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You can treat this story somehow, from myself I will only tell that a real story, likely the most real of earlier written on this subject... Slightly about myself, me already 18, I am a high, sound guy, handsome me not to call, but also on the freak obviously I don't pull, just ordinary guy. what there is a lot of, grown in intelligent family. I study in University. all this to the fact that such stories can occur also in good families. So, years with 14 I was absorbed by the world of sexual fantasies, I thought of sexual games much, to my imaginations there was no limit, they weren't limited to either subject or a sex of the sexual partner, or age, or quantity. At first, all I was as at all, I thought of coevals, but on the quiet jerking off on adult a porno I dreamed to spend night alone with the adult woman. At once I began to understand what things me especially make horney, this presence of accurate vegetation at a parner and of course a women's underwear (I don't understand guys, it is enough to them to look at naked boobs and they are ready to terminate at once). After some moment I understood that the passion to linen develops into something other, and sometimes I represented myself in underwear... and once, I decided, rummaged in mother's linen, found black lacy panties, tights and a brassiere of black color. Having put on it, having enclosed in a brassiere of socks, I felt terrible excitement, without having kept I laid down on a bed, thrust a hand into panties having closed eyes of the beginnings quickly to jerk off. My mini-orgy proceeded not for long, I cumed several minutes later but derived pleasure which completely changed my life... From those a time I stopped being just geterseksualy, and associated myself rather with bi. I still liked little girls, but along with it I wanted to feel in a passive role. Dressed in beautiful underwear... from this point I thought of what to a meeting with the guy is necessary it will be prepared, namely to prepare buttocks. At first, I investigated the buttocks one finger, it was unusual and sick, but then I could enter already 2 fingers, after I found objects which can replace a phallus: thick markers, carrots, bottles of a cylindrical form well and at last that in my opinion most of all similar to a dick — the weighty cucumbers pushed into condom. Believe it something not forgotten to insert a cucumber into the bum, previously отмочив it in hot water (that it was warm and soft). Well ж. having found out what of mother's sets of linen to me approaches more and having developed the buttocks I began to think of a coition. But here the problem to pass pidary isn't in my plans in any way, I normally conduct a double life meeting ordinary girls, but here didn't reach sex, likely therefore I wanted sex with the guy more and more. To look for the partner on the Internet living in the small town it is unreal even if I will find that it would be impossible to hide it from others, from those a time I began to think of the brother. My native brother who still lives with us i.e. with parents, is more senior than me for 4 years, he finished in University, but he had no girls, I ukhnat it after he came home drunk once and pulled him on direct talks. I began to notice his big knob which is sticking out from pants when it left a bathtub long ago and represented as with pleasure I will take him in a mouth, began to itch in buttocks, she wanted to contain in herself this unit too. My dreams so also remained dreams if accidentally I didn't find a porno on his laptop, except usual there on my surprise there was a porn with trances, at first I jerked off every day on these vidyukh, but then from "drochilov" passed to business... I understood that the brother will be too doesn't mind to fuck a trance, and this situation should have used... I regulyano shaved the buttocks and cleaned it to be at any time ready to contain in itself his dick, but the occasion all wasn't... and here, so the case appeared. Parents went on all days off to the dacha, and the brother on Saturday went to a birthday to the friend after which I owed priydt home drunk, I understood that it is my chance, since the morning I looked forward when the brother leaves. Having closed behind him a door I began to think in a rush that needs to be made, first of all it was necessary to take care of purity of the intestines, having turned off the handle from a hose for a shower, I inserted a hose into the back and filled an interior with liter or warmer water, and then went to a toilet, having done this procedure several times, at me twisted a stomach and I at last understood that I am absolutely clean. Completely вымавшись tasty pakhnuyushchy shower gel I went to the room of parents behind linen, having found the necessary set I accurately carried it to the room and a polozhiln a bed, it was necessary to wait when the brother comes. Hours in 12 rang out at a door and I having opened I saw the order of the drunk brother. Having undressed he bryaknut something to me, tried to tell something and not dinners went to the room to sleep. I understood that at most 15 minutes and he will fall asleep, I went to the room and began to devstvovat. Having undressed to a goal I began to dress the prepared things since the beginning a plot lacy panties of black color then pulled stockings and finished a dress with a black brassiere, having put condoms with water (I read, I tried and I understood that it is the best option), it was necessary to work. For a start I went to kitchen and having found in the refrigerator already open bottle of vodka directly from a throat took several tasty sips. The way back wasn't, other such case could not be. Having entered the room of the brother to me in a nose the alcohol smell rushed at once, frankly speaking there was a wish to escape still not late, but I gathered... it was necessary to work actively. I accurately pulled together a blanket from the brother and saw pants of which the dick was ready to jump out (likely the brother drank too much), I decided to pull together from him pants, having done I was surprised that the brother didn't even wake up, likely alcohol affected. Having taken in a palm his dick I understood that I want to put him in a mouth... ah... I began to suck what pleasure! Such warm, sweet piece of meat, through some time I heard sounds the bearing a faint resemblance groans but didn't betray any value me so far didn't stop the brother's question "You че the whore do?". I stopped and looked to the brother in eyes and we were silent several minutes, then I told that I know that he is fond of a porn of trances and itself very much I want to visit this role, only after that he made out in in what I was dressed. I honestly don't mind, I told, I want to give you pleasure, allow me to make it please, let's me suck away at you, instead of the answer he just put the palm to me on a nape and attracted to the dick, by then it fell down a little and I had to bring him into position again, in 15 minutes the brother began to groan. Don't stop, swallow more deeply, more deeply, he pressed a hand on my nape more and stronger, I nearly choked with not habit, the dick seemed too big, 5 more minutes later he began to cum, 2 — 3 portions of a hot saltish cum scattered to me in a mouth, from not habit a part I couldn't swallow all such. But it nectar I after all swallowed a huge number. he victoriously shouted and became silent. minutes five he lay silently, and I absolutely sucked round his dick then he told that I told nothing to parents, but I and didn't need to tell it I I understand everything. Then he it is slightly heard I told thanks, having understood that he is ready to finish on it I began to suck actively to bring his dick again into fighting situation. That you still want the brother asked, having torn off me from such sweet procedure. t of a rakhna me. fuck me as the whore as the girl, having understood that I seriously he discharged me of the dick put me on a back and having pulled together mother's panties, my dick without a word took in a mouth, not ожидав such turn I from surprise and pleasure closed eyes, a little later I felt that to me one began to get into buttocks at first and then two and three fingers of the brother, they inconsiderately made circular movements, fortunately the hole was developed and I derived only pleasure. Suddenly he stopped and in a second having put my legs to himself on shoulders sharply inserted the dick into my back, I even screamed, I prepared the buttocks much but I didn't expect it and those someone write lie that at such moments only an udovolsstviye, pain still that, but it is soon valid passed, the brother began all naporisty to move in my bum and I began to postanovat, this sound itself began to escape from me... oh, my God and... fuck me. Fuck and... words only pushed the brother and he having finally flown into a rage just thrust the bolt up to the end, likely even minutes 20 it methodically accelerating slowing down snoshat me to the back... eventually he feverishly drove a dick last time and I felt as inside something warm spread, he laid down on me and without taking out a dick lay on me. having a little recovered the breath I got out from under him his dick and покавылял to the room licked absolutely. The dream was executed! That ahead there was a Sunday more... If it was pleasant to you write, I probably then will write continuation and it believes it will be much more interesting... Author's E-mail: dating quizzes buzzfeed date calculator hindi site mapMain Page