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Chapter fifteenth There was Sasha along the highway and sucked... That is, I was only going to do it. She went, flashing the white varnished shoes, wagging with a handbag, shooting eyes on all parties, from the bus to lyceum. Gloomy faces of passersby blossomed smiles as if him the clear sun, but not the teenage little girl towards walked. The security guard didn't keep too, spent by a look the girl, the strict face was softened. But Sasha didn't stop, having diligently pretended that the lyceum interested her least of all on light. In addition, the yard was empty again as last time - Sasha appeared again during a lesson. In gait Sashka had nothing boyish any more. Smoothly she slid along a fencing, skillfully touching slender legs. Here and familiar hole... It is necessary to wait - behind bars for nobody, Denis didn't reach yet. Sasha sat down at some distance on a bricklaying, corrected a thong at a shoe. From here it was visible to her the building of lyceum and it was difficult to pass meeting. Admiring a scarlet marigold, Sasha miraculously carried out a quarter of hour, only from below blew a breeze. Nevertheless in trousers it is more convenient, not for nothing little girls with such ease passed to jeans. The girl started, began to smile - an ogradka had Denis! He stood, looking out for the guest, took an indifferent view of Sashka and again began to peer into a path fixedly. - Denis! - Sasha shouted and ran up. - Hi! I for a long time here! Denis led an eyebrow, hardly recognizing the friend. And when learned, I slightly opened a mouth, widely I opened eyes: - Sashka! You! Well anything to! To be stunned... Yes you are just a beauty, there are no words! Our little girls of the fright in comparison! I didn't even recognize you! Sasha was happy with the had effect, zardetsya, embarrassed. - Well, you asked... - she told, awkwardly twisting a handbag thong. - Climb rather! - Denis moved apart rods. - Give a hand. Sasha squeezed into a crack, trying not to be hooked by a dress. - And where your friends? - the boy asked, glancing for Denis's back. - They sent me to meet, - Denis told. - And over there, on our place. - Yes, "on ours", - with sad irony Sasha told. - Went, perhaps. How many them there? Whole crowd, huh? - Yes well, you that. The same. Yes, boys were the same. They stood, having gathered in a circle, nervously smoking. The first I noticed Sashka, of course, of Genk, from height of the growth. - O-au! Someone to us all right! - he exclaimed and the others turned back. - Wow... - at Dimka the person was extended. - This focus! - Yes, Dan, well you also dug out the beauty, - shook the head Zhich, involuntarily correcting a jacket. In general, all boys somehow were selected, straightened shoulders, checked, whether as it should be clothes. Right there, having remembered someone Sashka actually, Genka spitted out to him under legs. - I dressed up, precisely - педик! I made up... Full ult! - Come on, Genych, - appeased him Zhich. - Cool little girl, relish. He approached closer and ran fingers over the Sashkiny cheek. - Lukewarm... - by the dried voice he told. - And I brought your scarf, - Sasha reported and got a scarf from a handbag. - Here, hold, he is clean. - I was clean, will become dirty, - I told Zhich, sending a scarf to a pocket, previously, as well as Sashka dreamed, having wiped the smoked lips. - When we are engaged in business. You are ready, a doll? He put a hand to Sasha on a hip, slightly lifting up a dress. Sashka automatically tried to be discharged, but Zhich held her. - Well-well, touchy person. We is careful, be not afraid. - Boys, and че we, how bums, on the street? - Anton gave a vote. - Excuse me? - Genka with astonishment asked again. - Do you what you offer, in lyceum to drag her? Went balmy? - And what it? Not in lyceum, of course, and to the gym. To the storeroom, where mats and an other hogwash. - And someone will let us there? The games-master a mat will send us and to the head mistress will put. - Геныч, I am a fool, huh? - Anton wasn't appeased. - From what joy would offer. Семеныч already I dumped, his affairs, it is necessary to drive away a wheelbarrow in Car service. - Hear, Tokh, we not morons too. Семеныч will lock the gym and how you will get through there? Lomiky you will prop up a door? - Why such difficulties, - Anton answered and took out keys from a pocket, modestly dangled them in air. - Well, blow me down! From where?! - I was surprised Zhich, already stroking Sashkina a waist yes is lower. - From there. Семеныч ordered to drag mats to the storeroom and jump ropes to posobirat that from little girls remained. By the way, you will also help me. And then this handsome man in the storeroom and that... - Taha, you are the hammer! - Genka quickened. - At us an hour and a half will be, with changes! Everything, went that time to pull! Sasha for all the time of a conversation drove slightly scared eyes from one on another, listening as decide her further fate as if she some locker, but not the living person. Denis stood near again as the detached onlooker, only this way also didn't manage to hide admiration in eyes - present Sashka so was pleasant to him that would dump on asphalt and would utselovat before consciousness loss. - So, boys, we run up, - Zhich somehow unostentatiously I undertook the organization of action. - We with Tokhoy, conduct our doll to the gym; Геныч, you with Dan go through a main entrance. You to the historian to ask for leave, and you, Dan, in a first-aid post. - What the hell for? - Denis was taken aback. - It is necessary, - shortly I told Zhich, and I deigned to explain: - you will take oil or cream from a medsestrukha. Only look, about vaseline don't blurt out, in a trice prosecht. - Why oil? - Denis didn't understand. - Dan, be not in a stupor! What will we, nasukhy be? Yes he howl will lift on all hall! - A-and... So and че I will tell her? She will ask! - Yes I from where know? Think up something. In, tell what jammed the lock, it is necessary to grease. - Precisely! - Denis nodded, but there was no wish to leave Sashka to him. - So let Diman will be winded... - And че I? - at once I went to Dimk's refusal. - Your nipple, here also go. - For Diman another will be a task, - efficiently told Zhich. - He will drag mats. - Che, one, perhaps? - Dimka began to whimper. - That's OK, I joke. All we will work, five minutes we will cope. Genka left the first, Denis afterwards trudged, looking back and with doubt bending a lip. Having taken several steps, he passed to run quickly to cope and return to Sashka. And Zhich pushed Sanka in a back: - Stamp, the Little Red Riding Hood. Dimka hemmed: - What it did you so christen her? Like a cap isn't present. - There is no cap, and gray wolves are, - smiled Zhich. Listening to simple jokes in the address, Sasha went along a wall, with the released smile. - And at you that, an entrance separate to the gym? - she asked, having looked back. - At our school only through the general. - We have all special here, - graciously explained Zhich. - You will look at the hall, you will be stunned. Everything, came. They stopped before the low-perceptible door painted almost under color of walls, differing only in a shade. Anton put a key, clicked few times and the door with a scratch was slightly opened. - Pull, the granddaughter, for a string... - I creaked her in unison Zhich and I burst out laughing. - Enter, enter, don't hesitate what here. Sashka entered the first, stood at a threshold - inside was darkish, sunlight lit only the small patch, and dissipated further. - What stiffened? - discontentedly I told Zhich and I pushed in a back. - Dimka, turn on the light. Dima pressed the switch and fluorescent lamps started blinking. - Wow... - involuntarily escaped at Sashka. He indeed didn't see before such beauty. It would seem what can be special in the gym? But after the peeled walls, the cracked floor boards, ragged mats of the native gym, local Sanke just ideal seemed. Everything is clean, freshly painted, lamps burn everything, but not through one. And the stock was a match for the hall too. The horizontal bar shone racks in a corner, behind him - the Swedish wall. At other wall two "goats" who aren't frayed by time with a tselenky upholstery. Of course, according to Sashki, "goats" in the hall increased with arrival of the boys accompanying him. Here mats which should be stacked somewhere. - Well, boys, undertook? You give too catch, Mashka, - I ordered Zhich and I approached the first mat. All four grasped handles and dragged not such and an easy mat to the storeroom. - Taha, open! And without instructions Anton already struck a key at doors that conducted to the storeroom. This room was much less, mats occupied nearly all floor when they were dragged, at last, inside. Having got tired, boys were filled up on them to have a rest. - And you nothing, don't ache, - I praised Zhich Sashka that it was stuck by a row. The hand by itself settled on a naked hip, stroked. - Taha! Pancake, run to doors, can there Genych with Dan already cuckoo! Anton jumped from the place and rushed off to an exit, getting on the run keys. dating profile advice for guys date today word site mapMain Page