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Chapter twenty seventh - You what there uchudit? - strictly Andrey asked. - Don't you the truth think? His daddy of half of Moscow holds, one may say, and you were going to tr*khnut his son?! If grandmas at him nemeryano, then an ass at the sonny one! And for her us with you in all holes. - Yes relax, - it is a little guilty Boris threw aside. He continually, screwing up the face, I touched a nape and I checked everything whether there is no blood. - Well played I am sensitive, nothing happened. - If the little girl didn't disconnect you, then would happen. Horse-radish you would keep. - Is you will be? - Boris Valentinovich tried to translate a subject. - Potato was roasted. - Give, - Andrey wearily spoke. - The idiot, that I contacted you... You to children and close can't be admitted. - Oh and throw you, - Boris put a frying pan on a support, directly on a table - is so more tasty and not to potter with plates. - These children do it the friend with a druzhka, and didn't dream us. - In it you are right, - Andrey unwillingly agreed, clinging a fork hot potato. - In the morning the boy to the girlfriend directly under walls of native school inserted. - Yes you that?! - Boris razulybatsya. - Did you see?! Here give! Well, as it was, tell! - It was got, - I didn't constrain smiles and Andrey. - You love a cheesecake. As-as, I inserted and I put everything, you don't know how. - Yes... It is a pity, I didn't see... - without having waited for details, Boris disappointedly sighed. - Listen... Well time of the boy you don't give me, can though with the maid I will be indulged, and? - Yes I the maid on horse-radish, - was indifferently told by Andrey. - But it is impossible to hurry. It is necessary to learn still someone such. And suddenly too daughter of some cone? Хм... He suddenly thought, picking potato. In a minute I raised eyes on the friend: - I here that thought... But whether not to request to us and for her repayment? Time itself came, not to miss chance? - Precisely! - briskly Boris assented. - The silly woman to help out was! Here let daddy of this chickabiddy pays for her too! Why to us to be in contact with her parents? Same double dead giveaway. - And you sometimes too think, - Andrey praised. - Let his daddy of the grandma beat out then. Give call! - Aha! - Boris wiped fat fingers a towel and grasped phone. - Алё! I welcome. It again I. - What happened?! - Igor Nikolaevich who grew thin with the reddened eyes cried in a tube. - Denis is alive?! - Yes everything is all right, live and healthy, everything remains in force, a meeting tomorrow. - Boris became constant visitor and added more slowly: - But circumstances exchanged. - What?! - Quietly, without nerves! Your sonny has a girlfriend? - Girlfriend?. What does it have to do with... - Yes, girlfriend! - Even I don't know, - Igor Nikolaevich became puzzled, everything took off from the head. - Probably, no... - Ah, isn't present? The matter is that she came tearing along to us, to save your son. - What is her name? - Asks how call, - in a whisper I asked Andrey. That only shrugged shoulders. - How much I know! Well, pay for her as much again! - You went crazy! - again Igor Nikolaevich broke. - I that to you, billionaire?! I hardly these collected, got into debt! - Your problems, - the fat man indifferently told. - If you don't pay for the little girl, we will terminate her. Igor Nikolaevich kept silent - he understood that now the fate of the unknown girl depends on him. Stop, and why unknown? The boy's figure recured to the memory that liked to flaunt in a dress. As his name is... Sasha... Yes, Sasha! He too often appears near Denis recently. It isn't surprising if this strange boy pokes also after bandits. And these guys near - didn't understand that he not the girl. - I will give for her ten thousand, - Igor Nikolaevich deafly spoke. - What? We make jokes? Well-well, - Boris changed tone for menacing. - Two hundred fifty for everyone! Sensitively listening to each word, Andrey raised a finger: - Don't press, - he whispered. - Reduce! - At me isn't present so much! - Igor Nikolaevich argued though he was able to lift such sum. - Well, - Boris crawfished. - Two hundred and this last word! - Forty! I can't give more for any unfamiliar little girl. She has parents, let them also pay! - With her ancestors you will bazarit then, - Boris threw. - You will pay us and beat out from them. The hell with you, hundred pieces! - We will agree on equal figure? Three hundred for both! - Gives three hundred! - Boris repeated in a whisper. - I hear... To hell with it, agree. And that will rest and we won't receive these, - Andrey waved a hand. - About Kay! Three hundred so three hundred. Tomorrow morning we will call back. Bai! - Boris threw and it was disconnected, without listening more that Igor Nikolaevich tried to cry out. - It seems that business was coped? - Habitually swallowing of beer, Andrey asked. - Yes, it is similar, to that, - Boris attentively examined mobile phone buttons as if saw them for the first time. - It didn't seem to you that there we were tried to be found? - Generally you talked, but not I, - quietly answered Andrey. But nevertheless I took the call and I pulled out a sim card, and also the accumulator. - It is necessary to throw out it then. - By itself, then money will be enough for new, - Boris hokhotnut. - Here that, it is necessary to ask the little girl someone is she and from where, and about parents too, - Andrey solved. - Collect by him potatoes, make tea and carry. Yes have a talk thoroughly. - Still what! - Boris was thrown up. - I won't go more there. And if rolls on me again? I am a person of no character, I can not master. - The hell with you, itself I will go. Make for them a dinner, - Andrey turned away, began to leaf through the magazine. - Still tea him... - Boris grumbled, putting a teapot. - Would be interrupted also on water. - All right to you, children, - Andrey amicably told. - Children... Slightly skull not of a proshibla, children... - He at you reinforced concrete. Even not to see a cone. Boris shifted potato in a small saucepan, gave some tea in two mugs and put everything on a tray, having added two spoons. - I won't give a fork! - shortly he said. - Cold weapon! Andrey burst out laughing, clapping himself on a knee the magazine: - Here they finished you! Poor kids, fried potato spoons is will be! - Laugh, laugh, - Boris Valentinovich with insult answered. - Here you will see, they so just won't calm down. - Everything, will drop down chatter, I went, - Andrey jumped, took a tray and went to the second floor to captives. dating profile slide template date today with / site mapMain Page