed. Here several more seconds and the husband will come to a balcony and will meet the person to the person the unfamiliar man. The woman felt herself the criminal. The unfamiliar young man getting at them through a balcony from one party, and it bared in one t-shirt — with another. Na to Alyona there was no bra not only, she also didn't dress panties. — What will the husband think? A that it can think in this situation — rushed at the woman in the head. In this time the neighbor easily jumped through a handrail, passed on the balcony and jumped to himself. Everything occurred so quickly that Alyona didn't even manage to come round. If to consider that everything happened on the eighth floor, then the guy turned out not only in good physical shape, but and fearless. The head of the neighbor appeared from behind a wall. He smiled again. — Thanks to you beautiful Eve — he thanked, having inclined the head as if in bow — Tell me charming creation, you always go on the apartment stark naked? Alyona didn't answer, she already hurried on call of the husband. And suddenly she understood clearly that to her it is bad. The woman realized only now into what ambiguous situation she got. If ee in such situation is found by the husband, what she will tell? — Expensive — Nikolay solemnly said, having seen the wife hurrying on a meeting — I Congratulate you, I love also all it... Kolya all literally shone with happiness. He held a huge bouquet of flowers, an in other elegant parcel with a bow in one hand. — Alenka, I ordered a table, we go to restaurant, gather... Kolya was never a speaker and in their tandem with Alyona, he was a listener. Itself always spoke laconically and on a being. — I prepared a dinner — literally squeezed out from myself Alain — You didn't tell earlier... — It is a surprise — the happy husband grew stout in a smile. Alenka at a word literally shook a surprise and she not in forces will cope with a situation, hurried to the bathing room. The husband, without having noticed anything, posemenil to the room and, having flopped in a chair, I turned on the TV. A, Alyona included water in the bathing room and began to sob. Tears poured down from ee of eyes a stream. She strongly was alarmed and having now relaxed, allowed herself a weak point. A, still the woman understood that the meeting with the neighbor happened not in vain. — What will this acquaintance bring? Good or evil? — Alyona couldn't answer this question. In heavy thoughts the woman carried out without small, hour. Having a little calmed down, she began to bring herself into an order. From tears eyes reddened, and the nose swelled. No the woman, is a woman. In an hour the imposed make-up made a miracle. Alyona literally blossomed and smelled. The restaurant of the spouse not only tasty ate, but and danced to the heart's content. And Alyona used mad popularity among men. They that and business invited the lady to dance, an ee of Kohl was doesn't mind. The excited bodies of partners of Alyona in dances made horney wild desire in the woman. She wanted, quicker to give to the husband all herself and as the result ended this evening on a matrimonial bed. Here only to give all itself it didn't turn out. A body the girl was with the husband, a thoughts with the dark-haired stranger. Nikolay undertook to carry out a matrimonial debt thoroughly. He wanted to bring to the wife pleasure, for her novel hitherto. Here only as to make it he didn't know. Kolya began with kisses. It is a little neck, he showered with ee at the left on the right and from above down. It is more than breast. Nikolay bit and sucked nipples, rumpled a breast hands. Then navel and of course pubis. Nikolay kissed Alyona, a she lay, having closed a face hands. — Is confused — Nikolay thought. A, Alyona that time lay blissfully smiling. Nikolay buried at her between legs. I sucked a clitoris, I licked sponge ee. He liked to do to kuna the wife. It was pleasant to feel as lips and language, the taste was pleasant. A, Alyona lay and remembered the neighbor. His short black curling hair. His nose with a small hump and chubby lips. Nikolay drove language from a clitoris, to an anus, Alain's a didn't react to his caress in any way. ee eyes was faced a little rather impudent, but between that by an open smile of the neighbor. Here then our Kolya also gave up. He got on the spouse and to a descent entered her completely. Ne being too soft, at once I set fast speed, his dick completely left and again dived into the wife's vagina. Ne seeing reciprocal reaction, Nikolay began to enter the wife under different corners, but and it didn't conceive any action on his partner. Alyona all so lay with the face closed by hands and didn't move. Then Nikolay lifted up to the wife of a leg, to the head and began thorough repeating over and again. Bioporshen did forward movements with inhuman speed. And as a result, Kolya in five minutes terminated. — Expensive, you it was good? — he asked the spouse and took away hands with ee of the person. Alyona looked with an unseeing look and began to laugh. At first gradually, an is louder and louder then. From laughter the naked breast of Alyona floundered about from the party in the party, the cum following from the woman's vagina, began to take off as if foam from a fire engine. White drops laid down, having closely formed similarity of white islands on a brown carpet. To watch so the parties the young naked laughing woman very and very interestingly, but Nikolay took offense, having accepted laughter into the account. I took a pillow, a plaid and I went to sleep to the hall on a sofa. A, Alyona having sharply stopped laughing, I started howling combustible tears, an imperceptibly failed then in a non-existence... The woman without dreams slept. Na the next morning all copied on the excess alcohol accepted at restaurant and all next day as also all week, passed rather quietly. Alyona as if got rid of magical charms as if had. She ceased to think o the neighbor. A if emerged in memory a case with a balcony, then she only smiled to memoirs. — Well and that that naked? — she thought. — It is a shame to those someone have nothing to show! The thunder burst on Saturday. The call rang out and Alyona went, to open a door and, now, taught by bitter experience, she at first looked in a peephole. On that side of a door there was a neighbor. He turned the head in a side and that-to whistled to himself a tray. Alyona stood for a minute, thought, a made then that it doesn't give in to any logical explanation. She quickly undressed to a goal and opened a door. — Oh, it you? — she made a look that it is surprised and even covered a breast with a hand a little. — A I thought the husband. Come. The woman stood aside and let in the guest the apartment. — We passed on you? — cheerfully the neighbor told. — It pleases. I by the way Mischa am called. — Very pleasantly, Alyona — was presented the woman. — Mutually — the neighbor spoke. I took Alyona's hand in the and I kissed. This hand conditionally covered a breast. — Ne hide such treasure. — At you the door slammed again? — the girl already regretted that she gave in to minute insanity. She faced naked the young, healthy man. Mischa, undoubtedly, already fucked ee the eyes. — Chto-to will be now — she thought. — He, probably, considers me readily available, but he didn't guess. Will stick and at once will be hit, on a cunning unshaven muzzle... The girl was going to fight not on life, an on death, protecting the honor. And there was unexpected. Called a door. Alyona looked in a peephole, and heart at her broke. Behind a door there was a husband, an it absolutely naked with the young man here. To the girl in a trice poplokhelo. — To you came — Mischa whispered on an ear to the woman. — I, perhaps, will go home. The young person stretched to the door handle. — Where? — through teeth the girl hissed. — Na balcony. Vividly. Alyona seized Mischa by a hand and carried away for herself. Now Nikolay stood on a belt naked. On a belt from below. More man told nothing. Directly opposite to Alyona's eyes the body of the husband loomed. The woman took a penis in a hand, exempted a head from flesh and licked ee language. The dick in ee hands began to cry, suddenly recovered and began to increase in sizes. Alyona inspired with reaction of the husband swallowed all body without the rest and began to suck loudly smacking the lips. She knew that the neighbor Mishka hears everything and understands what occurs on other balcony. Alyona not only didn't hide the dissolute actions, but she opposite wanted to show them. The dick all increased, Alain's a was stuck on sexual body from a wild ostervenelostyyu. To the giving smacking kiss sounds ee groans increased. Now already the noise of love made by the woman was heard not only on the next balcony. In the nine-storey building the unfamiliar man left to smoke, but, having seen, than are engaged in the house opposite, so and didn't set fire to the cigarette inserted into a mouth. Painfully was interested he the seen action. Alyona edge of an eye well saw the viewer, but ee it didn't confuse at all. On the contrary, the involuntary viewer and the listener of ee only provoked. The woman sucked a dick as tasty candy. I entered a penis into a mouth completely. Ee a nose that and business rested against a stomach of the husband, an of his egg beat with ee a chin. Alyona herself also felt serious excitement. The head was turned, nipples bulked up, an a stomach bottom foully ached. The woman, without taking out a dick from a mouth, I began to caress myself a finger. So not more than three minutes proceeded. It and no wonder that ee of spouses under such pressure long didn't last and streamed in a mouth to the spouse. Alyona never swallowed of a cum at the husband, and he got used to it and in the end of blowjob the dick from a delightful mouth tried to take out, but not here that was. Na this time of Alain swallowed everything to the last drop, and at this moment of ee itself I covered an orgasm, long and bright. The woman fell knees by a floor and strong squeezed legs, a from a breast at her were pulled out groans of pleasure... — You are just great — Nikolay avaricious on compliments couldn't pick up the necessary words to express the admiration of the wife. Alyona is usually verbose, I sat on a floor of a balcony and was silent... The stunned and devastated Nikolay changed clothes, laid down on a sofa and dozed off, Alain's an under a pretext of a visit of shop, went, to get out the neighbor Mishka of balcony captivity. The door to the apartment of the neighbor opened without work. The woman entered inside and looked round. Skromnenko, without excesses, but chistenko. Ne was neither a mess, nor a thick layer of dust. Mikhail supported an ideal order. — Orderly person — Alyona thought. — A is interesting in a bed, he does everything on an order too? This thought forced to think the woman. — She will open him now and he, of course, will begin to stick. A what still to do to him after the performance which it suited on a balcony? Mikhail perfectly heard how it did, will pass to the husband, a before it saw ee naked... Alyona having thought, I sat down on a sofa edge. — This Mikhail to himself got a false idea now not a message of what. Thinks himself the hero the lover. Thinks that he is irresistible. Well, nothing let learns the truth. His Verna on the earth. And of course I won't allow to do with myself obscene things. Alyona got up, resolutely approached a door of a balcony and opened ee. Mikhail stood to her a back and looked down. The woman waited several minutes, but Mikhail didn't even turn in ee the party. — Mikhail — she quietly called. — I opened for you and you can... — Alyona — the man turned on ee a voice. — Go, look at what trick. There the car half an hour can't already be parked. The blonde, probably, is driving. Alyona expecting the attention increased to itself hung at once. She was going to beat off Mishiny dirty stickings, a he doesn't even look at her. — There is a goat — she thought. — I for him undressed, organized the whole performance, a he even doesn't pay attention to me. Suddenly to her it became very sad and scary lonely. Alyona was developed and went home, but at the exit from the apartment of ee Mikhail overtook. — Alyona, it is so unusual to see you dressed — the man smiled the impudent smile in all mouth. The woman from these words reddened. — If you want me, then come at midnight to the balcony today. Leave absolutely naked. It will be for me the sign — Mischa told it looking to Alyona in eyes. The woman flashed as a torch. She had no words. — There is a cattle! — Alyona thought — As he only dared to offer me it? The woman with a roar slammed at first his door, a then and the. She didn't find all day to herself the place. — Here reptile, ghoul, pettiness! How could he humiliate me so? How did his language turn to tell it to me? Yes as he could think of me it? — these thoughts didn't leave the whole day Alyona's head. — Would kill... A at midnight it made already an illogical act, the third for this day. Alyona absolutely naked came up on a balcony. — I will look at this macho — Alyona solved. — I will look that he can. Hera Lyubovnichek! And, we still will look someone will laugh the last... Except determination were at Alyona and fear. The husband didn't sleep yet, he watched the TV and was sure that the wife sits on the Internet in the tablet on kitchen. She told him that she cooks jelly. Nikolay in an advertizing pause easily could be filled up on kitchen behind what tasty, and, without having found, wives, I could go to look for ee... The risk to be caught for Alyona wasn't simply high, an is huge... Ne looking at danger, the woman came to a balcony and in indecision stopped. Na ee a balcony was nobody, yes, and on a balcony of the neighbor the silence reigned... Well, I want to ask the reader of council now. How do you think, continuation to this story is necessary or didn't hook? And still a request if read up till the end, be dobras put assessment. dating related cast power bi date hierarchy wrong order site mapMain Page