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I in a trice set to work and brought language the girl to an orgasm. I was still horney, but is happy that I gave pleasure of the darling. Karina clung to me and, it seems, began a new conversation: - I have a small request to you, you couldn't go to yourself to the apartment tomorrow and stay there for the weekend? Just I invited to myself one friend on a visit, he after a lunch will arrive. I know, darling, usually I to myself invite nobody, but he very much is pleasant to me, and I want to spend with two of them these days off. - Your lover will arrive to us home and you will be engaged in all this here? In our bed? - I tried to object. - Well, you love me? You will allow me to take a fun with my new friend at home, he is such darling... - I don't know whether not too it will be... - Here you see what! I to you gave today the писю to caress, and you don't want even that your darling well spent the days off with the handsome man who is pleasant to her! - Well, well let comes, but I don't want that he stayed overnight. - What means you don't want? Don't you want to lick more my hole after there naspuskat? So you love me, huh? Well, I will wash then her in soul after my friends, and you about this business and the more so about sex can forget! - No, Karina, listen, I just worry... - Leave alone! You disappointed me. And in general that it I ask you? Tomorrow morning you will get up and you will go to yourself! And I will call you when we finish and you will be able to come. - Yes, it is good. - Well to him now! You will arrive on Sunday, you will be able to admire me and as I was had, and I will allow to lick nothing to you! As you weren't sympathetic to my request, you will satisfy in a different way yourself, I still will think up as. - But I agreed, let stays overnight, nobody will disturb you. - You had to agree at once! In general you have to promote always that I spent with the lovers more time! Especially now, when I found the man who really is pleasant to me and to whom I am ready to be given more than once. When the conversation reached her new friend whom as it became clear, called Anton, Karina calmed down and even began to tell me about him. She told how he looks as she got acquainted with him and as already misses him what dick, big and beautiful at him, as she was pleasant to suck it and a lot more miscellaneous. In the morning we got enough sleep, I began to gather, and Karina to be painted and look for what to dress for the lover. - What panties to me to dress? These or these? How you think what will be pleasant to him more? - Karina asked me. - These are pleasant to me - I specified. - Well, look, you have to do everything that I was pleasant to the new guy! But I trust you, you at us the specialist in female panties. - Karina began to giggle. - Karina, and what means to "the new guy"? - Don't worry, darling, you at me aren't replaceable. - I already thought... - What did you think? What did I fall in love with another? No, my dear and even if I will fall in love with you I won't throw. Where will I still find such ladies man? Ha, ha! Soon I left, having left Karina to wait for the welcome guest. Imaginations that there will be houses in my absence overflowed my head, different thoughts occurred - as my Karinochka absolutely unfamiliar man as he will cum her in a mouth as they will passionately kiss in our bed will rigidly pull to me. Of course, not the first time my darling lays down under foreign man in my absence, but this time I feel in a different way. It will occur at our place, in our bed! Besides at last and I took a certain part in all this is Karina "coordinated" with me this appointment, I helped her to be prepared, learned a lot of things about her lover, about her great sympathies for him. Such treason made horney me even stronger, and actually I wanted to take a bigger part in her. I already began to represent how I will arrive home next day, I will meet the girl, she will lie in a bed fucked and to wait for me with the moved apart legs... Stop! She won't wait for me with the moved apart legs after I immediately didn't approve her wish about sex with other man at our place. It is interesting what she for me will think up? On Sunday early the long-awaited call from Karina was distributed in the evening, she told that I can come and also that I on the way stopped by at shop behind products. Having bought everything that was ordered by Karina, I drove up to the house and with some nervousness opened a door. Karina lay on a sofa and watched TV, she was dressed in a short dressing gown and it was visible that she already got ready to make toilet after stormy night. - Hi, pussycat, how do you feel? - I asked. Karina mysteriously smiled. - Well, unless it isn't visible as I feel? I feel perfectly! On the one hand. On the other hand I am awfully sorry that everything ended, with such man I would like to spend the whole week, not only one night. - He was pleasant to you? - Yes, Anton is a wonderful boy, would marry it! Such darling, gentle, is able to be rude when it is necessary, just charm! - Yes? I am so glad for you. - it was visible that Karina was very happy, so I had a hope to caress her language though she already was in soul. - You know, I didn't even keep and about you told everything to him how it is pleasant to you as your girlfriend pull as you like to lick me and what pathetic "sex" at you with me in a toilet before a toilet bowl. - And what he answered it? - About! I didn't meet such charming and careful guy yet! He told that I am just smart whore, and my friend, that is you, have to receive the share of pleasure too. - Mm... I can receive the share now? - and I began to kiss a hand of darling. - You can, but don't think that I forgot your bad behavior! You have to thank Anton for it that he such the lassie, gave true pleasure to your girlfriend and about you didn't forget. - Yes, the darling, I am very grateful to him for it. What do I have to do? - At first undress, then approach a table, my panties roll there. Find them and dress. - What? Do you want that I dressed them on myself? - Do that is told! I satisfied Karina's request and in a minute faced her in female panties of which my intense dick stuck out. - Here so, not bad you look by the way! - Karina laughed - can, now you will carry only female panties? You in such look are pleasant to me more. All right, go sit down at the computer, it is switched already on, there will be video which Anton prepared especially for you. You have to look at him! I sat down and began viewing of "movie" as I also assumed the operator there was Anton, he held the cam in hand and fucked Karina in the pussy. She loudly groaned and when the lover slowed down speed, smiled in a lens. I also became the witness of small dialogue: - Well, the babe, you will pass greetings to the friend? - slowly fucking Karina's pussy Anton spoke. - Andryusha, hi to you! It is pleasant to look as I am fucked? - Crean through laughter I complied with a request of the new lover. - And what you still want to tell him? - I want to tell nothing any more, thrust to me more deeply, darling, at you the best dick in the world! Yes, still... aa! Here I heard Karina's voice behind the back: - Well as to you? We for you tried! Anton thought up to write down on video, and panties there was my idea. Well? Don't you unless want to terminate on my panties again and then to wash them? You were largely lucky today, my new friend allowed you to jerk off, watching our record. I was delighted and began to remove from myself panties of my darling. - Ээй! Wait! I didn't tell you them to remove! Dress back immediately! You can jerk off as you want, but that all cum was in panties! - But me it will be so inconvenient... - Not my problems! Here is how girls cum? They don't even delay anything there. I don't know as to me it worked well, but thanks to elastic fabric, I executed the next imagination of my darling. I didn't cum long ago and Karina's panties just were through impregnated with a cum. - Well done! - Karina was delighted - you can remove, is only accurate. But generally you really have to tell thanks to Anton, I didn't want that you cumed today. Here you terminated now and is happy, and actually you have to be happy first of all that your favourite shlyushechka was fucked properly by the handsome guy with a big dick and presented to it unforgettable night. Karina became dissatisfied, but it was visible that she plays. Karina took the panties soiled by a cum, thrust them to me into a mouth and sent to the bathroom to erase. 5. Marry me! This Anton was the business guy and somewhere left in connection with work, but in my opinion Karina didn't lose with him contact finally and waited when he returns. Life proceeded, as usual Karina few times in a week vanished on the parties, I carried out the duties, and approximately once a month (sometimes even two-three times as I behaved well) at us with Karina was unforgettable sex. Unforgettable he was, of course, rather for me and in spite of the fact that every time to me was necessary to use condom. Karina went well-groomed and it became seems even more sexually, put on thoughtlessly and I just was surprised as her still nobody raped, but she didn't resemble the cheap whore, it is rather then on the elite prostitute if it can be compared. Both of us were happy with each other and the moment when I suggested Karina to marry me came. Here that she answered me: - Do you want to marry me? Do you want to make of me the married whore, huh? I agree, a cat! Let's get married! But only on my conditions. Well? Now I should go to one party to the girlfriend, still it is necessary to manage to be prepared, tomorrow then I will tell. You can kiss me! No... well where you climb! My lower sponges are intended for your passionate kisses, here kiss them! Max Steiner dating myself synonyms dated and related diana age site mapMain Page