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I put this story in an incest subject though I doubt that it is an incest. No to judge to readers. If was mistaken, then strongly don't kick. And except that I try to write from a name of the man, I hope that that will turn out. I am already old, mouldering stub. Five years ago the son divorced the wife and began to live civil marriage with other woman. The new daughter-in-law didn't like the neighbourhood so old men, and she persuaded the son to locate not in the house, an in a small wing. With us only ee the daughter to whom we allocated the certain room began to live in the house. In a year my old woman died, and in the house there were I and Christina. She was very willful girl. Likely as also most of youth: "You to us not the decree and we want to live on the". No everything we got on with her. More precisely to me was to spit on ee of a trick, subjects more that they almost didn't touch me. Of course behind an exception of the fact that she often defiled in the evenings on the house in some panties and lifone. So far she was a teenager, as that didn't strain it. No by 18 years she blossomed and became the beautiful girl with fine forms. She had Barbie face, osinaya a waist, a hard breast 2 sizes with a tail. To that the breast of the riparian forest could be judged that the breast didn't fall when Christina without brassiere in one night dress was wound on the house. In the general everything was at her, but why she with children didn't walk, me till this time unclear. Ee mother ordered not to sleep strictly strictly to her with open doors. And as only began to darken, the door to the house was locked on the lock. Therefore we after it were provided to ourselves. A after that as in the house of a window replaced on metalloplastikovye, nothing was outside absolute is heard, neither the TV, nor music which Christina turned on on big loudness. She graduated from school, came to University and after the termination of the first course toiled from bezdelya. I went to the lake to bathe and sunbathe in the afternoon. A in the evenings cracked on Skype with girlfriends or watched so me what нибудь the movie. Once, having looked together what at that the film on Santa Barbara's type, Christina left to herself, an I sat down at a computer. No soon she returned. — Dyad Lesh! I can't fall asleep, the tablet won't be? — A why to you tablet? I can lull you with the hypnosis help. — I is quite serious, a you joke. Some time I really was fond of hypnosis, but didn't reach any tops and gradually almost ceased to be engaged in him. — Don't you believe that you will fall asleep? — Of course I won't fall asleep. It is only empty expenditure of time. — Well it is good. We won't argue. Let's turn on the video camera and then you will look, you fell asleep or isn't present. — Dyad Lesh, for nothing you about the cam told. It will record that at you nothing will turn out. This remark touched me live. Easier than a task, than to lull the person and not to think up. — Where to lull you? Here or at you? — Give here. Everything will be equal a fiasco. — Christie, settle poudobnee, an I will adjust the cam. It was long paved in a chair. Everything I couldn't find convenient situation in any way. And in the end of the ends vselas on foolishly. She almost lay on a chair back. I put one leg in a halfbent state on the chair standing nearby, a bent the second, having delivered to ee on a chair, and clasped with hands. Even for a moment it seemed to me that in a lens ee panties flashed, but she pressed a hand a hem of a night dress and any hint wasn't on what or erotic. Ne I will describe the process. It is uninteresting. No in several minutes Christina already peacefully snuffled. The only puncture at immersion of ee in a dream that I on a habit told: "you submit to my orders". To change this installation had no sense any more. After that as she fell asleep, I for the sake of a trick ordered her to raise a hand. Christina lifted. I ordered to lower, I lowered. Having seen that it is very inconvenient to it to recline with the bent legs, I ordered to straighten legs. And here the incident turned out. She pushed a leg under an armrest of a chair, the second leg pleased under a chair back. Christina was lying on a chair with the placed legs and to reduce them together it didn't turn out in any way since stirred from one party an armrest, with another a chair back, yes she also didn't try to make it in a dream. Though nothing unlawful since the hem of a night dress was lowered was also visible, but the look was very exciting. Would be for about 20 years pomolozhe wouldn't resist from temptation. Also the devil pulled me to take an interest: — You are such seductive. Do you want sex? — Yes, I want! Very much I want! — Why you don't give A to the guy? — I want that you to me set! I want that stuck to me on the balls! Vyebi me! VYYYYEBIII!!! I was taken aback. I didn't expect it. And there isn't so much unusual request as ee is opaque. At me she never, to time said though what that curses. I became puzzled that in such cases needed to be made. And I didn't think up anything the best how just to refuse. — Christie I don't want to fuck you. — I mean the ugly creature? I ask you vyebi!!! — Ne I can, it is impossible. — It is possible! I beg you, VYEBI! Here look!, Christina lifted up a night dress under which there were no panties (though to me and it seemed earlier that they flashed). To my look the fascinating look opened. Small, smoothly shaved pisyukha with chubby sponges. She tried to part with fingers in the parties of a sponge, but having only concerned a clitoris, began to finger it. — Here! Here here set! VYEBI!!! — Christie, well I can't. Want I will observe how you will caress yourself. If you want, also I can yours pisyunechku to caress. — I ask you, vyebi me! — Stop! You wake up. Christina continued to finger several more seconds the clitoris, then opened eyes, sharply took away hands from small, almost children's pizdenochki, quickly was covered and tried to jump. No alas she didn't manage it since legs were pushed under an armrest of a chair and a back of a chair. — Christie, you what got nervous? Only that begged to fuck you, you are now closed by a. — I?!!! I couldn't speak so. — OK. Calm down, sit down and look that the cam photographed. She rose with polulezhachego provisions, and began to look, sitting in a chair. When from the cam the request rushed to fuck, Christina became crimson. — I spoke to you. — Dyad Lesh, remove this record. I for you that is necessary will make. — If that is necessary, then why then to delete? This record — my insurance that you won't refuse the words, you will do a that I will tell. If isn't present, then I will just show this record to your mother. — No, no, no! Ne it is necessary to mother. — OK. Then lift a night dress and caress the clitoris. I will behold A. — Ne I can. It is a shame to me. — Christie, you only chtOOO promised? Christina closed eyes, lifted up a night dress and carefully concerned the shchelochki. Having groped a clitoris she began without hurrying to mass it. Gradually ee of the movement became wider, breath became heavy, a from lips sometimes broke either a loud sigh or silent groan. I watched how the young beautiful little girl, jerked off herself and there was a strong wish to set with her, but to my huge regret in pants there was only an easy stir and not more. Though there was the huge desire, but the dick alas didn't stand. Offensively and annoying. Quite long Christina caressed herself, she frankly trudged, relished. No gradually the hand was tired, yes and lubricant ceased to be emitted. — Maybe will be enough? — Of course, sun. I see that it is already unpleasant to you. No tomorrow in the evening you come here (without panties of course), you lay down on a bed. You place legs poshire that everything was perfectly visible to me, and you begin to caress yourself. — Well. Though it was also a shame to me, but it is pleasant. To tomorrow. Quiet night and pleasant dreams. Now I will precisely fall asleep. Hikhikh. And Christina flew away to the room. Na the next evening as only an entrance door it appeared on the lock, Christina in a night dress entered my room. — Dyad Lesh, I think, it is advisable to take off a night dress, before than to lay down? Or so to lay down? — Remove the sun. — I answer without turning around from a computer. — Хм... "sun"... earlier you so didn't call me, yes and in general nobody so called... an is so pleasant to be the sun. I krutnutsya in a chair, turning to Christina, and stiffened in catalepsy. Christina put pillows to herself under buttocks, and already lay on a bed with the closed eyes scattered on a bed by a voluminous black hair, hard balls of the not blurring tits looking dark nipples in a ceiling and widely divorced bent by the legs opening a fine show. The last years five I not the fact that I didn't see such fine young maiden body, but and in general didn't see any female body. When ceases to stand, and on the Internet there is no wish to look for a porno. I enchanted observed how Christina began to caress slowly herself, and admired not only action, but and ee beauty. She caressed herself skillfully. It was felt that she has an experience in it. When saw that at her already the handle was tired, I stopped ee. — Christie, is enough. Don't you though hold on me the evil, for the fact that I force to caress myself so? — Dyad Lesh, you won't believe, but I am very glad that so turned out. Of course in the beginning it is a shame before you, but then I forget about everything and I relish. And then there is even a wish to feel that that not only on a clitoris, but and in. I caress and represent how you to me plant. — Kristinka, pretty. I with huge pleasure, but it is impossible. I already old and at me don't cost. — It is a pity. A is possible in my room tomorrow you will observe? And adjust the cam to photograph this process. — Хм. And why it to you? I have the cam in a look. — Probably you will consider me the pervert. I want that it was possible to include, look at any moment at himself and to caress. I sometimes caressed earlier myself when there was a strong wish. No after a yesterday's case I want almost all time now. I could hardly wait for evening today not to caress myself before time. No if you could put to me, I would be happy. — Time you so want, I will try that to think up. So far. Prior to a meeting tomorrow in your bedroom. Christina gave smacking kiss to me a cheek and ran out. Day passed as that is strange. I as the boy, expected evenings, expected a meeting with Christina. Though we also faced several time on an extent of day, but both did a look that between us nothing unusual occurred and everything proceeds as earlier. Long-awaited evening came. I knocked to Christina's bedroom and heard: — Come. You can come without knock into any time of day and night. Hikhikh, especially nights. Christina lay nude across a bed, stroking tits, an at distance about a meter from a bed faced a bedside table with the cam her. — Wow! Perfectly you look! Did you already adjust the cam? — — No, I only delivered to ee. I tried, but I can't precisely expose in kakoe the place it has to be directed. — Wait for Christie a bit. You will begin to caress when I adjust the cam and I will include. Now listen to A. Time you wanted that that to feel in yourself, you will feel today. — Uraaa!!! I all in taking out or vstavlyanii. — The sun, after that as I will start record you begin to caress as usually. Clitoris, nipples. And it is desirable to caress a clitoris not one finger, a two, periodically carrying out on shchelochke that they all time were damp. So you continue till that time until I consider that you are ready to vstavlyaniyu. As only I will touch your leg, you SHARPLY stick till the end into the pisyukha these two fingers and you begin to move them there. — To set fingers? — While only fingers, a then it is possible and that that posushchestvennee. don't take out fingers until I take away a hand from your leg. — Well, well, let will be so — Christina discontentedly told. No I as that even by attention passed ee dissatisfied tone. Having moved a bedside table is even closer, I exposed the video camera so that almost on polekrana ee shchelochka flaunted. It was a little visible widely divorced hips and even ee a hard tit with the sticking-out nipple. — I include! Christina began to caress herself. She carried out by two fingers on the shchelochke and began to finger a clitoris, the second handle began to squeeze the tit. My God as I in this time wanted that on the place of ee of fingers there was my dick. No as it is told "doggy died" and even from the box didn't get out. I watched Christina's actions, nervously swallowing saliva. It was clearly visible how on a perineum flow down on an allocation ee towel. (Good fellow, girl. Provident!). She closed eyes and having cast away the head on a pillow quietly whined. I stretched a hand and took ee for foot. She moved the handle below at once, with a force drove fingers in a chink and strongly moved, even for a moment cramped legs. No I moved apart them again at once. — OOYY, OOYY! "what you shout as tselochka", flew in the head, Christina began to move a fingers in the pizdenochke. Through some time I noticed how from under ee of fingers the bloody path began to flow. Having instantly stopped record of the cam, I rushed to Christina. — Kristinochka, pretty, forgive. I didn't expect that you tselochka. She opened full got down eyes and vymuchenno smiled — Any more not the virgin, thanks to the fingers. Ne worry, all normalek. Sorry, I will bring myself into an order now. She, having clamped a towel between legs, holding it, potopala to the bathroom. I returned she from there become cheerful, joyful. — Well what we will continue? — The sun, I don't think that it is the good idea. Na there will be enough adventures today. — Dyad Lesh, if you are afraid for me, then doesn't cost. Everything is already normal. — You so consider it. No so far it is abnormal. Yes and to that I feel myself guilty now. — If someone is guilty, then I am. In general I expected, time at you doesn't cost (though I think what at desire could be lifted), probably you will set to me the vibrator or a strap-on you will bring down tselochku. I specially didn't say that you didn't begin to refuse. — Kristinochka, so you don't mind a strap-on? — I only FOR! Though it would be even more best to feel in himself your dick. — In such case I in the next time will buy in seksshope a strap-on. — HURRAH!!! — Foolish. You though wait a little until the wound in your pisyukhe heals. I took an honest word from Christina that she will put nothing in the chink yet, to caress an only from above. And we left till next evening. In the next evening she came ko to me into the bedroom, efficiently prepared to herself the place on a bed, laid down, widely parted in sides of a leg and asked: — It is possible to begin? I nodded also Christina, having provided me a fine look for contemplation, began to caress myself. No soon I didn't sustain. I approached a bed and having fallen by knees, I removed ee a hand so shchelochki and I began to caress a clitoris language. I fingered him, thrust language into ee shchelochku, sucked in a clitoris. A it only cheeped yes began to make upward movement when language moved on ee shchelochke, trying to be spread on him. I caressed the ee language quite long, cheekbones already began to ache a bit and speed decreased. Christina noticed it. — Lesh, can on today enough? For me already your caress language unsurpassed pleasure. I didn't expect that it will be so pleasant. — As you will tell. — A to me you will allow to caress you language? — Kristinka, probably, but not now. — Pochemuuu? — Just I am not ready. Here you when went ko to me were prepared. —? — Everything put in hygiene. I when began to caress language you, from you only the smell of the CLEAN body and exciting allocations proceeded. Na all hundred I am sure that before arrival you visited the bathroom. I don't want that you had a disgust when you inhale a smell of a dirty dick. Let as нибудь in other time. Ne hurry, to all the time. Several evenings after it, Christina began to caress herself, a then already I continued to caress ee the language. Christina went bananas. A when noticed that I was already tired, caress stopped, and it left to itself. And here I bought a strap-on. It was very heavy to choose the suitable size. Everything they were huge, calculated on a pizda of the adult skilled woman. A I was afraid to tear Christina therefore chose a strap-on of the average sizes. Christina marked when I returned with purchase, and persuaded to show him, without waiting for evening. Ee of joy wasn't a limit. It was ready to test it at once. Constrained only that at home there was ee mother. Therefore tests postponed everything for evening. Before evening all were bought in a summer shower and as the lock on an entrance door only clicked, Christina flew to my bedroom. — To me isn't suffered to feel him in himself. — Wow, what bright. Ne hurry. If at once to you to set, then you won't enjoy very much. You it is necessary properly razdrochit that you not just wanted him, a was exhausted from the fact that he didn't pierce in you yet and that you flowed as the Niagara falls. — Well, well. You skilled in it. What you will tell, I will make. — A what here to tell? Now we will fasten it. Then you should be caressed properly. We will begin with handles, I will continue by a uvula, a when you are ready, then and I will set to you on the balls as you asked. — Though I also don't remember it, but video showed that it is the truth that I so spoke, a now I precisely ask you: set to me! Set on the balls! I very much very much want it. When we together fastened a strap-on (Christina stubborn tried to help), it turned out that under it there is quite big triangular cut through which according to Christina's proposal pushed balls. After it the impression was created that it is the real, living dick. In general that I had vague suspicions that she helped not only from for a strap-on, a to touch the hands balls and a dick (though also lying). Christina suggested to go to ee the bedroom and there to begin. convulsions ceased to shake ee, is weakened by Christie was tumbled down on me, trying to recover the breath. I at first was surprised why without the movement, the dick doesn't fall. Then reached. Ee a very narrow entrance so strongly squeezed a trunk that outflow of blood wasn't. Having recovered the breath a little, Christina obtselovala to me all person, then, rose on hands, said: — There is really unearthly pleasure. Such high I not the fact that didn't test, but didn't even dream o such. I am very glad that at last that I tested the first in my life orgasm. I am grateful to you that I tempted you and on yours to a dick tested it. The first time the real dick pierced in me and to happiness it is yours. When he got up and I saw a head, began to doubt that it will be able to enter me. No as you see not only I entered, but and I brought me the huge pleasure. A now I ask you about one: never refuse to me. Please. Ne turn attention to my groans or shouts - it is from a huge high. Also fuck me in any time of day and night how many you will want and as you will want. — Kristinochka, pretty! Yes I with great pleasure. No I am afraid that it is unreal. I can't understand in any way how you managed to recover this lifeless creation. I don't object, but I don't promise. If at you it turns out that he got up, then I only FOR! I will plant to you on the balls until he stands. — Here and perfectly. It was necessary to feel one more. To feel as your cum fills me. — Foolish. You will fly! — Nea. Ne I will heal. At me monthly — safe approach these days. A then I will accept contraceptive tablets. And everything will be on business. A now I still want to move on yours to a dick until he fell And Christina pushed popochkoy. No soon the dick was gradually blown off and dropped out of Kristininoy pizdenochki. It told o volume what magnificent for her was a high, an I thought that for me this high was not less. So we also began to spend evenings together. In the beginning caress, then a uvula, then a strap-on and only after it Christina lifted my fighter, and then there was already the real and fine sex. I began to notice that with each time of Christine less and less time is required to lift a dick, yes and he continues to stand longer. He sometimes rose even among day when I remembered how Christina cumed on him. Each time Christina violently cumed though such long orgasm as the first, wasn't any more. A to me didn't manage to be terminated in any way. It seems would feel approach, but the dick fell down and nothing turned out. Though and without orgasm I got the greatest pleasure. To the dick it was very close in a narrow and hard maiden vagina. It was great feeling. I know that also Christina very much liked to feel in herself a huge head, which with big work vlazila in her. And though the first time was with pain, but with each time this pain was less and less. So far in general the head began to get into ee shchelochku though and with work, but without causing pain. A when it finished in it in a vagina as an umbrella, Christina just was thrilled with a high. Sometimes she came in the morning that still pobaldet at me on a dick. No once after morning sex, she laid down near, embraced me and began easy strokings up to a breast. — Christie, a question on filling. You said when that tempted me. How did you tempt? — Yes I still small as only lodged here began to dream that you to me set. Often I became evenings on a bed dog-fashion, I placed knees poshire, I raised buttocks up and I began to caress the pisyukha. A represented that you do it. Then, when I grew up a little and on the Internet I looked as adults are fucked, in general I went mad. Every evening I caressed myself and I dreamed how you will fuck me. Then I began to run on a hut in thongs and byustike. No you didn't turn on me attention at all. A when came to you that to watch on TV, a to be rubbed about your back by boobs came not for that to look. I came always in one night dress, without panties and a brassiere. Always I sat down and turned so that your hand got to me between legs. I dreamed as you will carry out by the palm to me between legs. A you constantly straightened out the hand as only she appeared near my leg. A you remember repair of a bed? I specially for ee untwisted, an according to your hint climbed then under a bed in one night dress and without panties, trying that she povyshe was lifted up and you saw mine shchelochku. You saw, but told that I dressed panties, that a pussy I will chill a. So much joy was that you saw ee and didn't begin to swear. In the general I very strongly wanted you from the childhood. And when I appeared on yours to a dick, this pleasure, this high surpassed all my dreams. I am very happy that he at you appeared with such huge head. From it so far he costs, you won't come off. A the fact that showed on the Internet all a hogwash. She ceased to tell and gradually fell asleep, an I tried to lie and not to move even not to wake ee. It is good that before ee arrival I ran to a toilet, a wouldn't sustain that. Houses were we some, an ee mother and Sashka at work. Having woken up is closer to a lunch, she started over again untwisting me on sex. To me it was thought that at my age it will already be search. To my surprise the dick rose at once. As only she terminated, I turned over, having appeared on her and decided while the dick doesn't fall, to continue. I threw leg ee to myself on shoulders and the dick began to drive in her. It was possibly sore with her, but she with firmness suffered. And suddenly I felt approach of an orgasm. For the first time in five years. In the bottom of the dick tickled also I, having driven in her several time a dick so all force, I began to stream. Me unscrewed and banged, an a cum all didn't come to an end. Each splash in a cum was followed not by only my convulsions, but and loud shout of Christina. Having terminated, obessilenno fell to Christina. A she only gently stroked to me a back. Having recovered the breath, I wanted to rise, but Christina frenziedly began to kiss me. — Thanks, huge thanks for this high. At last I felt what it is a high from what you terminated in me. It is divine. If each time not only I cum, but and you, it was so cool that even in words it is impossible to express. It is a pity only that in a week to me in University. And to a huge regret you won't be able to plant to me three times a day, in the morning, during a lunch and in the evening now. It is dangerous in the morning, mother can come, it is necessary to be content only with evenings. It will be necessary that that to think up how to be secured against her. dating profile bio examples female uk date of halloween site mapMain Page