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We with the wife for 23 years of living together had anything: my unfaithfulness, her unfaithfulness, several times we were even going to get divorced. But, understood that together to us, after all it is more best. And we solved a problem of unfaithfulness too — began to practice an open relationship, by then, children grew up and lived separately. Sometimes it left on a meeting to lovers, and I to mistresses; sometimes we with her met couples or men in the MZhM format. This year, we went to the Crimea. It is an excellent opportunity to have a rest and be gathered new impressions. In one of evenings, having come for walk, near the house where rented the room, we saw the company of young people still of boys, by sight isn't more senior than eighteen years. They actively discussed something. — I want them — the wife told me. — Them? But, they... — Them! And as I will entice them, this my business — she calmed — they will be frightened of you, but you can look at us. You will sit down on a balcony. This idea made horney me and I didn't begin to argue. On the neighboring small street I a fast pace came back home. In our room there was a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. It was shaded by the expanded decorative grapes and perfectly was suitable for peeping. I already started missing, thinking that at her nothing turned out when heard the opening doors and several voices. The marine quickly looked at a balcony, winked at me and began to transplant children. — Boys, you definitely didn't change the mind? In reply boys began to make a racket, assuring of the return. Then she slowly took off from herself a long cotton skirt and turned to them a back. The big ass which is densely fitted by blue panties attracted their all eyes. Having turned, the wife, also slowly took off a blouse, having shown them the fourth size hidden in a bra. — Boys, and now you undress fast — my wife ordered, sitting down on a bed. Boys undressed, having abandoned clothes on a floor, and got up near it. — And now help me to undress — she told, examining their dicks. I saw how boys surrounded her and began to take off a bra. Having coped with it, guys stiffened, admiring big boobs of the wife. Before her face three young dicks and she stuck out, I couldn't keep, brought closer guys to itself and began to take in a mouth their young dicks in turn. Boys crowded, trying to palm off the pisyuna to her lips, at the same time interfering with each other. And here my spouse decided on to operate the boyfriends. Having undressed completely, she sat down on edge of a bed and widely parted legs. Briefly having shown on itself the device of female genitals, she put before herself the tow-haired fellow and substituted the perineum under his language. I explained to the second young man how to caress her breasts, and freely to give the third smog to her in a mouth. While she did him blowjob, the first fellow diligently licked her pizda, and the second derived double pleasure from possession of her big breasts and that the wife jerked off his dick. Watching it, and I began to jerk off. The skillful uvula of Marina very quickly felt taste of a young cum. Having given to the fellow time to recover the breath, she changed boys: I directed him between the legs, I took in a mouth from the one to someone I jerked off, and his place was taken by tow-haired. He terminated very quickly too, but my wife didn't hurry to change boys. She began to make upward movement towards to young language and to groan, asking not to stop. Cuming she was fond, accelerated the movements by a hand from what tow-haired I terminated, having filled in with a cum the stomach and the wife's hand. She with pleasure licked the hand and the boy's member from what he got up again. — Well what, was pleasant to you — the temptress playfully asked and at the same time I looked at me, through grapes thickets. The boys overflowed with emotions in eager rivalry began to tell about the feelings. It were the most sincere compliments and it was visible how my wife likes to hear them. While there was a conversation, she told boys to spread out a sofa then spread a sheet and settled on a back. Boys laid down near her. By this time, they returned to combat readiness. From two parties two young males dropped to her breasts and began to kiss them greedy, tow-haired sat at this time and examined that at it between legs. Black hair framed the revealed crack which so attracted the fellow. He touched her folds and, judging by reaction, wives touched a clitoris. — Go to me — the Marine beckoned the boy. — Lay down on me — she told, having embraced the boy and having sent to his dick to itself. Having appeared in my wife he sighed and, after second confusion, began to fuck her. She parted legs even more widely and the room was filled with their groans and slaps of naked bodies. Two others wanted to look at this process, but Marina pressed their heads to the boobs, forcing to stimulate nipples, and itself at the same time furiously jerked off their dicks. She always asked me to caress and even to bite her breasts during sex. I watched how the boy fucks my wife and itself jerked off on it. Soon he terminated, having filled in her vagina with the cum. My whore didn't manage to terminate and at once put on herself tow-haired. He began to move in her pizda, at first isn't really dexterous, but then found the necessary angle of the movement and began to fuck her, and she to make upward movement to him. I jerked off on this exciting show, understanding that my wife will terminate soon. Here she clasped his back with legs and, having moaned, began to cum. I accelerated the movements at this time and filled in with a cum a wall, having hardly restrained too not to cry. After Marin is relaxed I laid down after an orgasm, tow-haired I continued the movements, terminated and laid down nearby. To me the tremendous picture opened: from a razjebany pizda of my wife a muddy stream the cum followed. — The aunt Marina, and it is possible for me... Too... — the third fellow asked. — Well, of course, my sweet — and having kissed him on a nose, she got up before him on all fours — well, go here... The boy approached the wide back of my wife and enough the small dick to her in a pizda dexterously put. Having grabbed both hands wide hips he fucked the adult woman while his friends had a rest. The boy lasted not for a long time and very soon his cum filled her vagina. But Marin of it it appeared a little, she only flew into a passion and wanted to terminate once again. Therefore she told to borrow, the released opening to the tow-haired fellow since his "tool" was already ready. The guy with pleasure took the offered place, and the wife having attracted to himself the first young man. I began to prepare by a mouth it on change. This time tow-haired fucked her long, caressing buttocks, a back and hips. They terminated almost at the same time and both were tumbled down on a sofa. While the wife had a rest, she continued to consider and caress the sticking-out dick of the first fellow. She didn't want to fuck any more, but also it wasn't correct to release the horney guy therefore the dexterous movement she sent a head of his dick to herself to a mouth. She sucked a dick, podrachivy it at the basis and squeezing balls, sometimes with the loud champing sound releasing a dick outside and admiring him. From this picture my dick began to be poured by blood again. The boy began to shake soon, and Marina stood having swallowed completely his dick. When the guy became soft, she once again licked his dick and with a pleased smile laid down on a pillow. — Well what, guys, was pleasant? — I asked, foreknowing the answer. Children were scattered in compliments, they were overflowed by feeling of joy and pleasure. They set a heap of questions that they already tried, but didn't trust the incident yet. The wife quickly enough saw off children, and on all their requests for continuation, told only: "Can be... ". As soon as she returned to the room and laid down on a bed, I began to lick her pizda filled with a young cum. I was horney, as well as my whore; to walk we left only in three hours... dating no filter danny date health benefits site mapMain Page