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Vitya. And it is my history. Everything began with the fact that at me as it is possible also at many people in this world, some problems with teeth began. First it was the weak tooth discomfort more similar on the flying and peeping, tiresome mosquito, then the mosquito bit, then more and more. Not so strongly, that I gave up all the affairs, of course. And once in the solar spring morning I woke up from an intolerable toothache. Here unexpectedly awareness of otioseness of daily affairs came, and I very much didn't want to carry out the fact that it was Friday (libertine), and all days off with a wild toothache, I a vigorous pace went to the nearest tooth clinic which announcement I subtracted the day before in the newspaper. Before an exit I made toilet. I cleaned teeth. I brushed the hair. I looked in a mirror, having understood that nothing changed, I sighed and I went to a way. The matter is that I am not happy with the appearance, from school I had with it some problems. The point is that lines of all my body are more inherent in some girl, than the 22-year-old guy. Here that I mean - with a height of 174 cm at me rather narrow shoulders, a slender waist (I swing a press to be in shape), and wide hips, on which as two ripe watermelons, halves of my white soft bottom fasten. Because of what at school me nicknamed J Lo. To all other I carry hair to shoulders, and to my chubby lips would envy also Scarlett Johansson. Generally, with such appearance to me often signal cars, taking for the girl. Clinic that I looked for, it was the imperceptible building, usual office type. The sign said that this institution is called Dental - Service. On a reception I was met by the pleasant woman of years of 30 presented by Angela, she was dressed in a white dressing gown and wore glasses in a black fashionable frame. Having taken an interest that I wanted, she told that I was lucky, there were very few clients and their best doctor Diana Valeryevna now is ready to accept me. She I wrote down my data, and I suggested to lead me to an office. I agreed with pleasure since didn't know where it is necessary to go. When it got up, I couldn't but admire her figure, the dressing gown fitted her slender form, emphasizing slender legs strong buttocks. But the biggest surprise waited for me later. Diana Valeryevna rendered the tall smiling woman under 190 cm with a seductive breast 2 sizes, black as black covered with hair to shoulders, a narrow waist and accurate buttocks. By sight her was years 25. Angela left, having closed behind herself a door. And we remained alone. Diana looked at me, without coming off with any mysterious smile and a spark in eyes. From this look I felt ill at ease. She suggested me to take off outerwear and to hang up her on a hanger. While I was busy with it, it seemed to me, she attentively studies me. "Sit down", - with a smile showing on the chair similar to what I saw in fantastic movies, she told. I took seat more conveniently, told what disturbs me, and she got to the work. She worked just fine, I almost didn't feel pain. "Victor, it is forced to tell you that you have very started caries stage and to save tooth I should carry out small, but rather unpleasant operation" - she told in my open mouth. "ММхьмэ" - I answered uncertainly. "Oh, forgive" - she took out the tools at me from a mouth. "Well, if it is necessary..." - I began - "Here and perfectly! Here you will see, everything will be painless, I need to make to you only a small ukolchik of anesthetic" "Prick, of course" - I told cautiously since when she spoke about anesthetic, her smile became even wider. In the next second I remember only as the needle entered to me a hand, and transparent contents of the syringe, was pumped over to me in a hand. After that I felt, improbable relaxation, eyes remained the only place of the body which I could move. "Here you also got a chickabiddy" - Diana Valeryevna tenderly told, slowly taking off the dressing gown and hanging up on a back of the chair. I needed only to look delightfully at her since the dressing gown didn't emphasize her figure, and I hid rather. Under a dressing gown she was dressed in the fitting black leggings, and a black polo-neck without throat. Standing there were shoes on average of height a heel. I tried though something to tell, but I didn't manage to make it. From a mouth only unclear low and gurgle escaped. "Well-well my good" - I told Diana - "you shouldn't try so. It won't help you all the same now. All your muscles are relaxed. Also you know, I am going to use properly it" "Don't you mind darling?" - she asked, "I saw how you looked at me. Do you want to try my sweet pussy?" Mmmmkhm - answered I. "I am afraid of you in this plan waits for a big surprise." - with these words she took off from herself a polo-neck. Then sharply I tore a perineum of the leggings, and from there the thickest dick which I ever saw instantly fell out, by sight it was approximately as a Coca Cola can on thickness with a length about 20 media he only began to rise, slowly baring huge and red as ripe tomato a head! My eyes were rounded for horror. It didn't remain unnoticed, but she only smiled more widely. "Now my little boy you should make friends with my dick. I think to you to be pleasant, I saw how you twirled by the sweet round buttocks when came to me. I can tell at once to someone to be pleasant to humour my monster. Such as you it is necessary to push to it only a little." - with these words she began to approach slowly me her huge elda was shaken in a step to steps, lubricant streams already began to flow down on a floor, being sprayed extensively. While she came nearer, I with horror understood that so far I was in an otklyuchka after a prick, she developed and lowered a chair so that my defenseless mouth and a throat appeared parallel to the approaching thick dick. I needed only to low helplessly, observing as this monster enters to me a mouth moving apart lips and stretching a mouth a head to a limit! Pushing through him to me, she began to groan a throat. "Oh yes it to be pleasant to you how my dick stretches your throat? How do I stick your head on the dick?" I needed only to obey. meanwhile she began to accelerate, now she fucked my throat with an improbable speed. My saliva and its lubricant flew extensively. I hardly managed to breathe in breaks when her monster released my razjebanny throat. "Hey yeah my my little fellationist, now you will receive the award!" - in ecstasy she cried out, - "I will hammer the cum directly to you into a stomach. Oh." - and with a sigh she began to cum. having thrust the dick into my mouth up to a throat. She cumed so long that it seemed to me, poured out not less than a liter, and I nearly fainted from the shortage of air. When her dick released my throat are loud, damp чпок! I felt that my stomach is full of her a cum. "Well, here you also ate my sweet cockerel. Time to test your sweet big buttocks came." She it is easy as if a doll I turned my soft body. So my buttocks appeared to her thick sausage bulged in air directly on worry, and the head was lowered down, from a mouth even a little cum the left my present madam followed. Unexpectedly I felt, cold touch to my hole. Diana got lubricant and plentifully began to grease my buttocks, thrusting one finger inside. "I you will strongly not stretch because I love when buttocks of my boys strong clasp my dick. And still I adore observing as their eyes get out from orbits when my giant begins to tear their virgin anuses." "Holy Christ" - I thought, but there was no place to disappear the body still didn't obey me. Though it seemed to me that I can move with one toe, but probably just it seemed to me. And here I felt touch of her tomatoobrazny head to my defenseless point. It moved apart my soft rolls and drove the monster between them that I could feel the size and weight of her cudgel. "Prepare my sweet, now it will be a little bit sore, but then you won't be able to live without my dick any more." - with these words she leaned a head of the monstrous dick against my anus and strongly pressed. At this moment my eyes extended from the pain which pierced my body, but her pressure didn't cease, it continued to push the huge dick into my distressful back. And there came the moment when I felt as her large balls were knocked about my white rolls. She stopped, sighing from ecstasy, and felt as the stuffed turkey with this monster in the gut. Then, without taking out the monster, she nestled on me, behind concerning mine sleep the magnificent boobs and whispered - "well as you like to be stuck on my stake, a chickabiddy?" - the only thing that I could answer it hardly to shake the head here and there as a sign of denial, tears a hail slid from my eyes. "We will look how you will start singing when I begin to fuck this narrow sweet hole." - with it words she one sharp movement took out the dick at me from an ass having left only a head inside. Then I entered on the balls again, then everything repeated, quicker and quicker. She began to moan I destroy my buttocks. From such rigid fucking I began to feel how my buttocks go to pieces, but at the same time gradually, I began to get used to feeling of fullness, and burning and pain began to be replaced by the pleasant heat passing into some perverted pleasure. Diana continued to hollow my ass of the eldy violently. "Hey yeah you are a whorish fellationist, to be pleasant to you such fuck. Oh, shit I had no such narrow hole long ago" - my nun - "Oh, my God groaned and your ass is simply created to humour huge strong dicks!" - passing to shout, she groaned. I felt how my interiors accept her huge thick stick. I felt that my anus is stretched to a limit, but, despite all this I began to feel some pleasant feeling of heat at myself in a stomach. The feeling it began to extend on all my distressful body, and here is unexpected for itself I began to moan quietly, feeling as her dick attacks my ass. I liked to be pleasant that I am fucked directly in a sraka a big juicy dick as the real whore. Such thoughts for some reason only made horney me stronger. From these thoughts and a constant fuck I began to enter some shlyukho-trance, I already groaned without stopping. I was brought by a loud and strong slap round on my round bum between which rolls I continued to shurovat a thick hose of the Dianiny dick, but now at me as the veil from eyes fell. I found myself, the dentist who somehow is on all fours in chairs and as the last whore making upward movement the buttocks towards to the fat and long tyrant of own ass. I was almost independently stuck on a dick on the balls. It appears for that time when I was lost on open spaces euphoria sex, effect of drug on my organism almost took place, and I became the owner of the body, only in order that now independently again as the bitch during a techka to be stuck on a thick dick. to groan and receive from it an improbable high. Unexpectedly an attack on my nutlet stopped, I felt only that the huge crimson head remained with me in a bum. My nun panted, but on lips at her the crafty smile played. "I knew that to be pleasant to you acquaintance to my dick. At first sight I understood that you from those whores who only and wait for a strong thick dick of boundaries of the rolls. With such ass and such chubby lips you, my boy, is simply created that you were fucked - day and night. And now, tell me what you want?" Now I at last about myself understood everything. It became clear to me that I won't be able to live any more and day that this huge dick didn't fuck me in my sweet bum, I won't be able without daily dose of a sweet cum from her big eggs. I understood that I am only a zhopasty, thick-lipped whore for this huge men's advantage attached unimaginably to a sexual female body. "I want that in fucked me the strong dick, I want to become your whore. I want this dick at myself in a bum. Vyebite me madam." - I moaned, dreaming that her head came more deeply to me into an ass. "I and knew." - with these words, she on the balls, one fast movement, shipped the tool to me in a bum. I moaned from the unimaginable pleasure which pierced my body. I curved a back and began to be stuck towards to dianiny movements. About as it was sweet, at last I understood where my true place - it was there where there was my madam whose dick now with the squelching sounds rammed my anus. It was there where I could enjoy huge dicks, suck, swallow of a cum and jump on them the tasty ass. Meanwhile the room was filled with sounds big, overflowed with a cum to balls with clapping on a big white bottom, my groans and requests it is stronger to fuck me and also grunting of my madam. Here I felt that the dick of my nun became more, and the head reached the improbable sizes, to me it became sore again, and at this moment she began to cum. "Now you are my whore, receive the portion of my cum, the boy." The huge stream of her cum began to fill in my interiors, and only the head of her dick was in me. Unexpectedly, without having stopped cuming, she pulled out a dick from my ass and inserted it to me into a mouth. "Now you can taste it, for you it is more best that the taste was pleasant to you since it will be your only dish soon!" - she cried. Nothing remained to me except how to swallow the never-ending stream of a cum which is pouring out from her dick. The more I swallowed, the I liked taste more, I even began to feel the accruing excitement. As soon as I swallowed a last straw of her juice, I began to cum, without touching the dick at all. "Now you for 100% mine! You won't be able to live without my dick any more, my cum and a cum to me similar "girls" will be the only way to derive pleasure for you. You completely within my power, and I will acquaint you with the girlfriends soon. Prepare the boy, you should fuck much to survive. But with such ass I think it there will be not a problem." - she told. Prodozheniye? Write the responses, imaginations, offers. 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