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In a moment I felt as my dick plunged into something damp more hotly... The most powerful impulse of pleasure shot to me at a brain, and I having involuntarily started a hand in hair of Lena, pressed down, sticking her mouth on the dick. I hadn't to specify to Lenochka as how to do, and I right there felt the amplified amplitude of movements of her head. Feelings from her uvula and lips which did something unimaginable literally knocked down me. Without having kept standing, I sat down on the shelf and having opened eyes, saw the following picture: Lena continued to do with enthusiasm to me blowjob, her hips were divorced in the parties and between them Andrey who having shifted towards her melting sat, shipped the person in her perineum, and holding buttocks hands with pleasure licked a ringlet of her anus. In several moments Lenochka's mouth was replaced by her graceful fingers which, having clasped my dick, began to poddrachivat him. The face of Lena was distorted at the same time by a spasm which was caused by the fact that Andrey rather powerfully began to drive the not small penis in the wife's pussy. Through several pushes Lena, having fallen face down me on hips, I bulged buttocks and I began to groan loudly. Even the sound of carriage radio couldn't muffle these groans which didn't leave also a doubt shadow about the events at passengers of the next compartments. Having done rather powerful warm-up, Andrey lifted up the wife and having pushed in my party seated to me on knees. Having seized the moment, I greedy kissed on a mouth the fellow traveler who, having passionately answered me, deeply pushed the hot language to me into a mouth. After long and fervent kiss Lena, the police slightly officer, clasped with the fingers my dick and sent him to a vagina. Again having felt tenderness and heat, now from the lower sponges of Lenochka I began to hollow powerfully her hole in which there was her husband a minute ago. Lenochka with deep groans began to make upward movement to me, at the same time her juicy breasts appeared at my mouth, than I didn't fail to use, greedy biting one, other nipple. In a moment my equestrian for a second stood then I felt as in her pussy it became rather small. The reason of the event was that Andrey, without lingering, having attached behind the back of the wife, made a helpless gesture her dense buttocks, and having overcome sphincter resistance, practically at all length entered the wife's buttocks. After a second pause, we with Andrey, at first slowly, trying not to hurt our woman, and then began to increase the pace quicker and quicker. Having looked at Elena's face, I understood that she is somewhere on the edge of consciousness. The feeling of availability and perversity it the beautiful woman was caused in me by some animal feelings, and I began to fuck with frenzy this fine body. Feeling approach of the final, I suddenly felt that Lenochka raised from me someone's strong hands. Andrey, obviously, having felt too as I solved, to use the wife's mouth. Улегшись on a regiment, it, having taken, Lenochka for hair, roughly I attracted her to the dick. Lena with humility opened the fine mouth, and having literally stuck on Andrey's dick, began to swallow him practically up to the end. Andrey meanwhile, having gripped her head, I began to fuck sharply Lena, causing rattles and groans of the wife. Having used that the buttocks of the girl were free, I having attached behind, I licked a pink hole and rather easily the dick entered into the developed anus ringlet. In spite of the fact that a minute ago in Lenochka's buttocks there was her husband, I felt as my "friend" was densely clasped by walls of her rectum. My visit didn't remain unnoticed by Lena which, having interrupted oral caress of the husband, turned the person in my party, and I saw a grimace of pain which distorted her face. Without having given will focus on new feelings, Andrey, having roughly turned the wife in the former direction, I began to fuck her in a mouth with the doubled force. Obviously to our cruelty, having added sharpness of feelings, I made the and Lenochka's body, having stood for a second, began to shudder in orgasm spasms. Not to frighten other passengers, Andrey closed the wife's mouth a passionate kiss. Our trio merged in a whole and while, probably everyone was ready to terminate, Lenochka having unexpectedly interrupted our game, got up from the shelf and having sat down on knees on a compartment floor, entrained us. Having got up on both sides from her, we concerned, ready to blow up dicks, her beautiful face. Lena having seized them with hands, I began to nadrachivat vigorously, alternately kissing both that and another. The first I didn't sustain, and the powerful volley of a cum struck in Lenochka's face. Literally afterwards, the solemn shot was made by Andrey. Several moments later the face of Lena was covered with a thick layer of dense whitish liquid which slowly flew down on her chin, a neck and an elastic breast. Having been satisfied with the had effect, Lenochka, happily smiling, I licked our dicks, without having left in them and droplets of a cum. Such powerful discharge and the drunk alcohol made the business, and I as who is knocked down, fell to the shelf of a compartment, and in a few minutes fell asleep sound sleep. Having woken up several minutes prior to arrival of the train, I saw the fellow travelers who managed to change clothes. Sunlight, falling on Lenochka's face, I gave to her shape freshness and I did it irresistible. The gloomy physiognomy of Andrey suggested an idea that yesterday's alcohol has an effect. - Well you are Mischa and the sleepyhead, - with a crafty smile Lena told. - And from the gun you won't wake you. - What is, that is, especially after such rough evening, - having winked, I answered. Before an exit from the car, Lenochka, having gently kissed me on a mouth and having caused thereby bewilderment in the conductor passing by us, I told: - Very pleasant was to get acquainted, we will be glad to meet in one compartment again! - Maybe we will exchange numbers? - having made attempt to meet once again this couple, I asked. - The old man, understand correctly, what happened yesterday, occurred only because we are only casual fellow travelers and in spite of the fact that you were pleasant to Lenke, I wouldn't want to continue acquaintance, and can be for this reason! - Andrey told, and having clapped me it can do, left a compartment, after Lena. The hometown met me by the freshness of wonderful autumn morning and vanity which is daily created by one million citizens. Having decided to finish finally all office affairs, I having taken a cab, I arrived to office and I transferred documents to office. To be washed away quickly home it didn't turn out as in a corridor I was intercepted by the chief who having dragged me in an office, long and tiresomely I asked on a trip. On the way home I with pleasure remembered events of last night, regretting that couldn't insist on communication continuation. The wife met me on an apartment threshold. On her appearance and the shining eyes, I guessed that she prepared for my arrival what - that a surprise. - I am very glad to darling you to see! - the wife began to chirp, having kissed me on a cheek. - I specially began to tell nothing to you by phone, I have for you a surprise! Do remember I to you told that I have a cousin? - Vaguely I remember, - I watchfully answered, being afraid of unexpected guests who can spoil a holiday. - So, here, without having waited for our invitation, they came to visit us and will live at us week! Just now in a corridor corner I noticed a familiar sac whether it is necessary to say that my heart was clogged much more often. When I came into the room, my expectations were met. On a sofa Lenochka, and near her sat, embracing her for shoulders, Andrey sat. The awkward pause was interrupted by Lena. - Very pleasant! And we, the little sister, managed to get acquainted a little with Mischa in the train, by the way, you were very lucky with the husband! - having winked at me, Lenochka told.... To be continued... I ask to send responses, offers and wishes to the address dating no filter puppets dated and related cast where are they now site mapMain Page