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Ebok - a fungus Fairy tale Once upon a time there was, girl Dasha. The girl, was interested in berry, that that was located at her, is slightly higher than the pussy. To exhaustion I fingered her, trying to obtain pleasure which, streamed on all body at the time of an orgasm. There was a time, the girl considerably matured, games with berry, smoothly turned into masturbation already in a vagina. The first, inside, the green cucumber from a bed visited. It surely entered the pussy, without hurting at the time of a defloration at all. Only brown blood on petals of a gentle vagina, slightly surprised the girl, but, subsequently with confidence, I started the suitable objects for masturbation there. Actions were pleasant and explosive. The orgasm, lifted the girl up to the highest heights of the culmination from where there was no wish to return. Over time, such fireworks began to bother the girl, and she began to think how to her, to try the real penis. The girl was timid, itself didn't decide on friendship with the boy therefore, everything went according to the old scenario. Once, Dasha decided to descend in a grove which was located, not so far, from their settlement - on mushrooms. - It is necessary to please ancestors with pies, - the girl ran, and thought, of a tyata with a uterus. Having reached to a lesochka, often I bent down for mushrooms, breaking them in a basket. The basket, was already half full when it came across on пенёк. - Well, here I will also have a rest! – Dasha told herself, settling more conveniently. The girl, smoothly carried out down a waist by palms, and took seat. Suddenly at the girl, butterflies in the bottom of a stomach – this sweet desire zaporkhat, she learned without mistakenly. Having lifted a hem, Dasha without hesitating, I began to finger lewd berry. Already the culmination approached as suddenly, behind the back I heard stir - the girl jumped. - Oh, what is it? – having been frightened she looked back. But, without having found anybody, I listened to a wood rumble. The wood, still, buzzed, creaked, groaned … - It is visible, seemed! – having crossed, the girl thought, and again I settled down on a stub. As soon as touched berry, again I heard stir. The girl scaredly jumped, and looked back. This time, at a rhizome, I made out a fungus of an unusual form. The mushroom stuck out of a grass so as if it was the dick. Having bent, Dasha began to study this wonderful fungus. - Oh, my God! – the girl exclaimed. – As, he is similar on писю tyat when he made love to mother. Dasha, peeped for the parents once and received improbable impressions of their sex when those, puffed on a bed. The tyata had a big dick, firm and long, well, exactly, as this fungus. Unexpectedly the mushroom had eyes, a nose and a mouth. The Makhonky mouth the fungus said by a human voice. - Hi, maiden beauty! From surprise, Dasha stared and sat down on пенёк. - You are a fungus, now greeted me? - with astonishment the girl asked him. - Yes – it I greeted you, - smiling, the fungus answered and added: - My name is Ebok-gribok, and you as? - And me, Dasha call, - still, she with astonishment answered. - I look, you finger the berry, maybe, there is a need to help you – and, beauty the maiden? The girl, slowly blushed, in utter disbelief. - Yes, as, it is possible, to talk to mushrooms? – Whether it is a dream? – I was surprised, Dasha asked. - Be not frightened, and be not surprised – same fantastic пенёк and someone will sit down on him, that will come to be in the fairy tale at once. – And, when you sat down on him, I began to know a lot of things about you at once. Now I know that you often finger the pussy, deriving from it pleasure. – I know that you dream of the boy who would poyebat you, well generally, now, I know everything and I can help. - If you want, then I can make love to you right now as you dreamed. - And, how you will make love if you grown to the earth? – she asked with interest. - Well is it doesn't matter! – Here, lift a dress, sit down more conveniently on пенёк then you will see what will be. Having slightly thought, Dasha lifted a hem, took seat on a stub again, picked up legs, and began to wait. Meanwhile, Ebok-gribok, dexterously came off the earth, jumped to a bosom of the girl and clung tiny sponges to berry. The girl felt voluptuous desire at once, involuntarily the basin of the girl began to nestle on a fungus. Having sharply jumped up, the fungus with summer pierced in a bosom, and disappeared, somewhere inside. Here it appeared again, and also quickly, disappeared in a voluptuous peshcherka. At first, Dasha watched the events, but, forces weren't any more, and she, having covered eyelids, silently, I accepted a fungus, enjoying the unruly rascal. Through, some time, Dasha felt approach of an orgasm, having often begun to breathe, she extended legs and terminated, letting out lingering cry. The body of the girl fought in convulsions, on organism cages as if current, a push, orgasm lightnings flew by. At last she became silent and calmed down. Ebok-gribok jumped out of a peshcherka, taking out for himself juice of the young girl, on petals of lips of a vagina they dripped on пенёк. - Well, how it was pleasant to you, beauty maiden? – I asked a fungus, wiping the little body, and a hat a burdock. - Oh, it was fine! – also I added: - And we will go to live to me, and you will always be to me to bring joy. - No, beauty maiden, I can't leave the wood native. – There will be nobody to look behind him therefore sorry, but, I refuse to you. – I am more best than ladies to you, family magic, and as you will want sex, put a sunflower seed in a dimple, water with water, and you will see what will be. I filled Ebok-gribok the whole handful of seeds to Dasha, she wrapped them in лопушок, and I went home with a full basket of mushrooms. Houses, first of all, Dasha ran to the river where at coast, I was them огородик. Dexterous movements, she dug out a pole, put a sunflower seed there, filled up with a zemlitsa, brought in water palms, watered, and began to wait. It wasn't necessary to wait long. Suddenly the knob, began to move, and from the earth as if by magic, the big and mighty dick grew. Being shaken, he as if the monster appeared in all beauty. This miracle was so big that at once it was thought, but whether he will damage, something, at me there inside. In the next second, the monster, as well as at Ebka-gribka, had under a hat, directly on a trunk, makhonky eyes, a nose and a mouth. - What will you desire madam? – the dick, the Lilliputian Basque spoke. - To me here, Ebok-gribok gave seeds, I put, watered, and here you now, grew, but I am afraid that you very big, and who knows will tear me all. - Be not afraid the maiden, everything will be good! – Give lay down on a grass and prepare. Dasha having pulled a hem to a breast, I laid down, having raised legs up. As well as Ebok-gribok, the dick stuck into a clitoris, Dasha moaned, and from a vagina juice appeared. The dick fingered a clitoris, and the trunk of the dick rubbed about a bosom and an anus. The girl, from new feelings lingeringly moaned. Having trifled a clitoris, a dick, having brought closer a powerful hat to a vagina, it began to be covered with the emitted juice, having plentifully covered, it jumped up, and sharply flew in an anus, and without excess preludes began to hollow it. From surprise Dasha jumped and ran, but, the mighty dick hollowed and hollowed, more and stronger. The girl reached straw and failed on a stomach, and the monster, still hollowed. Having regained consciousness, Dasha opened eyes, having looked back on the parties, saw on straw of the villain nearby. The villain lay nearby as if not live. Dasha felt discomfort in anticipation of an anus, there everything burned. The girl a finger poked a dick, under a hat, the familiar face at once appeared. - Well, how? – he asked cheerfully. - You to me, tore an ass probably! – she complained to him. - No, beauty maiden, I didn't tear, and I developed as it is necessary. – Now we there, will often work. - But I don't want, and in general, it is necessary to warn at first … - But you, itself chose me! – with astonishment the dick answered. - How - it did I choose? – Something I won't understand you. - And unless didn't explain you Ebok-gribok when and what seeds to use on volition? - No, I didn't explain, he only told how to grow up. - Well, then listen, the maiden beauty: - Those that black is for an ass, and that blednenky, that in a vagina – understood? - Ah, here it that! – joyfully Dasha exclaimed. - The darling can, we will continue games? – the dick asked. - No, I don't want, now it was for a long time sated. - Well, then I disappear and as you will want, sow a sunflower seed. The dick disappeared as if it wasn't. Dasha got up and went to the river, there she bathed and went home. The girl didn't know that on the road, from a wrapped up burdock which already almost dried up seeds began to fall. Next day, after a lunch the heavy rain, and by the evening, along a footpath, in a kitchen garden expected to fall, mighty dicks grew up. At this time, Dasha's mother, went to a kitchen garden behind vegetables, already from a distance saw, something wrong and when approached, I gasped. From the earth, a row, huge dicks stuck out. First, Dasha's mother felt shock, but, having touched, understood that it were living dicks. - But, how? – with astonishment, she wondered. Unexpectedly, the dick started talking by a human voice. - What do you wish? – the dick asked. - How? – again she asked. - And here so! – the dick answered. It was pulled out from the earth, I jumped up and flew to the woman under a hem. There, without effort, I found a treasured crack, and I dived into her bounties. The second dick to which it it touched, was a black sunflower seed therefore he was, also, pulled out jumped up and pierced it in an ass. Not ожидав, such deal, the woman began to yell and rushed to the house, and dicks, properly, processed her meanwhile from within. On noise I came running, тятя Dasha, without having understood what happens with the wife, it went to a kitchen garden, there he saw a surprising picture as a number of dicks, are powerfully shaken on trunks. - Here is and! – he exclaimed, and the dick from the earth began to pull out. The dick, having scented touch, I was pulled out, climbed a trouser-leg to an ass and I flew to a tyata deeply in guts. From surprise, the man gallop rushed off to the house. Neighbors came running, asked in what business, but those, violently shouted and only. showed towards a kitchen garden. The people followed to a kitchen garden, and already, through some time, they back ran, like mad, only shouting: - Save! In two days, dicks, in itself disappeared. Dasha was left without treasured seeds, but, her it not a scarecrow, she ran to a lesochka again, singing a cheerful song … dating poland free site dateline vengeance site mapMain Page