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He met them from the train, helped to settle, and when parting suggested to visit an exhibition of the fashionable artist. The girl agreed with pleasure, waiting for new impressions, and they wandered about salon, passing between pictures with scenes of young couples speaking in love a nature bosom and also kissing, here images more and promoted, anyway undressed on the way of love came across there. The middle of space of salon was occupied by works of the sculptor famous already, the central place was taken by the known plot of the girl who is successfully tempted by the winged young man. To Bystrov exhibits and the bohemian atmosphere of salon were not in wonder, and Nina was captured by frankness and beauty of display of scenes of pleasure, unfamiliar also such more and more attractive love. Offered by the gentleman and at once the wine brought by the brisk messenger which is washed down with cherry juice helped confusion to leave quickly, subordinating mood the general ambiguous spirit. The ladies and dandies accompanying them were relaxed and carefree, jokes are juicy, excitingly courageous, it was cheerful and easy, many validly exchanged bows with her satellite. Imperceptibly time of a lunch and the offer of the satellite to have dinner approached it was heartily welcomed where they went on the carrier. In a carriage Bystrov told cheerful stories about some people met in salon, she laughed loudly, on hummocks carefully held for the handle. At restaurant her gentleman gallantly looked after as for the real lady, the wine mixed "on test" went to the head soon. The feeling of ease and freedom from music, beautiful people around, the attitude towards her as adult picked up and didn't leave her any more. Danced, the gentleman kissed плечико and behind an ear, she tried to coquet already and when was a little tired, is precautionary suggested to pass into other hall. She nodded in reply, without expecting still his plans, without understanding that she is made extremely horney by what was seen in a day, involuntarily, showing desire to learn even more. About what said the seen pictures of seducing and passion about that it already forced her to laugh and detain loudly him views, thinking still that a game can end safely at will. Having got up because of a table, they entered a corridor with densely closed doors where men a ner! tried to entice the innocent girl. However a little later the persistent and happy man it is externally guilty I brought young, been defenseless, the girl already the woman, having ruthlessly seized her innocent body. This hall behind the closed door with the latched lock was the private room served for two, music was heard more quietly, all it seemed a little mysterious. Nobody looked behind them, disturbed and the girl weakened, getting drunk with feeling of the courage. Having approached a table, she turned back and recklessly looked at Bystrova as if tested it in eyes as boys - grammar-school boys in that past: Her look demanded as she thought, worship, and the man in own way as wanted understood her careless appeal. Having embraced her the trembled body, it was inclined to the tender face raised waiting, her trustful fresh lips which opened in a careful kiss. It was such sweet getting into consciousness, the girl nearly fell, at once having weakened from embrace and having closed eyes from pleasure. His hands caressed a gentle body through a dress, they slowly floated in dance somewhere. The gentle breast strained, nipples under a dress vaguely appeared, giving a state still innocent, but is stronger and stronger than the made horney girl. Sounds outside of steel are even more silent, he slowly led the girl losing control over herself to the bedroom, having imperceptibly dismissed on the run knot of tapes of a dress. Having felt some change around, Ninochka with alarm opened eyes and directly before herself saw wide, under a canopy a bed. Zapuntsovev from the events, she tried to strain the body weakening from caress, without allowing the satellite of her message to this unambiguously made bed: No, go from here: Feeling her indecision, not answering it, Bystrov lifted the girl on hands, she felt small and defenseless in embraces of this strong person, relaxed from touch of his lips on a neck, shoulders and allowed to lower herself on a bed, obeying his hands more and more safely studying a dress. Sitting together with him on a bed, again I began to plunge into fog, stupefied by fast kisses in already unprotected half by the unlaced dress shoulders, I opened eyes, slowly thinking that he with it does. Words distracted him, prevented to concentrate, alternated with kisses in ears. - Have a rest:. He kissed small lobes ears, caressed hair, trying to bring pleasure in which she pleasantly floated. Accidentally, his hands touched a dress on boobies, clothes top as if itself I slipped, having bared a bodice. Kisses on shoulders, to the top of a breast as it is pleasant, here unties a lacing behind, releasing further and further. - It isn't necessary: - absolutely it isn't strict as she wanted, and the words meaning already are quietly languidly pronounced nothing. - Ah: - bared to a belt, feels kisses on boobies, his passionate touches and can't but answer his lips with the: He helped her to privalitsya more conveniently in semi-lying situation, took off shoes, having raised the gone goosy legs on a bed. - I ask: no, - she a back feels a bed cool, it is necessary to tell him. As if through fog, I saw how the man gets rid of the disturbing jacket and even a shirt, I tried to turn away a face from his hot lips aside, having carelessly leaned back at the same time, and already lying the head on a pillow. And the man already caresses the breast bared absolutely, pleasantly squeezing nipples, kissing around them. It is necessary to stop that they do: It appears, he already raises her at legs, here put and takes off the dress floating up hands. Again she feels lying, and the pillow fell, kisses a breast, pleasantly, there are no forces and absolutely the reluctance to resist: His hands undid the linen remains, she felt hot touches, being powerlessly curved under caress. It is necessary to tell that she so doesn't want, isn't present: He is good, it isn't necessary so, and it is so good: or it is bad? Thoughts are such slow and as in fog everything, and already caresses gently hips. As hot and in hips I stroked hands, legs from such caress are ready to be moved apart:. Kisses knees, kisses float on a hip, under weak maiden whisper, towards to the white leg opening to him already to stocking top again: Her small, strong breasts with sympathetic pink nipples are so obedient to his hands, his kisses. The man skillfully continued by caress to bring the girl to inevitable passion, is skilled noticing a perspiration on a face, and hot breath, and dared to concern humidity of linen at untouched body a bit later. - No, - stockings are taken off, caress his hands there, all shuddered as it is good:. It is a sin that it does, isn't present: He feels fingers as she wants, the body reacts in a feminine way, expiring desire: - I will cry, - she barely audible whispers, choking and answering his kisses. His face over her, the naked, slender maiden legs which weakened, only shuddering from touches are raised and already widely made his helpless gesture, she so never did, it is a shame: He at her sees all, caresses also in her, his hands touch:. Damp ringlets at a tummy, the maiden bud which revealed a rosette giving her readiness: - Oh, isn't present: - she felt his touch of the winner studying the movement of penetration, no, she shouldn't accept in herself him: Here he is already: - Tell "yes", the darling and: - he nestles bared, it is pleasant inside: that they do, My God: - Ah: he: wait: oh that it: painfully:. The girl sighed, giving to the man the most expensive, having only felt a prick the loss, moving already together with him. The passion of their violent, more and more sharp movements pressed to each other both, all speeding up hot breath. Quicker and quicker and more with pleasure, so far shudders didn't overtake lovers in simultaneous, neznayemy it earlier acute sense. Only this man with it, neither sounds, nor thoughts to embrace him and to feel nearby. Leaving the room which became the witness to the sinful pleasure made by them and taken which turned her into the woman with the legs burning from within and breaking, Nina with the flaring person hid eyes from the meeting halfway people, nestling on the man who is surely conducting her on a ladder, helping to rise in the carrier's carriage. In twilight of evening, closed by a carriage from curious eyes, they kissed, she obediently held up lips, still without having recovered from the endured shock. dating older rich man date ideas okc site mapMain Page