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— There now — says, having been to me Mrs. Dale — Elaine at last fell asleep, and, apparently, is strong. And in a moment she absolutely naked also presses me to herself. Expecting her and remembering the pleasures got during our the last a mouth I am already overexcited: — Do you see what I am unrestrained? — I see, I see. And similarly I want to poobtrepat you. So we at once and furiously happen and to mutual delightful soon "ah!" and "oh!" we finish the first circle and we fade for some time, intoxicated with delightful pleasure. Then Mrs. Dale abuses herself and me for our haste: — We neglected all luxury a mouth, having hit in such haste and повинуясь to a simple animal instinct that here are forced to stop it. And it would be desirable to enjoy all this voluptuous oiliness. But here the skill is necessary. So now when our heat to the brim ran low, we should be engaged mutual gamayushy again. — And what is it? — Yes we already did it. Just you don't know this word so far. It comes from Italian Gamba (leg). — Aha, in French "жамб". — Just about. And from French "юшэ" — to click with whistle. — That is to suck that between legs! — Well. But at first I should rise and... She gets up and begins to write, allowing me to see how the water stream escapes from her delightful vagina. Then lights two more big candles, having placed one in bed legs, and another in the head. — It that was visible to both of us more better how we will caress each other. Lay down on a back, and I will climb up you, here so... — Here so? A back to me? — Yes — she says, lowering the back to me on the person. — And now try to pierce with the language mine влог and to lick traces of the delightful courage. Likely, all of them still exude from there? — No — I answer, distracting from this occupation. — When you pysat, likely washed away everything. — And what else is visible there? — Lips stick out. — And still? — Here still some charming thing! I take her clitoris in the lips and I begin to suck it while he doesn't become big and firm. Already and all three of my fingers in her vagina. And having felt as she protiskivat the in my bum, I move my, quite strongly missed the mark with own cum during their stay there, to her pinkish anal opening And as Mrs. Dale, sticking out the back as if welcomes their emergence there, all Trinity slips there, obviously without giving her a reason to consider that there something bigger, than one finger. And with pleasure having found out as this opening is easy stretches, I begin to cherish hope that it will be possible to get permission to stay for a while there not only to fingers. Of course, some dexterity is required here not to cause in it suspicion that this road isn't a new experience for me at all. But she comes to similar conclusion much earlier, than I decide to sound it and when it is again made horney, itself offers me: — If your mother saddled you and just about again will be put on your dick as if on a stake, it would be desirable to teach you how to make it in a new way... Only slightly wait a moment... Let's me terminate!. Also inclines it is necessary me as it was done by others before her, staying in the same pose and by that saving me from further a mouth. — You told the word "dick" again. I forgot: it is that... Well, kind of... — Yes, yes — the fact that I have pleasure which time to calm down... So my late husband when he asked to caress it called this thing... Ah. ah! I die! With these words she falls to me on a breast, and I, continuing to suck a nipple — the fact that was before my mouth — and, having squeezed one hand her waist, I develop another so that it was possible to be put to her back again. For a start having moistened the finger with her allocations following between lips of her vagina and my standing drekoly, I push him to her in a face and I work with it there and here, to her infinite satisfaction. All this magnificent and voluptuous fucking comes to the end with mutual ecstasy and sensual shrieks then we lie, impregnated with admiration while weight of her weight doesn't force me to ask her to turn over sideways. Then we have a long sweet love conversation. Having returned a conversation to the suspicions stated by it in the morning, kind of to it not to obtain the child, I notice: — Did you have only one child? — Yes, only one Harry. And what? — But your husband lived a lot more years after his birth, and you as you spoke, continued to enjoy with him, and nothing similar happened to you. So why now you can appear in the family way? — It seems very probable, my dear boy... And as for my husband, he resorted to precaution not to have more children. — But to what such precautions he could resort? And how did it? — Well and curious you are a boy! But I will tell you. He was in the habit to remain there long enough, forcing me to expire two or three times before did it, and then when felt that it approaches, I was in the habit to leave, and the prick, extremely wet, to push to me to the back and to stream there as soon as places inside his head. — And it gave you pleasure, mummy? — As to tell you... I didn't feel great pleasure, only insignificant irritation. Before starting it, he made horney me and forced to expire several times; and in general I did it before the crisis so time at it was enough only to place there a head, and right there I came it is time to shoot. — And he put ever him entirely? — Only sometimes, when pulled out him from my vagina too early. — And then it gave you pleasure? — In such cases he was in the habit to make a pause, so far, rubbing me a clitoris, didn't enter me into a condition of new lust, and after that the pleasure was specific and big. — Ah, my dear mother why don't you allow me to ebanut you in the same way? In addition, as you spoke, we will have no children. — My favourite Charlie, it is impossible! This thing is too big to enter this opening. My late husband had also no half of your size, and that he experienced considerable difficulty if I didn't begin to flow already three times or four and didn't weaken all these parts. I just don't dare and to think of allowing you to make such attempt. — And still, my dear mother, allow me to enclose at least only a tip and to be discharged there. I so would like to try! Give at first поебёмся, two or three times, and then, after the third time, I will rub you until you begin to flow again then I will try to enclose only one tip that you checked in practice as it is felt. — But, my dear boy, the slightest for my part will expose to a pulsation him! Even if it will be a question only of one nut. It is enough to look what his size. I can hardly grasp it and though it is so smooth also a barkhatist, but as it is firm... Ah, my dear workmate, allow me to kiss him, and then soil me, vyeb once again, my darling! She bends the body, gives me delightful a hickey, and then, having leaned back on a back and having stretched the charming hips, invites me to rise by her. Before making it, I also bend down and I exhaust her charming and well developed clitoris until she begins to squeal from pleasure again and doesn't ask me: — Well, thrust it in me! I rush on her stomach and one vigorous push I import the unrestrained drekol on the handle, forcing her all to begin to tremble again. She so heating that at the first poke cums, and my delighted дрекол sinks in the hot liquid flowing on it. I, was, I am going to leave after two more pushes, but I can't leave her, twisted with her hands and legs and compressed greedy blown up lips of her vagina causing desire. So, strongly pushing inside to the hair between us below, I allow her not to refuse to myself in pleasure to enjoy so fine connection, responding to her delightful pulsing her vaginas with strong pulsations of own extremely uneasy drekol. Over a quarter of hour lies she thus, choking and convulsively sobbing in fine ecstasy of pleasure. At last, Mrs. Dale presses my mouth to the and pushes the sweet language to me in a mouth; I suck his, her hands weaken pressure upon my buttocks. Having felt some freedom, I begin the slow movement there and here which soon causes in it extreme oiliness. And she makes upward movement to me more actively and divinely, with not smaller art. Our movements become fast and furious, don't come to an end yet in deadly torment of admiration in which my soul, appear, left, and we lie unconscious, I don't know how long, in the power of consequences of all those pleasures which continued to influence so charmingly on дрекол, still holding in a vagina of the beautiful and lewd woman. When feelings come back to us, we turn over sideways, and still bound and connected in sweet priapichesky bonds, we lie as if pigeons poklyovyvy each other and cooing with all those purely love whispers and pokusyvaniye, so they approach at such moments. At last, having felt new mutual readiness and feeling the need for fight, I ask: — And what about a delightful kolenopreklonny position? — Do you think, I didn't understand at once where you drive? The little traitor who wants to attack my buttocks! But, my dear boy, it is really impossible. I embrace, I flatter, I butter up and I ask her until she, at last, doesn't promise: — I, perhaps, would also try whether I will sustain an entrance of your prick if you undertake the obligation not to go further nut and you swear that you will surely take away him if it becomes too painful for me. Agreed? And, having received my consent, accepts the corresponding pose. Bending at first to lick her delightful vagina and to give one or two hickeys to her charming clitoris, I bring impatient дрекол to the blown-up and passionately eager lips of this vagina, and after two or three vtiraniye fitfully I push it therefore my stomach plops down about her magnificent bum. And then we snoshatsya gradually, mutually pulsing in a sensuality excess. I push a hand to her under a stomach and very quickly I rub her a clitoris, forcing to fall into admiration ecstasy. I give her time to taste no more than one or two pulsations of my drekol and, knowing that nothing so strongly admires the dissolute woman as fast movements at once after throwing of caviar, I undertake a prompt series of pushes, trying to push properly every time дрекол on the handle and crying out all this time of vulgarity like such: — Well unless this push doesn't force you to shudder? Do you guess what in your voluptuous and a delightful vagina are knocked a yatra? And so forth. I don't neglect also the words "dick", "fuck". It becomes madly obscene and shouts to me: — Ah, my dear! What you delightful ёбарь! Yes, yes; I feel him to the root! To him it is healthy at me there, my dear boy. And your nice dick, such big-big, kills me, and I just about will die of delight. Ah! ah! ah! Also squeals, again lewdly expiring in the most delightful way. And here, hardly she is disconnected, being nevertheless in all throes of admiration as I, also feeling that she isn't able to pull further any more, suddenly I pull out strongly smelling trunk and I press him a corrugated and charming opening in her bottom, trying to insert it there. Despite fury of my excitement, I am rather careful to press without force, and I put nut in a sheath without special work or a hint on grumble from dear mother who keeping the promise, uses the best efforts to help me: her big ass is exposed to me towards, and muscles of a sphincter don't show any resistance. I turn out in such degree out of myself that even if would like to violate the promise to be content with an insert of only one head, I could hardly continue and further as to me with such deadly sweet the attack rises that I таяю, shooting a cum stream far at her guts, and then lose all forces even for the slightest pushes further at least. I suspect that this long abstention allows to begin to flow Mrs. Dale two times or even three that, apparently, has to make horney incredibly me, and nevertheless all forces for further progress abandon me. This instant powerlessness happens to me for the first time, though not in the last; in general leads control of your abilities to cum in a mouth to it. And nevertheless delightful pulsations of a juicy vagina of dear mother about which I can judge by behavior of her convulsively clenching hands soon repeatedly awaken mine for a moment dozed off, was, forces. Mine дрекол decreased and lost a good few of the former hardness, but her it appears enough to allow me to advance him, and so far Mrs. Dale recovers from ecstasy of the last techka, he almost imperceptibly slips inside on very essential depth not available to him before. And as soon as she recovers, I pretend that I continue a convulsive otdyshka as though I stayed still in the same graceful semi-conscious state. I feel how her hand is pushed between her hips, and I hear dissatisfied, it seems, a voice: — Anything to! How it is called? On the handle! The tender touch to my pods which she takes in the hand and gently strokes, mine forces дрекол to strain considerably. She feels it and caresses them further, yet doesn't force him to become same hard, as before, but he continues to be still inserted into its delightful and strenuously пульсирующуцю an ass which, apparently, welcomes the stranger rather, than fights back him. I feign return of full consciousness now and I exclaim: — Ah, where I? I never knew such heavenly joy. She raises the person from a pillow and says: — Alas, alas, my mischievous person! As it isn't surprising, you entered on the shank. Here — so, you violated the promise. — Even I don't know how so it turned out — I assure her — because terminated and was disconnected when inside there was only his head. — Well, I forgive you, only don't move any more. But I continue to pulse and I feel a counter delightful naddavlivaniye. I push the hand to her under a stomach and I find her clitoris rigid and horney. And I rub with fingers of other hand one of her firm speakers of nipples. Soon it becomes madly obscene again and begins to coil here and there on we wash the unrestrained drekol. I stay in immovability, adjusted to allow her passions to demand the movement and from me. Long I shouldn't wait. — Try to move a little — she asks — only тохонечко. — I will obey, мэм — I answer and very slowly I leave, but nearby, and also slowly I come back. — Anything to! My lubricant ability, apparently, knows no limit — she notes. — Therefore I ask you: extend far away and a little more quickly... Still, even quicker! And here we a lot of furious thirst which knows no limit rush to final crisis. With mutual shouts of desperate admiration; and Mrs. Dale squeals so loudly that she could be heard for certain that and was confirmed subsequently. She expresses the pleasure frenziedly, and at the same moment when I fill in with a stream of a cum of her gut, she then we fall forward throws caviar and and we appear in prostration. I, seeing it, I fall into the same frenzied delight, but long I lie, continuing to hold the prisoner tightly to the well absorbed in so graceful and giving such joy. At last, reaches me, Mrs. Dale really fainted. Therefore I should pull out the дрекол, and with the considerable tension as he there great kept and I left it with a ringing sound which it is possible to call "flop!". I rise, I bring a little water and I spray with her a face then she opens the eyes full of deep love. Lips her mutter something, I bring to them a vessel, and she with greed drinks. Then again raises on me eyes and says: — My dear boy, you struck me on the spot! What pleasure! Ever — oh, ever — me nothing was necessary to test similar! Wow! Too too for me. But I am afraid whether I hurt you? On the future we should be more moderate. Help me to get up because I should rise. Your last feat forces me to leave for several minutes. She rises, throws to herself over shoulders the clothes and leaves the room to go to a toilet. As I also hoped, she didn't begin to come into the own room and hurried back to me: — Generally I don't need to be washed, but I was afraid, Ellen suddenly will waken and thus will prevent me to carry out the rest of night with my bed workmate. — And I was already washed and now is ready to act as your maid! Also I begin to wash all her dicks. — My dear boy, we shouldn't do it again for some time. You should know that I am smeared with blood, and at me it is very inflamed though I also was facilitated. We get into a bed again. It doesn't allow more any a mouth but only gently embraces me and places my head of itself on a breast. And we fall asleep soon. At dawn she awakes me with kisses and, having felt as firmly there is my dick, is rolled on a back, and we have one by one two loveliest poyebk. And without removal between them. However, she asked me to leave, but I refused: — No, mummy! Do you think, I don't understand that make I it, you right there will dump me from yourself? Be so kind as, allow me once more! — What with you to do, whimsical you are my boy? It is necessary to be goodhearted. Especially as it will be our last... When it still appears another opportunities for a meeting! And she shows all the remarkable skill, her movements amazing are quick. It is twisted around me like a snake. Our mouths and languages are equally occupied, and final crisis turns out so refined that it can't be described. I very much try to jump also the third circle, but it is impossible to me. — Our entertainments become already dangerous — she calms down me — Unless you don't hear how a window sun blind below opens? She gives me a sweet kiss, says: — Thanks! Also disappears. I remain to consider pleasures of this enthusiastic night, and then I rise and quickly I put on, we should have breakfast and then to go home where wait for us already at nine o'clock. However, after a breakfast, mother carries away me in the sanctuary, the home storeroom: — I should give you some instructions. Of course, once she appeared there, having pushed her to a table, I roll up her on a bum of her skirt and, having entered behind, I give her kind поебок. She with excellent courtesy concedes, despite statements: — Did you what you think, I for the sake of it come? "And for what?" — I laugh about myself. — "Ah! woman, woman! as you are greedy for deception, only to catch that thing which appears in the field of your sight". Harry admits to me then: — We glanced there and saw what you had. But I wasn't as ready as you, and weren't able to go and arrive in this way. dating profile examples date ideas nyc site mapMain Page