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Why you put on this green dress today? Did you decide to tease me? Or can not me, and men around. Unless you didn't know that they will devour with eyes your naked back and especially that place where the low neck came to an end, and at especially successful case it was possible to observe seductive dimples slightly above buttocks. Why you took away hair in a tail? You as if lend the open neck and shoulders to their kisses. And the waiter as if the acquaintance, was so low inclined to you, offering the menu. When your smile became such vicious, and than this fop deserved it, he only nodded to you, pouring a glass of wine. Dress shoulder-straps to me seem too thin. And you specially or not as though you don't notice, correct not at once if one of them unexpectedly slides off. To someone this appeal, a coma this lovely offer to kiss, bite the bared place? Small talk. I mechanically answer. You looked at someone or it seemed to me, on someone behind me, to me awkwardly to turn to look, still you will think that I am jealous. Why mudflows not in some secluded place, and here in the middle of the hall? You chose. We under all these lewd views, more precisely you. I feel naked, but you likely like this feeling. You are the focus of attention. Where they look at your legs in stockings. You sit so that their lace is visible. The devil, what to me to begin to be jealous? Or not, I will more better muffle this silly attack. They envy me. It I can spread these legs tightened in mesh lace, but not they. It I am given these a neck and a back for my stings and kisses, but not him. It I as the owner lay down between your hips, but not they. And it you give me the groan and breath when I enter you. And me you squeeze it at yourself there inside. And only therefore, in the face of all I will take away you from here. Why you hurry or it I? What do we look for? Streets are empty. We should find the alley, a gate, the deadlock. All the same that? There is a turn. Here it is dark. Here it is silent. Your lips waited for me. This wall is cold, dirty and rough for your gentle back, but I press you to her, lifting up a dress, spreading a knee your legs. Unless you can resist? Here it is your neck with velvet skin, here a chin, here lips. My hand. What so brought you? Attention at restaurant or this wild situation? And your hands: To me was heard, or you whispered it to me? Someone could restrain at this moment? God or devil? I am not present. I put you on something dusty, I break the last barrier. I in you. I want to fill you completely. You move to me on a meeting. Your fingers convulsively seized a dress, me: This fury. Groan, breath, nobody will hear them, don't restrain. You threw back the head. And I hear only your lingering exclamation. And I don't stop, it seemed to me, you whispered to me about it. I will test everything in you … dating only for looks kunde 2022 date in india site mapMain Page