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The next morning I was woken as usual by parents and called to themselves to the room. In their room without wasting time in vain, the father inserted the dick to me into a mouth and I began to suck away to him. I stood on a bed dog-fashion and the father stood near a bed. Mother inserted to me a stopper into a bum at this time. I very much tried sucking away the father. Trying as it is possible to push more deeply a dick in a throat, tears flowed a stream, but it was pleasant to me. Recently I began to derive pleasure from violence over myself. The stopper in a bottom sat as native and didn't bring trouble, but I knew that my buttocks are capable of bigger. Once again when I pushed a dick to myself in a throat, the father began to cum, he seized me by the head and held didn't terminate yet, I choked, but was happy that I made to the father pleasantly. Then there came the turn of mother. She laid down on a back and dropped to her pussy. Her big claret vulvar lips made horney me, I began to lick them. Judging by sour taste, and a pungent smell mother since morning wasn't washed away therefore my task was not only to bring her to an orgasm, but also to wash away language. I worked with language on all her pizda, licking and sucking her lips, didn't forget also about a clitoris, bared her pea and fingered her a uvula. Mother relished under caress of the daughter. I fell to her buttocks and having licked it tried to push language a little there. The buttocks at mother were developed, and the uvula got through her ring of an anus. I twisted language inside and returned to the pussy. In a couple of minutes mother terminated. After that parents told me to gather and go to the country, the grandmother with the grandfather to obey as them, as usual not to take out a stopper, and not to put pants. I gathered and went to the village. The grandma with the babe had a house in the village near the city. It was possible to reach there by suburban bus. On the site they had a house, a bath generally all as at people. I arrived to a lunch. The grandmother with the grandfather were delighted and called to a table. A couple of words about them. The grandfather was a shoemaker, all life repaired footwear earning himself a living. The grandmother worked as the storekeeper at a warehouse where possibly and I liked to fuck with everyone. Both of them are thin, but strong. All economy was kept together and coped. At dinner they told that they flooded a bath and that I after a lunch went there, and they will approach later. Also they told that parents called them and told that they can do with me everything that will want. I didn't object. Having had dinner I went to a bath. The bath was good, big. In the restroom there was a table, a sofa and couple of benches. I undressed in the waiting room and came into a sweating room. Properly пропотев I was rinsed with cold water and lay down on a sofa. In 5 minutes the grandmother came, she already undressed and I considered her body. Her breasts hung, but the bottom was tightened. Between legs as well as mother had a bush, hair were gray-haired and through them looked through vulvar lips. Between big vulvar lips at her the small lips which are strongly stretched and all in a fold hanged down. She held a basket with vegetables and fruit in hand, there were both carrots and a vegetable marrow and a cucumber, banana and even apples. She came and asked: — Well has a rest? And now get up dog-fashion and we will begin. I got up as she asked, having nestled a breast on a sofa. The grandmother approached pulled out from me a stopper, and began to grease my point with lubricant. Then I felt as something enters my anus, it was the cucumber of the average sizes. She told: — At first we will check as far as they to you stretched it, and we will stretch then further. The cucumber didn't encounter resistance and entered almost completely. The grandmother nodded and pulled out him. Then she took big carrots and began to insert it slowly. To a half she entered without serious consequences, and is farther to me it became already a little sick. The grandmother didn't stop and continued to twist carrots to me in a bum. With each millimeter to me it became more sore, I began to groan from pain and pleasure. I closed eyes and tried to relax. My point burned with fire, and it was pleasant to me. I moaned: — More deeply!!! And the grandmother sharply inserted carrots to the basis. I screamed from pain and terminated. Then it accurately pulled out it and told: — Turn the head. — I turned — Open more widely, at the same time and we will train a throat. She inserted to me carrots into a mouth and she rested against a throat. She began to fuck my mouth these carrots which visited my bum. For about a minute she tormented my throat, and then returned to buttocks. Having got a thick vegetable marrow from a basket she dipped it into lubricant. Here the door opened and the naked grandfather entered. — Well girls how progress? — So far it is quite good, but it is necessary to work. — I answered oh. The grandfather got up a dick and he approached my person. — Open a mouth, the granddaughter! Caress the grandfather. He had a long, but thin dick. I opened a mouth and it implanted it at all length having reached my throat. It began to move quickly and without taking out it even on a half. Was to pant, besides the vegetable marrow began to enter my bottom, stretching my exhausted buttocks. The grandmother having inserted it half I began to fuck me. But it was it a little, and the grandmother a free hand began to finger my clitoris, to squeeze him, to delay, pinch nails. The grandfather from where that got two clothespegs and hung up them on my nipples. Tears flowed a stream, and I cumed and cumed. The grandfather began to cum filling in my throat with a cum, I swallowed of it together with the tears and snivels. — Good fellow granddaughter! You will far go! — the grandfather pulled out a dick and came about side of a bottom. I fell a breast to a sofa and somehow wiped a face from tears. Clothespegs came off and I sighed with relief. The grandmother who forced my anus a vegetable marrow before — the overage noticed the flown clothespegs and told the grandfather: — Take a vegetable marrow and insert it to her into a pizda, and in an ass fuck her, and I will be engaged in her nipples. I felt as the vegetable marrow enters mine a virgin pussy quite recently and has a snack a lip. Having jostled it is deeper, it inserted the dick to me into an ass, and began to fuck me. In a pizda zasverbit from pain and pleasure. And the grandmother having ordered me to rise I began to scoff at my nipples. She took one in a mouth and began to bite it, and another squeezed from all force fingers and pulled down. I shouted from pain, and having oh released a nipple hit me with a palm on a face. — Don't shout, the silly woman. And that will be worse. She reached a basket and having got banana from there inserted it to me into a mouth. I couldn't shout any more, only groan. And the grandmother continued tortures of my nipples. And what they to her so gave up. The grandfather slapped me in a bum and admired: — You look what smart bum, long ago I want to fuck it and small I was. Now at last I inside. He began to cum having lowered all cum in my bum. The dick pulled out and approached my person. I got banana from my mouth and the dick in the cum and in my allocations inserted. I began to suck it at once and to lick, being afraid to anger them again. The grandmother at last lagged behind my nipples and hung up on them clothespegs having told: — If they fly I you naked on all village again I will carry out and I will offer all for money, we are old people and money won't prevent us. I nodded and tried to stand directly that they didn't fly. The grandmother pulled out a vegetable marrow from my pussy and took apple from a basket. Only not in a bottom — rushed in the head. She greased it with lubricant and began to insert to me into a bum. I began to flutter, but remembered about clothespegs and stood. I slipped apple in my bottom and disappeared there. Then it took the second apple and sent it there. The third apple up to the end didn't enter and got stuck in a hole. My anus extended and wasn't closed. — Now it is excellent!!! — the grandmother told. In 10 minutes which apples spent at me in a bum oh I began to get them from there it asked me to be extinguished and the first apple jumped out. To get the second she had to grease a hand and and having inserted it to me into the back to get it. I felt stirs by a hand in the gut and understood that she can't grasp slippery apples a slippery hand. At last to her it worked well and she seized him having clasped with all hand when she began to pull out a hand I thought that my bottom will tear now, but everything was. Was awfully painfully from what I terminated once again. But there was one more. And the procedure repeated. After that they removed clothespegs and told me to have a rest, and left. I fell to a sofa and was chopped off. I woke up already in their house on a bed, they stood nearby and smiled. They brought to me to eat. Both carrots and banana and apples which visited at me inside were Tu. — You eat the granddaughter, I specially didn't wash them. And that I ate everything. And tomorrow we will continue. Well I lived at them a week more. All this time they implanted to me into an ass and a pizda the hands. I sucked away to the grandfather and licked the old wrinkled hairy pizda of the grandma. In the last day they even managed to implant to me into a bum 2 hands and fucked me them minutes 5. My point wasn't closed up to the end all this week. When I arrived home, parents brought me to the room at once and began to check as my anus is developed. They implanted into me hands and rejoiced as children. They very much missed me and I sucked away and otlizyvat to them hour 2 so far they didn't exhaust. ********************************* Here so it also was. And now let's sleep. ********************************* Further the story will be continued by me. The next morning after the sister told me the misadventures, I woke up from blowjob, was very sweet to feel a uvula on the dick. I didn't want to open eyes, I thought that it is the sister decided to please me. But when I opened them it turned out that it is mother. She saw that I woke up and asked: — How it was fallen down, the sonny? — Perfectly, ма. — Do you want to terminate? — What a question? Of course. — Then turn to the sister and insert her into buttocks so far she sleeps. I turned and the wet dick from mother's saliva began to insert into buttocks of the elder sister. He entered there like clockwork, her buttocks were really developed for these years. I began to move and mother licked to me an anus and balls. in 5 minutes of gestures I terminated in buttocks to the sister. Mother dropped to her and collected all cum. — Mmmmm... Great proteinaceous cocktail since morning. Then she cleaned to me a dick and left. I parted forcibly the sister who didn't even wake up and asked: — What will you be engaged today in? — Mmmm... Today to me the girlfriend will come, our neighbor. — Then I will call the friend too. We will play the dandy. — You look don't tear off the joysticks when the neighbor comes. She doesn't like to walk in clothes, and a figure at her a class. I by the way too won't put on from now on houses. — Wow class. Then I too. And that I will tell that to the friend. — And you will tell: That you already adult and you houses allowed not to put on. Mother by the way too said still long ago that from that day as you learn everything she at last will be able to go houses of naked. Generally I got up and went to wash, the door in a bathtub was open and I entered, there on a toilet bowl naked mother sat. — Did you already get up? — Yes. Mothers it is possible to me today the friend will come? — Mmmm, and he is nice? — I don't know. It is so possible? — Of course native, also don't hesitate the mother, let look at me naked. — OK. And you long will sit still, and I want to ssat that. — So go here urinate on me, and on the pussy that everything flew down on a stomach in a toilet bowl. — Oho, abruptly. I approached, mother spread legs and I began to ssat on her. I aimed a stream it is direct it in a clitoris. — ААААААА what hot urine. The sonny of a possa to me on a breast. — I will splash everything here. — Nothing terrible, Natashk everything will be pinched by her loves urine, and adores when to her in a mouth of days as well as I. I lifted a dick and directed a stream to her to a breast, she slightly bent and caught a stream a mouth. Soon my stock came to an end and I got into a shower. While I was in soul, mother left and soon the sister came. — Where did you splash here? Mother told me to clean after you. — Look near a toilet bowl there She got up on all fours and began to pinch urine drops which I sprayed while watered with urine the mother. Then she got to me into a shower and began to soap herself. I left and was wiped. I called the friend Mishka and I called on a visit. There was a Sunday and he told that he will be in a couple of hours. We have breakfast. I laid down to read the book and here Mishka came. When I opened he had mad eyes: — I will wet pants now. I let in him and he ran in a toilet. It turned out that in a toilet Natashka when I crept sat at this time and I slightly opened a door in a toilet I saw that Mishka is full Natashke in a mouth, and she with pleasure swallows of everything. Mishkin the dick gradually increased and when he stopped ssat stood as a pipe. Natashka bent and took him in a mouth. 3 minutes and he terminated. She swallowed everything and waved a hand that he left. He left and looked at me with astonishment: — What was it? I told everything to him. He told: — It was lucky you with family, all right went to the room. The call was distributed again, the sister from a toilet shouted: — Open a door!! This is the neighbor! We with a bear went to open. Having opened a door I saw the goddess. Girl of 20 years, fair hair, breast 3 sizes, and completely naked. We with Mishka stiffened with open mouths. And the goddess told: — It is possible to enter? — Yes of course. Here the sister appeared in time and all of us together went to the room. What to hell dandy. We sat and stared at her, our dicks stood and smoked. The sister seeing it I told: — They to us won't allow to talk quietly. — Then there is only one. — the goddess. told — Boys go here, give on fast, one in писю, another in a bottom, and go about then the own business. We attacked on her. I laid down on a bed she sat down buttocks to me on a dick and set up Mishka the pussy. We began to tear up her as the whore, we were at pleasure top. We terminated quickly, but didn't pull out, and exchanged and continued. She sitting between us I groaned. This time we held on longer, having terminated we released her and went about the own business. To be continued... dating profile templates date here cakery site mapMain Page