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Friday, the last working day, comes to an end. The sun pleases eyes, spring air invigorates a body, couples kiss in gates, the young noisy companies drink beer in parks... And I as if the last loser get stuck in a traffic jam and I breathe carbon monoxide. Why many motorists go to the dacha on Friday right after work? I never understood it. By the way, it is a little about me. My name is Alexey, I am 24 years old, I work in the large trading company. I am not married. I live in the communal flat in the neighbourhood with elderly couple. Higher technical education. Was born in the Pskov region, now I live and I work in St. Petersburg. Average growth, constitution puny. I like to listen to quiet music and is roast chicken. At last, I moved down on the quiet street and after a while parked. Hours showed the half-eighth evening. Mood, as well as forces, were in decline. Phone rang out. - Lesh, your Renault costs at bar H? - Cried to me in an ear. - Well, - I muttered in reply - Turn back... I looked back... Pashka is my companion on University halls, I waved to me a hand. I turned off connection, went out of the car and with an affected smile met requirements of the friend. - What such sour? - He took an interest. Always I envied his optimism. Lives with parents, studies in a postgraduate study, gets paid peanuts... At the same time rejoices to every day. - Yes home I went, ashes I inhaled, - I answered. - So we will go we will drink what, and? - I offered Pasch, nodding on the bright sign of bar. - Yes I driving, - laughed I. - And I don't offer alcohol... Generally, he finished me, and we came into the dark room in which except the most bar counter there was a small stage on which the guitarist played, sitting on a chair and couple of tables. Having approached a rack, I ordered coffee, turned back and began to peer at visitors. The woman of years of forty in a corner with a cigarette, two girls in the company of the young man who one hand drew something on a table and another caressed hips of one of girlfriends. Still company of people... The guitarist sang about spring, love. We about something talked to Pashka and said goodbye. My mood was it seems lightened. On the street I pokrapyvat a rain. I continued a trip home. The rain became stronger and stronger. At a stop the girl mulatto became wet. - To throw? - I asked with a smile. - The EU, please, - she answered and sat down. - Foreigner? Weah and ю fry? - Brazil. So in broken English we got to talking. Here what I learned about her... Her name is Gloria, she from San Paulo, won a trip to St. Petersburg in some lottery, lives in some minihotel, and now comes back home from the mall. She was dressed in black jeans from under which black leather jacket the gray t-shirt was seen. On arrival Gloria offered me coffee, I tried to refuse, but she took me by hand and dragged in hotel. Modest number, bed 1.5 inch tubing, two chairs, table, TV. She seated me at the table, delivered before me to a circle and smiled. - Senk ю, - I told, looking at her with a smile. On her t-shirt the inscription "In fuck we trust" flaunted. - Ou, like ит? - She laughed, bypassed me from a back and twisted a neck with hands - Enda Ai like ю. I was in nervous trembling. Her breast rested to me against a nape.... And hands undid buttons on my shirt. - Maybe it isn't necessary? - I asked in Russian when her palms began to squeeze my nipples. Instead of the answer she kneelt and turned me to herself. Her lips kissed to me a stomach, hands pulled together jeans, pants... - It is twisted, - the prosheplat she, massing a palm my body. She looked in my face and the dick jerked off to me. - Like? - EU. She took a head in a mouth. I began to suck it, without ceasing to drive a hand along a trunk. I put a palm on her head and tried to press. She pushed aside my hand, carried out by language along the dick... I kissed balls, again I returned to a head. Her hands began to caress to me a ball sack, to creep to a bottom. - Like? - again she asked. - EU, - I answered in excitement... I was on the verge of an orgasm... and when her finger touched my anus, terminated. I leaned the elbows on a back of a chair and closed eyes. - Ё sloe, - she told. - Wait a little, van of minutes, - I whispered. Gloria turned to me a back, took off a t-shirt, undid a brassiere and laid down on a bed, having moved apart legs. She had a small breast, small darkly brown nipples and the rolled tummy. She teased me with a uvula and caressed at herself between legs. I removed from myself the remains of clothes and stepped to her, she tumbled down me on herself and kissed. I discharged the person, without wishing to try taste of a cum. Desire to seize her made horney. I dropped to her breast, one hand caressing her bottom through jeans. She twisted me with legs and turned... Now she was from above and now she kissed me on a breast, undoing jeans and sending them to a floor together with panties. - Like Anas sex, - she asked. - EU, - I answered and regretted. As soon as she rose, I saw that between her legs there was a horney dick. - Syurprayz? - Gloria with a smile told and kneelt so that my body was between her legs. Her body began to approach my person. She opened for me a mouth and entered into it the advantage. Now my turn was to be active language. Gloria fucked me in a mouth at the same time massing the bottom. I jerked off the dick and sucked. Literally in a minute my mouth was filled it with a bitter cum. Having emptied, she took my dick in a hand departed back and began to drive it at herself between hips. I felt that my head gets into her opening. Gloria began to jump on my body. I took her for a breast, however, she lowered her on a dick. I began her to masturbate.... Her movements were fast and deep... She groaned, shouted, compressed to me leather... At last, she fell by me and terminated... And I afterwards. Through some time I woke up from the fact that someone kisses me on the lips. I opened eyes... before me Gloria sat, her breast was covered by a gray towel, her hands caressed my body. I answered her kiss and tried to get up. The clothes by itself on me didn't appear. Gloria helped to sit down on a bed and told something. I thanks to her got up and went to a toilet. She opened a door, entered me and came next. I took a dick in a hand and strained, droplets of transparent-yellow color a stream poured down in a toilet bowl. My Brazilian girlfriend with a smile watched so intimate process. Later a couple of minutes I already stood in soul and soaped a bast. Gloria, that not to constrain me, went to watch TV. In the head there was one thought... I spent night with the girl who has a dick. I instinctively concerned an anus, tried to thrust into it a finger - climbs hardly and not deeply. At heart went away. - Like? - The familiar voice was heard. Gloria came at the most inappropriate moment, opened a cabin and touched my bottom. I managed to answer nothing how she threw off a towel, the second hand clamped to me a mouth and entered a shower. Her fingers began to rumple my ball sack, and lips to caress my ear. I was liberated. She took a bast in hand and began to drive her on my breast, a stomach, went down below... The dick bulked up, the palm of the girl mylit it and jerked off at the same time. Gloria turned me to herself a back and asked to bend down, I satisfied her request. Her dick touched my hips, she rubbed a bast to me a back, moving hips towards to me as if teasing. The bast fell. Gloria didn't begin to lift her, it only dripped soap at first to itself on a finger, then me on a bottom. I strained. The girl began to get into me a finger... Other hand she caressed my dick. I moved hips towards to her movements... One minute, two, five... My legs gave away... I terminated. It I didn't stop my partner. She washed away foam at me from an anus, parted buttocks and kissed. Her uvula began to get into me... The erection began to come again... Pleasure lasted not for long. I felt as Gloria's dick concerned my opening. - Тсс, - she whispered. She slowly began to get into me. I screamed and tried to come off her body, but she, having taken me for hips, pressed to myself. One movement, the second, third... I gradually began to relax, letting her in myself. Even through several movements I began to be stuck on her dick. Groans escaped from my breast. Water squelched between a bum and the dick. I don't know how many our copulation continued. After the next movement of Gloria "back", I didn't begin to get into me again. I turned back. She leaned against a shower door. The dense thread of a cum hanged down from a head of her dick. I with a smile looked at it and left a cabin. In me everything scratched. Muscles were strained. I reached a bed and, without being wiped, laid down on it. When I woke up, Gloria dressed in a short short skirt and a blouse made up lips. She pretended that she doesn't pay attention to me. I got up, found the pants, jeans, a shirt... zero attention... I began to put on... she didn't award me with a look... I put on sneakers, she sends herself to a mirror an air-kiss... I leave number, I go along the corridor, I smile to an administratorsha, I go outside, I get into the car... I any more heard nothing about my Brazilian friend. dating reality show with masks date today vue site mapMain Page