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Human greed has no borders and is comparable unless with lust — the second most important force in circulation of social collisions. On the first of February eight hundred money-bags overwhelmed by one desire — to hit a big roll jammed into the thrown circus arena on Zamoskvorechnaya Street. They were flown from different parts of the world under the pretext of staginess of an action. Actually all of them were eager for glory and a profit. The previous draws over and over again brought good luck to casual players, proved that it is possible. It is possible to carry away one million euros, having fucked Miriam a mechanical phallus, it is possible to receive the treasured ticket to the Hall of Fame. We regularly published an interview with lucky, the retouched photos of the winners having a rest in the company of dear prostitutes transsexuals constantly appeared in news of the agencies an escort of services. Rodney promoted business on the thematic websites, without hesitating of publicity. It isn't surprising that as a result not only judges of girls with pepper, but also the burned players having nothing in common with trans-subject joined us. For the purpose of maintaining confidentiality the venue of a draw remained in secret till last seconds. I personally was responsible for mass mailing of SMS messages, emails, processing of confirmations. And then turns of the taxi approaching circus from the different parties stretched. We warned in advance participants that they didn't prattle, didn't draw attention, being unloaded somewhere in a quarter from circus, and walked further. On an entrance Hassan's people scanned invitations, issued tickets with the indication of the place. Farther guests went to five cash desks located in wardrobe utility rooms changed money for digital signatures. Among guests there were generally men though also couples for which the trip to Moscow coincided with the holiday period came across. We asked guests to come elegant: men in tuxedos, ladies in evening dresses. The person ignorant could think that the people came to a concert of the opera star or, at least, a performance of the famous ballet troupe. Actually, so we also positioned ourselves: asked players to tell about a visit to Moscow as about a trip on a concert of the opera and ballet. In the hall and the foyer the festive atmosphere was aggravated with presence of ten transsexuals at short dresses, white aprons — a uniform of sex workers of a public catering. They sold popcorn, applets, made advances to men, willingly left them business cards. Rodney with Hassan well worked in a tandem, organizing an action. Raids to the best individuals of Moscow were equipped. The important part of the leader was assigned to me. When money-bags seated the asses on chairs and light colourfully went out as in the real theater, I came to an arena and in bright light of searchlights enjoyed a loud applause in my honor. I didn't worry, didn't hurry, to me was absolute to spit someone will win. — Ladies and gentlemen — I solemnly announced in English when sounds of fanfares ceased. Specially invited orchestra from four musicians didn't know what show is necessary to them. — Welcome to an annual draw of a jackpot! Today on your eyes unique representation will take place. You will become witnesses unprecedented on beauty and staginess of the tragedy. Or — to a lump as it is pleasant to the comedy. The hall laughed, and I continued to practise in eloquence. To me not to occupy it. Years of faculty of philology postponed an indelible trace on my turned out consciousness. I faced crowd of money-bags in a satin black dress, on silicone hairpins, with a diadem on the head, the microphone, and everything in me gave falseness: wadded inserts instead of boobs, pieces of glass in a crown frame instead of gemstones, even the bracelet on a wrist only seemed gilded. But all this concerned me a little, I thought of Ania, of what her, probably, is forced every day by security guards, Hassan waved away from my claims. She suffers all this for the sake of me because she is afraid that differently someone from us can suffer. She sacrificed herself for the sake of us, did what couldn't but do повинуясь to the nature. Brought a transparent sphere about human growth, filled him half with money. Hundreds of notes of various face value departed inside through a round opening in the basis. Then the sphere was turned and tightened to a dome. To an arena there was Miriam shivering from cold in a beige evening dress meanwhile, the long loop tried to keep step with her while she revolved as a circus poodle, rocking on back pads hairpins, led by me by the hand. Sandra helped her to climb up the scaffold erected in the middle of an arena and under "A pink panther", a rappberry and whistle of public of Miriam arranged grandiose exposure. The moustached leader waving all this time a stick, measurement shocked, having opened wide a mouth, examining the loaded chocolate forms which are dangling between legs as bull personal belongings. It seems that he one in all the hall, plus musicians, suspected nothing about the forthcoming chocolate euphoria. It didn't prevent musicians to otgudet with success to "tram-couples" full time. Miriam stood up in arm, the dick a shovel stuck out by ninety degrees, Sandra strove about a fucking car, clasping thongs on hips, the public leaked saliva. The leader held a hand a parapet not to fall. At this moment Rodney approached me. He already managed to nakidatsya fairly. — Well as here at us, everything is ready? — he asked, having accompanied a question with an innocent smile. — Yes — I dejectedly stared at the monitor. Messages from panels about readiness were displayed by green markers on the map of the hall. — Perfectly, then start. I hope, you won't bring me — he sharply replaced a friendly smile with a predatory grin. I nodded, being afraid even to meet the eyes of him. — Gutnut — unexpectedly he slapped me in a bum and, хохотнув, went to walk on the hall. All audience, of course, saw what relationship at me develops with the administration. I closed eyes not to think of it, mentally coming back to Ania. "Don't look!" — she whispered. I opened eyes and took the microphone: — Ladies and gentlemen, we begin! I ask you to take panels in your hand. Audience started a warming up. On the big screen rates were removed: 50 euros, 100 — everything flew to the general moneybox hanging in a big sphere under a dome. The beam of a searchlight snatched out the streaming flow of money which filled with autumn leaves a patience glass. I took the microphone and went to Miriam. She the big swarty woman towered on a scaffold in festoon lightings, clamped in a ruthless vice a fucking car. Having obediently inclined in a knee and elbow pose of the slave, Miriam had not the best times. — How do you feel, dear? — I asked according to the scenario. — Happened worse — blinking from the blinding light, chocolate according to the same scenario otozozvatsya. The hall blew up a laughter, then an applause. Rates fell down with double speed. We continued to troll each other strange questions: — When do you plan to terminate? — I asked. — And someone told what I plan to terminate? — Miriam overacted, and that responded laughter explosions. Shouted: — Give, Miriam! Don't bring us! — Concha for me, the babe! Rechinks of panels on all hall muffled the slow drumbeat tripping from an orchestral corner. The moustached man — the head of orchestra — dressed up by a woodpecker in a dress coat and a red tie butterfly, was tired to wave a hand, his got wet forehead shone as a billiard ball, mad stared events on an arena polished. The mechanical piston greased with transparent lubricant only gathered the course. The round split Miriam's back accepted a thirty-centimetric phallus as if a rubber pillow with a hole. From time to time I brought the microphone to the squelching place of penetration that the audience up to the end understood depth of the tragedy which is developed on their eyes. Rodney fixed the special sensor on the member Miriam, preliminary tests showed that at the time of an orgasm her relaxed penis sharply hardens, extends in thickness and it just enough to seize the opportunity a slitiya. Earlier we acted instinctively: the orgasm was fixed visually on the first dumping of a cum into condom. Now everything was serious: "full automation of fixing of a prize" — it appeared in an applet and a mailing group. All waited for this moment and somehow to urge forward public, I began to caress myself under a dress. At first hardly considerably running a hand over hips, but gradually I began to enjoy and already sure I stroke-oared swelling under I fit Russian cabbage soup fabric. — Give me him — quietly I asked Miriam. — You are sure? — I whispered, having removed the microphone aside. — Yes — she smiled. Fucking car I shook up lubricant in the white splashing cream, Miriam's penis was based in a glass flask, the beauty who in incomplete hour became a symbol of bipolarity of human nature, a povilival the back falsely smiled, having gritted teeth. Recently she cumed without additional stimulations, only one power of thought reached orgazmichesky reductions of a sphincter due to anal penetrations, microfeelings on an outer edge of a gentle head amplified to a painful itch, Miriam mentally connected anal frictions with pleasure in a groin. I shifted a slit of a dress, opening the dick put on one side under an openwork triangle of white thongs for Miriam. The hall sighed in a charm, and I couldn't constrain a self-satisfied smile. The moustached man — the head of concert gang who still saw in me the only sane girl coordinator in all organization Vika — tenderly addressed he me as he to the daughter while we agreed about that and about seven — sat pale as a birch, chewing shaggy beaver moustaches, pounding a two-day bristle on a double chin. He, perhaps, was the only person in the hall which sincerely disturbed me in connection with the external and internal similarity to my father. At this moment, polishing me with the become soft look, he stretched invisible thread between me and my parents. I mentally apologized at it. Considering his upset fatherlike look, I didn't think of what occurs below that Miriam undertook me outright. My pink gladenky ball sack extended on a review waved in a step with her posasyvaniye. The man musician didn't look away from me, it seemed to me, he was made horney. Still he felt secret attraction to me, fatherlike love, age limit — everything fell to pieces at the sight of the sexy girl, the child who and not the girl at all. He went crazy, fighting against complexes, instincts, foundations. I saw it in his eyes which lost sense. In five minutes he diametrically exchanged, refused the past, having referred to the future. He was eager to fuck me, and I felt it. I felt euphoria of unreality of the events, Miriam brought me to an absolute limit, and at this moment I took a step back. — Open a mouth — I ordered. — Let these morons will admire! My chocolate didn't need repeated invitations, it widely opened a mouth and closed eyes. I deviated on hairpins, a hand the dick drove for lity lead, under wild shouts of the public which was going crazy I groped the rolled wave. Here it is the first line of a tsunami covering me with the head! The dense stream hit on a trunk, taking off on half-meter, landing to chocolate directly in a mouth. Once we rehearsed this moment, would never think that our trainings can be useful. The public began to roar in ecstasy, and I continued to shoot — again and again, meeting the leader eyes. His eyes heatedly shone, he rejected constraint long ago. My shame left with his constraint. It was ready to accept me, my father. At this moment flashed a searchlight on perimeter, marking a jackpot. The sensor fixed on the member Miriam recorded "stop game", thousands of instant anal frictions achieved the objectives, or so it seemed to the audience. Miriam cumed, loudly voicing state of mind rough groans. The public roared from delight, a sphere under a dome, with lots of money slowly fell by a finishing table. Rodney ran to the panel management someone the lucky? Ded Hassan jumped as a goat on the hall, distributing slaps to security service. All have to remain on places! We, with bated breath, waited for announcement of result. And submachine gunners in a camouflage, black masks, boots filtered into this moment from an entrance on an arena. Ten people in uniform of special troops shouted, running on the hall, sticking on all with barrels of automatic machines. — All to sit! Hands! Hands for the head! — rushed from the different ends of the hall. Hassan's protection, the grandfather appeared on a floor first of all. Rodney tried to take the place in the auditorium, but quickly got to the core of him, and he rolled in the general lot of bandits too soon. To an arena there was Stas Kolobok in a maroon beret meanwhile. His happy ugly face shone with happiness. He took from me the microphone: — Ladies and gentlemen! — he announced in English in the silly style. — I ask all to remain on places for verification of documents. You will be free in thirty minutes. Someone didn't manage to terminate, you can continue to jerk off provided that you won't begin to disturb neighbors. Thanks for attention! And he went to walk on the hall, playing occasionally the microphone, laughing at the puzzled foreigners, calming money-bags the loutish yumorok. I fell by a scaffold. Sandra helped Miriam to remove a fucking car, to take an appropriate form. We well worked on public, and the trifle remained — to release Ania. Stas promised that he won't leave the old girlfriend in trouble, to take care of its safety first of all. Epilog To Tenerife there is a "Playa De Los Angeles" beach — the beach of angels. It not the most popular place among tourists. Because of the steep rock there is less place for festivities here, seaweed are washed away on sand, ostroboky boulders a claw take a water smooth surface from two parties, break the meter waves rushing white avalanches to the coast. Here it is silent and very desert. On proximity there are no hotels to reach this place, at least an hour of descent by car on the serpentine or half an hour on foot from the next settlement will be required. Actually, the settlement language won't turn to call two houses with hen houses. So, two thrown fazenda which settled down bird's nests on volcanic breed. The rocks of the platform hollowed in the basis found a civilized look when in the seventies the last century two families of colonists tired of a daily routine, a universal urbanization located here. Their children grew up, they retired long ago and returned on the continent. The real estate agent — the Russian-speaking girl from Tashkent. Her accent bewitches congenital melizm. We chose this place, still at once when went along the coast. Miriam who got used to live in city bustle doesn't mind to live in the neighbourhood. Sandra is depressed, but is ready to fly a flying birdie to Europe. To her is what to think of. But with Ania of bigger it is also not necessary to us for happiness. In the evening we for the first time go down on the beach. There is nobody, and it is possible to sunbathe stark naked. Miriam luxuriates on sand in beams setting the sun. Nearby Sandra on the third month of pregnancy with astonishment feels a stomach. It is necessary to be in time so many! I fly with Ania in the pair milk heated in a day. The Atlantic Ocean stood between three islands, the African winds bear heat, Atlantic blows as a cool. At this moment my salty lips find a mouth of my girl, she slides under water, getting used a bottom about a dick. — How did you find this place? — Ania asks, coming off for a second. Her nutbrown hair became wet, but didn't lose gold gloss. — You won't believe — I otfyrkivatsya, floundering as an otter. — Once I dreamed to live in São Paulo. — But not late there to go? — she teases me, a hand making advances to the dick under water. — How many money at us remained? — Nine million and hundred fifty thousand. Apart from the pension fund of Miriam. Money in a sphere appeared falshifky highest test. Sandra tied to skate ten million in underground printing house, criminal business at present. It was worth arranging substitution considerable efforts and nerves too. I at last catch Ania for hips, I attract her to myself, I stick on a dick. I enter behind, having found an emphasis under water. — Yes, here so — Ania groans. — I adore you! Yes! White foam is shaken up between us, dispersing circles. Miriam waves a hand, something speaks to Sandra with laughter. That lays a hand a peak, grins. — Sandra, Miriam, go to us! — Ania shouts. — So warm water! Ania fights a bottom towards, breaks magnificent buttocks, being stuck on a dick. I play with her girls, fingers I make advances to nipples. The feeling of zero gravity takes the breath away. It is impossible to resist temptation. Miriam with Sandra plunge into the water. Their ideal sand bodies stream on water, are poured by fiery contours in beams setting the sun. dating old man in usa date today in philippines site mapMain Page