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Dasha was really sent on leave, and I, kind of, in honor of it, prepared her a surprise - three-week rest in Orgazmus hotel. I expected that she will express discontent that in this hotel the nudism is resolved, but she reacted precisely as Mikhail assumed: - Means there people will be more senior than eighteen? Remarkably, and that these mad crowds of children never allow to have a rest humanly. And the nudism - business voluntary, will force us to sunbathe nobody stark naked, however, darling? - Of course, darling... Dasha devoted days before a trip to shopping of bathing and other accessories to rest (three big suitcases were gathered even!), and her, probably, had no time for sex so to refuse her offers, in a type of their absence, it wasn't necessary to me. And I didn't stick. Dasha was interested in a question with a transfer more: - Darling, well you agreed with tour operator about an individual transfer to hotel? I answered strictly according to the plan: - I try, but there some problems, I will try still tomorrow... - What there at them for problems? You present to us with these trunks to be wound in the bus with all tourists until they are carried on all hotels, we will go crazy - our most distant from the airport... - I will try to solve this problem, - I answered, knowing that I won't even try to do it as it contradicted Mikhail's plans. We arrived to the airport and went to a place of registration of tickets. "Accidentally" before us there was Mikhail with the diving equipment behind which we got in a queue. Dasha pouted at me a little because I couldn't issue an individual transfer. At some point two "accidentally" approached Mikhail besides it is model a type of the maiden which enthusiastically addressed him: - Oh! Mikhail, it you?... - Yes, and that? - by an unperturbable voice he said. - And sign to us, please, the autograph! - also stretched him a felt-tip pen. - Where to undersign? - Yes directly here, - girls slightly opened the light blouses, having provided the top part of a breast for the autograph. Mikhail also unperturbably undersigned and returned to girls a felt-tip pen, and those joyful were removed away. Dasha, as well as was planned, became interested in what was seen and asked me in a whisper: - And someone is such? - I don't remember, but the person, it seems, familiar... Probably, someone from show and business, on the TV set saw him... - Yes, familiar face... - Dasha attentively looked at him. "Is, the first contact is come", - rushed at me in the head, - "So far Mikhail's plan works". Mikhail approached the girl who was engaged in registration and about something quietly asked her. She looked at us, I to her is imperceptible for Dasha nodded. As a result, when we entered the plane, our three places were near, and Dasha settled down between me and Mikhail who was closer to pass: - Oh, and this show business near us sits, - Dasha whispered to me and for some reason I smiled. - Well, we after him stood, here and were near, - I answered with neutral tone. Stewardesses carried drinks and light meals. Approached Mikhail: - Will you order something? - To me "Sprite", - and Mikhail turned back to us and politely asked, - And to you what to order? - To me "Budweiser", small bottle, - I answered it, and Dasha asked him to take still water. - How many do I have to? - getting a wallet, I asked. - - Mikhail grinned at all, - What we because of water will be considered?... Especially, I all the same should exchange a five-hundred part of euro, and that there is no trifle left absolutely... So, little by little we got to talking. Mikhail struck me again: if with me he was dry and efficient, then now, at Dasha, he changed - told fascinating stories from the life and life of the acquaintances - persons from a TV screen. Not only Dasha, but I also with interest listened to him, in him there was no gram of peacockery or boasting, but at the same time the feeling was created that near us there is a world-class star, it was magnificent the naturalness, wit, charm, erudition... Also it is necessary, his many conclusions and addictions (besides, absolutely accidentally!) coincided with Dashinymi, and my wife like sympathy for the new acquaintance, from time to time, killing him enthusiastic remarks soon: - Well, it is necessary! And I so think, - or, - it is pleasant to you too? Truth? And Sergey said that it can be pleasant only to me... And Mikhail completely bribed my wife when "guessed" a grade of her perfume: - Fine choice. You have a distinguished taste, Eve Polna uses just the same spirits... - Eve Polna? My favourite singer! - Truth? - Mikhail made a helpless gesture, - you See, so at you not only musical tastes meet with her... When Mikhail went to a toilet, Dasha was in high spirits: - What nice, this Mikhail... Truth? - Yes, nice person, - I agreed. - And at first at the airport he seemed to me haughty... And now - as though hundred years we are familiar with him. - The first impression often is deceptive. The normal man appeared. - Yes... - with some aspiration Dasha said. Or it seemed to me? Mikhail returned, and lively conversation continued at once. The conversation came about a transfer. - I ordered an individual transfer, - Mikhail told, - I don't like to take a steam bath in the bus while carry tourists on all hotels... - Here you see, - with a reproach in a voice Dasha told me, - Mikhail resolved an issue with an individual transfer, and you couldn't... - I couldn't, - justifying oneself, I answered, - the Tour operator brought me, I tried... - Means, it was necessary to agree with other tour operator. Here you always leave everything for the last moment, and then such nonsense turns out. - Don't quarrel, - Mikhail stood up, - I will try to agree with the transfer that on the road to throw you. To me all the same in the most distant hotel on the coast, in Orgazmus. Dasha even jumped up from the gushed emotions: - Yes, it is fine?! To us too in Orgazmus! - What is serious? - Mikhail so sincerely was surprised that even I was ready to believe him, - Here so coincidence! Well, then no problems with a transfer will exist - we will go together, I undertake it. - This was lucky us! However, darling? - Dasha shining for joy nestled on me. - Yes, we are luckies... dating profile about myself dated and related gay cast site mapMain Page