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The story on behalf of my friend - All! Enough! There was a summer, vacation. As most of my peers there were I the child of the street and house appeared only to eat or spend the night. That day the granny asked me to go since morning to shop behind bread and when I, having come from shop, ran out to the yard, it turned out that friends with whom I usually dangled down the street somewhere left. Near the house the wood where in bushes we had a secluded corner and where we usually parted a small kosterok began. There I also went. To bushes I crept very carefully, with desire loud shout to frighten friends. Having carefully moved apart branches, I saw on our clearing two girls from our yard - Lenka and Olga. Lenka was one year more senior than me, and Olga was 8 years old. Olga stood, having raised a hem of the dress, having slightly spread legs. Her panties to knees were lowered, and Lenka, having sat down on hunkers, carefully drove the palm to her between legs. Instead of enjoying this show, I about the silly woman cried: - Here you in what are engaged here! Olga sharply pulled panties, and both of them took to the heels. I caught up with Lenka and seized her by a hand. Lenka sharply pulled out a hand, and then I told that if she leaves now, then I will tell Olginy parents what Lenka did with their daughter. - It isn't necessary! - And what you made to her? - I told her that if long to rub a clitoris, then the girl can terminate, and she decided to try. I rubbed her a clitoris. - How to terminate it? And what is a clitoris? - The clitoris is such small knob at the top of a pussy. If long to caress him, then becomes very pleasant. It is called "to terminate". - And you from where learned it? - In the spring I went with the schoolmate to her home for the book and its elder sister told it to us and taught us to jerk off. Of course, I in the years perfectly knew the word "jerk off", but asked Lenka, what is it. - It to rub the clitoris, won't terminate yet. - And it is pleasant? - Very much! - And you will show me as you jerk off? - Went crazy?! There is nothing to do to me more! - Then I will tell everything to Olginy parents! - Well! Only then you will show me the pussy too! - You are the first! Lenka pulled together from herself pants and accurately put them on пенек. Then, having lifted up a hem of a dress and having clamped him a chin, she spread legs. For the first time I saw a maiden pussy. The body beat with a large shiver, and my "cockerel" just stuck to a stomach! - And I can touch? - It is possible, but only quietly. My hand laid down on Lenkina a perineum. There was she all mokrenky and slippery. I wanted to thrust a finger in Lenki, but she was sharply discharged. Understanding that she can be frightened off and then she will leave, despite all my threats, I took away a hand. - Show as it is necessary to jerk off! Lenka put a ring finger on a pubis and began to do them circular motions slowly. Sometimes she put a finger down to moisten it with plentifully emitted lubricant. Gradually the rate of movements began to be accelerated. Her knees strongly shivered, she loudly and falteringly began to breathe and at once all became soft. - I terminated! - Give still! - I then can't. It is necessary to have a rest. Now you show the pussy! Frankly speaking, I very much hesitated that Lenka will look at my "cockerel" now and therefore stiffened as the idol. Then she approached me closely and slowly pulled together from me wide trousers (such clothes at pioneers were fashionable then) and pants. - Wow! He turns out big! I he thought less! - It is because he costs, and usually he is less. - And why he costs? - I got up when I saw your pussy. - And you what, earlier never saw? - I didn't see. Lenka very carefully, two fingers took me for a cockerel. Ah, as it was pleasant! - And you can jerk off? - Yes. - And how? I showed as the head becomes bare, having several times delayed the top flesh. - Wow!!! Lenka took me for the end again and began to bare a head carefully. The shiver beat me already all and literally in 10-15 seconds I all got nervous in an orgasm. - Wow!!! Did you terminate? - Yes. - Great! And still Ritka said that the boy can suck a clitoris at the girl a mouth, and the girl to take in a mouth his dick! Let's try? My cockerel this day was not too clean, the head was covered with white flakes and, hesitating of it, I suggested her to try tomorrow. - Well. - she agreed - Only not here. - And where? - Give since morning at us in the shed. I will take a key and we will be locked there. And that here somebody can see us. - All right! After a lunch I met in the yard of friends, learned that they went to catch fish and gather since morning again tomorrow, and let out with them till the evening in the yard. Somehow there was enough mind not to tell about the adventures from Lenkaya, though there was a strong wish to brag. In the morning, having quickly had breakfast and having carefully washed up with soap of the cockerel, I is careful, trying that nobody saw, I passed to the shed of Lenkiny parents, most of all being afraid that Lenka won't come. The door of the shed wasn't locked and Lenka sat inside on an old sofa. - You that so long? I sit already whole hour here. - she told locking for me a door on a latch. - Undress! - You are the first! - I already without pants! - and she lifted a dress hem, showing that under him there is nothing. - And you saw Olga yesterday? - Videla. Also I told her that if she doesn't show you the pussy today, then you will tell about yesterday's to her parents. - And she? - She agreed. I behind her run later. - And why she to us? - We will learn to jerk off her together. Undress! I, already almost without hesitating, I removed from myself wide trousers and pants, and Lenka took off from herself a dress at this time and remained absolutely naked. We sat down on a sofa. I awkwardly embraced Lenka a hand, without knowing, what should I do further. Her hand carefully took my already standing cockerel, several times delayed the top flesh then Lenka got up from a sofa, kneeled, took in a mouth of my cockerel and began to move language on a head. The pleasant and earlier not experienced feeling is inexplicable captured me only. I caressed Lenka on the head, and she sucked my cockerel. I terminated very violently. - Now you to me. - she asked. We traded places. She parted legs and I saw her pussy again. Having carefully touched a clitoris with language, I understood what from the Lenkiny pussy smells of spirits. - You what, perfumed? - Yes. I Took from mother that it was more pleasant to you. I began to drive quietly a language tip on the Lenkiny clitoris. Her knees small shivered. She breathed falteringly. Her hand laid down to me on the head and pressed her to a pubis. I thought that it is necessary to press language to a clitoris stronger. Lenka began to moan quietly. Not to groan even, and to whine somehow. I doubled efforts, and here it all was curved, and with groan became soft. - Oh! As it is pleasant! - she whispered. While I was engaged in Lenka, my cockerel got up again. - Flax! And let's try to thrust it to you into a pussy. Vovka said that adults so do everything. - Here still! Ritka said that the first time it will be very sore. I am afraid. To you what, it isn't pleasant that we do? - It is pleasant. And if there to you to thrust a finger, too it is sick? - No. If it is careful, then isn't sick. Look. - and she, having parted legs, slowly I entered the finger inside and I began to do them progress. After a while the finger moved to a clitoris, Lenka began to tremble and became soft. I tried to put her on a clitoris the finger, but she didn't give. - It is necessary to have a rest. I was tired. Give I more better for Olga I run. She got up, put on a dress and approached to the door. - Lock for me. I locked a door and began to wait for them, without representing as all this will be together with Olga. Then reached me that I naked and I, having jumped, quickly put on. In minutes of the 15th painful expectation, at a door carefully knocked and Lenkin told a voice: - It we. I opened a door and inside Lenka and Olga slipped. Lenka led slightly resting Olga by the hand. - We undress! - Lenka told and I began to take off from myself a dress. I began to undress too. When we undressed, saw that Olga costs dressed and is all eyes on my cockerel. - Interestingly? - Lenka asked. Olga was silent. Then Lenka approached her and began to take off from her clothes. In the beginning Olga tried to resist, but then allowed to undress herself. Her face was crimson-red. Lenka noticed too that Olga strongly hesitates and offered: - Let's show her as it is pleasant to terminate. Suck to me a clitoris. She laid down on a sofa and I, already having experience, began to drive language on her clitoris. Having squinted eyes on Olga, I saw that she, without coming off, looks at us. After a while Lenka was killed in an orgasm. I approached Olga and carefully put the hand to her on a perineum. She was all damp. I long considered then that women's body all the time damp and slippery. And in many years it was strongly surprised, once having found out that it can be dry. Already knowing where there is a clitoris, I began to caress it quietly. Olga's legs were shifted together, but after a while when it became pleasant to her, she moved apart them. Then I carefully helped her to lie down on a sofa. Lenka who watched everything pushed aside me aside and itself began to caress Holguin a clitoris, and then began to caress him language. Long nothing occurred, but then Olga terminated with some whimpers, winding here and there the head. - Well? It was pleasant to you? - Lenka asked her. - Very much!!! I didn't even represent what can be so pleasant. Still! I removed Lenka and Holguin a bud, and began to rub then, remembering that Lenka didn't allow me to thrust her a finger into the pussy, I very carefully entered the finger into Olgino a vagina. She sighed, but didn't take away my hand. Inside at Olga was hot and is very slippery I began to do by a finger progress and at the same time I began to lick her a clitoris. Her body very strongly shivered. She thinly and lingeringly began to whimper and was curved. I carefully took out a finger. - Still! - Then let to you Mishka instead of a finger will thrust the pussy! - No! I am afraid! He at him very big! - Well and that? All adults so do! He to me already thrust! - Lenka told lies. I understood that she on the example of Olga wants to look painfully it or not. - All right. - Olga gave up. I laid down from above Olga and tried to get her a cockerel into a vagina. Nothing was impossible. And here I felt as Lenka took me for a chlenik and pulled to Olga's hole. I began to press quietly. Olga suddenly screamed and sharply pushed away me. - Painfully! It isn't necessary more! - Then let he to you will try it to insert into buttocks! Ritka told what adults so do! - No. I still want as was! - Then you make to him so! - and with these words Lenka pushed aside Olga from a sofa and took my chlenik in a mouth. Olga having opened eyes I looked as my end on half disappeared at Lenka in a mouth. And again it became pleasant to me, and, strongly twitching all over, I terminated. - All right. Give I now. - Olga told and I tried to take my cockerel in a mouth, but only that having terminated, I couldn't bear it and escaped from her. - Why he doesn't give? - He should have a rest. I don't know why you without rest absolutely can do it once again. To me it is necessary after terminated, to have a rest too. Give while he has a rest, I will jerk off you. And Lenka began to work on Olga's clitoris again. - Finger! - What finger? - Inside put a finger! - Olga asked. Lenka entered into her a finger. Each time Olga cumed quicker and quicker and more violently. This time she, cuming, so loudly I moaned that Lenka covered with her a mouth a palm. - Silence! And somebody will hear that. - Still! - Then I am! - and Olga began to caress a clitoris. She did it, sobbing and shaking here and there the head. There was such feeling that she continuously cums. - All! I can't any more! - She in exhaustion was stretched on a sofa. Lenka tried to touch her clitoris. - No! All! Enough! I can't more! - It was pleasant? - Very much! Only I was so tired that I can't get up. - Tomorrow you will come to the shed? - Surely! Also was tomorrow. Also there were once again five. And then there came the fall. It became cold, and we ceased to gather in the Lenkiny shed. And then I together with parents moved to live to other district of the city. Since then there passed many years. There were many women. But I remember this story as the best and most pleasant sexual experience. dating newspaper date ideas honolulu site mapMain Page