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Everything began in tavern of the uncle Sam. Since school I liked to look in this institution. Therefore had certain discounts and privileges in this place. Sam disliked me. He doesn't love any the representative Nelyudey at all. Neet. I am a person! Just necromancer. To me 18 were already executed. independent girl. I live alone and I have no parents. A figure at me properly. Beautiful, soft breast, slender waist and wide hips. That day on me there were black, leather trousers, fur boots and a black shirt with a white lacing, on bauble hands, amulets, bracelets, symbols mind any evil spirits. Behind the back there is a thick, long braid. A quiver of arrows and onions near on a bar counter, on a shoulder a black cover from a violin. Still my late mummy taught me to a game on violins from the earliest age. I madly love a violin and everything that is connected with it. This evening I was gloomy picked sunflower seeds and askance spied upon the bartender. The bartender cleaned a dirty glass the turned black and stinking rag. Nearby some young man sat down. He asked dark wine. The bartender grinned and left. The young man tightened sleeves. On his hands black symbols with elfin writing and a black amulet on a thread around a wrist flaunted. On him there was a usual dark blue jacket with the hood tightened on eyes, trousers with long leather boots to knees from under which the dagger handle stuck out. Arrows and a crossbow hung on a back. He askance looked in my party, and I noticed its chocolate as if an eye chestnut, equal, suntanned skin and slightly turned-up nose. The bartender dragged a big-bellied large bottle and put on a rack. Then I got a glass which just cleaned and with a malicious smile I poured some wine there. The young man pulled together a hood and clung the dry, bitten in blood lips to a glass. It was the elf!!! Holy Christ!!!! Real elf!!! Hardly I kept from desire to touch ears and to ipanut it a violin. — Ayr — the bartender said — play something sincere and then boredom, horror. I sighed and threw off a cover from a shoulder. I got a violin and I bypassed a rack. Then it is dexterous more likely on a habit, I jumped on a table and I dragged on in a melody, killing a rhythm with a leg. At first it was the sad, sluggish melody, then I sharply passed to dancings, pouring in a melody of a spell of fun, an obvorozheniye, the exciting dope. All started and began to kill to me …. Having received the money and dose of an applause, I took seat on the place and began to gnaw sunflower seeds. — The little girl with an elfin name — the young man said, having drunk up up to the end — plays a violin, mixes music with magic moreover and beautiful. And you not огр case? My eyebrows spread up. — Look at yourself — I gloomy told — a big-eared monster. He crookedly smiles. — Don't promise. — You went. Having sent him still where far away I packed things and I spread on the street. Home I didn't want. Therefore went to the square. About a minute I looked in a silvery smooth surface of the fountain. — Well, sorry — was distributed behind. — What it was secured? Go away, I told! – I discontentedly led thin shoulders. — I wouldn't come just like that. — Aha, at you, elves, advantage above all. — Therefore I also came. He embraced me for a waist. I moved, but couldn't move a little, didn't even raise a leg. — Let! – I cried. — What for? You also can — he touched with lips my cheek. — Release!!! He kept silent. His one hand clasped my hips and attracted to a groin. I tried to be discharged, but left, to put it mildly, poorly. I tried to be discharged, of his erogenous area, but the bottom felt his body, and to me it became a little bad. He bit teeth my lobe of an ear. His one palm went down below, directly on my pussycat. I began to tremble. — It isn't necessary! — I didn't fight any more. He is a strong magician not that I! To me it was terrible for the virginity, but I kept silent, hoping that everything will manage. He didn't listen to me. His palm went down below, directly in trousers. He pulled out a shirt and lifted up to the breast. His gentle fingers caressed my tummy. Lips kissed a neck. I couldn't but respond to such caress, still nobody touched my body from a male. I convulsively exhaled. He strong captured both hands my waist, and pressed to himself, inhaling a smell of my skin. I squeezed fingers of his hand, having risen on socks. The back burned from his body. On all body some hot wave scolding yes the bones ran. The guy dipped a hand to me under a shirt. I felt as he delays a brassiere, and regained consciousness. — Alex! Alex! You where were gone? – voices were distributed. The young man turned back, I understood that the grasp weakened and jerked home, something hard thumped. The young man tried to call to me, but I without turning around, ran. Having come, home I understood that the violin remained there. I began to undress. Having undressed to panties, I pulled a nightgown and I removed black panties and I stood. On panties there was a white, sticky speck. I shocked looked at it. Mother spoke still before died that such specks on panties appear when the girl wants the boy and that then her perineum becomes wet. I lowered a palm and felt the pussycat. There everything was hotter as if there was a fire, and on fingers white sticky liquid flew down. Some time I lay on a bed with stretched legs and looked at wet fingers. Then I wiped a palm about a blanket and I closed eyes. Next morning I put on white lace lingerie and black trousers from cotton, from above a white linen shirt with short sleeves and green threads. All day I was unsteady on the wood in search of evil spirits and roots for broths. Having come to tavern with dry onions in a bag and empty-handed, I gloomy took seat for a bar counter. The bartender put before me a violin: — Big-eared I dragged yesterday. Ayr, not specific you. I kept silent. I ordered tea pies and silently I chewed. — Do you know him? – suddenly escaped at me. — Someone him? – eyebrows of the bartender rose. — Big-eared. — I know — he shrugged shoulders — is dragged here every season. — Why it? — I don't know. Muddy he is some. You will ask him, he waves away. I ate up, paid and went outside. There I went through the tavern backyard as wanted to go home at once. Everything was as usual. But here someone seized me by a hand. I turned back, and my legs gave away. I wanted to jump aside aside, but his free hand attracted for a waist me to itself. I convulsively gasped for air, trying not to face a look his chestnut eyes. — Thanks for a violin — I told, having moved, but legs as grew to the earth. — Please — he smiled. — what it is necessary for you? — Badly considerably? He drove me into the corner, having got my hands to me for the head. Alex carefully touched with a palm my person. I closed eyes. — You aren't similar to people … at you other skin … began to smell … a body … He bent to my neck and deeply inhaled, then kissed my neck. — You are completely impregnated with magic, but still you smell of virginity … I shuddered. Hardly, standing on feet, I was silent, expecting when I am released. I have a snack a lip that the low involuntary moan didn't break from lips. Alex Protisnul a knee between my compressed hips, and I right there felt unarmed. His palm appeared on my perineum through fabric I felt as his fingers slide on me, looking for a vagina. He drove me the body into the corner, without giving chances to escape. A free hand he ran over my neck, then shoulders, the easy tickling ran after his fingers. His palm groped a clitoris, fingers slightly rubbed fabric and I am even stronger, have almost till it bleeds a snack a lip not to publish even a low moan. Alex, seeing my state, I smiled. The second groped a breast. — No, it isn't necessary! – I croaked, convulsively straining hips and trying to squeeze knees, but between legs there was his leg. Hands didn't obey, they just became soft, and I almost didn't feel them! Alex grinned and threw hands to himself on shoulders. — You are afraid of me? – his eyes sparkled in the dark. I began to nod the head, fighting back invisible tears and biting a lip. Alex stroked me on the person. And then I felt all the body!!! He released me!!! I sighed and slipped under his hands and that was forces, rushed off home. Taking breath, I became hollow to the house. I pulled together a shirt, then trousers and I stood. Then I laid down on a bed, I moved apart legs and I removed panties. From them lubricant DRIPPED!!! They were WET!!!! I squeezed knees and got under a blanket. I couldn't fall asleep about an hour. I fidgeted, trying to fall asleep, but still seemed Alex's hand. The next day was warm and clear. I had no affairs, and I went to the field, to have a rest. There I laid down in a shadow of trees and stared at the sky. What is done now by Alex? Involuntarily I thought. — It is possible? – Was distributed from above. I lifted up the head and legs spread in the parties right there clenched. Alex stood over me and smiled. — Yes — I gloomy nodded. Alex laid down nearby. I moved toes. All it seems as it should be. — I won't force any more — the young man smiled. I nodded, without pronouncing words. We got to talking about life and other nonsense. All the time I involuntarily clenched fists, checking consciousness. Alex sat opposite to me and watched closely each my movement. At some point subjects for a talk died away, and we became silent. I is confused I looked in a grass, having drawn in knees to a chin, Alex sat opposite, having spread wide legs in different directions, and his foot were my hips on each side. I translated a view of his knees, on trousers holes of which dark skin looked out were wiped. Today it was in сандалях from black skin which lay a cart of one of roots of a powerful tree now. I transferred a look above, to consolidation on jeans, then even higher, to a white shirt, to a mighty powerful neck, and then to the person. Alex cunning looked at me. I reddened and wanted to look away, but my heart prevented me … somewhere in me everything contracted in a lump, and heart began to knock. I drew near closer, having rested knees to him against a breast. The young man silently looked at me, giving an opportunity to me quietly to do that I want. Having convinced that I am not forced to anything, I spread legs and knees squeezed his sides. And then there was what is described in books. We somehow both drew near towards each other, I felt how his equal breath tickles my cheek. Our lips almost adjoined, but children's laughter and shouts sounded here. Both of us jumped, correcting clothes as if were engaged just in something shameful. Alex stretched a palm, suggesting to leave somewhere … We stand in the middle of the wood. Crowns are closed over clouds and rest up. The easy breeze blows, only the silent unostentatious rustle of leaves is heard. My fingers couldn't be opened. I leaned the elbows a back about a tree, looking in Alex's face. Now he didn't smile, wasn't serious, this look wasn't similar to one of what I knew. Alex leaned both hands against a tree of my head on each side. I silently examined his face, and heart without restraint beat in me. I approached his lips and stood in millimeters with him. His breath was equal and quiet, from it smelled of mint and something else pleasant and fresh. Perfectly I knew that he won't do it to the first because will consider that the first kiss has to be from my agreement. His neck strained, and I felt what work to him makes not to draw near me. And … and … even the millennia later I can't describe what I made. I nestled to his breast all what I had, all the nature I nestled on it, having clasped his neck with hands and having touched it with lips. Alex's hands behind my back embraced me, pressing me to him. The young man raised my hair and kissed a neck, I clasped with hands him for a waist. His lips carefully and gently kissed my neck, shoulders. We fell by a grass. I obediently moved apart legs and embraced them Alex's waist. He took off from me a shirt and cast away aside. Right there his lips clasped my already hardened nipples. I quietly moaned, the young man pressed me to himself more strong. I pulled together from him a shirt. What did he have under it? The stomach surrounded a belt to which amulets were tied and under which vsunuta knives, under edges were visible scars. The belt wasn't buttoned anywhere and couldn't be taken off. The body of Alex was youthful, almost patsanyachy. The guy embraced me one hand, and then pulled together from me trousers together with panties, and I the shivering fingers undid small buttons on his trousers. Eventually, and they lay on a grass. Alex began to enter slowly me, felt intolerable pain and bit a lip, dug blood. The sharp movement Alex at all length drove in me the dick, I screamed and caved in in a back. He began to move slowly in me, pleasure began to spread on all my body. I moaned, having begun to move hips towards to him. The body became covered then, and Alex's hair darkened from moisture. I coiled under him, and he strong squeezed my waist palms. I don't even remember how many times I caved in in an orgasm … I remember that then I lay at him on a stomach, and he warm and good-natured eyes looked at me. I existed the happiest person whose happiness can't even be described. — Ayr, I love you — he whispered, sharply overturning me on a back and closing me all the body. The sound, the cut air was heard. Unclear clicks were heard, Alex's eyes suddenly became cold and glass, and on lips the warm and gentle smile still shone. With the last bit of strength he pushed away me. — Run, Ayr — croaked at me in a brain his voice. Blood dug to me on a body. I shuddered and, having escaped, quickly read a spell … what already I also won't remember. Having come to be at home, I was killed in a hysterics. He looked for those robbers that already so many years torment our village. I passed 4 years. I bring up the small child who is similar to the father, as like as two peas. The little son already in all uses the talents which got to him from Alex. All girls of the village, go crazy from his chocolate eyes. I even don't know what to tell him, someone his father. I can't tell what with him became … dating profile slideshow template school opening date in india site mapMain Page