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A few years ago I described the first sexual experience which put a print on all my subsequent life. The story was called in "In hospital" and describes my first experience in quality of "girl" which happened to me when I was 7 years old. Today I would like to tell about what happened to me in life further. After that case in hospital I began to treat with great interest female things. The benefit of a circumstance of my life it was promoted. I lived with the mother and elder sister. The sister was 2 years more senior than me. We had no father and we lived three together. Mother worked much to support all of us, and was practically not at home her. However there was not so many her salary therefore I very often had to wear the sister's things. I almost always wore any panty hoses, T-shirts and panties from the sister. Sometimes even I happened, as I had to wear outerwear (sweaters, jackets, trousers) from the little sister. To this case in hospital I usually resisted. But now I began to see the little sister's things, especially linen, with interest. Mother was glad to it and, eventually, from boyish things to me only suits in school and outerwear for school were bought. Always I wore underwear from the little sister. With my friends boys we often played any games on sexual subjects. Or it was "hospital" or "mother with the father" or something else. But surely we touched pisyunchiki each other, jerked off to ourselves or each other. Sometimes when we played "mother and the father" someone from us was mother, and someone the father. And respectively "father" had to fuck "mother". Most often "father" laid down on "mother" and rubbed the pisyunchik about a dick of another. Sometimes I inserted the pisyunchik into buttocks to "mother" and too type I fucked. Also "mother" surely had to suck a chlenik of "father". Naturally, almost always I got a role of "mother". And I also wanted this role, but for decency usually broke. Gradually the role of "girl" was pleasant to me more and more. I liked to wear девчачью clothes. I released hair (that was fashionable at that time), than began to resemble the girl even more. Even, I apologize, to me began to be pleasant to go to a toilet on-devchachyi. Began to be pleasant to do me manicure and a pedicure. And elder sister very often did me manicure and a pedicure. I painted to me nails on hands colourless varnish, and standing in some bright color. I began to notice that I liked not only girls, but men began to be pleasant. And senior men, but not my age-mates. If we went to a bath, and I, of course, went to men's office, then the type of big penises just brought me into a stupor!!! Generally I became the real girl Nastenkaya!!! ..... Very often staying at home one I took some small bottles from under cosmetics or something that was smooth and round, went to a bathtub, did herself an enema, greased with cream the daddy and inserted these objects into buttocks. I fucked these objects of in the daddy, representing that some man fucks me the dick. Sometimes I dreamed on absolutely specific men, for example those someone I saw in a ban. By the way, and my body began to be formed on a female image when I began to mature. I had narrow coat hanger, but chubby buttocks with pretty wide hips as for the boy. Years at 12-13 at me small breasts which the size about the 2nd has today grew. My legs were slender always, but at teenage age they became chubby and round as at girls. Generally, even on the beach with my forms and long hair I looked is very womanly. For it boys over me laughed and I generally was on friendly terms and was played with girls in their devchach of a game. At that time I was fond of photos. And here having somehow come to a photographic supplies store to buy some chemicals, I didn't find them. But other visitor of shop, the man of years 35 paid to me attention and when I left shop, there was also he. He told that he is a photographer and that he has chemicals which are necessary to me. He suggested to share with me chemicals. I asked how many will cost chemicals and as these chemicals can be received. What he answered that I was pleasant to him. He told at once that he likes such boys who look as the girl. He told that it very much would like to be played with me, with my little body and very much wanted that I was played with his pisyunchik. His such frankness, seemed to me is caused by my girlish look, my made-up nails (though colourless varnish), my womanly figure, a type of small tits under a fotbolochka and devchachm jeans from the sister. It was already the beginning of June and therefore it was already rather warm. At that time we lived in one of the southern towns of Ukraine. Generally it understood that I am and understood that he has good chances of success. I hesitated for a time a little. Very densely I reddened, but I agreed to go with him to him home for chemicals. (A porn of video and pornorollers on a story subject! - editor's note) He really was a photographer. He was, so to speak, a free photographer, he went on villages to photograph people. In the summer he spent the whole summer at the sea and thus earned to himself a living, photographing vacationers. When we came to him home. We with him looked at his albums with photos. Then he led to show me a photo laboratory. When he showed me the laboratory, he began to caress my hair, my back, began to press to himself. Then he led me to himself to the bedroom, put near with himself, and caressing began to ask as I live with someone I live. I asked why I have denim devchach, the T-shirt is very similar on девчачью why I paint nails. I all flared, I was beaten by a small shiver, it was a shame to me and at the same time very pleasant. I told him that I live with mother and the sister that I like to paint nails and in general to put on the sister's clothes. Moreover I told about the sexual experience in 7 years. I also admitted to it that I like to look at naked men in a ban that I thrust to myself into the daddy different small bottles. In the course of this conversation he all zalaskat me and rained kisses. Farther he undressed me completely, licked and rained kisses on all my body. He very much kissed passionately me in lips! Then he undressed. When he undressed, I as bewitched looked at its standing as a stake a dick! At me slobbers from his look just began to flow and I very much wanted to take it handles and to take it a mouth. What I also made. I clasped his dick with the hand and began to podrachivat him. The uncle Kolya (so called my acquaintance) didn't cease to caress me. Then he put me on a bed, and itself became to the utmost so that his dick appeared on minding my mouth. He moved a dickhead on my lips and cheeks. I opened a mouth and his dick began to lick and to suck his head. As soon as I took his head in the mouth, the uncle Kolya terminated almost at once and the hot cum scattered to me in a throat, in a mouth, on lips and a face. I swallowed of a cum, but it was much and I all was splashed with his cum. He whispered: "excuse the baby, sorry, just you very much made horney me, you are such charming, such nice girl...". He carried me in a bathtub, washed me and in the course of washing jerked off to me my pisyunchik. And when one hand he jerked off to me a pisyunchik, he implanted a finger of other hand to me into the daddy and fucked me him. I too very quickly terminated and poured the cum over his hand. The uncle Kolya himself also took a shower. When after a shower I began to put on, he asked me to dress only my panties with florets and ryushachky at the edges. And in such look to go to kitchen to drink a tea. He dressed only body stockings on a naked body. While we had tea he caressed my legs and my body. Eventually, I noticed that his dick began to stick out from body stockings. I got over to him on knees and felt as his firm dick rested against buttocks to me. He began to caress me again and we began to kiss him. He told that I will be his girl and he will name me Nastenka as a few years ago I was called in hospital. The uncle Kolya carried me to the bedroom again, pulled together from me panties and undressed. He put me on a back, raised legs highly, drew in them in kolenochka and pressed strong to tits. Also I began the uvula to caress my hole, to lick it, to kiss, thrust a uvula into it. From such caress I just lost the head, coiled and groaned. Then he greased with cream my hole and greased the head. But before entering me he thrust one at the beginning, and then other finger to me in the daddy and potrakhat them me to stretch my hole. (A cybersex with real mistresses! - good advice) The uncle Kolya had not a really big dick, but not small. Therefore even in spite of the fact that I regularly thrust into myself different small bottles when the uncle Kolya put the dick in I wash the daddy to me was больнова, I screamed and tried to remove myself from his dick. But he held me strong. I stopped that I got used to his dick and I began to fuck me carefully. Pain passed through some time and for her place there attacked only the pleasant feeling of fullness, feeling of accessory to the man, feeling of excitement and at the same time satisfaction that the male takes the samochka. The second time the uncle Kolya didn't cum long, and I managed to receive a big high from his fucking and to terminate to myself on a tummy of the whole two times. During a fucking he caressed my legs, my tummy and tits, kissed my body and kissed me on the lips. His movements became very deep soon, he thrust the dick to me into a hole till the end and its balls fought about my buttocks. Suddenly he put it completely, got nervous, it seemed expanded my hole even more and in the depth of me his hot liquid shot. It was super!!! It was pleasure of the woman who satisfied the man!!! Some time the uncle Kolya lay down without taking out a dick from me so far he didn't begin to drop out of a rastrakhanny hole. He fell down flat-out nearby beds. I had a feeling that to me made a klizmochka. I, holding with the handle rastrakhanny the daddy not to drip a cum it ran in a toilet to be released, and then it was washed away in a bathtub. The uncle Kolya saw off me soon, gave me chemicals and took from me a promise that I to him will come soon again. However, I already and itself wanted it and knew hundred percent that I will be his mistress. At parting he imprinted a long French kiss. I ran home as on wings! Though the buttocks hurt and a few all body from his caress and kisses ached, but I knew that I have my man now!!! Having come home, I looked at myself in a mirror and was terrified! The little whore who was just fucked looked at me! A wild hair, lips red from kisses, on jeans a spot in the area of buttocks and a perineum, on shoulders and tits hickeys. I began to make urgently toilet the sister and mother didn't come yet. It was necessary to me одь a polo-neck under a throat that weren't visible hickeys and couple of days to go in it. Lips I told that wind exposed to the wind. And also it was necessary to wash off panties and jeans from spots of a cum of the uncle Kolya. It was the first, but not the last meeting with the uncle Kolya. Next time I will tell about our further meetings with the uncle Kolya and about many other.... P. S. Now I live in Kiev. I wear only the lower lingerie. In cold season always I put on panty hoses or stockings. And stockings are pleasant to me much more. Always I do a pedicure and I paint nails standing in bright colors. I almost have no body hair by nature, but also those which are I are depellirovat. A bit I go to a toilet as the woman. My body and remained very womanly forms and my tits got somewhere the 2nd size. At me is паричек, some female belongings which I always dress when I stay at home one. You can see my questionnaire and photos on the website on the following link of www. maw. ru? a=79192. If you want to write the letter, write to the address: nastenka_trans@ukr. net. My dream to find the senior lover, about 45-55 years for which I will be able to be his mistress, his "girl". That he indulged me, bought to me belongings and cosmetics. And it is even more best that sometimes we went somewhere to have a rest with him and I could reincarnate completely in the woman (a make-up, clothes, wigs) and some time to be a woman everywhere. And nights to give caress and hot sex to the lover. If there are such - will look forward from you to the letter!!! I kiss all! 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