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Prior to a wedding we with the husband dreamed to go to the capital to earnings, and only then to be proved in the village, to give birth to children, to get economy. Therefore didn't pass also weeks after the wedding as we, having raised the simple belongings yes money which numerous relatives presented us on a wedding, started on on a way. Three days were lived at distant relatives, then they lovely asked us, having suggested to rent apartment far away from them. We rented apartment one-room, here only paid in one month, counting on a miracle. My husband in a week found work, I rushed on search of the decent and inexpensive room. The certain apartment for us was too expensive especially as it was only necessary to us to spend the night. I re-read a lot of announcements, went on any offices, but all was very expensive. And here, having come across one tempting announcement in the subway, I went to the treasured address. Though the apartment also was on the outskirts, I first of all was interested in the price. Having called several times a door, I was already going to leave as suddenly doors after all opened and on a threshold the strong man appeared sleepy, probably, morning after. I was presented that came according to the announcement, and would like to see the room. The man quickened a little that pleased me already a little, and I came into the apartment. I paid at once attention to untidiness of the owner as in the apartment it was very dusty, stubs rolled here and there, but I nevertheless passed to the room which he showed me, and attentively examined everything. I asked whether there is no opportunity a little to delay the first contribution, referring to difficult financial position on what the man it is even more interested looked at me and without any falseness said: "For such girl as you, I can give a discount, you were pleasant to me at once, itself you see that here female hands are necessary". He looked at a splodgy floor, then at me, and all the time wanted to ask about something. I only lovely smiled and very much tried to inspire in him trust, being afraid that he can change the mind. "You as are called, the sun?" "Люся" — I very modestly answered. "What good name, and my name is the uncle Zhora, you can call me just Zhora. To you as, eighteen years are?" "That you, the Uncle Zhora, all twenty, I am already married, and I have a husband". "And where your husband, likely, sits?" "No, he works". "So, so you are going to live with the husband here?" "Well, of course". The uncle Zhora somehow changed a little and directly gave out: "I thought that you one absolutely, such very young that, maybe, - another together we will drink a night yes povorkuy". I, having pretended to be the little fool, right there I found that to answer him: "You don't worry, the husband at me silent, will be very kind, and I kind, and will wash in your room, both I will tidy up, and I will talk if it is boring". He quickened so again that it became noticeable how veins on his sinewy hands strained. "Look, only don't deceive, and I just like that won't begin to feel sorry for you". On it also dispersed. I, happy with a find, with pleasure told of it to the husband. The next day we came to the uncle Zhora. As it seemed to me, my husband, really, was pleasant to the uncle Zhora, maybe, because for acquaintance late evening they split a vodka bottle for two. Early in the morning I thriftily saw off the husband for work, he didn't sleep it off yet, but warned me that the owner drinks as an elk and that I with this bull was more careful. I decided to lie down because on the street it was still absolutely dark. I heard that the uncle Zhora already got up and somewhere went. Having checked whether I forgot to lock a door, quietly I fell asleep. I overslept an hour more three. Some noise at neighbors woke me, I as scalded by boiled water I jumped, and right there began to look for for myself useful occupation. I too well remembered that I promised the uncle Zhora to make cleaning as last night had no time for it. I understood that he hadn't breakfast yet as though he waited for me, sat in kitchen in one undershirt with a cigarette. I found forces to greet the owner, having waited from him the same and somehow I suggested to keep up the conversation to him the fact that I remained from prepared for the husband for breakfast. He as though agreed, and I, having set the table, right there sat down opposite. Having blurred from ear to ear, the uncle Zhora became with pleasure is, frowningly looking at me. I felt that he will start talking soon, and was afraid of it a little. "Well, how to you it was fallen down — spent the night on the new place? Well? Comfortably?" "Well, the uncle Zhora, only in the apartment is a little, it seems to me, is cool". "No, in the apartment temperature just right, not therefore to you it was cold, washing the room just near your bed". I with surprise looked at it. "You what so look at me, a bed under you only and creaked when laid down... You, how? On different beds lived?" I looked at him again, but is already not so strict not to offend. "I have residents, happened, on all night practised, there not only the bed, a wall shook". At me the mood absolutely deteriorated, but it couldn't be stopped. "You hint him if he doesn't want to cope with the duty, then supposedly the uncle Zhora is ready always, only beckon". He represented the last words so that I had in this respect no doubts. I spent all this day in job searches, only managed to prepare hastily in the evening something as the husband came, is perfect without mood, something wasn't got on at him at work, we didn't manage even to talk about anything. The next morning my husband, maybe, out of pity, and, maybe, just didn't want to awake me, left for work without breakfast so that I didn't even notice how he gathered. He even switched-off the alarm clock that I have longer a sleep. I regained consciousness from the fact that someone carefully caressed me. I in the dark understood not at once someone it lies near me. Instinctively hands I tried to straighten out the lifted-up shirt, but hairy strong male hands didn't allow even to reach it. At me intercepted breath when I understood that it was the uncle Zhora, in the buff. He already nailed to a bed my legs the and continuously repeated: "It will be pleasant to you, let's soak only a little bit, and then everything will well go, you will be glad". I fought as I could, he hurt nothing to me, squeezed my boobies and strove to lower me lower. It seemed to me that he was even amused by such situation when I so actively resisted his pressure. "Break a little bit, break, a nanny-goat, all the same I will push, I won't be sorry only any more then, itself you will be guilty". For a moment having released hands, I came across his huge elda. "What, was frightened? In consent I to you very quietly would push, and I will torment so until you understand that the uncle Zhora should be respected". Having presented that in this apartment except us there is nobody, and doors on the safe lock, hoping for some cunning, I didn't begin to escape actively from his hands any more, he it understood and, облапив thriftily me one hand, another began to insert the elda to me between legs. "I said to you that in consent it is more best, it will be not so sick" — and he carried out by all the shovel in my most intimate place. "Can you still the virgin, though I am married, it happens too?" I rolled up scaredly-headed only to stop his artful inquiries. He absolutely inaccurately raked up something with a number of the standing bedside table and, having become straight over me, squeezed out to himself on a palm shovel. I saw how he having hardly clasped with a palm the good, began to smear it with some cream. I, having weakened from his such thorough preparation, I turned away not to see it on what I right there heard: "Terribly? Be not afraid, we will make everything like clockwork" — and his palm already densely walked at me between legs again. "You speak not a tselochka any more, now we will check your baby with someone she spent the night". He put the elda to the pubis again and, having raised me on himself, kneelt almost. "Don't contract, on that and your chink that to please the man, you will get used to my elda soon". Now I understood that I am completely within his power, and depends only on him that will be with me. "The uncle Zhora, the Uncle Zhora" — I almost moaned — "Please, it is only not strong, I am afraid of him". "Still any woman didn't die of my racer and you won't die, only you will catch a high yes buttocks you will twirl less, I you now, esteem, I will procrastinate every day". It seemed to me that I am divided into halves, and I almost cried. "Watch how it was densely spread, now you at me won't get to anywhere even if you will very strongly want... Without lubricant I the first time touch nobody, here and you regretted, only you don't feel sorry for me, I wanted to press you still yesterday when you gave a breakfast to me", and then added — "I wanted to bend such hostess yes to bulge in the beginning, and then and it was possible to be fed". He, having begun to roar, painfully I squeezed my boobies and, knowing that to me it is painful, in an emphasis I asked: "Prior to a wedding with men often somersaulted?" I rolled up the head, and he added: "It is visible that not skilled, another would get to the core of me at once, but it is good, I will teach you as it is necessary to behave in a soft bed... And now suffer, I to the full extent will dress you". As soon as he began to drive in me the racer further, I from pain and horror twisted with hands his neck. "Well you feel him?... The uncle Zhora you can pull down on two halves... I said to you that it was necessary to agree amicably". I began to nod the head, confirming consent. He as though unwillingly laid me under himself, raked up ruchishcham for a back, became carefully, and then all naporisty to rub eldy my perineum. "Now you from such entertainment in a moment will float. Do you feel how he kisses your baby?... Almost взасос". After such words and the amplified powerful pushes I for the first time felt that pleasure about which only I heard. And in gratitude for his "kindness" I twisted with hands his thick neck so again that my boobies were so densely pressed to his hairy breast that he, having grinned, almost squeezed out from himself: "Here and the good fellow that learned to love the man, and boobs to substitute as it is necessary. "— and he, having slightly risen, I began the rigid nipples to cling mine. "Well, how? Takes away?" — and, without having waited for the answer, I hooked on both of them already the claws. "Just by the size, and it is more convenient to hold you". I felt some roughness which is again undertaken by him and wanted to be released somehow on what right there I received отлуп: "You be not frightened, from my paws of traces doesn't remain, you will wash, you will grease with cream, will be as new". And right there I continued: "Did you think that woman's boobs only on holidays are kissed?" I already tried not to think of anything, only squeezed more densely than a leg in time to stop his penetration without pain. Having remembered how we with the husband were very cautious this month not to become pregnant, I tried to ask about it now, however right there felt sharp strengthening of a pressure and an imperative voice: "In the first honey night the woman to a drop should accept. And if my slashing fellow captures you, so it is even good — means, the hot love was". He didn't speak, and, appear, drove in into me these words, accompanying with an easy postanyvaniye and, feeling pleasure from my humility. "Well, the maid woman, substitute the bast basket, to cum hunting" — he with such force squeezed all me that I not only to move, couldn't move. The huge muzzle he stuck into a pillow and with wild rattle, in an animal way, began to be exempted from a seed. It seemed to me that I will lose reason. Now I didn't think of anything, besides, than my body was filled. A little educated in this respect, I thought that here now, there will pass one more minute, I will get up and at once I will run to the bathroom to be exempted from it. However such minute didn't come because the uncle Zhora, having sated wholly, almost slept, and the only thing that he afforded, so it to slip from me, right there залапав me the hands and legs. Choking with a strong smell of men's sweat, I fell asleep too, without knowing how many I overslept. I woke up from the fact that he carefully embraced me and caressed boobies. "How we with you povorkovat? Doesn't hurt?" — and he, having moved up me is even stronger to itself, I touched my pubis. "We will repeat?" I, knowing that he nothing can't object, slightly I rose and, having felt under myself humidity of a sheet, I turned back. On a light sheet in several places blood spots were seen. I was captured by a fright, I looked to myself between legs and understood nothing. The uncle Zhora quietly touched the thumb to me between legs and asked: "Did you tell me that any more not the virgin? Now you understand someone your first man?" I unexpectedly burst into tears, now of anybody and anything without hesitating. He attracted me to himself with a new force and, having taken the mouth my lips, appear, tried to swallow. When he released my lips and wanted to overturn under himself again, I, already itself kissing his rigid cheek, chirped: "Let's have a rest a little bit... I so want to eat!" He somehow became soft at once, having scented also the advantage, but threatened: "After that at once in a bed, and without zakidon". I never had such cooking. While I cooked food, he several times stopped me in kitchen, touching to all places, then ate the omelet made by me, a block towering over a table, stared in a cut of my dressing gown, and under a table painfully squeezed my legs the. On my person it was visible that I didn't know how further to behave and what to tell the husband. The uncle Zhora, reading my mind, I calmed: "You don't feel sorry for the man, he at you and the truth the meek creature rural. If itself understands that you another became, so the good fellow. And if doesn't understand — means, the full layman. And we with you will practise slowly as today". What I only could also answer: "We soiled all mattress, likely, won't be washed". He began to laugh as a stallion: "You turn him on other party — there the whole bouquet from such as you". I again, trying to stand somehow on the hind legs, I pouted because of comparison me with "some" and I went to the room. It followed me. "Now together we will also look" — and his hands already dense ring were located around me. In the evening to the husband I pretended to be ill and almost didn't get up. The uncle Zhora, having drunk more bottle of vodka, so I snored in the room that walls were unsteady. The husband tired of hard physical activity, right there turned away and too snored. I cried all night long, without knowing how further to live, being afraid to hint at least the husband that I happened in my and his life. In the morning I asked the husband to lock doors and only then fell asleep. Long nobody disturbed me, some voices were heard then, someone entered and left. I heard that the uncle Zhora before someone justified himself and about something asked, but as though didn't pay attention to him. Hardly I began to understand about what the speech when the uncle Zhora began to ask to give him time till the evening. "You assured me that for a month you sailed away, but didn't pass also two weeks as you were drawn, here I also let the little girl for a while". Right there the ricochet followed: "Boughs your head, to us to your little girl, as to one place. Take away her to yourself and release a hut, you see we not some". The uncle Zhora, probably, who absolutely lost mind from vodka and from so suddenly appeared suddenly lodgers, began to knock at my door. I began to put on quickly and just in case to pack the things. Having turned a key at doors, I saw two excited young Caucasians who a little bit poostyl and with apologies asked to free at once the room for two hours. In a corner, having nestled to each other, there were two absolutely very young little girls: one in bright provocative clothes, and another — is more modest, frightened to death in a short coat. One of Caucasians, having angrily sparkled in their party eyes, I ordered: "You pass, girls, don't hesitate. "Another — silently took my suitcase and transferred to the room of the uncle Zhora. In his room I fell down the first got chair and couldn't present that I will tell the husband when he returns from work. In the beginning I thought that I need to leave, but where — in all city of any kindred spirit, except relatives who with such pleasure got rid of us. The man of courage uncle Zhora appeared only in one rights — walls partitions purely conditionally divided our room with his room, and was too well heard as behind a wall glasses, man-to-man talks in unclear language ringed in the beginning, then one of little girls strongly cried, but her, probably, shut a mouth, and both beds in unison began to creak. I understood that one of little girls was not a professional, but I had no forces even to think of it. I heard how horney, noisy guys came to a ladder to smoke as they agreed together to process the very young little girl. She shouted again, asked about helps, but her cries with interest became covered by cackling and groans of males happy with the life. Then little girls were hastily dressed, put money, turned out, and guys in turn went to the bathroom and long there lapped. I sat in the room, being afraid to move. The uncle Zhora, drunk, in kitchen slept directly on a table. Two hours of gallant Caucasians turned into four, but nobody was going to leave anywhere. The unexpected knock at a door brought me out of catalepsy. In the doorway there was one of them with a happy shaven physiognomy. "The girl, we will leave now, quietly live and if it is required to us — you understand — we will tell you or we will call". I out of gratitude even stood up from a chair, and, likely, he read some satisfaction on my face that right there, having looked back, I turned back. "The girl, you is married?" "yes" — I answered. "It is bad, I would marry you. And where your husband?" "He at work." "It is good when the husband works. And you are the whole day one, likely, you miss?" "No that you, I already look for work" "Means, you will go for work soon, but didn't find yet. Perhaps together we will look, I have a car". "No that you, thanks, same my problem, isn't necessary, don't worry". "To help the good girl is and my problem. You, likely, are afraid that your husband learns, but we will look for work without him. I tomorrow since morning will come for you, and we will quickly go round all someone it is necessary". "No, it isn't necessary to worry". "You be not afraid, any soul the nobility won't be, I from below will call you" — and he, as a token of friendship and consent, somehow in a special way gave me a hand and for a while held her in the. This morning I got up a bit earlier, on tiptoe washed, made toilet. Exactly in due time the mobile phone rang out. "It is Timur. Good morning. Here you see, I as Kremlin clocks. Number of my car 065" Quietly I closed a door. His car stood absolutely near an entrance, without going out of the car, it opened a door for front seat near the driver. I didn't begin to resist and sat down near him. With the same genuine smile, as well as yesterday, in a sound leather jacket, he attentively examined me from legs to the head and, having shaken the head, squeezed out: "As it is possible not to hire such beautiful girl, I on the place of pigheaded owners would accept you to admire at least you all day". I was confused from such compliment, but could tell nothing. Sitting near it, I felt some unusual confidence, and, having visited the first company in which, thanks to his impact, offered me at choice two works at once, started to respect him even stronger. I already wanted to stop on it, however, having received his serious suggestion, with pleasure agreed to continue search. "The person has to look for where it is more best... As the man and the woman, always look for with someone it is more best, someone is more best... "At the same time he unambiguously looked at me and asked: "I a little bit am pleasant to you?" I looked down, feeling to him gratitude for disinterested aid, and only carefully straightened out the coat which seemed to me very short. After some pause he continued: "Means, it am pleasant, only you hesitate. You were pleasant yesterday to me too, I almost fell in love". I attentively looked at him as though reminding of that with someone they somersaulted yesterday. "You about prostitutes don't think, it so, to let off steam" "It seemed to me that one was absolutely a little girl". "This girl on good grandmas pecked, she thought that she will only be kissed, and we are people not greedy". In other companies the situation repeated, everywhere Timur followed me as protection, and if necessary I asked such questions which laid down on the spot any most meticulous official. "Now you can choose the best option, but I think that the last place will suit you best" And then having thought, added: "At me here the brother nearby lives, we will see each other more often" — and his physiognomy blurred in a pleased smile. "Perhaps we will come around? There we will be fed, his wife prepares — you will lick fingers". He dialed number and, having greeted, to a descent blurted out: "Listen, Dina, I near you, not one, with the pleasant, clever girl here, you will feed us?" In a tube unconditional consent sounded. "Here you see, already wait for us". Really waited for us — the pleasant woman met us, kissed both, suggested to settle down more conveniently. It was unusual to me to feel like the guest therefore I hardly constrained the emotions as could, I kept calm and efficiency. However my offer to help in kitchen was necessary absolutely by the way on what Dina noticed: "I like Timur's choice. You, it is visible, not spoiled". I only nodded, without discussing her conclusion, silently carried everything that I was given from the refrigerator. The table turned out plentiful. Timur poured red wine in three glasses. Only after the third glass reached me that alcohol is drunk also by Timur. The hospitable hostess herself answered my question: "Now you will a little more drink and you will have a rest", and itself somehow imperceptibly left. Timur turned in my party: "Did you hear what we were told?" I the begging eyes looked at him. "To us suggested to have a rest a little bit... And then we will go again". Silence which he also broke set in. "You are married how many years? One? Two? Three years?" "One... month". "Oh, so you had no opportunity something yet to compare. Did you hear yesterday how we spurred very young prostitutes? Precisely it was pleasant to them". What I answered: "The little girl very strongly shouted". "And as to her not to shout if the virgin is broken, you too the first time, likely, were covered with blood. And the little girl in two hours received five hundred dollars and about everything forgot. Well, as, we will lie down in an adult way, we will be pardoned, nobody and the nobility will be. To you it won't be sore". He with pleasure deeply dragged on a cigarette. "On me wine worked excitingly, look" — he showed on the trousers which rose on all 20 centimeters. I, hardly assessing a situation, but at the same time, understanding that he didn't bring me in the car to any waste ground, and brought to the clean solid apartment, I decided to refer politely to not freshness of the linen, however right there I received the decision: "You pass to the bathroom, there all can be found, only I don't understand when you with the husband lay down to have a rest, you don't remove panties and a brassiere?... You have to understand that we will have a rest really, I want to get acquainted a little closer with you, and in the afternoon only looked at your profile... Didn't you give birth yet?" "no". "I like such girls, they have everything in original state as though just were born". I, without understanding, but thinking more that I happened at me to the uncle Zhora yesterday, I asked: "Why?" "I will answer your question when you remove panties. We will go, I will show you where the bathroom is located". Legs so didn't obey me that I hardly rose from an easy convenient chair. I was tormented only by one — into someone I turn for these last two days? Why I it turned out such available? I tried to find to myself justification, but couldn't though somewhere in depth there was some offense at the husband, at his indifference to me, at our first vital difficulties, at all this wild invention to go to the capital. And in the bathroom I was already waited by two greedy healthy hands which offered the help in undressing. "We will now be washed together. Sometime not one washed?" "no". "You much what I didn't do in life, now we will try". I felt as he hurries to exempt me from a brassiere and to grab by boobies. "Already it is possible to talk really" — he exhaled, having hooked on both of my boobies — "Look there". I looked forward and saw that the bathtub from three parties is surrounded with mirrors, and I in Timur's hands resembled a frog in paws of a boa. "Get into a bathtub, I will wash you as mother in the childhood... What? Mother did everything carefully, for me protected?... I will make carefully too, the main thing — that to us to place it there". I saw in a mirror what he prepared for me, and understood that it wasn't obligatory for that prostitute little girl to be the untouched girl to shout and ask about helps. "You are afraid that we with you won't be located in this bathroom? Yes here on four persons had at the same time a rest". He squeezed out to himself on a hand hard gel and, having slightly bent down, became slowly in the beginning on my stomach, and then above, to smear him, turning into light foam. When his hands reached my breast, I all contracted and began to shake, whether from humiliation, whether from pleasure. "Many said to you what you beautiful or not?" — he stared at me, stroking one, other breast which is easily slipping out his hands on what I, without thinking out anything, answered: "I always hesitated, from school that they such big". On Timur it worked as drug, and he began to wheeze: "At you what, wasn't at school of such friend how I?" "no". "I to you wouldn't allow to hesitate, you then would give only to me and nobody any more, and any bitch would thrust the language into one place... you at me wouldn't go, you at me would fly from pleasure". He turned the shower handle, and warm, fresh water poured down. I, having turned away from him, slightly I delayed panties and right there I received from him a gel bottle. "Wash her, don't hesitate". I, still being confused, shy I squeezed out a bottle and it began to be soaped carefully. "Remove panties, for a long time it is time for us to get acquainted well" — and he started a hand to help me to be exempted from them. Having taken seat on edge of a bathtub, he attracted me to himself and seated on knees astride. "Rode horses?" "No, never". "Now you will drive" — and, having densely pressed down me to a hairy leg, he began horse gait to carry in a step me back and forth, slightly concerning the reared flesh. I couldn't look at him, all the time turned away, and he caught lips my nipples and, not for long holding, again released them. I all this time, having rested hands against his breast, I tried to create at least some visibility not of dependence on him, but after that meeting with the uncle Zhora I as though began to understand a little more that it is necessary for me therefore, warmed by such amusing gallop, I began to hang on him more and more. He noticed it and, having raised above, attentively examined my interesting place, then touched two fingers, clapped a palm and said: "At you this place too beautiful. Someone to you inserted the last time?" I rolled up the head. "Don't you remember? Means, long ago was! It is good... It looks forward to the friend, look how it swelled up a little". He obviously liked my fat sponges which are densely hiding everything that was inside, and his lewd eyes confirmed: "Not for long this chubby scar needed to be so densely compressed; without pain of joy doesn't happen, will get used — time so quickly I flaked out". He threw over me a terry sheet and, having lifted as a fuzz, I incurred to the bedroom on the wide bed which was carefully outspread, for certain, by Dina. At the first moment, looking in a mirror ceiling, I didn't recognize myself near this healthy fellow, similar to the child if not horney, similar to two big tomatoes, boobies. Then the image on a ceiling disappeared because it densely covered me with the powerful body. Having felt wild pain from his penetration, I didn't even cry but only I quietly moaned in a step to his wide movements. Then was still, more and more. I didn't control time at all. When I sat down on front seat of a car, the heavy hand of Timur densely laid down on my knees. Having frayed them a little, he hoarsely said: "Now you lawfully took this front place, and to a tolstozady turkey-cock to whom you will come to the office tomorrow, tell — if he touches you, then I will cut off to him balls, I will roast and I will force to eat". His car quietly drove to the address familiar to both of us. My new adulthood began. author's e-mail: dating no filter reddit date english spelling site mapMain Page