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It is necessary to tell that with the wife we began to play these games not so long ago, I am slightly more than 30 years old, her slightly more than 20. Earlier I was played with myself and with the bottom, sometimes changing clothes in women's. But then I was burned in search of Madam and the wife decided that she can occupy this role. At once I will tell that houses Ania not always Madam but only when we want to play. So, one of our games is represented to your attention. I came as always home after work, we have supper and decided to play. — Then from this point to me to handle Madam Anna, a pronoun you, understood, and you will be called Cyrus and you have to communicate in a feminine gender? — I understood. — Madam Anna understood! Repeat differently you will be punished! — I understood Madam Anna, forgive please. — The first time I forgive. Strip to the skin, leave clothes here. I began to undress at once, in several moments I already stood naked with the sticking-out dick. — As you quickly undressed, it is visible very much you want. — Very much I want. I right there came round. — Very much I want, Madam Anna. Anna looked with a predatory view at me. — You quickly study, it is pleasant to me. Now it is also quickly necessary to put on. Madam Anna stretched me stockings, panties and a black dress and I quickly put on all this in an anticipation of upcoming game. The hostess tied the dick and balls with a rope. — Also remember – your dick a clitoris now and to touch him only on my permission, your hole – now a vagina for my dick, as well as your mouth. It really wildly brought me, the Hostess periodically touched "clitoris" and a hole, is gentle with lubricant implanting fingers into my lewd "vagina". — What obedient whore. It is pleasant to you? — Da Gospoja Anna. — Perfectly, I hope further to you it will be pleasant even more. Go to me, lay down to me on knees, and stick out the daddy. I as Anna also ordered obediently laid down her on knees, so that the bottom appeared opposite to her face and stuck out it. — What charming daddy. Now we will make her even more beautifully. After her words I felt as she hit with a palm on my bottom. It was sick, I turned the head and saw that her hand is dressed in a black latex glove. — What do you feel? — To me it is painful Madam Anna. — And has to be, but I wanted to hear not it. What do you have at heart? I was silent, it was madly a shame to tell it. The slap was distributed, pain spread on buttocks. — I wait. — I feel like the defenseless whore in hands of Madam. — It is pleasant to me … Still the slap was distributed, the bottom hurt, behind a slap the second slap, and followed it and the third. The skin on buttocks reddened and hurt. With each slap pain amplified many times over. Anna stopped, gently stroked my bottom. — Meanwhile it is enough. Now I want that you forced me to be made horney. Lick me and try as it is possible more better if it is pleasant to me you will be rewarded if it isn't pleasant — I will punish. I got up from her knees. She sat down on a bed and widely spread legs, panties on her weren't. — On knees before me, also don't dare to touch the dick, you will be cruelly punished for it, you understood? — Da Gospoja, understood. — Then forward, make to me pleasantly. I kneeled, Anna spread legs and before my person there was her hole. She was beautiful, her smell attracted. Anna looked at it with obvious pleasure. — Well give, don't keep me waiting. I began to lick her pussy. I was just on an excitement limit. I stretched a hand to the dick. Anna right there reacted. — Don't dare! Do you remember what I told you? You will be punished. I took away a hand and continued to lick it, it was just wonderful, her pussy was very juicy, in a few minutes Anna began to pant. — Meanwhile will be enough … It was pleasant to me, so you will be rewarded, you can pomasturbirovat "clitoris". Without getting up from knees, I began to jerk off, I had her hole just before eyes, I very much wanted to enter it. — There is enough. I took away hands from "clitoris". — Now it will be more interesting. Stand here and don't dare to touch the dick. I will come now. Then Anna left, in a minute she returned. — Don't turn around. Heart without restraint knocked in boobies, the intuition prompted me something bad, but I couldn't stop any more. Anna a plot to me a bandage on eyes, now I couldn't see anything. — Open a mouth my darling, now you will learn to suck, my bitch! I obediently executed her order. At the same moment something firm entered to me a mouth and rested against a throat. On taste gave rubber. I began to cough. — It is pleasant to you? — Yes, Madam. As soon as made the glotatelny movement to tell about it as the artificial dick entered to me more deeply a throat. I began to choke even more. Anna apparently took a great pleasure from the events. It took the left hand me for a nape and began to stick on a dick. At first slowly, that I got used to him though it appeared difficult, in my mouth he seemed just huge. But already in a few minutes she roughly fucked me in a mouth, from eyes tears flowed, I coughed and choked, saliva skapyvat from a mouth outside. Anna didn't pay attention to it and continued to fuck me in a mouth. Having finished the procedure, Anna touched "clitoris". — It is pleasant to you? If you are obedient I will allow you to jerk off. And now become cancer the darling. I badly understood the events, but obediently became cancer. Right there my buttocks were pierced by pain, Anna hit me with a palm. I moaned. — Suffer the bitch. Again blow. Pain was more severe. — Madam, please stop. — Suffer the bitch, you want continuation? — I want, Madam. — Then suffer, and I will reward you. Go here. I tried to get up, but Anna saw it and warned: — On knees. I kneelt and crept up to Anna. — Lick me there, and try as it is possible more better, otherwise I will walk on your bottom a palm again. I began to lick her pussy, licked selflessly as soon as I could, tried as it is more best. Gradually buttock pain ceased, I began to feel new inflow of excitement. Anna saw it and smiled. — Do you want to derive pleasure? — Da Gospoja, very much. — Become cancer on a bed, and beautifully stick out a bottom. Excitement went to me to the head and I made that Anna ordered. She slapped me in a bottom. I felt pain again. I moved apart to me buttocks and I began to grease plentifully with lubricant my "vagina". — I hope to you it will be pleasant. I felt as her strap-on gets into my bottom. The strap-on entered on a half, I felt as the sphincter squeezes it. Anna gradually began to move him. — It is pleasant to you, the bitch? — Yes, the Hostess, is pleasant to your whore when you fuck her. Anna increased and increased speed. And here it already stuck my "vagina" on a strap-on without feeling sorry for me. I began to derive some pleasure from it. In a few minutes such fucking when I thought that my bottom won't sustain any more, Anna stopped and took out a strap-on. — It was pleasant to the bitch? "yes", everything that I could squeeze out from myself at that moment. Anna smiled. — Then time to reward you came — I Allow to jerk off, only without my permission not to cum, understood? — Yes, Madam. — Begin. I began to jerk off, literally in two minutes, I felt that I will terminate soon. — Madam, allow me to terminate? — Perfectly, stop and take rest. I want to begin to develop your hole under the handle. Madam Anna very much wanted to develop my "pussy" that toys, objects and her handle entered her. Having again bended over me she began to be played with her, at first inserted a stopper and told what needs to be waited for exactly 20 minutes. We went to a balcony to smoke, she is a Magnificent Hostess and I am an obedient and lewd bitch. Having pulled out a stopper, she began to grease my hole with lubricant, adding her more and more, she knew what is very important what lubricant would be in me. It is quite difficult, but at last the anus disperses a little, so, that Madam enters the finger-tips put by the boat. She pushes inside one finger and carries out by it along an anus ring, pulls a little, and other hand pushes through lubricant inside. When the anus opens, Madam Anna feels some tension around the thickest part of a hand. She knows that the opinion of the whore has to be the main thing in this game. Finger-tips she caresses fabrics in a sphincter. Holds fingers extended and as little as possible curved, the thumb is turned in to a palm. She to approach a tension point when doesn't enter any more and recedes, and then again enters the handle, and so several times. Madam is interrupted that I drank a little water and to caress "clitoris", accompanying it with words: — The vagina shouldn't suffer! She moved ahead in my "vagina" more and more deeply, stopping and leaving, entering again. She stopped that I would get used to the size of her Magnificent hand. But the object was set, it very much wanted that I was stuck on her hand as the obedient, obedient whore. Fingers Madam Anna made movements around and back and forth. When fingers are shipped she them moved apart, slightly expanding pass. After each expansion she did the stop allowing to get used to new volumes. When 4 fingers began to be located in Madam of the beginning to enter all hand. The thumb nestles on the center of a palm that diameter of bones was minimum. And again the twisting movements it is possible to enter a hand into an anus. When bones passed, the palm entirely appears inside. It began progress forward and back very slowly and passionately. She slightly massed washing balls, saying: — What good whore, the good girl, be stuck … yes! — Madam, I already on the way. — Perfectly, cum in a glass. Having told it, she gave me a glass. To think over told I was simply not in force. In a minute I terminated. There was many cum, probably because I was so made horney. She left and washed up hands and a strap-on, having returned told: — What obedient girl, and now pinch it from a strap-on! I didn't want to do it, but she began to smear slowly a cum on a strap-on and ordered to suck it again, but already with my cum. I began to suck obediently, he smelled of my cum. Anna right there clasped me for a neck with a hand and stuck slowly on a dick to a throat. — And that there is no not drop left. At all also didn't remain. — Continue, don't stop. I diligently did blowjob, this occupation very much was pleasant to me. — It was pleasant to you? — Very much Madam. dating profile write up dateline podcast stitcher site mapMain Page