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The situation is simple to madness. I studied at military institute. I met the girl, I fell in love, began to meet. Svetka a student was. Somehow time we with cadets returned from a field exit and having got paid decided to descend in a sauna with girls. Had the room, we sit we wait. There come suter with five calves. Us was three. Beauties were built in a row coquettishly wagging buttocks and here among them I recognize the Sveta. I am shocked, she probably too. I thought if boys learn that I with the whore walked, kissed, me all battalion will ridicule. Reluctantly I decided to pretend that I don't know her. I came forward and told — These let remain and that two extreme (including Svetka) it aren't pleasant to us. But my friends stopped me — You че Vovchik? Everyone to himself chooses. One my friend chose a red chiksa, I think well and it is good, probably and won't choose Serega Svetka, he with magnificent boobs loves. I chose the Brunette and we went to the waiting room after the first couple. I think if only Svetka didn't choose, and she still vzboltnt that that with me walks. Undressed well and send number, jerked a beer and I led the to the separate room. What time that to lose. Otkhuyaril the whore two times in пиздень on a pool table also left to tables. I look and there my girl on a lap at my companion sits naked, hair are disheveled, there is no lipstick it was visible that her already vyebl. I hung again. To a table I didn't go, I plunged into the pool, my whore to a table behind beer went. Generally the whole hour I tried not to meet her eyes and she strematsya too, especially when my friend has a rest her to fill up the beginnings, I from the pool observed as she took from him in a mouth and as he told her — Lay down the beauty. Generally my girl that day was fucked by my friend, and I couldn't prevent it somehow. Then I had a meeting with her alone. There were tears, and promises, a hysterics and reconciliation. Svetka told that she the summer little girl arrived the 17th to the city from the village, there are no relatives, and a grant ridiculous. To live on what about it is necessary and to put on, especially with such fine-molded figure there is a wish to look on everything 100. The cool businessman who fucked my Svetka about half a year got filling up her with gifts and belongings and then disappeared. She began to look for to him replacement, but came across some disposable and she accurately acquired a formula you give money you receive sex. Generally she sold the body itself, then in salon of times a week as a side job. For this time (change) happened on the 4th the client on average. I met me and I decided that will be enough, but after three months without fishing I decided to renew. I thought here will gain the diploma and then will tie. So I worked month and I got on me. Generally I forgave her, probably because of togas loved that. And then I turn out too walked from her with whores. I erased her photos from phone. I went to her to dismissal secretly. boys walked with maids and I as the fool in digging always one as couldn't light her to friends. Somehow in barracks I heard from friends that they removed girls in a sauna and brought three whores. Told — you saw One well you remember which Serega after a field exit tore up that time. And so this time Mikhan got her, and at the end we paid in addition her everything in a trekha her fucked, the maid fire, is a pity only phone doesn't give, the guy says is at her. He tells everything guffaw. That night I went to absence without leave. Came I speak — You че again? She again on knees — Darling forgive, on another it was impossible, and I knew that this yours will let out to you. Then I got the laptop, speaks here I wanted to present on your birthday (I in 2 days had it), on it and I earned money. I forgave. Thought all the same her for money before a mouth so terrible? I will consider that all this was then. Especially she earned by the holes to me on a gift. Loves means. dating online how to start a conversation date ideas near me this weekend site mapMain Page