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Hello to all readers which I was. Well time has come, and I decided to write the story therefore I hope, you appreciate him as it is my first experience in writing of stories. And so this story happened in 2003. I then studied in 10 A class, but history not about me. I think everything it is known what is the 10th class when there are no examinations and it is possible to chuck in all lessons and also when at youth all thoughts are directed in one direction especially in the spring. And so this story happened to one girl by the name of Oksana. Olga was attractive by 173 cm of growth a usual figure with the second breast size, long dark hair and very nice face. On character she wasn't modest and was able to stand for herself, on it she was a head in a class. But she not especially reacted to sticking of guys. She was virgin. And it is natural that she wanted to lose virginity. She wasn't engaged in masturbation, and for this reason in her life there were days when she was engaged in any nonsenses only to reduce sexual tension. Once she with girlfriends decided to descend on a disco. For the sake of it she dressed up 1 hour, choosing that to her to dress. As a result she dressed up in the fitting, light jacket of white color and the fitting jeans as she didn't wear a skirt essentially. From underwear she put on a light brassiere and thongs. She didn't use cosmetics because she and without her was very attractive. Having come to a disco, Oksana at the beginning just stood and communicated with girlfriends on different subjects - And let's go we will thump - Ira offered - Little girls you go, and I will stay here - Oksana answered - All right, then have a good time, and we will come soon, and don't get bored - Ira told having winked - Well agreed - smiling, Oksana answered Passed minutes five, but Oksana so sky also didn't begin to dance, and just looked behind dancing couples. And suddenly she saw the guy who approached her. She recognized in him Vadim of the guy from the 11th class which was pleasant to her more than a year, but she didn't decide to start talking to him in any way - Let's dance - she heard. Vadim was tall 186 cm. Usual constitution. Big shoulders, a fair, short hair, gray eyes, all this attracted her in it. This evening he was in trousers from a business suit, and a shirt over trousers. In the beginning she thought to refuse to him, but when Oksana felt his touch, she mechanically told: - Give, I don't mind He led her closer to the center, and they began to dance. Oksana was in the seventh heaven, and is so keen on communication with Vadim that didn't notice as there passed two hours. And here included slow dance and they went again to dance. This time their bodies touched much closer than in the previous times, and Oksana felt as his hand slowly went down on her buttocks and slightly began to caress her. In her head different thoughts began to be confused, it didn't know how to react to his actions. Whether to allow him to caress further itself, but it most likely will entail consequences, or to give slap in the face and to leave? While it he deliberated I took courage and began to act more actively. Vadim lowered a hand slightly below and began to approach her perineum. With the first touch of his hand to a perineum, Oksana felt familiar feeling - she began to be made horney. And then it it decided to be given to a case and let everything will be as will be. In a couple of minutes of caress Vadim having looked at Oksana in eyes and having seen in them desire he told: - Oksana can let's walk? Oksana understood with what intention at once he wants to walk with her and what it to end with., and she decided that foremen already to lose innocence and let in that case he will become the first guy and I answered: - I don't mind And they left together, sticking to a zaruchka. He went ahead slightly kind of setting the direction, and she obediently followed him. Passing by office No. 18 they noticed that he was open and as there were already about 23. 00 that Vadim thought that he was just forgotten to be closed and he offered: - Let's come we will sit As soon as they came he faced her, and having gently embraced her for a waist, attracted to itself and slightly touched by the lips of her lips, having felt that from her party there is no resistance he began to kiss her gently. Oksana at first was stunned with speed of his actions, she expected since the beginning though some conversation. But having recovered I began to answer it not much, at first it is scared and uncertainly, but gradually she is more and more active than the beginning to him to answer, and already in a couple of minutes of their kiss she slightly opened the mouth and passed his language inside. His language began to investigate her mouth began to play with her uvula a bit later, and she sucked his language meanwhile. While they made these actions, Vadim hands caressed her body from plechy, on a back reaching buttocks and back. Having reached a bottom of her jacket he was discharged of it and began to pull her jacket up. Having thought about intentions she raised hands in up thereby helping him to take off a jacket, and in couple of seconds he cast away a jacket on the next school desk. Oksana, having thought that the door is still slightly opened, I took a teacher's chair and I substituted it under the door handle that that didn't open at the most interesting moment. They with it is new dropped to each other lips, at that time Oksana began to undo a button behind a button his shirt, and then cast away it aside, and began to mass his torso, continuing to kiss at the same time. Having enjoyed her Bays Vadim tried to undo her brassiere, but it had a small experience in it therefore she came to the rescue of him, having thrown hands for a back she undid a brassiere which fell to a floor, and was cast away by a leg. Vadim slightly departed and began to admire her breast, slightly strained nipples translating a view of her flat tummy. Meanwhile Oksana approached him gave smacking kiss in lips and began to undo his trousers that worked well quickly enough, and trousers departed towards her jacket. Here he faces her in some bokserka with already sticking out dick, but she decided to torment a little more him and not to release his body outside. Then he approached her in dense having pressed down to a school desk, they merged in a passionate kiss again. Meanwhile Vadim ran slightly fingers over her navel and went down to her trousers, having pushed a palm under trousers, he began to caress her pubis, falling is closer and closer to her pussy. And here when the hand already almost found the beginning of her chink, he understood that further trousers won't let him. (Here it is the home video about young sex of our main character! - editor's note) Therefore he having taken out a hand I began to unzip. And here, at last he undid a lightning and a button on trousers began to pull together them in a bottom, leaving her panties on the place. Having pulled together them, Vadim slightly pushed it so that she sat down on a school desk. And he started kissing her on the lips over again meanwhile caressing hands her breast, luvy, right, slowly going down. Having reached a bottom of her stomach, Vadim solved not преускорять events and began slightly touching to caress her internal part of hips. The closer he came nearer to her trusik, the more widely she parted legs, being given him to caress. Then he continuing to kiss her I touched her panties and I felt that they blotted. Then he removed them aside and began to caress gently her perineum, without concerning sponges. Having understood that it gets it it more and more, Vadim with a reluctance came off her lips and began to kiss her neck going down to a breast. Having reached a breast he at first just kissed it, and then dropped a mouth to the right nipple and began to lick him. And then it published the first groan of pleasure. Vadim encouraged to her groans began circular motions to mass a nipple, feeling as he strains and hardens. Then having achieved the expected effect, Vadim passed to her left nipple, repeating a manipulation tezha, as with right he began to bite him that with it is new forced her to moan. When about a nipple were ready he I began to go down below and below, kissing each millimeter of her body which and attracted him and forced most to be made horney even more. Thus he went down to a bottom of her stomach. Oksana wishing to help Vadim, I leaned back back, leaning the elbows on elbows, thereby providing access him to language to its sacred of Saints. dating profile bio help date ideas new orleans site mapMain Page