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What for? This question haunted me minutes 10 I think. And soon again from a situation, from absence of the woman and all similar the lust wave just covered eyes on moral aspect. I waited for morning. Having loudly slammed the door, I having pretended that spoke by phone — I will be at home a pier in about 10 — 15 minutes, in shop, and I left. I went to shop in minutes 3. and run back — I waited I stood under a pocket door. Honestly — soon later a couple of minutes the door opened judging by a sound and... I broke off. Having waited up to 10 minutes, I went down on half of the floor and loudly stamping rose — inserted a key into the lock, was picked long and is noisy, having opened a door in a pocket, to my delight I found the neighbor. — "Again you wash a floor?" — with unclear pleasure I asked. About yesterday's the first decided not to stammer. — "Dirty" — on my memory she never washed the floor as soon as I left for a door. — "It you the good fellow, I then not to trample down will be undressed here" — I bent and untied one sneaker... the second... I removed, and pretending that nearly I fell, I touched with hands a bottom to the neighbor. — "Excuse" — I didn't begin to take away a hand and in impudent I stroked fingers an entrance to a vagina — the benefit, she stood having bent and the ringlet was slightly opened. — "Nothing nothing, the main thing that didn't fall" — both of us pretended as though nothing happened. — "How pipe?" — I continued to touch her vagina, expecting when becomes wetter, but probably owing to age it remained dry. — "Perfectly, with such man it is possible to repair everything in the house" — a delicate hint from the old woman, and she having wagged hips I wiped with a rag a floor still a little. — "Come what may" — I decided, and having wetted fingers saliva was attached behind, undoing trousers. The grandma didn't move anywhere, and only stood when the dick which is hardly greased with my saliva buried in a vagina. Breakthrough... still... he in literal sense entered with a scratch, she was doesn't mind and still as, but dry... at last having already hardly thrust on a half and losing an erection from unpleasant feelings, I began to notice that to become is more damp. Couple of pushes — frictions and the dick completely entered my neighbor, and I having flown into a rage began to hollow this dry old woman, slightly pushing away with each entrance blow. — "Oh... "— I exhaled, having understood that I held on minutes 5, and with each reduction — poured in a portion of a cum in her vagina. "Here I am a dumbass and the idiot!! why? спермотоксикоз I went to the head" — these thoughts visited me after an orgasm, and it became opposite to me from himself. Having pulled out a dick I quickly filled it and almost flew at a door. The neighbor didn't mention a word. Silently I got up and I came to myself — judging by a door sound. Day... two. I almost disappeared from the neighbor, having spent the night at friends praying what the holiday would end rather and I switched to work. But... 19 years are 19 years, and soon again the dick began to direct me. Having come back home, I to a pocket on a staircase heard shouts of the neighbor — she as usual with the lowered pants shouted at the neighbor from below that that loudly listens to the TV. That only swore in reply. and then I sent her at all having closed a door. Having risen — I just at the same time rose with the neighbor. Having greeted, I explained absence — the fact that visited relatives and noticed "To you to trim — and that is visible grow the beginning... "— having nodded on her vagina. The old woman silently turned away and as it seemed to me having taken offense came to herself. I having shrugged shoulders I disappeared at myself, and till the evening I stayed in quiet ignorance... night. Aggravation perhaps? Knock at a door and I having opened — I knew that I will see. Neighbor. — "Now a class" — I didn't allow to open for her and the mouth, ran without words a hand to her over a pubis, feeling that the truth is shaved for 100%. Having kneeled I kissed a pubis, having licked vulvar lips. To the next kuna... and the neighbor stood, I waited for a dolizha to her so far. Rather I was just played with her vulvar lips than the truth licked. "And... it is possible to come more often to you... "— I was discharged slightly — "Well... neighborly here so" With these words I kissed her a perineum. — "Or here so" — my language licked her hole. — "It is possible for m..... I will be glad neighborly" Долизав on how many I considered necessary, I on the hostess developed her and my dick again buried in her pizda. Already plentifully damp... from my mouth or from her juice not important, but the dick long enough didn't fall this time, I snoshat her, with slaps on buttocks a stomach. The next portion of a cum soon filled in her vagina and I having exhaled the dick pulled out, having wiped cum droplets about her buttocks and having slapped sent to himself. I managed to find a common language with the old woman... And what's next?. Time will show dating online romania date calculator add days site mapMain Page