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At the airport we received things, underwent customs control, at the exit met Mikhail. He took from Dasha all bags, type, "not women this stuff", and brought us to the minivan expecting him which without problems brought quickly us to hotel. Orgazmus was luxury hotel with the huge territory and the long beach. The territory was broken into sectors, and on everyone the group of animators at the same time held the events - games, competitions, sporting events, training in dances, water aerobics, water entertainments... We lodged in a bungalow in the Relax complex - the lonely territory located in a bosk with the pools away from the loud music and mass actions but also close to the ocean coast. Mikhail stopped in a bungalow too, but in the Joy complex, near a disco and bars. I paid attention that percent thirty vacationers - black, and weren't heard the Russian speech anywhere. The hotel surprised with abundance of girls topless, and not only on the beach, but also in the territory. They participated in competitions, swam in the pool or just walked, pleasing views of men with equal suntan on all body. Also completely naked girls and men met, especially wildly the undressed couples in love which went under the handle or kissed looked in the beginning. And, it was perceived by all vacationers quite naturally, and the well-trained personnel only friendly smiled. In several hours and my eyes got used to this picture, and I already quietly reacted to the next types of pubises or male penises - they somehow very organically fitted into this unbridled atmosphere of general fun when air is filled with positive emotions, festive mood, sex and love. And you, without noticing that, too you begin to smile to all and each, all world around and to enjoy life. Such feeling that you got to Heaven. I looked at Dasha with whom we went from restaurant to the beach - she smiled too, so and she felt the same. - As well here, - I stretched. - Yes, - my wife easily agreed, - At first it seemed to me it is wild, and now... Unusually, not as everywhere... Here sharply you feel that you are in the resort, on vacation - so everything is exotic... But it isn't obligatory for us to undress, the truth? - There is no obligation here. And you hesitate? - Yes well... - Your business as you want, - as Mikhail recommended, it is indifferent I answered, without having begun to insist on that my wife sunbathed naked. And through some time Dasha herself returned to this subject: - Really you wouldn't begin to be jealous me if I sunbathe topless, and other men would look at me? Worked! As well as Mikhail spoke, she will think of it if I don't frighten her of persistence: - Men will look at you? - I grinned, - Yes throw you! Here nobody doesn't care about us, look - around at so many naked beauties, and nobody stares at them... - Ah, so means around some beauties? - the provocation which is thought up by Mikhail was successful, - And on me, so and won't look? - All right to you, I didn't want to offend you... - Well, we will look, will be stares at me or not, I will arrange to you! - Dasha from internal contradictions decided to arrive to spite of me, and on the beach took off from herself a bathing suit brassiere. However, right there I laid down on a stomach, but for some seconds she appeared before all naked: - Get from the bag lotion from the sun, and that I will burn down in the first day... I rummaged in the bag and didn't find him there because according to the plan, I had to forget him in number: - Oh, apparently, I forgot him in number... - Forgot? I reminded you! - Probably, on a bedside table I left... All right, I descend in number now, I will bring. But I didn't manage to depart as to us the plank bed was moved up by Mikhail: - It is possible with you? For several seconds the speech power was gone not only at Dasha, but also I - had Mikhail absolutely a goal! In comparison with my friable pale body he looked as Mr. Vselennaya. On his very broad shoulder there was a tattoo - a graceful monogram of letter "M" with a Gothic ornament ("M" is, probably, Mikhail: yes, he knows the own worth and loves himself). His athletic figure was supplemented by equal bronze tan on all body - and on a brawny breast, and on relief bicepses... And under cubes of his stomach big hanged down... no, huge dick. Even not the dick, but thick hose! And I saw how Dasha, raising eyes on Mikhail, lingered for several seconds on a penis which was from her at distance of the given hand: - Yes, Mikhail... - she swallowed, - Of course, it is possible... He began to spread efficiently a beach towel on a plank bed mattress, and I told him: - I now for a couple of minutes will depart in number, and that I forgot lotion from the sun... - Lotion? And at me is so it is not a problem. - But I use only one firm, hardly at you... - and here Dasha faltered, having seen that in hands at Mikhail just the same lotion, how at her, - At you same? It is necessary... - That is, this will suit you? - Yes, certainly, - it is visible that Dasha was lost also from Mikhail's body, and from the sizes of his outstanding advantage, and here he also with lotion pleased her, therefore when he with ease peculiar to him suggested to help to smear with her a back, she just answered: - Of course, many thanks... I laid down on the plank bed and askance began to observe how Mikhail smeared lotion on Dasha's body. I saw how my wife from the first touches of foreign man to her which besides sometimes "accidentally" slightly touched her body the dick strained. The movements of his hands were sure, but at the same time he did the part carefully, but without the slightest signs of eroticism. And my wife in several seconds relaxed. Having covered with lotion her back and legs, Mikhail efficiently asked her: - Will you smear a tummy or to help? And my wife answered not immediately, that is, she thought before answering, so allowed also other possible answer: - Well, thanks, you also are so very kind, - she took from it from hands lotion, and having hesitated for a time second, turned over on a back, sat down and began to smear herself with lotion, having opened the breast on a public inspection. Approximately, I represented what in her occurs as she struggles with sense of shame and awkwardness that appeared topless before unfamiliar men. But there passed minute, and doomsday didn't occur, nobody pointed a finger at her party, nobody even wrapped up the heads, life took its course. And Mikhail laid down on a plank bed and defiantly opened the book, having gone deep into reading. Dasha expected accident, but she didn't occur. But such full ignoring of her act (and for her it was, certainly, the act) didn't suit it too. Therefore after a while I became straight and I began to smear lotion on a body more slowly, more carefully, more provocatively. And again any reaction, and Mikhail turned the page of the book. Dasha, didn't hide any more, and having become straight to the utmost stretched him lotion, probably, expecting that he will point the look at her body now, having seen as her breast is good: - Thanks, Mikhail... - On health, - with quiet politeness he answered, without hiding a look, but also without having detained him on my wife of any excess second, so, as if, it was completely dressed. I saw that Dasha kept within on a plank bed in an emotional turmoil, and this time she laid down not on a back, and on a stomach. Minutes lasted, it is visible that in her soul different feelings fought, and it didn't find anything the best, than to ask Mikhail: - Mikhail, and what you read? Mikhail called the book, and my wife exclaimed: - Same my favourite author! And you read at him... Mikhail came off the book, and they began to prattle about works by this author in whom (by "accidental coincidence", certainly) also Mikhail was interested. At the same time my wife wasn't confused the nakedness any more, and Mikhail, having rearranged half-turned to her, paraded the men's advantage. But the conversation went about books, about creativity therefore everything was it seems as is innocent. And Dasha treated a type of a naked dick already calmly though she threw into his party imperceptible as it seemed to her, views from time to time. And it is remembered, she said to me that the size doesn't matter... Mikhail suggested me to go to bar: - We will take on a beer? - Yes, with pleasure... - And to you what to take? - Mikhail took an interest at my spouse as according to our plan I have to him concede whenever possible as much as possible courtings for the wife. Dasha: - It is good that there are real gentlemen, and with a reproach of a zyrknul on me, - Mikhail, bring me, please, a nonalcoholic mojito... We went to bar, on Mikhail Road praised me: - While you cope, you do everything truly. Respectively, already your wife has a certain progress. - You about topless? But here almost all so sunbathe... - Not only about it. Did you see how she looked at my dick? At her even breath filched. And you will say to me that she is indifferent to sex and men? Yes I for 99 percent am confident now in success of our business, only if you don't bring. - I won't bring... - Then don't even think to touch your wife, any sex until I resolve. I saw how you were made horney, looking as your wife showed the boobs to all beach. You can remove the excitement masturbation, and with Dasha you need to behave according to our plan not only when I am near, but also alone - round the clock. Even if she to you on a dick will get, find a way to avoid execution of matrimonial duties. It is clear? To me it was rather humiliating that other man saw me as if, through, I read my mind. I really had a crazy thought to fuck my wife in number - so strongly I was made horney by shameless behavior, unexpected for her character. But Mikhail the prevention as if, I caught me by a hand in attempt to make a shameful act - because of second weakness all plan could depart to hell through my fault. Therefore I didn't begin to wriggle, and just answered: - Yes, Mikhail, to me it is clear. I won't bring. - Well. Tonight we will meet in a disco. You shouldn't invite your wife to dance, think up that the leg hurts you or still something... There will be my Brazilian friends, we will dance with your wife in turn. She needs to be beaten out from former slow rate of life - to twirl, carry away that she didn't have time for reflections to wake in her the dozing whore - a female who is made horney by strong males which rejects weak which thinks not-headed, but pizdy... You want it? - Yes, it... We returned to Dasha, Mikhail stretched her a wine glass with a mojito: - Well, maybe, we will pass on "you"? And that we somehow too officially behave for rest in the resort... - And the dress code at us not too official "to vykat", - in reply joked Dasha. We laughed, clinked glasses, drank and went to bathe. In water Dasha several times checked the wedding ring - whether on the place? She essentially didn't remove him, even during bathing... In the evening we went to a disco. Dasha was in a light bright dress. We sat down at one of tables, Dasha ordered champagne. Loudly clockwork music played, around everything blinked, the DJ cried out appeals to fun, the public answered with shouts, squeals and an applause. Dasha drank champagne and nodded in a music step: - Perhaps we will go, we will dance? - Yes something reluctance... - Well you such sour, and? - I am not sour, simply, to myself I sprained a leg so to me somehow not before dances. More better I will drink a viskarik, and you go, dance... - Yes well that I am one... As though I am not married, - she inflated sponges. Here from crowd of dancing there was Mikhail who is effectively moving to a music step who hailed us: - Hi! Went to a dance floor! - The leg hurts Sergey, - having twisted a face, my wife shouted in reply. - And too hurts you? - Mikhail friendly laughed. Dasha interrogatively looked at me, I readily told her: - Go, of course dance... It Mikhail, the... And my wife together with Mikhail were dissolved in crowd. Sweated, but not out of breath, they returned to a table, from them blew as joy. Together with them two black couples from Brazil - to men of years on thirty, and to girls, probably, on twenty or even less sat down by us at a table. They pushed aside me from Dasha, it turned out that my wife remained with Mikhail, and I - in a far corner of a table. Brazilians continuously about something spoke Portuguese, laughed... I didn't understand the devil, and Dasha by a cheerful voice told me: - You represent, I can practise with children to Portuguese! Class! They are Mikhail's friends, here happened... Brazilians saw that Dasha talks to me, and asked her about something. Their question made laugh her to tears, and she long couldn't answer them. And when answered then already Brazilians laughed until sick. When I asked Dasha that so made laugh them, she answered: - You represent, they asked about you, thought that you are my father, and Mikhail is my husband... However, it is ridiculous? - Yes, it is ridiculous, - especially I knew that it is preparation in respect of Mikhail - jokes humourous catchphrases to approach my wife, and to put me before her in ridiculous situations. Besides, not accidentally Mikhail chose this hotel to which there could come people from 18 to 45. I with 42 years looked against the background of lump in a familiar way, and lost in a form to most of young people. Slow music played. Mikhail invited Dasha to dance. This time she didn't even look at me, didn't ask - whether "I mind?". Can because I sat in a far corner of a table, and it was inconvenient to it to make it, or perhaps because Mikhail's plan worked (not accidentally I was pushed aside in the distant end of a table). Dasha danced with Mikhail, with Brazilians a couple of hours in succession. Slow compositions changed fast, fast slow... She as though forgot about me when near me Mikhail flopped on a chair: - Means, listen, Dasha in a toilet so far. She now on a platoon, but you have to break off, tell her that it is time to sleep or something like that... - But if she on a platoon, then why to break off her? - Because she isn't ready yet. Why to risk? If today I use her, then tomorrow she can regret about it, and then the end to all plan. If it was necessary for you that I her once fucked, then I could make it and without coming here. Do you want that Dasha became a whore not for one night, and forever? That, without hesitating, changed you? That she submitted to me, but not you? - Yes, certainly, as we also planned... - Then you will break off her now, and it will be very offensive for her. Probably, she in revenge will tell to you some mucks - it is normal: with me to her it has to be cheerful, with you - went out. It is clear? - It is clear... Dasha returned in high spirits, approached us and addressed Mikhail: - Well, still we will dance? - No, - I got into conversation, - I something was strongly tired, we will go to sleep. - Yes will be enough for you, - Dasha thought that I will easily give up, - We still a half-hour will have fun - Mikhail looney dances to a point! - No, we will go home. Will be enough for today. Dasha twisted a face, Mikhail interfered here: - That's OK to you children, don't quarrel. Sergey was tired. He should have a rest. You go, I will pay for everything. Dash, you will go with me for morning jog tomorrow how we agreed? - Yes, in eight as agreed, - having frowned eyebrows, my wife answered. - And you, Sergey, how about morning jog? And that Dasha said that you don't love this business... - No, I from school hate run... - Yes, he at me still that fan of sport... - discontentedly Dasha hemmed. We said goodbye, and Dasha all road to number didn't talk to me. When I tried to embrace her, she pushed away me: - I didn't expect from you Sergey... I wanted to have fun, and you spoiled everything... - To us three more weeks to have a rest here, still you will manage to enjoy to the full. - With you you will have fun, of course... No, here you tell what fly bit you? Took offense what to me it is cheerful, and to you isn't present? - Nothing I took offense... - I took offense-took offense... Do you think, to me it was cheerful with Mischa because he has a dick more than yours? No, just with him it is cheerful, he great dances, and there was nothing to make rows to jealousy!... Stop. As they say, an ogovorochka according to Freud. And here the size of a penis of Mischa, I mentioned a word about it. Means, she kept thinking of it, and now, without having restrained, in the heat of anger blurted out all this? - And yes here his dick? - Here and I speak, "and?", - Dasha threw to me in reply and, probably, having understood that she boltanut superfluous, began to talk some nonsense, - It not for me, it is important for you, all the time you speak about it... Considering that I spoke two times for all story of ours with her of a relationship about it, it was clear that Mishin a penis made a great impression on her. And I softly supported this subject in that course as Mikhail instructed me: - Well, he has more, than at me. Well and that from why I have to take offense because of it? Many have more, than at me, I got used to it long ago. Especially as you said that for you this question has no value... - The main thing that for you this question didn't matter, - Dasha lowered heat degree, probably, having been delighted that successfully I got out of the situation, and transferred a conversation to a neutral subject: - Perhaps tomorrow you will be run since morning, and then in the sea we will be rinsed? You know how then great you feel... - No, as they say, didn't live richly and there is nothing to get used. You пробежись, the benefit that you had a partner, with Mischa won't be boring for you, - without any sarcasm in a voice I answered. Also I noticed how in corners of Dashiny lips the smile flew - so it reacted to the word "partner" which is deliberately pronounced concerning them with Mikhail. dating online rules dated and related gay couples site mapMain Page