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I never had special charm and beauty and guys as gloves, I didn't change. I always had a hammered character, modest and silent. A breast of the second size, small growth it is also made small buttocks. I studied only as the three. This terrible day became for my life a point not of return. I remained on additional classes with the class monitor. No, I didn't take a liking to him absolutely, just wanted to understand a subject in chemistry. The head asked to bring notebooks from the second floor (we were on the third). I as the most obedient schoolgirl, went down to take those ill-fated notebooks. From offices the head had keys, he always the last left school, the director trusted him. And so I a key open a door as I feel that something behind pushes me in a class. Someone's strong hands clasped me for hips in front, slightly touching my intimate place. From a fright I screamed, but one hand of the ill-wisher laid down on my mouth. I grew dumb with fear and powerlessness. I was pushed, kicked, but someone very strong already wore out me in an office. The light was turned on though hands of the unknown guy still lay on me. So I understood that their two. The door was closed by the second person, and the fact that held me, cast away to a school desk and impudently laughed. Earlier I hadn't to see this impudent person. Knees hurt from blow, I strongly hit against a school desk a shoulder. - Don't approach me! - I shouted, but, it seems, nobody heard me. The brown-haired person, that already I surveyed my intimate places, smiled. I noticed that this cattle had no one tooth. At once having realized that I now not in the best situation, I rose from a floor, but I was seated right there back by the brown-haired person. Behind there was a blonde, he a smile told: - Be more best quiet, a potaskukha, differently to you it will be very sore today. - Shut up, Emil, I love when a tselochka with character, - the brown-haired person told and began to tear off with me a shirt. - Don't dare to touch me! - I shouted and gave to the guy ringing slap in the face. And it, apparently, was pleasant to the guy without tooth. He disgustingly smiled, and then breakthrough tore off all buttons together with a shirt. I was out of myself from indignation when realized that this goat pulls down from me my long skirt. I loudly cried, but this пидр thrust to me into a mouth my torn shirt. I felt as someone's hands gently touched me behind, having removed a school desk. I understood that it is that Emil. White-haired handsome accurately undid my old, shabby brassiere, and then slowly lowers my straps down. Swinging hands, being kicked, I hoped to get rid of lewd bastards, but it was vain. That blonde took my hands and languidly connected by something. I lowed and cried, could tell and make nothing. This brown-haired person, that I was especially nasty to me, pulled together from me tights and pants, having bared my virgin pussy. He licked lips and began to stroke my advantage. - More quietly, my good, more quietly, - the blonde sang to me behind. My legs were in hands at the brown-haired person, but he for some reason released one hand. He stretched to the fly, opened the lock and lowered a little trousers. A free leg I began to kick the brown-haired person with a leg, but he right there trampled down it the weight. When I saw IT, was in full shock. I for the first time alive see a male genital. I screamed from the fact that I understood what they are going to make with me. The brown-haired person poddrachivat the dick, looking directly at me, I didn't stop attempts to beat off, tried to spit out a blouse from a mouth. It was impossible to me. The blonde embraced me behind and the vibrating movements stroked my nipples, in the bottom of a stomach there was a pulling feeling. From this guy smelled delicious and he brought me the tenderness. But before me there was absolutely other guy opposite to me. The brown-haired person, as soon as his dick got stronger, bent to me, spat a hand and began to run the rough hand over my intimate place. I shuddered from surprise, began to complain as small. - Release, please, - I when the brown-haired person removed my legs stronger begged. - I will tell nobody. - You and so will tell nobody, the whore, - the toothless guy told and our bodies adjoined in the intimate place. Its huge for me (I didn't see other sizes), the hot and unpleasant dick very hardly entered me. In the next second it made progress, I felt an acute pain. Further I just died of pain. To groan and cry there were no forces, I just lay under the brown-haired person, my legs were spread, and this goat entered into me a dick and entered. I was strained to a limit, prayed to God for mercy, waited when it ends, seconds lasted eternally. The blonde who sat all last moments behind left, leaving me in full power of this bastard. On my forehead there were drops of sweat, eyes were closed and when I opened them, I saw oskalenny teeth of the bastard opposite to me. He hollowed me with a huge force, balls knocked on me with an unpleasant sound, pain didn't abate. I thought that in hell. The brown-haired person pulled out from me the tool, I thought that now he once again will come into me, but it didn't occur. I was revived by warm liquid which flew from the dick on my bared tummy, on my ironed skirt. I would rise, pushed away him, but couldn't because of exhaustion. I tried to cramp legs, but the shchelochka hurt, I couldn't make it without serious consequences. I raised the head and understood that I lie in a small puddle of blood. Mine. I was deprived by virginities in a chemistry office. I expected that the brown-haired person received the and will abandon me, but I had to see his impudent ugly face again. The guy bent to me and showed on any more not standing dick. - Do you see blood? Yours. It you soiled me, you and to correct it. He roughly put me on hunkers, the perineum ached. Then the stranger told: - Open a mouth, be a good girl. I was in a trance, then the brown-haired person closed my nose. On a waist hands of that blonde behind laid down, he with pleasure whispered: - Make as he wants, otherwise to you it will be sore again. To me was already all the same. I opened the mouth, took a sip air. But here breath was blocked again. The brown-haired person inclined me to himself and the pulsing dick pushed in my mouth. I fainted when I rested a nose against his groin. I don't know even where he fucked me stronger: in a mouth or in a pizda. Also I don't know that it was more opposite to me. He stopped fucking me in a mouth, the warm cum poured down on me. - Swallow, worthless things! - the brown-haired person shouted with a jeer. And I swallowed. I swallowed as the whore to whom paid. After I swallowed that I could, the brown-haired person left me aside. Also I left. Then I voluntarily gave to the blonde, he helped me to wash and carried away me home. I not dating myself by sad alex date ideas killeen site mapMain Page