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The story is written at the request of the reader. It is still a story about my ex-wife Dasha. History about which I want to tell occurred in the summer, at the beginning of July, there was Saturday. My wife that day had to meet the schoolmates. These meetings took place every year, I even several times was a participant. Gathered generally same, say, just there was an occasion to meet, sit somewhere, to chat, gossip. Usually they met at somebody on the apartment (including at our place was few times), less often meetings took place in cafe. Dashka was one of organizers of such meetings so I was aware of all their preparation. This time, shown willingness to receive wasn't, and the cafe near our house was chosen. I that day had affairs — I promised the friend Slavke to help under repair cars. It is kind of background... After a lunch I went to a garage to Slavka. We were taken more, than expected, but everything that we gathered, made. Glory I went down to the cellar and I got couple of cans of beer. It, by the way, now was just right. Here Slavik well done! And I somehow also didn't think of it. Cool beer... Then on a jar... And here, when we already began to gather home, to us in a garage the man glanced: — Slavik... — having seen me, he hesitated a little — Men, and can on 50 grams? And? — Mitrich, we were already going to leave. But if only on 50... — Slava answered. — Here and OK. And that I one can't, and there is nobody any more. And soul asks... I in a trice... He disappeared, soon returned with a vodka bottle, sandwiches and apple. Mitrich poured on glasses. Something wasn't thirsty me, especially after cool beer warm vodka. — I grazed... Mitrich began to finish me, Slavka bent and whispered to me on an ear: — More better than bitterns of throats, he all the same will persuade... Of course, we weren't limited to 50 grams. Then Slavka got from the cellar to bank of cucumbers. Then on a spark one more neighbor, then still glanced. There was the second bottle, sausage, fat... Home I went not that on an automatic pilot, but we will tell, I was quite "pretty"... I opened a door of the apartment and I heard loud voices and laughter. I passed to the room... The coffee table was shifted to a sofa. On him there were bottles and snack. Around a table the company from six people was located. Dasha, Ira (this is the best friend of the wife), the faces of two more Dashkiny schoolmates, were familiar, but them I didn't remember names also two men, I saw them for the first time. — Here the owner came — Irka exclaimed, having seen me. Dashka acquainted us: — You know Irka... That I knew Irka very well, she at us quite often was. In addition, I sometimes fucked her when her husband was away... But that's another story, there can be I about her will write then... — It is Lena and Olya — the wife continued to acquaint me with attendees — you have to know them. And it is Artem and Alexey... And it is my husband Semyon. Generally, I joined their company. I settled down near Irka... The table was followed by usual chatter what happens at such meetings... I drank with them glasses three-four and... the sheer fog is farther... I recovered from the terrible dry horrors. In the room it is dark, I couldn't even understand at once where I am. From where from a distance some sounds reached. they were hardly heard that I couldn't even understand what sounds are. So far eyes got used to darkness a little until "I guided sharpness"... I was in the bedroom, the room was slightly lit with light strip getting into a crack between a jamb and a door to the hall. I lay on beds, for some reason dressed, one lay, the wife wasn't. To me there was enough хреновато, the head just broke up, having terribly felt thirsty. There was a feeling that language stuck to the sky. Sil to rise wasn't. After a while I understood the sound nature — someone talked in the neighboring room. Means, guests didn't leave yet? But why then they so quietly talk? I couldn't sort words at all... How many I lay in such state to me to tell difficult. Can minute, can ten. Hardly I sat down on a bed, still some time I recovered. Then I got up and hardly I moved to a door, legs were as from cotton wool. To a door was some to steam of steps, but they were given me with huge work — swung me here and there. I stretched to the handle of a door and I nearly crashed down, I hardly managed to lean against a wall. I stiffened in such situation, in a face I struck light from the neighboring room. For a moment it blinded me, the conversation became heard more loudly, but all the same couldn't understand words. In the room there were only two persons — my wife and one of her schoolmates, in my opinion Artyom. More in the room was nobody. He sat on a sofa facing me, Dasha opposite to him in a chair (I saw her from a back). Order was brought to the room, on a table from a recent feast nothing remained. They sat and talked. I heard their voices, but couldn't understand in any way what they speak about. But judging by their intonation and on the face of Artyom, the conversation was serious. Probably, it also stopped me at that moment... Her hands clasped his neck, Artyom supports by one hand Dashka under a back, and another rumples a breast of my wife... Also rumples it quite roughly as it seemed to me. All of them still kiss, kiss in a hickey. Artyom began to undo buttons on the wife's dressing gown — the first, second, third... His hand goes down below and below... Here all buttons are undone and his hand began to shift a tail of the robe aside. Gradually right part of a body of the wife began to become bare — a leg, white panties, a part of a stomach, a breast seemed... Under a dressing gown Dashka didn't have a brassiere... At last their lips were opened. It seemed to me that there passed the whole eternity. And can just time went more slowly. Dasha cast away the head back. Artyom began to kiss her face a neck. It told something, more precisely it was more similar to mutter. But I couldn't sort her words. He already reached her breast... Artyom weakened a hand which supported a back, and Dasha smoothly fell a back by a sofa. The second hand fell down a stomach, and it began to pull together panties. It quite easily coped with it, not without the aid of Dashka. She raised the back a little, facilitating it a task. His hand slipped it between legs. the wife bent legs in knees and slightly parted them aside, thereby closing me the review... Soon she floated — she closed eyes, her breath became frequent, heard silent low. Artyom got up, took off a shirt, pulled together jeans, then pants... while it undressed, Dashka lying on a sofa, rocking here and there, was exempted from a dressing gown. Then widely I parted legs in the parties, kind of inviting... At this moment I saw her pink, revealed pussy who all shone from her allocations. Artyom was sharply included into my wife, and, in my opinion, at all length of the dick. Dasha even very quietly squealed. Then he not hastily began to plow п... ку mine wives. I saw only his moving back, between her legs. Soon his back and the back became covered then. Dasha began to groan slightly. He continued to tear up her slowly. Time went and on a sofa nothing changed, the same slow rhythm, a silent poskripyvaniye of a sofa, groans of the wife. No, I lie, groans of the wife became louder. The more this action continued, the Dasha groaned more loudly. I don't know, I had an impression again that time stopped as well as when they kissed. Groans became such loud that on the ideas, would have to wake me even if I also slept. And to neighbors it would have to be heard. She clasped him with hands for a neck and buried a mouth to him in a shoulder. Groans became more muffled, but all the same remained loud. Her body strained and was even slightly curved as far as allowed the mass of Artyom. The groan passed into a long sound "ааааааааааааааааааааа" and her body became soft. In the room only puffing of Artyom was heard now. And it continued to hollow it all at the same speed, the become soft body of the wife moved on a sofa back and forth under his pressure. Speed him began to increase, he having published animal roar and having made couple more of movements, and having tired out x... in the wife on the tomatoes, I stood. So they also lay on a sofa without any movement, she below, it on her. The terrible excitement which captured was me took place, and here I found out that I terminated. I terminated in pants without hands, just from what was seen. Even I didn't remember at what moment it occurred, the show so captured me... It was a little not pleasant and would cost to go to be washed, but I was afraid to give out that I don't sleep and saw everything. I had a strange state — felt terrible fatigue as though the whole day otpakhat at work, it is even more, full devastation of all forces. Having once again darted a glance at their motionless bodies, I left the observation post and laid down on a bed. Then in the neighboring room voices were heard, someone went... But I already heard it half-asleep... How many I overslept to me to tell difficult, most likely at all nothing because in the room it was still dark, and dawns somewhat early in the summer. In the neighboring room it was dark too, there was no light strip as earlier. I heard their voices, but they said absolutely quietly. I got up and again approached to the door. But even here I couldn't sort anything. The room was lit only with light getting from a window. Soon eyes got used to darkness and I could make out something. The sofa was spread out and laid by linen. At a wall on a back Artyom lay, is closer to edge of a sofa, having nestled a breast on him, Dasha. He embraced her, I saw his hand on her back. Most likely, they were absolutely naked, the most part of bodies was hidden by the sheet thrown from below to a waist. But the fact that, it so, I didn't doubt at all. From what was seen heart was often clogged. And here for some reason, I still thought that her hand holds his dick... I was instantly terribly made horney... They about something were whispered, the wife sometimes quietly laughed. More nothing occurred, I even. It was to be honest, slightly disappointed. To me already fairly bothered to stand at a door and I wanted was to Uda to go again to lay down when Dasha began to move down a sofa. Having fallen to the level of his groin she stood. Of course, I everything saw not so clearly, only silhouettes. Some time her head was quite highly over a sofa, and then... At this moment I was for all hundred percent, even on two hundred, is sure that she took his dick in a mouth. Then her head began to move quietly. Devil! My wife sucked away at the ex-boyfriend! Characteristic sounds were heard, she smacked the lips from pleasure! I at all desire couldn't see, what really happens, but I could present all this. Knowing as the wife does me blowjob, I could make all mentally at myself in the head. As she clasps with lips a head as sucks it as the dick deeply in a mouth as far as it is possible as carries out by language on a trunk of the dick swallows. Generally, I was made horney to such terrible state that through some time involuntarily again I terminated... Having sucked away Artyom and having swallowed his cum Dasha returned to the same pose that was also to blowjob. She laid down near him, having nestled on him a breast and having embraced him. I laid down on a bed in the bedroom again. Next time I woke up in the morning. Dashka slept near me, having nestled already a breast on me. In a dream she smiled to something. From her lips the cum smell proceeded. I got up, left to other room, on the crumpled sheet naked Artyom fell down. I think that one suction they didn't manage... Most likely, at least once again it tore off my spouse... But it is only my assumption dating on the spectrum uk cast html date european format site mapMain Page