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Whether girl, and whether vision … It is devoted to the beautiful stranger. It happened in the summer when I had a rest at the army friend. He lives in the house not far from the sea. That night to me it wasn't fallen down, I always sleep in places, new to me, badly. I got up very early, it was the day off and decided to walk a little. Despite early hour, the sun had already an effect. I dressed, without buttoning a shirt with the cut-off sleeves and jeans. Having gone outside, I went along private houses, watching constructions, different in wealth and appearance. It was the young settlement which city dwellers, paying a craze, began to build to leave the city and to be closer to the nature. Some houses just were under construction, some were already constructed and accepted in themselves happy citizens. Here so walking, and passing by sleepy houses, I suddenly saw a female silhouette in an aperture of the brick house under construction. I went against the rising sun and at first thought that it seemed to me that it, most likely, something left by builders, but I decided to approach closer. When I came into this yard, the sun didn't stick together me any more, and I saw that it really there was a girl, but that the most interesting, she … was naked. I thought that, most likely she from the neighboring house and, using early hour, decided to sunbathe a little. She stood in a wall aperture, having widely placed in sides of a hand and having rested them against a wall bricklaying. Her head was cast slightly away back, setting up the person to the sun, and her magnificent fair hair reached it almost the buttocks which had the forms shaking on beauty. I stood as bewitched and I couldn't move, was afraid to frighten off this vision. But vision was obviously live, I saw how she breathed, and the easy morning breeze slightly played her hair. Here to me to be developed and to leave quietly, but I just lost control over the mind, my legs didn't obey me and as if some inexplicable force attracted me to it. I approached already so close that was afraid even to breathe, I felt as her hair touched my naked breast, as if current pierced me from this touch. Through blows of the heart I hardly distinguished attempts of my brain to reach me. And my brain said that, being so close to the beautiful stranger, I as couldn't but give out the presence. I began to understand that she either heard me for a long time or felt but, nevertheless, for any reason she didn't escape and didn't even turn back. At some moment even it seemed to me that she smiles though I couldn't see her faces in any way. Yes, she precisely smiled and as though asked me "well and that you are going to do next, it is simple to look or …". And here I in general ceased to think that I do. What was on me from clothes departed on the earth. I approached and embraced this beautiful creature for shoulders. She didn't even shudder, and rather on the contrary all kind of moved to me towards. After that, my as it is dick which is too strongly poured by blood, began to bulk up even more so that I even felt small pain from this mad pressure in my flesh. I began to caress her raised hands, her magnificent elastic breast, her stomach … my lips kissed her hair, a neck, a back. Then she slightly parted the long beautiful legs as if inviting me to visit what I couldn't see, but of what I, undoubtedly, had already an idea. My hand spread on her stomach down, I ran it gently fingers over a fluffy pubis and, without being late for a second, fell even below and … touched her strange bosom … It was already all damp to such an extent that his juice flew down on the internal surface of her hips. I felt still big pain in the field of my dick which is breaking off from desire. Suddenly she as if having guessed my desire, moved all back and slightly curved the buttocks in my direction. I one powerful and strong push entered her … till the end, without the rest as though strung it all on itself. In it it was very hot, I felt that as if several rings clasped my dick as if without allowing him to escape outside. I as a furious wild male entered a female, hitting the pubis against her buttocks and from it taking a bigger unearthly pleasure, with each my blow she moved to me towards …. Long it couldn't proceed, I already felt how the pleasure peak in all my body accrues and where that on the seventh, probably, movement, the powerful, hot stream took off from me as, the lava is thrown out of the raged volcano, and struck in her. My animal groan and her loud shout escaped from us at the same time …. Suddenly it seemed to me that together with a seed, I came out all my blood, and together with it and life left my body …. I began to whirl the head, legs began to give away and I had to lean hands against a wall not to fall. Some time we and stood, is speeded up breathing, then she suddenly unexpectedly turned to me so that I managed to notice her beautiful blue eyes, kissed me on a mouth and flew away. When I picked up and put on all the not cunning clothes, it already where wasn't. More I didn't see it, and was ashamed to ask on it the friend. Still there is an impression that as though it everything came in dream to me dating online jokes what date in india today site mapMain Page