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I was ordinary and as all girls at this age I love when I stay at home one alone to watch a porn, but not usual and there where the girl with the girl are engaged in it. in one of such days I didn't go to school because I had temperature mother told to stay at home. I woke up in the morning in a watch ten, a little still lay down in a bed. after I after all got up I went washed cleaned teeth, have breakfast, was a little tidied up at myself in the room collected dirty linen and decided to carry it in the washing machine. when I opened I saw panties, but it were not mine, and my sister she for a year is more senior than me, I decided to take them to look they were still warm I considered them and noticed in the area where is пися some spot, at first I thought that it is urine, but when I felt a finger it wasn't similar to urine, was sticky, slippery and me very much there was a wish to taste I slowly brought panties to the mouth of a vysunal a uvula carried out by him in that place where is wet. In couple of seconds when I tried out to me this taste was pleasant, it very much made horney me in the bottom of my stomach heat all was lower and lower mine пися was hot already, I took panties went to myself to the room laid down took off the shorts and then panties which were already such as at the sister mokrenky, after that I took panties of the little sister and that place which mokrenky I began to caress the писю, I was just on top of the world from pleasure, in minutes five I understood that soon will terminate anticipating this moment I accelerated at peak of pleasure to the room suddenly came the sister, I it so with enthusiasm was engaged even didn't hear as opened an entrance door, she came into the room also stiffened from what was seen. on a bed her younger sister lies and masturbates her panties, she was shocked. From surprise I couldn't in time will stop and violently terminated directly to the sister on panties, they became such wet and very hot after that I was disconnected, I regained consciousness only late at night under a blanket trying find the sister's panties in a bed I couldn't make it, it was a shame to me to show the face to the sister, and still I was afraid that on all will tell mother. I got up trying though the panties to find, but I didn't find took others put on shorts and went to kitchen, on kitchens sat the sister had tea I approached her in hope to talk and will apologize, but she was silent got up and left to herself to the room I was upset a little, I felt guilty. When at night parents fell asleep I got up and went to the room to the sister wishing to talk about the incident, approached to the door looked at the handle to me it was a shame to come to her I deeply inhaled and opened a door. And me the picture opened my sister lies naked is engaged in the same in what and I was engaged but already in my panties, mine emergence not as didn't confuse she only asked "-that you stand, sit down nearby and look, I know to you it is pleasant" in a second when I recovered I approached closer and sat down nearby, observed as my sister caresses myself my panties, and from buttocks stick out her panties impregnated with my juice, I slowly began to flow those panties which on me though squeeze out. In a couple of minutes the sister terminated biting blankets not to cry at all house, she in hands had my panties from which her juice dripped as soon as she recovered the breath, she asked whether my panties are necessary to me what I answered yes, but was one conditions I have to was to lick everything from these panties, I agreed I to it was a little glad when I began it to do while I pinched everything from them the sister put me to bed placed my legs more widely slowly began to remove panties when she it made by her opened my mokrenky пися with which just flowed. in a second I felt as it carried out by a uvula on a stomach going down to a clitoris on which below and below it stopped. it his uvula massed, sucked. From this caress I began to groan gently and monotonously, she enhanced caress getting a uvula into my peshcherka and a hand finger my narrow buttocks. to me I was so well that I couldn't believe that I am engaged in it with the sister from these thoughts I was made horney in my head even stronger, the sister understood that I long won't sustain, she noticed it and she decided to help me to terminate implanted two more fingers into my buttocks, and began to work a uvula quicker it became a last straw. I bite her panties not to cry from pleasure I terminated, seemed to me that I peed the pants from my pisa there was just powerful stream of my juice which the sister a mouth tried to hold but a half after all splashed her entirely. I couldn't will move minutes 2, just lay in a small pool of the juice so far the sister continued to pinch everything from my pisa. A part of juice which she had in a mouth she gave me directly in a mouth at a kiss I swallowed each drop licking her mouth a uvula slowly going down to her peshcherka she was a little zaroshy a small knob, I began also as well as she from a clitoris massing it a uvula and biting, also as she I thrust her into buttocks 3 fingers and fucked them her while she pinched my juice from her panties her was enough not on long after 5 minutes of such caress she terminated very plentifully filling in me just all. after she recovered we for a long time lay and pinched juice the friend from the friend. And fell asleep in an obnimochka with each other when we woke up in the morning we discussed it and the sister to me admitted that she loves me long ago and wanted to make with me it but didn't know as to hint at it to yesterday's the sluchiya, I admitted that it very much was pleasant to me and I am ready to do it every night she smiled to me in reply, told couple of stories as she it is engaged with many of the girlfriends and that at her a collection of their panties is which by the way I could use for satisfying of the lust also she told as is played with the mummy's panties then them removes into place and when she them dresses her very much makes horney it. When we stopped talking she she suggested to go together to her to the room something will show. When we came to her into the room the little sister opened a case because of the shelf with panties got a lot of different to a panties, lacy strinig and still also from there big long faloemitator which the little sister often plays, and suggested together them to play what I agreed to. We laid down on a bed removed panties laid down the friend on the minding friend and inserted each other one end of a phallus into the pussy began to move forward ускоря speed backwards, and in a hand on panties of mother and began them to caress a clitoris smelling and licking them and so about a half an hour we groaned on all Apartment in hands already wet panties from our allocations which pinched from panties I not could it more to maintain to me there was a wish to terminate as well as the sister in a minute I felt as it comes nearer and we accelerated as could, and we a sister cumed the friend the friend on a breast the fountain from allocations and urine beat directly to us in a mouth we a mouth caught each stream and swallowed were a second more when finished lay the sister wet in a pool with our allocations and with a heap of wet panties. Later when we recovered pinched everything from the bodies collected all linen from a bed, panties removed into place together with a phallus. Also left the room happy and happy after it, after that mine пися ached from pain after such fucking for a long time but it was pleasant pain, after that I admitted to the little sister that I love her too and kissed her directly on a mouth. And now I forever and without povorotno fell in love with the sister. We moved to one room and began to spend very often time caressing each other at night. dating no filter imdb date today french site mapMain Page