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On me a great impression was made by the story "Nephew" the author-GCH as history is very similar to that which I wanted to tell, I made bold to remake a little the first part of the story of GCH, but then I will write in continuation from myself as it was difficult to begin to write, names are changed, partially something can and is thought up. To solve to you Everything began it is quite banal, from a call of the neighbor mother-in-law's girlfriend Vera. The wife, having talked a little to her, I gave me a tube: — Hi, Sergey — Hello aunts of Beliefs At one time we quite often were at her on a visit, but lately somehow it was impossible. Сереж, I have to you a huge request. Even not a request, I ask, help us, in her voice the shiver was heard. — And what there was that? Lesh... — and she became silent. Lesh it is Alexey, her son. I him didn't see years five any more. — What is with him? — Yes with him that anything. Only I am afraid... We have no work now, here he also dangles with the friends for days on end. Drink, sometimes fights happen... Or will become an inveterate drunkard or... will sit down — the Belief got up to sob. I listened to her and not as couldn't understand that she wants from me. To influence him I how couldn't. Of course, it is a pity for the guy and parents too. — Here I also wanted to ask you — she continued — his annex in the city somewhere, while the getting is good. We understand that not so everything is simple, everything that it will be necessary, only tell. — And what he is able to do? Crusts are? — He on the car mechanic was disaccustomed before army, and armies a driver was... He can also on the tractor. I promised to look for something, but without guarantee. Having called the founder of our company I with him was in good relations punched to him the place of a vodila in our civil engineering firm, the truth with a trial period. But it suited Nadia, probably it was absolutely bad. During week-end they came — Lesh and Vera. I didn't see him long ago, during this time he grew up — was higher than me almost on the head, is wide in shoulders (it probably in the father). Meet him on the street, probably even wouldn't learn. On Monday I brought him to future work, on the road having given manuals. To Lesh hired, often we went together as lived nearby. All were happy also he, and Nadia. Somewhere in a month, on Saturday, at a door the call was distributed. I opened a door and I saw to Lesh. He sometimes to us ran after work in the evenings. And here Saturday, and he faces me, and on a face such joyful smile. Having come into the room, he got a vodka bottle, snack from a package and told: — Here, I received the first salary! — And at work treated? — Yes. Still yesterday. The uncle Sergey I is so grateful to you also to you the aunt Marina... — We congratulate. This business should be washed... The marine began to fuss, the table was soon laid. Drank for the first pay... Toasts went one by one. The vodka brought by Lekhoy reached a limit. It was drunk decently, and we were already quite drunk, I leaned back on a back of a sofa, Marina asked on something to Lesh. He unwillingly answered. And here only I paid attention where he looks — he looked at Marina's breast through a dressing gown cut. Besides, she bent a little forward so the most part of her breast was visible to his look. My wife didn't notice or pretended that she doesn't notice his look. I sat and watched him. Sometimes he made an attempt to take eyes aside, but her breast attracted his look as a magnet. — Lesh, we will go we will breathe fresh air. He looked at me and reddened. He understood that I saw where his look was directed. He unwillingly rose and went to the street (we lived on 1 floor) after me. What he thought of when he went after me it is hard to say, but this situation made horney me a little. Somehow to remove stress, I asked about his work. He began me to tell. By then, when we returned to the room, his confusion passed. Evening was pleasant and even the fact that Lesh stared at a breast of my wife, didn't spoil my mood. There was a wish for continuation of a banquet. I went to kitchen, in the refrigerator it seems there was a vodka bottle. The marine came on kitchen after me and when I didn't find a butulka, told: — Sergey, go to shop behind a bottle... — Why to go, can will be enough... I looked at her, she was slightly drunk and in her eyes I saw desire. And here I was reached by sense of her request. It wants to remain alone with the guy. it intrigued me, how far it can come in the desires. I left to the room and told: — I will return, to shop and back soon. — The uncle Sergey, give I run. Here shop nearby. I in a trice. — No, I descend to me it is necessary to breathe fresh air — I told lies. I took a jacket and left. I went outside, I stood. Interestingly, how many Marin it is necessary to time that... I couldn't wait to return. I stood minutes 7. And here dawned on me, I bypassed the house and accurately glanced in the bedroom window which is slightly opened on the occasion of warm weather... Lesh sat on our sofa blindly. The wife already sat before him on a carpet and his dick sucked. Her dressing gown was lowered from shoulders and it rumpled her naked breasts. The marine diligently licked a large head of the Leshkiny dick, then in turn licked, and then and drained in quite large (likely full cums) the guy's balls, at last having given smacking kiss to a head the dick shipped in a mouth and began descents rises on Leshkiny to a dick. Yes suck my dick the guy moaned, is more gentle охх... well good fellow whore... Having opened eyes the guy with interest began to look at sucking to Marin, again imperiously snuggled already strained nipples of the woman and having given a hand lifted up a hem of a short pink dressing gown on the head, thereby having hidden a face under him, and having bared nice buttocks of Marina in leopard panties. Having given a hand he stroked an ass and easily slapped on her, an okhutitelny bum he told, then I carried out by force on a crack of the girl is direct over pants, all wet he whispered enough, and having cast away a dressing gown raised a chin and merged in a kiss with my wife, it was visible that a kiss this not friendly. (Especially for — Marina was so sucked with Lesha that I didn't even notice that tried to pull together with one hand of Lesh from her already povlazhnevshy pants. I regained consciousness when the guy having come off her lips, imperiously I took her for a nape and I inclined to the phallus. Again the champing Marin's sounds resignedly were heard I began to suck the young dick. Here the guy strained and I whispered I cum I cum shit... ть and here Marina surprised me she not from a dick and having taken it in a mouth began to swallow of a young cum, there was many cum probably of Lesh for a long time didn't let off the paragraph and can he initially had very much and Marina didn't manage to swallow of a part of a cum and it flowed on her chin and dripped on naked boobs, at last the guy having moaned you opened eyes told an excellent huyesoska of Marin, then unexpectedly got up and having pulled lifted my spouse from a floor removed from her a dressing gown and I wiped him a cum at first on the to a dick and then already on a breast and a face of the Marine. The whore that is good as, he told by a happy voice, long ago I wanted to blow to you still when studied at school, but now dreams how to be told come true. Then having pushed I seated to Marin on a sofa, put out tongue his instruction followed, after that I took in a hand still eregirovanny dick began to beat with him language of my wife speaking at the same time kiss him and after a pause of steam of blows and a kiss from Marina again. Then he told Marin at us problems and explained my wife see I already terminated and the strut that doesn't vanish and the problem cunning smiled my wife, the husband will come and you go atilt from the hm here... in piece. Not in piece and a her the guy said, you liked my her! Nothing Marina whispered, say no normally I interrupted her Lesh. Hmm... I liked to suck at you a her and I want that you fucked me. but after a pause with regret I told but I am afraid that my husband will already come and we won't be in time. I said not ssa Lech there is a plan having taken Marine phone from a table he threw him and told call ask something to buy it to us will give 10 minutes, I quickly got down from a window and turned on phone in Régis of vibration and in time Marina already called having departed slightly far away that didn't hear lovers in the bedroom I said yes expensive, buy Serezh please still juice, persiikovy or still some, well. You by the way asked by an innocent voice of Marin soon, there are no minutes even 20 turn here, well we wait for you and it was disconnected. I returned to a window. Well I heard the voice of a young male of Minutes 20 is, хохо... cheerfully the guy in 20 minutes showed I will fuck you so you will howl, you promise heard a cunning voice of Marina and they laughed. Well the beauty we won't waste time meanwhile the guy continued stroking the intense dick remove the leopard skin and give me why to you I didn't understand Marin — the trophy however smiled Lesh. The marine sat on a sofa and therefore it couldn't raise legs and to pull off from itself the leopard panties. Leshka delightfully tut-tutted here that the city woman what at you a well-groomed pizda such to fuck means not to pereebat and as if in reply to his dick really I shuddered and as it seemed to me even increased the size. As to fuck you for some reason he asked in a whisper, don't turn fuck me as you want too Marina whispered and I saw that from her vagina to exude Marin's moisture already strongly began to flow, Lesh didn't begin to invent anything, having jumped up to a sofa he parted legs of the girl and became the big dick to rub with Marinino a vagina bringing to her pleasure that was visible on her groans. Having rubbed so some time the dick about a pizda of the adult woman of Lesh decided that time has come and having aimed the head in Marina's gate slightly pressed as he had not a small dick and in the diameter, gradually the millimeter behind a milliliter the dick entered somewhere on Marin's half something whispered Lesh gave back and again pushed yes half of the good fellow gradually he began to increase the pace and soon his dick with each blow and groan of my wife came more and more deeply at some point he having got excited cutting set forward and I saw that his dick completely entered in wash the spouse and here she began to squeal, but ingenious Lesh stuck into her a kiss, frankly speaking I didn't see more dissolute kiss even in a porno. I seized Lesh her leopard panties meanwhile and having come off her lips cutting I set forward the dick and when Marina opened a mouth I jostled her her труселя (here and were useful for some reason it was thought to me). Meanwhile Lech having come off lips I began to pump up my wife at mad speed, she already something continuously howled but he didn't pay attention to it and probably went in cycles only in soy feelings to be exact on feelings of the end tormenting a vagina of the adult woman. Their bodies shone with sweat and they seemed to me couple two wild animals which furiously copulated without paying attention to anything around. Meanwhile Lesh was accelerated by the speed and at some point the dick sharply pulled out and having jumped up without paying attention to the cuming woman to a sofa began to cum her on the person, by the way again there was many cum here that the young organism with hyper sexuality means. Everything it was necessary to run in shop... When I at last returned to the apartment everything was finished. They I sat also at a table and talked, having only looked at me, Lesh reddened and I looked away. It is more no what signs of recent treason were. If I didn't see, it would be possible to think that all this time they talked. Also this vodka was drunk, it was time to sleep to lay down. The marine laid Lesh in the hall on a sofa (mother left with keys on a visit and I remained there in time it is necessary to tell). I having pretended to be strongly drunk I pretended that I was chopped off, and then actually I fell asleep. I woke up from thirst and some sounds at night. The wife wasn't near. Sounds reached from the hall. I got up, I approached to the door and I glanced... The room was slightly lit with a streetlight, there was quite enough light to see the events. The marine stood dog-fashion on a sofa, and Lech from all force the tool drives in her. I stood and watched how the maloletkatka fucks my wife. Thirst instantly disappeared. The dick reacted to what was seen at once. Haste in his actions wasn't, he measuredly hollowed it. Her breast in so his movements shook back and forth. She groaned, slightly howling when the dick entered completely. The show so made horney me that I is bewitched looked at it. The hand itself got into pants, the dick was already stone. I looked and jerked off. Excitement was just terrible... And soon I was discharged in pants. And Lech continued to get on my wife. I couldn't come off this show. And soon I felt as my dick began to strain again. Lech completely I entered the Marine and measurement. He cumed in her! Also I cumed long! Having terminated, he was tumbled down on a sofa. The wife jumped and, clamping a hand between legs, small checkers went to the bathroom (I managed to retire to the room). When she passed back I held the post again. Also I saw that his dick didn't fall down, and still I was in wild spirits. He lay and slightly podrachivat him. A marine having returned to the hall at once I went to a sofa. I sat down, his dick took in a hand, I bent and took him in a mouth. I began to lick at first a head, then I began to swallow more deeply and more deeply. And soon only the champing sounds and groans of the guy disclosed the room. My dick stood as driven again. The wife released a dick from a mouth, got up on a sofa so that Lech it appeared between her legs and began to fall. He raised a dick vertically up. And I could estimate his sizes at this moment, it was obviously longer than my time in one and a half and maybe more. The marine took him a hand, sent to itself and began to fall smoothly. His hands supported her buttocks. When he completely appeared in her, she squealed. Some time, she just sat on it, then began to rise up. Then down. Lech the hands the rate of her movement regulated. Speed of the movement gradually began to increase, soon her okanye turned into unceasing groan. It just jumped on him at a frantic pace, at the same time winding the head here and there. I in all already worked hands for myself in pants. Such gallop first of all affected me — I terminated again. And on a sofa action everything proceeded and proceeded. Tore up Lech to Marin periodically slapping her in elastic buttocks and also periodically I rumpled and I kissed her beautiful nipples, then suddenly at some point I clasped her buttocks and having hammered to the full sy a bolt, breakthrough I rose with a precious burden and I continued holding to pump up suspended on the dick my wife, Marina having clasped him for a neck only incoherently I whispered yes so so fuck me Leshenk, fuck also it and I made Lesh with pleasure... I stood and was afraid to move not to find myself. Soon and there came the culmination, my wife completely fell by his dick, and Lech didn't allow her to rise. He published animal roar. The marine curved a back, threw back the head back. He cumed and again in her. In moments Marina became soft and was tumbled down on his breast, and he fell by a sofa. So they also lay, his dick still was in my wife. I quietly returned to a bed. The dream absolutely was gone. In the head turned what was seen pictures. In the neighboring room there was a silence, not the slightest rustle wasn't heard. I woke up touches. I opened eyes, nearby I lay, pressed to me, the smiling Marina. She had a great mood. You as slept as the groundhog is very tired. And where Lesh, I left only recently, Nadia called and told that already at home. Well and as he to you. In my opinion I became the normal guy, not some hooligan as tells him mother, his thicket should invite on a visit, we have a positive impact on him - it is words not my Vera, well if so that why not. dating on facebook reddit dates of hurricane katrina and rita site mapMain Page