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From early youth I was carried away by disguise in a women's clothing. I do it not often, but sometimes there is such desire. I reincarnate, painted and turn in front of the mirror, I admire myself, the benefit a figure of nothing. Female belongings pretty well look on me. The constitution is slender, legs slender and long, shoulders narrow, hair dark, curling, below shoulders too. Once I was fond of sport then I had breast of 1 size. And so in usual life the ordinary guy. Never I had communications with men though I will tell honestly, thoughts such repeatedly visited me. Once to me the elder brother came to stay for a while for couple of days. He is more senior than me for few years. We see each other seldom as we live in the different cities. He in our city had some affairs, he made them in a day and decided to be late for the weekend, to see the city. My family was away so any problems with placement it on caused. We long didn't see each other. To his arrival I bought to drink and have a snack. It came in the evening, we sat down at a table in kitchen, began to talk about that, about this, about life, about girls and volume as as with them to do, and in process to drink. I don't drink strong therefore it was limited to champagne, and the brother used a konyachok. In passing, out of boredom, began to play cards. Through some time on the street darkened, and we were already fairly taken. Gradually began to play on desire, to drink off, to call someone from acquaintances and to play it and so on. I once again lost. And here the brother makes a wish: — Boringly somehow without girls to flirt there is nobody. And you it seems have a figure. Give you in the girl you will change clothes. Though some similarity of presence of the girl will be. I began to refuse, but the brother began to finish me. I presented myself in a female image before the man and this thought began to make horney me. As a result I gave up and went to clothes and to choose clothes. I chose something from clothes, underwear, took sandals on a high heel, cosmetics, and went to the bathroom to take a shower and to enter an image. At me the thought flashed and that if usual flirtation develops into something. I was properly washed up in all places, shaved and began the transformation. I put on white stockings on an elastic band, small white panties, light sandals on the platform and very high heel, and the short blue dress fitting above and kleshenny below almost to the middle of a hip with a long sleeve. It was such lung that it wasn't felt. It gently fitted a body emphasizing a waist and allocating buttocks. Besides, heels made my legs even more slender and more long. I let hair down and brushed the hair on women's manners. After that I put cosmetics on a face, made up eyes, brought sponges, having visually made them is a little chubbier and made up red lipstick. I in a mirror was faced by the nice girl. In such look I left to the brother. Having seen me he gave a whistle from surprise and considerably cheered up. He told that he didn't expect that from me such nice girl will turn out, and asked to turn before him that he could make out more better me. At first I slowly turned to him a back, then having a little bent bent a back and stuck out buttocks. It is so much compliments to the buttocks and legs I didn't hear yet. After that I sat down on the chair having turned to it half-turned and having crossed the legs. The dress slipped from a leg a little and bared edge of stockings. The brother sat opposite on a sofa and devoured me with a look, considering from legs to the head. It was noticeable that he didn't remain indifferent to my appearance. In his eyes some spark burned. — Don't you object if I call you by Olay? — the brother asked. I didn't object. He poured to me some champagne and suggested to drink for acquaintance. We drank. The brother turned on the slow music and invited me to dance. He took me for a waist, I put hands to him on shoulders and we began to dance. We were slowly turned in dance. He paid me on an ear some compliments, said that I am very beautiful. I didn't listen to him. All me was overflowed by new emotions and I tried to listen to them and to realize the events. I dressed in a beautiful women's clothing, alone with the guy dance with him, he embraces me, presses me to himself, all this didn't go in. Legs didn't hold, were wadded, hands shivered. I regained consciousness from feeling of hands on the buttocks, but not at once I understood that to what. The brother caressed and gently rumpled my buttocks the hands, caressed my waist and a back having closely nestled on me a body. I began to be made horney from all events, my breath became frequent, the head began to spin, I almost became soft in his hands having put the head to him on a shoulder. Gosh darn! It was pleasant to me! My inner voice, though it is very weak, but nevertheless I tried to tell the word that it isn't correct and it shouldn't occur. Seeing it, the brother didn't waste time in vain meanwhile and kissed my neck already gently. His hands got under dress were also played with halves of my buttocks squeezing them, parting in the parties. I felt through the brother's trousers that he was enough made horney and only fabric doesn't give him to the dick to get up to the utmost. No, I told myself. It needs to be stopped there was no disaster yet. I got it together and was discharged of the brother. — We need to smoke and recover. — I told — and that we something were fond. The brother didn't begin to object, but in his eyes I didn't notice any desire to stop so fascinating occupation. We came to a balcony. On the street already darkened. At windows there were slightly covered blinds therefore us it was visible to nobody. We silently stood and smoked. I stood near the window and having thought digested an event. Having finished smoking the first cigarette, I undertook the second. Cigarette smoke went to the head having aggravated effect of alcohol and a thought began to be confused. Recured the brother's hands wandering at me on a body to the memory. I started over again being made horney. Suddenly I understood that it occurs not at me in the head, and in reality. The brother stood behind me, having nestled on me, holding one hand me by a waist, and the second caressing my buttocks through a dress. I leaned the elbows on him. Having apprehended it as a signal to action the brother very gently and slowly I began to caress to me a stomach, hands, shoulders, at the same time I kissed my neck. He began to caress to me a breast with circular motions slightly squeezing it and being played by fingers with nipples. Broke my roof finally. I groped in trousers to his floor the strengthened dick and began to caress him through fabric of trousers. I managed to undo his trousers and to thrust a hand to him into pants. In a hand I had his dick. He was hot, firm and wet from lubricant. I faced the brother, kneeled and pulled together trousers together with pants. Before my person there was his dick. He was magnificent. A straight line, in length about 18 cm, moderately thick, with a big red head, with beautiful big round balls. I took him in a hand, carried out on him by a uvula from below up. He moved. I moistened with saliva of a sponge having licked them and took in a mouth of this handsome. I began to suck this dick slowly moving the head and trying to get used to new feelings. I studied it the uvula and sponges, one hand slightly podrachivat, and another gently rumpled his big heavy balls. The brother took me hands for the head and began to help me to be stuck on this stake. But all the same more than on two thirds he didn't want to find room in my mouth. He so already rested to me against a throat. I very much liked this occupation, but the brother interrupted me, lifted from knees, turned to himself a back and bent. I bent a back, placed legs and leaned a breast and hands against a window sill. It lifted up to me a dress and began to caress my legs, a back, to rumple buttocks. It was pleasant to me and I bulged buttocks even more. He lowered a little my panties, moistened fingers with saliva and began gradually to enter them into me. But without lubricant was больновато. He brought vegetable oil from kitchen and greased fingers and my buttocks. After that the buttocks began to accept his fingers normally. Once I warmed up buttocks improvised objects therefore the hole relaxed soon and began to let in three of his fingers. I felt as his hot dick touched my buttocks. He rested a head against my hole and pressed. The dick began to enter me slowly. Pain was almost not. Probably good preparation, lubricant and excitement affected. The brother didn't hurry, waited when my buttocks get used to his dick, moved very slowly. After a while he began to accelerate and increase depth of penetration and soon I already felt as his big balls fight about my buttocks. The brother held me one hand by a waist, and the second rumpled my buttocks. At myself behind the back I heard as he pants. The dick entered me almost at all length. It was pleasant to me, I felt as the dick moves apart my interiors. Legs gave away, I closed eyes and derived pleasure. From my mouth low moans of pleasure escaped. At some point the brother took out from me a dick. I thought that he was going to terminate, but he only decided to replace a pose. We came on kitchen. He sat down on a chair, and I sat down on him from above to him the person. I took his dick and sent myself to buttocks. He entered "like clockwork" and I began to move slowly on him. So it was pleasant to me that I didn't want that he quickly terminated. The brother caressed my buttocks and a breast. Then he lifted me without taking out from me the dick, put on a table, parted my legs in the parties and started over again fucking. I completely relaxed and felt as the dick enters against the stop and balls fight about my buttocks. It wasn't long and the brother terminated in me a powerful stream. Through passed we stood on a balcony several and smoked. The brother embraced me behind and said that he had no such sex yet that very much was pleasant to him and he had no objection if I stayed Olay before his departure. I had no desire to refuse to him because I too never had such sex and there was a strong wish to try a lot of things. dating podcasts spotify date calculator julian calendar site mapMain Page