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Vika sitting on the next chair humoured herself directly in the face of Roma too, watching as safely it is done by her girlfriend. But Vika couldn't spread so safely legs before foreign husband therefore she got up from a chair, was developed, put a chair before herself, rested boobies against his back. Now she stood, knees on a chair, to Roma buttocks, without seeing his face. To her it became not so constraining, and she closed eyes, and having widely placed legs, began to caress the perineum one hand, squeezing herself for a breast another. In the face of Roma there was a terebleniye of damp sexual sponges female fingers which he with pleasure observed and the dick jerked off. Roma stood up, carried out by a head of the dick on Wicky's heels, then bent down and began to lick them. Vika from it began to breathe more often and began to groan quietly. - Oh, Girlfriend. Yes you well done! - Lena, having heard Wicky's groans, I raised the head and I looked at her. Then Lena pulled out two fingers at itself between vulvar lips which were plentifully covered with her allocations. It brought the fingers to a mouth of the girlfriend and thrust them to her into a mouth. Vika absorbed them and with greed began to lick and suck round. Mmmm, - she with pleasure lowed, сося fingers, continuing to squeeze the breast to finger the clitoris. With a smile, looking as her girlfriend sucked round her fingers, Lena lowered a palm and began to rumple to Vika a breast which was obviously much more Lenina. - Milkings, cool at you! - Lena stated, caressing Vick a breast, squeezing her, fingers squeezing her nipples. She squeezed a nipple of the girlfriend more and stronger, continuing by the second hand to rub herself between legs, circular motions directly at us before eyes. Vika it seems also coiled from pain, but didn't try to reject a hand of Lena. - It is pleasant, the bitch? - with a spiteful grin Lena said. - Mdaaa. - Vika moaned. - Give I your clitoris I will torture. - Lena from a breast transferred a palm between Wicky's legs, and began to rub her there, looking as Vika grabbed with hands both boobies and squeezed them to herself and enjoyed a high. I gesture suggested Roma to trade places and sat down behind Wicky, looking at a short distance as fingers of the girlfriend are active between her legs. There it became so wet and strongly flowed that I automatically bent and, having dropped a mouth, I began to lick to the girl vulvar lips. Roma took my place, having taken seat in front of Lena. He took hands her foot at once and having widely opened a mouth, entered to himself into a mouth all fingers of her leg at once. Looking at him, Vitalik also removed at himself from a shoulder a foot of Lena and too thrust to himself into a mouth. Lena very much liked it therefore it with pleasure pressed both legs at once, pushing a foot in mouths of lovers. She jostled him in the foot mouths almost half, at the same time threw the head back, having begun to rub very intensively a clitoris to herself and Vika. Having loudly moaned and having howled, Lena plunged into a delightful orgasm. She shivered, continuing to hold in Vitalik and Roma's mouths the of a foot which they sucked and licked. Her tummy twitched in spasms, from her mouth saliva began to flow. Lena cumed long and violently. Her orgasm accelerated also approach of an orgasm at Vika who soon too began to shake and irrigated my person with splashes, just while I, having taken lips her clitoris in a mouth, and sucked it. - Uffff! - Lena recovered the breath. - This was great! - she looked at Vitalik and Roma, put out legs from mouths, put them on a grass. In a couple of minutes, having calmed down, Lena, showed to Vitalik gesture that he got up and stood near her that she could make to him, will pass. - And you, - she fingers of one hand defiantly moved apart to yourself vulvar lips and addressing Roma, - Polirni to me. Lick everything cleanly. And that, I obkonchatsya darn well here! - she began to laugh, the dick of the got-up Vitaly took the second hand and, having sent herself to a mouth, began to suck greedy. We with Vika weren't going to stop. Her convulsions didn't manage to end as I sharply got up, strong I seized her by buttocks, and drove with her into a vagina the firm dick, having begun to fuck her. She to see, too didn't want to stop and began to make upward movement right there to me, being stuck on my dick which easily went between the current sexual sponges of the girl. With each my push, from lips of the girl the groan of pleasure escaped. Our friends meanwhile, slightly moved. Having understood together hands, they transferred and laid Lena a back on a table. Roma continued to lick her perineum. And it squeezed hips his head, having put a foot to him on a back. The head of Lena hanged down from a table that allowed, to Vitaly standing nearby to fuck her in a mouth. At the same time Lena zealously sucked, caressing him palms on a bottom. I fucked Vika more and more intensively. I began to slap her in a bottom, leaving on buttocks marks from palms. It was obviously pleasant to the girl as she didn't resist, and only wagged buttocks. Continuing to fuck her, I removed her from a plastic chair, lowered knees on a grass, itself became knees on the earth, put to Vick the head and breasts on a chair seat, pressed her to him a hand. I drove a dick in the girl more and more deeply, fucked her quicker and quicker. I slapped her in buttocks more and stronger. Near us already shot back. Vitalik violently terminated a large number of a cum deeply in a mouth of Lena which it swallowed. Then I sucked round carefully to him a head, I moved this head on the lips, the person while Roma, standing nearby jerked off and I sprinkled it on a tummy. Three of them have slightly a rest, smeared Romina a cum on a tummy of Lena and seated around us with Vika, with interest observing as we rigidly fuck. And Vika already strongly groaned from my pressure. And I with frenzy fucked her, slapping sometimes in buttocks and having squeezed her throat a palm, pressed strongly to a seat. For several seconds I left her. Without letting go a neck, I collected by the second palm lubricant from her vulvar lips, right there I rubbed off her anus and I entered a finger there, having begun to fuck her. Vika moaned even more. Then I entered her into buttocks two fingers. Him already was hardly, and so far I moved, she few times tried to be unbent, but I didn't give her. When I understood that the bottom got used to fingers and the dick is ready to accept, I got up over Vika and, holding a dick, began to enter her slowly. In buttocks of the girl it was close and it was felt that her it is sick too, but, nevertheless, I began to hollow her bottom. She moaned. I raised her head for a neck, and it was visible that from her eyes tears began to flow. But, having strongly made horney, I continued to fuck her in buttocks. Vika groaned and twisted a bottom. I asked whether it is necessary to stop, but she moaned that I continued. Therefore I began to fuck Vika in a bottom even stronger. From my pressing, the plastic leg of a chair was bent and burst. Therefore I beat out a leg a chair from under the girl and, having seized her by hair continued to fuck. And she only gave a hand to the husband, and he took her. Their eyes met, and at this moment to Vick shook. She shivered without stopping about a minute, she loudly groaned. From her rough orgasm also I terminated, pouring out a cum directly to it in buttocks at the same time, continuing to pull for hair. As soon as the orgasm began, Lena and Roma sitting around us began to clap that became too not usual, but strengthened feelings. Having terminated, Vika was powerlessly tumbled down on the earth, but was picked up by Vitaly. He brought up her to himself and pressed sideways, some time of nothing the thinking wife. I just leaned back back, and now we sat around. Lena with Roma ceased to clap. Lena all shone for joy: - Well, you also give! Chairs began to break, slightly each other didn't break. Ha-ha-ha! - So also broke? Tell thank you that the wood next wasn't tumbled down and the small river in other party wasn't turned. - I tried to laugh the matter off, - But the dickhead hurts. Уф: - Yes but. - Lena continued to giggle, and then addressing Vika: - You that as? Vika having sighed, comfortably settled sideways the husband: - Full улёт! - she made a pause, - So strongly and cool in life didn't cum. And sparks from eyes fell down and butterflies flew. What only in a brain wasn't created! Thanks to Vitalik. As soon as seized him by a hand as soon as felt his support as soon as saw his look full of trust and desire that to me it was good, at this moment and I terminated! - To you the truth it was good, darling? - Vitaly bent down to the wife. - Yes, darling. - Vika gently gave smacking kiss to the husband in lips, - Even very much! Thanks, in your look was so much tenderness, in a hand there is so much warmth. - Here and great that all it is good! - Lena tried to finish. - It is so healthy that everything, tried everything. All in everything potrakhatsya! - Not all. - playfully I muttered and I looked askance looked askance on Vitaly. - Gy-gygy!!!! - all laughed, having understood my hint, and Lena even crooked from laughter. - You will be in time still. On next weekends. - Yes I also don't insist. So. Just for statistics. But if that, it is possible and to meet within a week. - Ooh, you. Insatiable. Give a fire kindle. We will have dinner, we are bought, we will sunbathe, and home through an hour three to gather. After such rest also it is necessary to have a rest. - eternally laughing Lena finished. Weekend came to an end. dating profile mini dress date ideas vancouver site mapMain Page