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By the beginning of this story there were I the normal second-year student of decent University. With rich sexual life and normal preferences. Saturation was very much helped by the two-room apartment presented to me by the aunt who married suddenly in the 35 years in a hurry for the cool Luxembourg banker (to the 35th the aunt was the real blue stocking strenuously doing career in area of finance). At the first year I just watched the apartment, but after in the summer the aunt gave rise and it became clear that she won't return to Russia any more, the living space was issued on me officially - we with mother lived in same two-room, and the aunt had no other relatives. All also began with the apartment. In one of usual autumn days in the bathroom the shower began to flow and I needed a key to turn off a hose. Before such problems didn't arise therefore search of tools poured out in a total search. Having rummaged all rooms, I at last reached mezzanines on a balcony which nobody touched from the moment of aunty's departure. Having unsuccessfully shoveled several boxes with semi-female belongings, from a far corner I pulled out the last. The box was happy big, but on weight I understood at once, as here I am waited by a fiasco. But for cleaning of conscience the adhesive tape after all tore off and glanced inside. The box was almost up to the top hammered to packings of tights and stockings. I don't know how many years this "collection" collected at the aunt and why she just didn't throw out them, but near leggings of a wild coloring it was possible to find pair of thin stockings expensive by the form there, and under packing of "Katya" tights with a density of 400 ден a collective-farm look something could lie with the florid name and a label of made in Italy. From the student of the beginning of the 90th to the head of financial department of large bank of the end of the 2000th... With tights I always had a little special relationship. In the childhood and the first classes I as any normal boy hated them. But with them, years in 12 I received the first orgasm, accidentally having found in a case and having put on itself those children's knitted tights. Also I received still a heap within the next month, going to bed in them, walking up and down on the apartment in the absence of mother and several times having even dressed under jeans in school. I don't know how many still it would proceed, but here mother bought me own computer with an exit in the Internet and tights were instantly forgotten. Of course, the first love doesn't rust - choosing between girls with a nice face or slender legs in nylon I always preferred the second, on a computer the whole heap of photos and video from the kolgotochny websites on which rolled I regularly came, but desire to dress them at me any more never arose and I didn't consider myself the special fetishist. Till this day. Having decided that a find a good way to diversify a little sexual life, I brought a box to the room and threw out on a floor. A heap was formed quite impressive and various. Touching the unexpectedly found wealth and deciding to begin with what, I stopped on dense woolen tights of white color, probably in memory of those nurseries with which all also began, besides they were unpacked. Having quickly got rid of shorts with pants, I slowly pulled on myself tights and walked on the apartment. From feeling of the fitting fabric standing the erection arose instantly, having twisted in front of the mirror with the bulged dick, I suddenly felt such sharp excitement that I without any caress terminated directly in tights. Standing in front of the mirror, observing as in a groin the spot from the spreading cum begins to appear, I understood that I didn't feel such sharp excitement probably from that night when I lost virginity. All next week, having chucked in University, I devoted to tights. I tried on everything 60 or 70 couples which were there, having terminated almost in everyone at least on time. I rummaged aunty's boxes on the second time and found what first just I didn't pay attention to - couple of combinations and several skirts. I made an epilation though standing and boobies at me and there was so almost nothing not. Also I tried on all tights on the second time, I combine with skirts and linen. The apartment began to remind the place of a group orgy - tights with the dried-up cum spots continually rolled. Сгоняв on other end of Moscow, to the area where I knew nobody, I got a gel dildo which became tangible addition to my imaginations. I even had a schedule - to add on centimeter each two weeks. And in a week the novelty of feelings left, the imagination ran low and I suddenly felt that I want normal sex with the normal girl. Order was brought to the apartment, tights are collected, washed and put away in a case. But finally I didn't begin to tie c them. I can more and I didn't masturbate in them for hours. But coming home from University or waking up in the morning, I with pleasure opened a case and chose to myself "couple per day" - thin and transparent or dense and with gloss, weightless in a network or warm with a pile - I just derived pleasure from feeling of their contact with skin whether I prepared at this moment for a seminar or played in варкрафт. Besides I firmly aimed to reach at least 10 cm in the experiments with a dildo, and in tights it was much more pleasant to be engaged in it. Over time tights turned for me into such pleasant habit of type of favourite house-shoes - you don't notice them, but without them you can't any more. It also brought me. There was an end of November, in the yard slush, in the apartment cold, on a nose offsets and a session, and on a neck the first-year student Tanya who can't already understand week that she was sent and constantly keeps ringing on cellular, sends sms and is hollowed in Skype with the claims. There was no wish to go to University including because of Tanya, there was a wish to sleep well and a couple of hours to sit over the paper. But to get enough sleep it didn't turn out - at half past eight began to ring at a door, plainly without having woken up, I opened a door and saw the neighbor. In the house on two platforms on the floor, in everyone on two apartments. In mine, in the same two-room, there lived mother with the son. The woman was called Olga, years her was around 40, it seems the doctor or from this area, raised the son one - somehow the aunt told all this to me, they are with her it seems as were friends. The son was called Alexander - I went to high school and did some uncommon sport. We faced Olga not often, so "hi-good-bye" and sometimes in couple of phrases remembered the aunt. The pleasant blonde is in good shape. With her son I was crossed even less often, business was limited to nods. Such brought-up fair-haired boy with a healthy flush and pure leather - probably mother's genes and a profession affected. Common story - the son jumped out of the house, having forgotten keys, and Olga suddenly needed to drive off somewhere for indefinite time. Having learned that I don't gather anywhere, agreed that her Sasha from below will take me on the on-door speakerphone and will take away keys. Having realized what to fall asleep won't turn out any more, I went to wash, having decided to sit down for the paper. In the apartment it was cool, but I was saved the second day by a long sweater and white woolen tights of large knitting with an ornament - heat, pleasantly and conveniently. In the next 2 hours the paper was almost finished, but here Tanya - sms, calls reached me again - having decided that it is time to finish with it, I for the first time for several days itself dialed her number with firm intention quietly and laconically to explain to the girl that everything is terminated. In 20 minutes our explanation still was in full swing, from my tranquility nothing remained, I ran on the apartment and restrained with the last bit of strength not to begin to shout in a tube. Therefore when the call to a door, I was distributed, without interrupting a conversation with Tanya and having sworn about itself "someone else there bears?", I approached and I opened it. The neighbor Alexander was on the threshold, having nodded him, a hand free from phone I reached keys and stretched a sheaf to him. Already closing a door, mechanically I paid attention that the guy has some strange look. Having returned to the room, I got into a chair, getting up courage to interrupt Tanya's monologue, habitually I estimated the knees fitted by tights and.... here punched me - бл.... I in tights!!!!.... in a sweater and white tights, just nearly minute I flaunted before the guy from the neighboring apartment as some whore unless lips aren't made up... It is clear, why Sasha had such look - come his mother to me in the morning in underwear and in stockings on garters I and that oh.... the l is less, it at least could be explained with my cute appearance yes her boredom, and here than to explain when you come to the guy from the neighboring apartment, and he on a threshold nearly in some tights meets you??? dating questions quizlet site mapMain Page