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"My God, well it will also dream" — I thought. I lay in the bed and still endured that ridiculous dream which overtook me at night. My head terribly hooted as if morning after. I poorly thought and first didn't even understand where I am — everything for me was as in fog. But gradually everything began to clear up: I saw that I am in the apartment and understood that all already behind and that already nothing threatens me. I tried to get up, but my head wildly hurt and I understood that I am not ready to get up yet. I began to reflect what after all occurred. "Most likely I just drank yesterday with friends — I argued — alcohol went to me to the head why and all this nonsense came in dream to me. And if I drank yesterday, means yesterday there was a Friday, so today Saturday. Well though it isn't necessary to go to work, it is already good". Having been delighted to such combination of circumstances, I relaxed a little. But something all the same disturbed me. This dream. It seemed to me such real and at the same time absolutely improbable. I involuntarily tried to remember about what there was this dream, but in my head only scraps of phrases, bright paints, indistinct images … and it flew … I remembered the girl. I remembered her long dark hair and a pretty face. I didn't remember his line, but it seemed to me, I fell in love with him. Still I remembered that it appeared in some place and we were with her together. Though the conversation at us for some reason wasn't glued, to me it was good with her. And here I remembered something: "Rain. I escaped from a rain and ran to her in shop. She sheltered me, we together had tea, she gave me dry clothes … Clothes … I sat in her clothes … Her tights and down-padded coat … And then we went to sleep. You slept together, next to each other … In sleeping bags … And then … "I didn't remember, than the dream ended, but I felt that everything turned back for me not really well. I rejected from myself all these disturbing thoughts and finally plunged into reality. The dream seemed to me too crazy to be the truth and soon I forgot about it. But this girl haunted me. She was pleasant to me and I wanted to meet her again, though knew that it never happens, it was only the dream. To my head it became already more best and I with a deep regret got out of a bed and went to a shower to be refreshed and recover. But only I was going to leave the room as found some note on a table. In perplexity I approached a table, took her and began to read: "Dear Lyosha! This is Marina. We met you yesterday in my shop (you remember, I hope) and you remained to spend the night there. You so with pleasure slept that I didn't want to awake you and we decided to bring you home. But you don't worry, I took nothing from you, just changed clothes of you and laid in a bed???? And, as you already, probably, remembered, you had some of my things (they lie in the bathroom). I would be very grateful if you returned them to me (I expect your consciousness :). It would also be quite good if you gave a wash them a little, and that … well, itself you understand, faugh???? Come to me tomorrow, I will just be at home when it is convenient. We will sit, we will drink a tea, you will tell about yourself and so on. And that somehow inconveniently turned out yesterday???? I will wait for you. Yes, and about yesterday's. You sorry, if suddenly unnerved you. I the truth didn't want to mock at you or to make an ass of you or something like that. Just it was boring for me and I solved, a little bit to have a good time. I hope, you understand. With you it was cheerful, the truth. Very much it was pleasant to me:) And I don't become angry about you for the fact that you a little bit … descended under yourself:) Honestly, everything is normal. So you, please, don't become angry about me, well? Also don't blame yourself for what happened. You are a good guy, Lyoshka:) Kiss you, Marina: *" For that time that I read the letter, my eyes were more and more rounded. I couldn't believe that this note was real. But soon I with horror understood everything: it was not the dream. All this happened to me actually. I remembered each trifle, each detail of the event and with shame was ready to fail directly on the place. My brain began to boil, pulse became frequent and I sat down on a bed not to crash down on a floor. My head ached again, hands began to tremble and I tried to calm down. And someone knows what would be if I didn't notice a small arrow in a leaf corner which indicated that something was and on the back. I turned and, having read, just froze: P. S. I hope, you won't be late for work:) I jumped from a bed and ran on kitchen where the calendar hung and was convinced that today there was any not Saturday but only Friday and judging by hours on which was the half-tenth, I already half an hour as had to be at work. I rushed back to the room and was already was going to call the chief as I suddenly found out that my phone is absent, however, as well as a wallet. What to say yes, all my things remained in that shop. Swearing, I ran on kitchen to the landline phone and explained with the braided language to the chief a situation, having promised to arrive to work right there. Having got her indulgence and обязуясь to fulfill the missed hours, I hung up and began to gather, running on the apartment and raving against the fate, the work, this maid and in general all current situation and itself including. To itself to eat a warming up, I began to reflect as to me to be: "It is necessary to run for work. But it is necessary to give things. They can be given and tomorrow. But at her wash things. Two days without phone? I will be called on work. And I need to call. No, it is necessary to return today. But if I wash things after work, they won't manage to dry. What to do? That … I will wash them now and when I return, they will already dry. I will bring her things, I will take away phone and I will finish this story once and for all. And if she has no my things? What if did they remain in that shop? No matter, let does that wants, I need my phone. As a last resort, I will force her to go to shop and to take away it. Eventually, after everything that she with me made, let will only try to get out. I will arrange to her". Having had a bite, I went to the bathroom. I didn't decide to enter it, though knew what there waits for me. There was not enough time, it was necessary to run also I, having got up courage, was going to meet the yesterday's shame. Having opened the bathroom, I found in it the whole heap of things lying massive by sight, chubby freight which, in addition, also unpleasantly smelled. Generally it was Bologna: two sleeping bags which closely occupied all bathroom, and that down-padded coat which I was eager to put all on myself. Over them tights, the described pants and that black jacket with a long sleeve lay. Until recently I fed for them passionate interest, now at the sight of all this I felt only loathing, remembering as I in all this "was so silly emptied" yesterday. "What was, was. All this already in the past" — I thought and I was accepted to washing. I decided to begin with small. I wetted linen and a jacket in a sink, and at this time I began to rinse sleeping bags and a down-padded coat, plentifully refreshing all this put shampoo. After a while I took all this heap and hanged out on a balcony, hoping that to my arrival everything will dry. Having finished, I hastily shaved, made toilet and rushed off for work, having watched leave the yesterday's shame hanging on a balcony in hope that he will cease to pursue me soon. "The devil, late on Friday. Couldn't be worse" — I thought. Filling out papers, I reflected how I, the adult, could get so ridiculously in these intrigues. And, I their also arranged to myself. I understood that it was the hostage: hostage of circumstances, hostage of feelings, hostage of the desires. Actually, I just had no place to disappear. Or at least I tried to justify myself it. It would seem, the destiny brought me into this shop and pushed off me what I always secretly wished to catch: with the beautiful girl and with objects of my fetish. It would seem, I could call the taxi, there in shop and safely to go home, but instead I remained there and gave in the to weaknesses, having soiled myself at the same time so that now and you won't be washed. "It is good though, at work nobody knows about it. Otherwise there would be a full fuck-up … Fortunately, we were with her together and nobody saw us. Ha, even somehow intimately it turned out. Romanticism it is direct. "In cold twilight of night in the doorway of it the mysterious stranger appeared. In the beginning he put on in her thing, and eventually she swaddled him also he, having described, fell asleep at her on hands as the small child". My God, what shame. Pancake, and to me still to go to her. How will I to her look in the face? … And what if she planned all this in advance? Well, she couldn't know that someone will come to her in shop in the middle of night. Or she hoped for it? Well, she wrote that everything is normal and it was even pleasant to her. Well, if it is pleasant to her … Pancake, it is all the same a shame. Devil, all this totally ludicrous. So doesn't happen". Having fulfilled overtime, I arrived home where I was already waited by the dried things. On hours was the half-eighth and I decided to hurry quicker to finish with all this business. I removed things and began to load, and more true to push, them in a big sports bag. But feeling the soft, chubby, rustling Bologna and gentle, elastic nylon of tights I understood that I don't want to leave them what laughing-stock they wouldn't expose me yesterday. I remembered how to me it was good in these things and understood that I want to put all this on myself again. But time wasn't. I knew that it were others things and they needed to be returned them to the lawful hostess. As if tearing off them from heart, I resolutely clasped a bag, regretting that it will nevermore appear in all this. Having sighed, I took a bag and went to a stop. On the road I all thought what appears, what happened to me wasn't so bad. Of course, except for the fact that I "was blown" in the face of the stranger. There were also good points in my yesterday's adventures: I spent evening to the companies of the pretty girl which, besides, allowed me to wear the clothes. I even couldn't dream of it. Secretly I always wanted something, but couldn't understand what. And here, the destiny prompted to me. I remembered how it was good to appear in someone's caring hands. As it was fine to sit near her in her tights and a down-padded coat, getting her panties from the bottom while my dick with firmness made the way from under all this women's attire. Oh, and as it was wonderful to fall asleep in her gentle, caring hands, wrapped up in sleeping bags. From all these warm memoirs the faint smile involuntarily slipped on my lips and I decided that I want to meet this girl again. With Marina. And secretly I hoped that something similar happens again, but I knew that, having exchanged things, we right there will leave her as if nothing was. Therefore I gave up these vain hopes and continued the way behind phone, considering a sad city landscape outside the window of the trolleybus. Having arrived to the specified address, I any time didn't decide to call a door. I knew that sooner or later I should enter, but I suspected of all this some dirty trick, like a draw or something it is worse. My heart knocked, hands sweated also I, having got up, at last, courage, pressed a call. I faced the closed door about half-minute, but they seemed to me eternity. The second time I didn't decide to call, hoping that anybody there is no house. And only I was going to leave as the door before me was opened. I was literally struck. That girl, Marina was on the threshold. Only she looked a little differently: long, her dark hair were tied in a tail, on her there was a black-and-white striped T-shirt on shoulder-straps from under which her breast in a white brassiere was seen, and standing she was tights of corporal color from under which clearly looked through small striped, as well as a T-shirt, panties. What to tell, she is dressed was home-style and, obviously, didn't wait for my arrival. She didn't even make up, though without it her face was quite lovely. — And, hi, Lyosh. You sorry, I spoke by phone. But you pass, don't hesitate — the girl invited me. Having been dumbfounded from in what look she appeared before me, I any time didn't decide to enter, but soon overcame myself and crossed a threshold of her apartment. I wanted to greet, but from confusion couldn't utter words. "Also she doesn't hesitate to open a door in such look" — I thought. It was a shame to me to look in the face to this maiden and I stared in a floor though I out of the corner of the eye looked askance at her panties translucent through tights. — Oh, you brought my things. Thanks a lot. I remembered why I arrived. Having put a bag on a floor, I addressed the Marine: — I M-can receive the things back? — What ве … A-a-a, pancake. Listen, and I knew that I will forget something. Bungler, pancake. You understand, I just now remembered that I your things remained there, in shop — Marina began to chatter. — You represent, I forgot them to take. Here silly, huh? I half asleep didn't think at all. And how I could forget about them? Itself I don't understand. Did you not naked to me come, the truth? Pancake, awkwardly it turned out, of course. And you know that? You don't worry, I will call Oksana, the girlfriend, she now there now, I will ask her that I took your things. She will arrive soon, it is just necessary to wait a little bit. You sorry, Lyosh what so turned out, all right? Well you pass so far, settle down, and I will put a teapot. And, having slammed behind me a door, right there I left on kitchen, having shown me the striped buttocks. I stood stunned, trying to realize that just occurred. I almost understood nothing from what was told by Marina, but I captured an essense: I should be late here. Actually, as I also assumed. And of course, I slightly counted on such succession of events, but was a little not ready to it. I proceeded for Marina on kitchen where on a plate there was already a teapot, and the girl strove with sandwiches. Though, frankly speaking, I thought that she will go and more decent will put on in something. I sat down on a stool and again otstranyonno stared in a floor, but then began to look askance at the girl, more precisely at her round bottom by which she twirled in the brilliant tights while managed in kitchen. She looked so home-style, so in a plain way as if absolutely I didn't hesitate of me. There was something sexual that she turned in kitchen in such frank look. And I began to be made horney, already literally having insolently stared at her back. I tested the same, as yesterday when I from the sleeping bag watched how she prepares for sleeping. But now she was literally in meter from me and I hardly restrained not to give a hand and to feel her smooth, soft buttocks in these nice panties which are treated kindly by gentle nylon of her house tights. Having finished with sandwiches, Marina put a plate on a table and sat down opposite to me, having crossed the legs. — Here, be treated, the teapot will begin to boil soon. — Thanks — I told and looked down the look. I wanted to start talking to her, but it was terribly awkward to me to communicate with the girl in such situation. Especially with the girl at whom from under an undershirt the breast stuck out. — Yes you don't hesitate, Lyosh, try. I didn't want to offend the hostess and I took sandwich. Awkward silence set in. But soon Marina broke it: — Listen, Lyosh, you excuse me for yesterday's. To me truth very awkwardly. I didn't want that you felt silly. I hope, you understand? — Yes, of course. Anything terrible. Everything is all right — I chilly answered. — Don't you the truth take offense? — Well that you. I on the contrary am very grateful to you. You saved me. I don't even know what I without you would do. — Oh and all right to you, Lyosh, well you. And what you all on "you" and on "you"? Give already on "you". We are not foreign people, truly? I raised eyes on the Marine and looked at it. She smiled and her lovely face literally began to shine kindness. And I smiled to her in reply. — Well. Again there was an awkward pause. It seemed, I already also forgot about what occurred yesterday and was simply glad to be visiting such lovely girl. But I felt that I have to justify myself somehow for yesterday's. And I by the shivering voice told: — Listen. What occurred yesterday — just accident. I want that you knew: usually it doesn't happen to me, just like that it turned out that … — What did you put on in women's? Yes relax, Lyosh. I say: everything is normal. Don't take on so. My heart began to knock. — Well, I … I not about it. — And about what then? I faltered. I spoke really about it and didn't know that to answer her. — Just more nothing remained to me … My clothes were wet, and near at hand there were only your things. And I the truth didn't want … That everything so turned out … — How did it turn out? — the girl looked at me, having propped up a hand a chin. I began to be nervous. — Sorry, it is very a shame to me with yesterday's. Suddenly Marina took me by hand and told: — Lyosha, look at me. I know what you speak about. And I want that you understood, something that happened to you — absolutely normally. There is nothing to be ashamed. It can happen to everyone. I looked in her shrill brown face and understood what this girl tells with me absolutely sincerely. And I felt that I can trust her. — Do you the truth so think? — I know, Lyosha. — Well time so … — I told, feeling heat of her hand. Just the teapot began to boil, having broken this link between us. The marine poured tea and again sat down opposite to me. — Well so, Lyosh, it was pleasant to you? — having grinned, she asked. I became nervous again. — Sorry, I didn't understand. — Well, personally very much it was pleasant to me. In my opinion, you were simply matchless. I noticed a sneer share in her words. Though, maybe, I was also mistaken. — I all the same don't understand what you speak about. — Oh and all right to you, Lyosh. Do you think, I didn't understand? Same it was obvious. I saw how you looked at my down-padded coat. — I said: to me it was cold and I wanted to be warmed. — Well, and tights? I noticed how I at you stuck out when you only put on them. I nearly choked on tea from such impudence. "Yes as it … yes what she bears?" — I thought, literally hearing as my heart knocks. From amazement I didn't know even what to tell. The marine continued: — Or you will tell that at you always such? Yes you, Lyosha, just giant in that case. It amused her, and I already all reddened and simply was ready to burn down from shame. — And if isn't present, then you are, probably, some pervert who made the way to the unfamiliar girl in shop to get on on himself her tights. And there, look and what another would reach … She told everything, and I listened and was silent as the guilty boy. — Well though, I neutralized you in time, and that could and the militia to call. Like, hang around any dirty types here. And then and for work you were told. Listen, I have your phone, there for certain is number of the chief. Here I will call her and I will tell what you are a pervert. I suffered all these groundless charges, but then broke: — Enough! Any I am not a pervert! You perfectly know that I didn't plan anything bad, just it was interesting to me, that's all! Yes, I could go home in wet clothes, for certain with me nothing would become, but I remained with you and … there was all this here! Because with me never it was earlier and … I just don't know what on me found. If you want me to accuse of something — give, you can tell all. To me in general to spit. Just I don't understand that I made bad. The marine listened carefully to me. When I finished, it told: — Eh, Lyoshka, Lyoshka. Well I joked, well what you? Calm down, well — she ran a hand over my person. — I know, you just were caught in the rain and ran to get warm. Everything is normal. There is nothing terrible in it. And I understood that any you aren't a pervert. Just both of us know that everything so silly turned out. I with relief sighed and again there came awkward silence. "Strange at her after all character" — I thought. — Listen, so you speak, it was interesting to you? I swallowed and understood that I on nerves said too much. — And what? — Well, anything. Just I ask. — Well … yes, it is a little. I told. — And what? Well, that is, you for certain are interested in something concrete. I just read, at guys it sometimes happens. Everyones there … passion objects … objects of desire … — having goggled, Marina mysteriously shook by hands before my person. — I don't know … in general, it was just interesting. — Well Lyosh, well be not over-modest, the curiosity is a normal phenomenon. There is nothing shameful that you like such things. If you want to know … I once too had it. I raised eyes. — Seriously? — Aha. Well, however, not with female things. I am a girl. It were pleasant to me, you know, all these jackets, sleeping bags, down-padded coats, panties too. Generally, bolonyevy things. And once so it turned out that because of them I got into a similar story. Too then it was a shame first, but since then I fell in love with them even more. Therefore I, actually, also opened shop where I trade in all these shurshashche-brilliant jackets and spalnichka. In my opinion, all this is quite lovely. I with enthusiasm listened to Marin. Always it seemed to me that fetishes aren't peculiar to girls, but I understood that she — not such as the others. — Also you know — she continued — first I hesitated the of hobbies too. I was afraid to tell someone about it too, worrying that I won't be understood. But after that story I learned that I not one such that there are people who share my passion too. And soon I understood that it is good to have the person who understands you. And here I thought. — It … Oksana? — I asked. — Yes, Oksana. She likes anything it too. All these shurshashche-brilliant jackets and spalnichka. — Interestingly … Yes, frankly speaking, this attracts me … in some sense too. — Well then come to me to shop, I will give a discount to you. As to the member of our club, so to speak — Marina giggled. I slightly smiled to her in reply. — Listen — I told — don't misunderstand me. I not "some there" as you for certain could think. You know, it was just interesting to me to appear in the company of the attractive girl and … Having realized that just I gave her a compliment, I reddened again and tried to continue distinctly: — … and it was interesting to me to appear in such situation, you understand? Not that I often am engaged in it, is simple … I saw how girls at work and on the street and … put on I had some strange feeling … It was pleasant to me how they put on and … it attracted me … as well as any man, certainly, but … somehow in a different way … well, you know … I didn't know what else to tell not to reveal and became silent. And Marina told: — A bream, don't try. I already understood everything. You have tea, and that will cool down. I took a sip of throats and relaxed a little. Perhaps, it was the most awkward conversation from all that at me ever were. I didn't understand why I sit and I go to bat for the girl with whom I am hardly familiar. I didn't know to what all this. But, strangely enough, felt better me. Having entered to her the apartment compressed, now I felt quite relaxed. I told someone about the hobbies, or almost told, and found understanding which so wasn't enough for me. Especially from such pretty girl. For me she was not that any more that yesterday. Now it seemed to me that I saw her on the other hand. And I began to take still great liking for her, but not as for the girl, and as for the person who understands me. It is rather even, I had to her feelings. I understood that I things look bad and wanted to clean up quickly home because felt that I fall in love. But alas, Marinina the girlfriend didn't arrive and I needed only to sit and wait for her in the company of the girl with which I already was almost over head and ears in love. And I decided to remind why I here: — Listen, and Oksana … you don't know, she will arrive soon? — I can call her if you want. — Yes, be kind. Just already late, and I don't want to give an inconvenience. — Oh and that you, Lyosh. At us we are always glad to guests — Marina told and I began to call. — Oksana, hi. Will you be soon? And then the person worries … And, well, it is good, we will wait. Give. I told that will be somewhere in about one and a half hours. "An hour and a half! What to do me all this time?" — I thought. — You know, I, probably, will go, and that late already. I then more better will come around tomorrow. — Well, well you. Well why to you to and fro to ride? We will sit so far, we will chat … And you what, you are afraid that it is necessary to spend the night at us? You are afraid that I tea will give to drink you and I won't allow to descend in a toilet? And - ha-ha, Lyosh and I joke, be not afraid. But me it wasn't ridiculous. — To a word speaking, Oksana works with me in shop. We in turn: I today output, and she work. And tomorrow on the contrary. — So you, it turns out, both you live together, and you work together … — Imagine. But she too the capricious person whether you know. She has a character also worse, than at me. We with her, by the way, got acquainted almost as well as with you, absolutely accidentally. Also it turned out that at us with her much in common. But in general she is a little strange. She has some principles. She doesn't stand guys in the apartment at all. I will want to bring, for example, somebody — she in any. Once there were I with the guy here, she came before usual and turned both of us out, you represent? We stand naked in a corridor, we wait until she lets in us. All night long waited, only in the morning she opened for us. Since then I guys here also I don't carry and would be someone. That though normal was not that some. And the apartment after all it what I can make? I can't dictate conditions to it. I began to think. — Listen, and nothing that I here? Will you because of me have no problems? — Well pancake, you aren't going to oversleep with me, so? Oksana, I think, everything will understand. Though … The marine thought of something. It seemed, it had some idea and from it I felt slightly ill at ease. — Listen, Lyosh … I will offer something to you now, only you don't think nothing bad, well? … Generally … You … Will you agree to stay the girl some time? I was dumbfounded. I didn't expect such question in any way. I thought that I didn't catch, but is told there was no place more clearly. — Sorry, that? — Well pancake … — the Marine began to be at loss for words — you understand … I spoke, Oksana has interests. It is pleasant to her too. She doesn't love guys, but she will be glad to see the girl in the house. Just at us with her recently somehow it doesn't develop, and I wanted to make by her something pleasant, you understand? — But … I don't even know her. — Well and that? You will get acquainted. Oksana is pretty, she will be pleasant to you, here you will see. — But … I am not a girl, she will understand everything at once. — So it is even more best. It will be pleasant to her even more — Marina convinced me. — You will need to dress up as the girl and to spend some time with her. And then you will take away the things. — "Some time?" — This evening. I tried to consider everything, but in the head was at me there was a full porridge. I wanted to refer to the fact that I to me tomorrow for work, but remembered that there was a Friday somehow. — Listen, Lyosha, I don't force you. Think properly. You can take away the things and go home or you can spend evening to the companies of two girls. Unless you will refuse it? Give, it will be cool if you dress up as the girl. — In your clothes? — Well. — And what with my hair? — Don't worry, I have a wig. "Well it is necessary" — I thought. — And she me won't ridicule? — Well you, she will be glad you to see. Lyosha, well admit, you want it. I see on your eyes. — Well, pancake … I … I is somehow not ready to it, you understand? … And to what all this?. I still doubted, but here Marina told that against what I couldn't go: — Oksana will be glad to communicate to you … And it will be pleasant to me. Will you make it for the sake of me? Well, please, Lyosh. I just was unable to refuse. Having got up courage, I answered: — All right, but only this evening. — Perfectly, Lyosh, thanks a lot — Marina was delighted. — So, all right, with what to begin from what … So, well, so now you will go to the bathroom, you will take a shower and you will shave legs. Well and armpits don't forget. I will give you the machine. You can use shampoos, gels, anything it. Only be washed properly, very everywhere — Marina giggled and jostled me to the bathroom. I closed a door on a latch and began to think. At that moment all events seemed to me some unreal. Standing in others bathroom in an environment of shampoos and the panties drying on the battery, I couldn't believe that now to me there will be something unimaginable. "My God, for what I subscribed?" — I thought, holding the machine in hand and being going to get rid of vegetation on the legs. I included water and undressed as Marinin suddenly heard a voice because of a door: — On everything, about everything at you about slightly more than an hour. Try to be in time to Oksana's arrival. I got into the bathroom and got up under a hot shower. I still had an opportunity to turn back, but I knew that it was that chance which just can't be missed. The marine was right, I wanted it, but I wasn't ready to it. Eventually, I arrived not behind again to walk smack in some story with participation of one more person unfamiliar to me. But, strangely enough, I was glad to such combination of circumstances: to spend evening to the companies of two girls — more better and couldn't be. Moreover and being the third girl. With this indistinct and joyful thought I began to shave the legs. Having left a shower freshened up and smelling delicious, I was wiped and wanted to put on, but didn't know in what. In the bathroom there was only wet linen yes dirty tights. Therefore I was wound with a towel, having made myself "dress", and left the bathroom. In kitchen I was already waited by Marina with a full range of cosmetics on a table. To me it was quite chilly, besides I hesitated to leave to the girl in such look. The marine turned back and called me: — A bream, go here. I shy approached, fitting a towel that before her "to light" nothing. — Well, shaved legs? Oh, I see. Legs, beautiful at you, Lyosh. It is direct the model. At bright light my shaven legs indeed became more best to look. All red with shame, I sat down opposite to Marina. Having discovered lipstick, she smiled and told: — Well, Lyosh, we will turn you into the girl now. I became nervous from these words and at the same time was slightly made horney. Therefore I pulled together a towel again not to give myself. I sat opposite to Marina and patiently waited until she makes up me. From outside it looked quite lovely: as though elder sister teaches the younger sister to be painted. She diligently put shadows, powder, ink on my face and from it to me it was somehow awkward. I was afraid of what I will see in a mirror. All the same that to see others reflection. Askance I glanced at her accurate, smooth legs which are dragged away in tights and from it was made horney even more. Even it seemed to me, there was in all this something sexual, to sit here so, in one towel while the girl paints you. Having finished with a make-up, Marina made up my nails bright red varnish. stories erotic Then she left to the room and returned with a wig from there. It was the long, voluminous hair of dark-chestnut color curling at tips. She put on a wig to me the head and I felt as hair softly tickled my shoulders. It I sat down opposite again and, прищурясь, long I looked at me. — There now, it is ready — Marina with a type of the artist who finished a picture told and handed me a pocket mirror. I looked in him and my heart trembled: from a mirror the beautiful, charming brown-haired woman looked at me shrill blue eyes. She was so gentle and charming, but something in her was passionate. Her lovely face, his soft lines attracted me and woke up in me hot feelings and bright emotions. I couldn't believe that it I. I even couldn't think that my person can be such nice. It as if freshened up and was filled with life. I tried to constrain hands the burning dick which was already poured by blood at the sight of this sexy young lady. — Perfectly. Just super — I told Marin. — Well, the hand at me is already filled, as they say. So, all right, we will go to the room. We will put on — Marina grinned. Having entered the room, I didn't find any things which are in advance prepared for me there and stood in perplexity. — So, so here a case — Marina showed me. — In him our things, mine and Oksana. Choose that will be pleasant and put on. And I will call Oksana so far. As you will be ready — you will call. I won't come, be not afraid. Also I closed behind me a door. And here I understood that the way back for me wasn't any more. I was completely dumbfounded. In the room there was a big three-door sliding wardrobe, almost to a ceiling on which central door there was a big mirror. I saw in him the same charming brown-haired woman whom I already met couple of minutes ago. Unless now I could see her to the utmost. Her body covered a white towel from under which her magnificent, long legs looked out. Only she looked somehow confusedly as if only I left a shower and I didn't expect me here to see. I approached a mirror, she approached me and I was convinced that I was this charming brown-haired woman. I terribly hesitated of the reflection as if there was something disgusting though actually there was something fine. I was twisted in front of the mirror in white "dress", admiring beauty of the forms and the nice face framed with magnificent hair. It seemed, I could oversleep with myself, so I was pleasant to myself. And my dick began to rise, having powerfully reared from under a towel. "The girl with a stoyachok. Something in it is" — I thought, having given in to dirty thoughts. I wanted to throw off from myself a towel, having bared the body as suddenly because of a door was heard: — Oksana told that she will be somewhere in about 40 minutes. So you can not hurry. My heart was without restraint clogged as if I was nearly caught. But then I remembered that I don't do anything bad and relaxed. But nevertheless I felt some responsibility: I was in others apartment and understood that I need to prepare for arrival of one more girl. "So, itself should choose clothes" — I thought and removed the left door of a case. And here literally lit up me. Not to express my admiration in words at the sight of what I saw there. It was real magic. On shelves heaps and heaps of various clothes lay: undershirts, pants, tights, jackets, skirts, trousers and sweaters of various flowers and styles. I was literally struck with such abundance of things and was just delirious with delight. I felt like a certain seeker of treasures who carried out all the life in search of a treasure with jewelry and at last found him. Before me there was just a great lot of things and I could put any of them on myself. I was inexpressibly happy. I with great pleasure would spend at this case a couple of hours, but, unfortunately, in time I was limited and I had to choose that to me to put on. I began to dig in a heap of pants, trying to choose for myself something convenient and more womanly, if I decided to dress the girl. Having rummaged all this colorful heap of linen, I, at last, found that looked for. I got pink thongs. More maiden style of panties, perhaps, also couldn't be. They were very soft and elastic and I right there wanted to measure them. I threw off a towel and in a trice put them on myself. They to me were a little small, but it was pleasant to me how their gentle cotton fits my perineum tightly and as strong they sat down at me between buttocks. I turned in front of the mirror, admiring smooth "rolls" between which there passed the thin strip of panties. In these thongs my bottom looked terribly sexually, very much on - maiden. Here I realized that I again, however, as well as yesterday, put on myself someone else's pants. Marinin or her girlfriends — I didn't know, but it terribly made horney me, know that the pretty girl allowed you to wear her, perhaps, most personal belonging — her underwear. I looked at the round bottom in which the pink ribbon a string conveniently was located, knowing that this ribbon once already visited a bottom of one nice girl. Also didn't pass also half-minute as my dick at once I strained, having bulged powerful by a machismo hillock in woman pants. I saw how on panties the small speck which was left by my "friend" therefore I decided to secure myself against accidentally not to "leave marks" in someone else's pants was formed. I wanted there was something to enclose, but couldn't find anything suitable as suddenly I found a pack of feminine pads in the depth of the shelf. The benefit, they were enough there and I decided to use one of them. I unpacked it, pasted in front of panties, having compactly laid on it the dick, and tightened thongs. Now I was insured. I felt as to me it became very soft there, below and outlines of my dick already not so were given through panties. Now everything looked very exactly and smoothly and from outside it seemed that on me just very thick laying. The turn of tights came and I began to potter about on the lower shelf of a case. Having got at random one couple of corporal color, I began to touch it in hands. I felt softness of elastic nylon and rejoiced to the fact that I had again chance to put on someone's tights. I twirled them in hands, gently feeling them, representing that these tights were once already put on by Marina or her girlfriend. I was involuntarily inclined to them and inhaled their smell a full breast. I liked aroma of worn women's tights. I liked to feel warmly female body, proceeding from them. I liked this wonderful Scent of a Woman, wearing these tights. And I felt the real euphoria, though knew that it is a little abnormal. I understood that I distracted and began to put on tights. It turned out at me enough dexterously. I coped not bad also yesterday, and today I already did it as if on a habit as if every day in them I put on. I popodtyagivat tights, having got rid of folds standing, and pulled them to a stomach, поприседав that didn't sag in a perineum. Having been delighted that I was lucky with a size, I smoothed the legs and again felt this delightful feeling of nylon on the skin. To me it was very soft and comfortable. To my legs it was easy and free, and my dick already not so ugly hung as earlier, and it was supported by dense fabric of tights why my legs took a distinguished, graceful form why I began to look like the girl even more. Then I put on a white cotton brassiere and with some efforts buttoned it on a back, having felt on myself all inconvenience which girls face every day. It fitted well, but there was one problem: I didn't know, than to fill it. I didn't think up anything more best, than to take pair of tights. Having crumpled them, I "stuffed" them in cups, having built myself a decent, elastic breast of the 3rd size. Close it looked, of course, wildly. "Nothing, all the same I will put on something upward" — I thought and decided to look at myself. I was looked in a mirror and found out that that nice brown-haired woman wasn't such naked any more and timid as earlier. Now she already almost put on and was ready to put on herself something such — after all the whole case was at her order. I was twisted in front of the mirror, examining the equal, accurate bottom in pink thongs and tights of a bronze shade. I was lost in admiration. I could admire myself hours, could flaunt in such look without any shame, knowing that I any more not that guy who just decided to get on on himself female belongings. Now I was already other person. Now I was a girl. And it madly was pleasant to me. Now I should choose outerwear. And this choice for me was any more not from lungs. I refused jeans because I simply wouldn't get into them, and in general from trousers because ме there was a strong wish to show the legs. (Differently in vain I perhaps put on tights). I decided to choose something more frank and came across black, quite strict miniskirt. Having estimated it on itself, I understood that it covered just that it is necessary, and opened just that it is necessary therefore I right there put it on myself, having felt as her soft fabric was rubbed about my dick. Having put on a skirt, I zipped it behind, having left the belt of tights which is shamefully sticking out over her. "Well, now we will close it" — I thought, estimating that to me to put on upward. I touched various sweaters, topics, jackets, even some long as a dress, T-shirts, but I decided that all this or too safely, or is too closed. And I, strangely enough, wanted it will be pleasant to Oksana, but also not to seem too dissolute. I found some thin jumper from soft fabric of violet color with a long sleeve and a V-shaped cut of a neck. To the touch he was quite gentle, besides pleasant color therefore I decided that it — just the fact that it was necessary for me. I accurately pulled it on myself, trying not to bring down a wig from the head, and pumped up sleeves a little. Everything, now I was ready. I decided to be looked a little more in a mirror before Oksana's arrival. Now I saw something tremendous in a mirror: I was faced by the charming, long-legged brown-haired woman in a short skirt and a pretty violet jacket from under which her smart breast was obviously given. She was so gentle and beautiful as if a spring flower. Her voluminous, long hair fell her on shoulders the dense, curling curls, like falls. She all literally breathed life and beauty which, appear, nobody was unable to resist. She was charming in the modesty: she didn't try to tempt someone or on the contrary, to disappear from someone's eyes — she was oneself. And her graceful figure just attracted and attracted to itself. I was ready to have right there with it hot, passionate sex. I fell in love with it from the first look, with this ordinary, timid girl who just went on the affairs, but on some combination of circumstances it appeared with me here. She didn't even suspect that sometime, on the way home, she will appear in one room with the man with whom she will have sex. I was ready to take her directly in her clothes, in her violet jacket, in her tights and her pretty pink panties which she hid from others eyes. It was her small maiden secret, but now I learned about it and the ardent desire wakened in me with a new force. I drove it into a corner. Now it already was there is no way out. We remained with it in one room together, only I and she. But she would in vain be frightened, I wouldn't do her the harm. I just would like to show her love. I just would like to learn it closer. To look that at it there, below, under her nice dress. I would develop it, would lift up it a skirt and would see her sexual pink panties thongs which sat down somewhere at her round, accurate buttocks. She always put on them when she wanted sex. She always secretly waited for it and often masturbated in them, admiring herself in a mirror, hoping that sometime she will be fucked in the same panties. And this shameless person purposely put on a short skirt as if she itself arose upon it for certain to receive what wants. "Well now she will receive" — I would think. I would break off her tights and perfidiously would take her behind, directly in a bottom. She languidly would moan from these long-awaited, sweet feelings, and I would stick the dick to her directly into the back, gently touching her soft breast hidden under a jacket and inhaling the concerning aroma of her fine, nutbrown hair. But she would even not resist, it would be pleasant to her. She dreamed that sometime she will be taken here so, standing, suddenly, in her clothes in which she walks every day. She always wanted it, she just was eager for that she was fucked. And, she even couldn't imagine that she will be able sometime to derive pleasure, even without undressing. And the main thing, from someone? From some stranger whom she saw for the first time. This libertine even held up him the bottom, so she wanted it. Secretly she wished to tempt someone with the beauty and I solved her secret. She received that she wanted. But she even didn't hope that she will be so rigidly fucked. I would get into her even more often more deeply, mentioning the most undercover corners of her soul, and she wildly would groan from the pleasure which so suddenly gushed over her. Since morning she couldn't even imagine that this evening to her there will be something fantastic, something what this modest girl even hesitated to think of. She madly would shout, being hit a deserved portion of the dick in the bottom, and I also didn't think to stop, wishing to fuck her as the last lewd bastard. I just would use her as the dressed-up doll, I would otymet her so that she couldn't sit for a long time. From sexual exhaustion at her legs would begin to give away, but I would hold her, having clasped for a perineum and working a finger for her in front from what from she would moan even stronger. I would develop it to a mirror that she admired as she is impudently and impetuously taken behind, and in her clothes and in her tights which are already hopelessly spoiled. She always dreamed of such sudden, wild sex, and here she received it, this dirty maid. I would interfere in her so rigidly that it would seem to her that from pleasure she will go crazy now, and I would continue everything and continued to be active in her, wouldn't finish the dirty business yet. She was already all in my hands, all oblapanny and uncombed, grown weak and shouting from the inevitable, coming orgasm, and I would caress her magnificent legs, such long and strong, as at the real woman. And here, at last, when she would be already on a limit, I would insert her the dick so strongly and so deeply in her to the priest that she it is wild, just heart-rendingly cried from the rough, most powerful orgasm which shook all her body, having terminated directly in the panties in which I cumed more than once. And when I would finish, I just would lower her a skirt, developed it, having a little more teased her in front a finger, and strong kissed on her passionate mouth, having finished thereby our delightful coition and having for a long time left her unforgettable impressions about this great moment. Behind these thoughts I was absolutely forgotten where I am and that there will have to arrive Oksana soon. I was convinced that I am ready to her arrival and decided to leave to the Marine. But I couldn't be to it with such huge strut therefore I decided to wait a little. Having looked in panties, I found out that my "friend" "lowered a little" a little therefore laying appeared very opportunely. When it slightly fell down, I laid it back in pants, once again tightened tights, stirred up hair and only I was going to leave the room as on a threshold I was already waited by Marina. We faced her face to face and I, having terribly reddened, confusedly looked away, representing in what look I before her appeared. Having crossed hands, the girl examined me from top to toe, still looked some time at me then she said: — Not bad. Not bad. And you have a good taste, Lyosha — and again smiled to me. — Do you so think? — having still frowned, I asked. It was awfully a shame to me to face here so Marina made up, in a wig and tights. I felt that she still looks at me, appear, not in forces to have eyes glued on what was seen. But instead of the answer the girl told: — Well, we will go to kitchen so far. Oksana has to arrive soon. I proceeded for Marina. We sat down the friend opposite to the friend again and began to have tea. I was embarrassed and already lost the remains of skills of communication with girls which I got 5 minutes ago, and just sat, supping tea, waiting for inevitable. I was slightly strained with how looks at me Marin. I understood, of course, that I look unusually and that it was quite interesting to look at me, but it was all the same a little uncomfortable to be under a fixed look of the girl who humiliated me still yesterday. — I look, rozovenky chose? — having looked at me under a skirt, I asked Marin. I absolutely forgot that at me now all is visible and hurried to cross legs. — Well what you, nevertheless the. You can not hide. — Well, to me is so more comfortable. — Well look. Especially, I should have hidden somehow "knob" which was now absolutely out of place. — Well as? — I asked suddenly Marin. — What "as"? — Well, how to you in your new clothes? — Normally. And why you ask? The marine looked at me with a look "don't pretend to be, I understand everything". — And, well … it is quite good and. Very conveniently. A little strange for want of habit, but it is quite pleasant. Frankly speaking, I didn't think that I will look so sometime. — So it is pleasant to you? I decided that if I agreed to put on as the girl, to shirk was already to anything. Especially, before the person who saw me through. — Yes. It is pleasant to me. You know, I indeed feel like the girl. Amusing feelings. — Aha, here would be at you monthly, kind of you then started talking — Marina told and I laughed. — Ha, well. No, I in the sense that … well, I spoke, am pleasant to me how girls put on, but … that most sometime to put on as the girl — it I couldn't even imagine. It seemed to me it is some unnatural. But you know, I am glad that tried. — Unnatural? Why? — Well pancake, guys shouldn't put on in women's. They … at us have things. — Well you put on in women's. And what, unless there was something bad? — Well … Simply … In my opinion, it is somehow wrong. — And here Oksana so doesn't consider. For her it is quite normal. — Yes? Do you want to tell, as for you too? — Well, and why not? Eventually, I offered it to you. Besides, today I had one more girlfriend … — Marina told and, having looked at me, smiled. I looked at her and smiled to her in reply. Though, of course, quite wild the fact that Marina saw in me the girl also seemed to me, but I felt that between us there was some communication. I not absolutely understood whether communication it the guy with the girl or just two soulmates or can even in general two girls. I didn't know where all this can come, but it was interesting to me to learn how everything will turn back. There was a wish to recognize her closer, to spend with her more time, to sit and chat with her here so, easy. She was that someone understands me. She normally apprehended my interests and even met requirements of them. Generally, everything was wrapped quite interestingly. So far I didn't hear as the entrance door opens. The marine sharply swelled up. — So, it is Oksana. Behave naturally. Just in case, improvise — Marina told and, having taken me by hand, led in a corridor and went to a corridor. I terribly became nervous, but to refuse was already too late. "Eventually, what bad can happen?" — I thought. We left in a corridor, Marina took me by an arm and said from what I felt a little ill at ease: — Oksana, get acquainted, this is Alyona. To be continued … It is sent: Stan_Smith dating number for whatsapp dateline quad cities site mapMain Page