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"Affairs of bygone days, Predanya old times deep" (A.S. Pushkin) She quickly divided the men coming to sanatorium into "surviving" and "corpses". To surviving, irrespective of age, she carried men at whom the knob between her knees which she strong squeezed legs of the patient facing her when she listened to his breath considerably grew. Men without knob treated "corpses". The female collective, at good mood (about itself) named her Zoinka, and at bad — "Mare". But aloud, for all she was always just pretty Zoya Fiodorovna. And it is valid, her big photo on an honor roll at an entrance to sanatorium something looked like Dina Durbin from the movie "Sister of His Butler". Therefore, coming to sanatorium slightly to receive medical treatment, or just to have a rest, to pilots from flights, to submariners from the long wearisome block heater, the sanatorium beauty was evident at once, and those, included in the category "surviving", quite often shared with her a love bed in her private smart room or in warm, bubble water of the pool, after a release when the sanatorium already fell down. "Corpses" from where obtained in this respect underground information and were attached to spy this process, but Zoya, knowing about it, only burned as a fire to which added suddenly gasoline I flashed and arranged burning sex for spying directly on a lezhachka at the pool. And if this information reached the chief's ears, that only smiled, repeating: "There is a stervoza! Well, also gives, Zoinka!". And I rubbed palms enough, understanding that it is already time to write out this "recovering" patient. And life a turn in this wonderful sanatorium would flow if suddenly once on a table of the Commander of the fleet photos of intimate scenes in sanatorium didn't lay down. That, giggled about himself, and, having made a sad mine on a face, gave a photo to the deputy for educational work that that understood and brought order to sanatorium. The heavy vice admiral, got into the spacious, black car, and drove in sanatorium next morning. His driver, Petya Koloskov, the guy of thirty-year age who went in due time through fire and water in the underwater fleet from where I found out about the reason of their trip and sickly-sweet smiled, skillfully twirling by a wheel, going round slow limousines. Having seen on an honor roll Zoykin a portrait, Petya grinned, having murmured: "Oh! And you here?!" He knew Zoyku-stervu long ago. That, in due time, being a doctor of local policlinic in their garrison, I earned additionally in the evenings at home, doing massage by the person interested and that someone in general very much wants, but there is nobody. Money and poured in her purse, it began to put on only in foreign styles that very much wasn't pleasant to local podvodnitsa among whom there were women character more abruptly. Well, one night Zoyka was trapped secretly near her house and arranged "dark" so that that in a trice brought together shmutki and run to the station. She went home to mother to Moscow, but arrived suddenly to this sanatorium under a hand with the greyish colonel, her fellow traveler, to Vladivostok. He promised her a position of the chief physician which was vacant already two years. Zoyka was nicknamed not for nothing "Mare" as sometimes she was forced into traces as an isty mare one instead of two hot stallions. Seeing sweat on her forehead, the colonel grinned, thinking, "in gives!". And he wasn't mistaken. Zoyka quite often threw him in a bed nearly to a ceiling while he didn't ask her to restrain an ardor. And the main thing, she knew sex subtleties. It she taught him to the real sex with kunillingsy between her strange legs which he always had on shoulders as, however, and very wishing but, for money. She showed him as it is necessary to make horney a clitoris, bringing her "treasure" to a mad orgasm, He, the simpleton, and didn't know what is a point of "dzha" at the woman where to look for her and how to entertain this unusual point. Well, the colonel in few months began to entertain so skillfully young nurses that those went bananas, jumping on him as equestrians in circus, and didn't become pregnant that they left to husbands. But, when moloditsa bothered him, he came to Zoyka and slept with her not less than a month that sharply reduced her side job, and she was forced to ask from him financial support. He, of course, helped her, but preferred to support the mistress at the expense of the state that too отяжеляло his conscience, and he came back to young women. But happiness isn't infinite. And he right there noted it, considering erotic poses of his mistress with very worthy people, on photos which suddenly showed him. He understood that he is threatened by big scandal and Zoykoy for the inviolability and tranquility decided to offer, understanding that her replacement will always be. — And what you suggest to make with this mare?! — sharply the arrived vice admiral asked him, sticking erotic photos into the face of the chief of sanatorium. — To advance her on service. In our sanatorium the percent of the recovering submariners and pilots with her arrival sharply increased... — This by itself. Only also give to these children the hot woman... — You not from this party look at it. Here you have a radiculitis? — the colonel bethought. — And someone doesn't have him? — the vice admiral asked again. — In! I will prescribe you only three sessions with the chief physician, and your sore will disappear... — Are you serious? — the admiral frowned. — And you try. Here to you the direction to her — the colonel stretched to the admiral some leaf. — Um! — the admiral read. — And, you never can tell, can be and will cure? — Will surely cure. Here the list of those someone recovered and actively continues to serve — the colonel stretched other list where there were not less than five hundred surnames... — To dobra. We won't hurry — according to the admiral nodded. The next morning he called the commander of the fleet and reported the created situation. — All right. Receive medical treatment, Pyotr Safonovich, but in a week I wait. You will be very necessary to me — the Commander answered... "Treatment" was surprisingly useful. The admiral who is carried away by activity of a vrachikha so tried that that hinted at possible pregnancy... "At me and so three children. The fourth will become for certain superfluous. And the wife will begin to try to find out as it suddenly occurred. Maybe to organize medical check. Ah! These wives! Guns — are charged. No, the manufacture game for me isn't necessary. And here can be useful to all rest. I represent: there will arrive my Moscow chief with check, and here here you are — the doctor, the magician. Estimates of check will become for me and the fleet high at once". — the admiral thought, training this further more modifed thought very useful to him and the fleet. Checking left, and life in sanatorium began to flow a usual turn. And suddenly in three months the result of a modifed thought of the vice admiral came. It turned out that department of rehabilitation in the central hospital of the fleet decided to increase and enter a position of his chief in the rank of the lieutenant colonel. When it was offered suddenly Zoya Fiodorovna, she became puzzled. — I am a civilian person, and there a military position... — Eh! My joy. Today you are a civilian woman, and tomorrow will call, you will put on a uniform of the major and... — Stop! But in the same place lieutenant colonel's position! — Zoya Fiodorovna objected, caressing Kalinka of the chief of sanatorium. — Eh! Zoinka. The first step is the hardest. I have one idea. I know that you aren't on friendly terms with the nurse Jin Hou! — And why she to me? — You, know, darling that she is very well-read girl and well knows the Chinese-Korean medicine. She knows how to restore health of patients with their methods. Make friends with her. Promise her the place, and she will return the favor — he kissed Zoya on slightly slightly opened mouth... — Yes! It agrees! — right there Zoya agreed, having understood that her chief considers her question already solved and selects her worthy replacement. Next day Zoya Fiodorovna swam in the pool only with the Korean who shone with happiness to take her place. Directly on pool steps she persuaded Zoya to lay down on steps to feel back pain which will be the catalyst of its sweet in a kunillingsa. For the first time in the history of the life always suffer left "Mare", suddenly so "I began to laugh" — as if not sponges of her girlfriend, but a powerful dick of a mighty stallion stuck into her vulvar lips. — Silence! And all will hear that! — the workmate finished her, sucking away everything that collected between her legs inside at Zoya. When the cunning Korean groped the nimble language her point of "dzha", the powerful stream of liquid poured over all her face, having captivated a mouth. — Отплевывайся! — Zoya offered. — Not - its — the Korean wound the head, swallowing liquid... — It is more best any vitamin. Eternally you will be young... — she laughed. To the new place of work Zoya was seen off by all friendly staff of sanatorium. Some regretted that they are left by such wonderful woman, but others exulted, rejoicing that "Mare" leaves, and now there will be nobody to shout at them, without knowing yet what rigid character will take the place of the chief physician. Her colonel shed a few tears, kissing Zoya at the car, and that, having groped the got-up "boy" in his trousers, slightly pinched him, having whispered on an ear to the colonel: "Farewell, darling..." When Zoya sat down near the driver, from surprise nearly screamed. There was her lover on garrison of submariners Petya Koloskov. Zoya still then learned that he has unusually big dick and decided to try it then. Also I tried. It was something magic and inexplicable. He swung her more than three hours, without merging the liquid when at the beauty blonde the second orgasm was played. — What at you with "pepper"? You, a case, aren't sick? — That you, my joy. Just you still didn't raskochegarit me... — Anything to, guy! — she grasped his sticking-out dick — and how many still it should be kochegarit? — Do you want that he began to cry?... — I want, my master... — Then turn a bottom. There I have with it secret. Will quickly begin to cry... Zoya laid down sideways, and Petka stood up, pulled hard on her buttock and so shandarakhnut the dick in her small hole that Zoyka unexpectedly screamed, and he already tore up her as to a sidorov a goat. — Give! Give! Press! — she moaned, striking him the back... — It will be executed. He came off a bed, lifted her basin above, having drowned her shoulders and a face in a soft pillow, and began to tear up so her that Zoyka was frightened that the shaking bed here, here will collapse. So it also occurred. The bed failed under them, and they laughed loudly, continuing to twitch as Zoyka these long-awaited seconds accepted his desired condensate which she managed to redirect to the vagina. — Won't you become pregnant? — he asked, wiping a dickhead about her buttock with prints of the fingers on her. — Be not afraid! I took a pill. Everything will be Oh, Kay!, darling... "I love медичек. All know" — Petka thought and, having overturned the mistress backwards, began to suck away the liquid between her legs. Time went, and it seemed that on it it would be necessary and to finish this narration if once Komanduyuego's order the fleet about appointment of the major Kobylyanskaya to a position of the chief of rehabilitation office of the main naval hospital of the Pacific fleet didn't come. — Here so compote! Our Zoinka in majors was made and to a new position appointed, and we in this solitude so knew nothing about it — the colonel of sanatorium made a helpless gesture, embracing the favourite subordinate. Everything, the staff of sanatorium sitting in the hall started congratulating, embracing and kissing the become puzzled and slightly had a little cry Zoya. — I said that Zoya Fiodorovna will far go — the photographer of the settlement Korean Kim together with the beauty the wife of Jean Hou who shone with happiness that she was approved to a position of heads — the doctor of sanatorium strong squeezed her hand. In the evening they came to Zoiny apartments and exposed a big suitcase with medical material of folk medical remedies. Zoya slightly opened it and stood with abundance of drugs. Also the guide to their application was right there enclosed. — Well, it to me until the end of life enough! — Zoya threw up the hands, embracing and kissing the Korean and his wife. — And if isn't enough, then write me, Zoyechka — the beauty the Korean supported the girlfriend, kissing Zoya... To Vladivostok Zoya was carried by the same Petka, holding constantly right palm on her knee. On a half of a way they stopped and entered into small snackbar at the road. Having gorged on and having got drunk, they drove off from snackbar on couple of kilometers and Petka asked: — And companion major any more wants nothing? — Wants. Oh, as wants! — Zoya laughed and I whisked in bushes. Then, having returned to the car, she asked Petka to drive off slightly far away from the road where she right there got over on back seat. Petka undressed to pants already waited for her there. — We will celebrate new appointment? — he put a palm on her pubis. — Yes — the beauty-vrachikha lowed in reply and in a trice I removed the fashionable panties. Petka began to kiss her on the lips long hickeys, and then sucked nipples of her magnificent breast, gradually passing to a navel, and then and drowned language in her hot and damp perineum. — Oh! Petya! Such prankish! But well, at first fuck me language. Will you be able? — Yes! — reached from where from below, and the female perineum strongly clung as if stuck to his greedy, but imperious lips. Pyotr was the trained lover, and he achieved a female orgasm after ten-minute work of his "boy" in her excited body. When he terminated too and cast away her head on a sitting back, having seen her posolovevshy eyes and lips shivering in the fulness of the heart brightly red color which whispered "still, still, lovely". He slapped a palm on her cool buttock and told: "Isn't present. Good little by little. Went, and we to Vladivostok won't reach that before dark..." Already заполночь when she already slept, having put the head on his knees, it approached gate of hospital and gave beep. The service on gate expected them. The person on duty on the check point, looked at a machine number and ordered to the sailor: "Open! The". Zoya was placed in admiral's number, and Petya in a sailor's bunk room of team of service. In the morning when the hospital quartermaster was declared, he invited Zoya Fiodorovna in the office where he suggested her to change clothes in a military uniform. — And suddenly won't approach?! — Zoya doubted, taking the new dress code. — It can't be. Everything is sewed in admiral's salon of naval studio on earlier reflected to us by your sizes. Put on!... — Directly at you? — Zoya reddened... — I will turn away, the officer told, giving her a form. — You can turn! — Zoya told, smoothing a black skirt on a belt. The officer turned and exclaimed: — Jeez! Zoya Fiodorovna, everything approached just right. Here that our Danilych means!... — And he someone? — Manager of our naval studio. He has a sharp eye and clever fingers... After a breakfast in the officer dining room Zoya Fiodorovna was invited to himself in an office of tired face by the colonel who strong shook hands with her, having told that now their chief of health service of the fleet will approach. Soon the major general to whom Zoya was presented how she was previously taught came... The general glanced at the major's beauty in a women's skirt and a jacket with shoulder straps and told: — Zoya Fiodorovna or maybe you agree to work in health service of the fleet? — Only after service here, companion general! — quickly she answered. — Kindly! I and thought that I will receive such answer. Well, dare... — he stretched soft, similar to the nursery, a palm and turned to the chief of hospital: — Look at me! You pay the life for this beauty. Do you see how she strains to be in action? — I see, companion general. As our chief physician speaks, everything will be type, a top! So the beauty Zoya Fiodorovna Kobylyanskaya joined friendly hospital staff and, having worked as four years, achieved increase in percent of the indicators of all medical institutions of navy of the country recovering more. She worked as a riding horse since early morning until late at night. Time carried her on the wings so far that found out progress in her work in the office of the Commander-in-chief of the Navy. The next commission checking the fleet confirmed the reached indicators in treatment of personal and command structure of the fleet. Zoya Fiodorovna was raised in a military rank, and the chief of health service of the Navy who arrived as a part of the commission to the fleet on own body checked doctoring art when Zoya Fiodorovna by means of ozokerite cured his knee of severe pain at circulation. The greyish general going with a stick rejected the stick and at all embraced and kissed the podpolkovnitsa who reddened from confusion in a skirt. Said that Zoya Fiodorovna was transferred soon to the central naval hospital of the Navy where the successful podpolkovnitsa became the colonel of health service. With her there arrived also her personal driver warrant officer Pyotr Koloskov who only of all didn't take before her under a peak but only according to I nodded and smiled when his Kobylka painfully kicked... Eduard Zaytsev. dating older man with no money date elvis presley died site mapMain Page