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Chapter twentieth Sasha didn't hurry, went slowly, putting in order on the run a dress and gradually recovering in the fresh air. After closeness and nervous shocks, on the street was just magically. The sun, the blue sky, the green rustling foliage - all this calmed and erased all dirt from soul. And him, actually, had no place to hurry. The school was obviously covered, mother will come from work only in the evening, and yet having not felt hungry. It is asked what to hurry to the sad boring yard where all look askance? And here still Sashka made out a cozy wooden bench. Bright orange, she as if shouted - sit down! Interestingly, someone painted her such wild fire color. Sasha didn't begin to oppose to a sincere rush and settled on her, leaned back on a back and began to enjoy rest. Before him, clearly, the lyceum yard lay. The break still proceeded. On the yard the bright small fry which with squeal is catching up each other rushed. The seniors who broke into small small groups looked at them from height. All were in an identical form, and it is a pity. It was interesting to Sashke to have a look that little girls carry. But all have dark cherry jackets, the same color of a skirt or trousers. Any variety. Sashka yawned, got the round pocket mirror lent at mother from a handbag. Having looked in him, I gave a whistle - what horror!. Lipstick was eaten, shadows were smeared, there is no powder left and a trace - all was erased about someone else's shorts. Yes, well and round... Sashka got a scarf and tried though a little bit to make toilet. For this interesting occupation, and then and just missing, he spent nearly an hour or even more - didn't take hours. From outside it seemed that the girl has nothing to be engaged - girlfriends ran up, the meeting isn't appointed. Also nobody guessed that in the head of this charming creation two furiously argued. - You what you create?! - the disheveled boy was indignant. - Where your pride?! - And that it... - poorly the girl beat off a thin voice. - How that?! Yes you for them a laying became! What with you was made?! In all holes on three times!! And after that you are going to arrive still?! - I love him... Well as you don't understand... - Yes to spit to him on your love! I found to myself the hero! Yes he anybody, rag! He even didn't raise a voice on these freaks! - He is weak... He is afraid of them... - Why then he is necessary to you? Choose another at someone the character is more feasible. Yes though this Romka. Is afraid of nobody, I sent all to hell. - And only Denis is pleasant to me... Well it is pleasant that I can make? - She likes him... Silly woman! The love has to be mutual! - Someone told it to you? Books should be read, the little fool, - the girl obviously found force, the voice changed, became firmer and more derisive. Also I repeated obviously book: - The true love has to be sacrificial! Got that? - That books, and is life, - the boy tutorially answered. - Here will arrange to you still a hundred times more abruptly, you doprygatsya! - Yes well you, don't frighten! All the same they will understand soon that with me it is necessary gently and kindly. Here you will see! - I will see... Where I will get to... Two years already I look... All scoff, and you suffer... Just I for you worry. You are such fragile, and very silly, - the boy breathed heavily and stopped. The girl only burst out laughing in reply and tousled his already disobedient hairstyle. So time flew, Sasha stirred legs, shaking shoes, considered passersby. Also I didn't guess that very soon will become the direct participant of a detective story... * * * Object was difficult. Neither in the house, nor on the street it is so simple not to approach it. Having carefully studied a daily routine and routes, Andrey chose only real option - lyceum. But also there at once you won't take... In the mornings gave a ride to the boy directly to the main gate and handed over from hands on hands to protection. Elite school for the VIP of pupils. On gate the security guard, unnoticed not to slip. Pig-iron lattices three meters high on all perimeter. The same zone, only without towers and a prickle. At eight in the morning, as usual, gate of school were approached by "Jaguar" the Huge bodyguard got out, watchfully looked round around. Having bypassed around the car, I opened a door. From there the puny fellow in a dark velveteen jacket slipped out and smartly I whisked in a gate. The school security guard friendly grinned and waved a hand in the direction of the central entrance - pass. The boy, throwing a bright briefcase on weight, in several seconds I reached quickly doors, I looked back at parting and I passed out of sight. The bodyguard watched him leave and with feeling of the fulfilled duty was behind black glasses of the car again, and in a minute the car disappeared from a look. The street was filled with cars of the most different brands, but to unpretentious models there was no place here. So new school day began. Andrey examined the painfully familiar picture from the house opposite, having disappeared on the second floor. A week ago here removed the two-room apartment, having paid in advance. Small, but quite powerful field-glass allowed to make out all details of the lyceum occurring in the yard and mostly territories. Well, today everything has to be solved, it is impossible to pull further. Промаявшись in the forenoon, from time to time glancing in the field-glass, Andrey mostly rolled on a bed and watched TV. In two hours until the end of the occupations he looked out in a window once again, moved the field-glass on the yard, looking out for the client. The boy with the acquaintance according to the photo the person wasn't visible. Whether he sat without budging from a place in the building, whether skillfully masked. The field-glass slid on building walls, on windows, on back streets - nothing interesting. Andrey was already going to return for a bed, but suddenly noticed something interesting. On the backyard two figures - the boy in a lyceum form and the girl in a pink dress appeared. Stealthily, they made the way along a wall, hiding and looking around. Andrey hemmed and settled more conveniently behind a curtain. It is unlikely that children conceived to smoke or run away from lessons. When the look lingered on the boy longer, Andrey with surprise learned the object charged to him. The guy started and doubled attention. What occurred further made a strong impression. At first the boy dived to the girlfriend under a dress and something made minutes five there, it isn't less. And then at all at the boy the roof and he moved down, having decided that turned into the invisible being, carried out with the girl... so to say, act of love. Andrey watched with such genuine interest that in the eyes there were prints from eyepieces. Here give modern kids! In broad daylight! Someone only brings up them?! Babes coped five minutes. The girl got out through a fencing to the street (the devil, didn't know about this hole earlier as far as everything would become simpler! But not to cancel the developed plan) the boy waved to her following a hand and went to the yard, around the building. Andrey saw in the field-glass as his face shone tranquility and happiness, and even envied a little... It was difficult to watch both therefore the guy focused on the client, and I lost sight of the little girl. The boy made an indifferent look and approached a small group of youths schoolmates, about something, laughing, told, slapped it can do the neighbor. This minute the call from change was distributed and all not too hurrying went inside. Judging by hours, there was the last lesson. In an hour for the client we will arrive the car. Means - it is time to start. Andrey, inspected the room and made small cleaning, having passed by a rag and napkins on everything that touched or moved. Having decided that there was no print left (though it and it is impossible, but I cleaned the most noticeable places) Andrey packed the things in a bag, without having forgotten empty bottles from under beer, and went outside. Having attentively inspected the yard through points - "chameleons", the guy a fast pace went away. In two quarters from here he was waited by the car. However he didn't go to her at once, послонялся on vicinities, killing time and waiting for the end of occupations. To only two o'clock in the afternoon Andrey drove up to lyceum, having stopped behind turn that the car didn't catch sight to the security guard. In ten minutes after a call from doors the multi-colored rainbow - jackets, jackets, raincoats got enough sleep. It disguised not striking lyceum form, decorated the yard. Children, it is noisy exchanging words and outvoicing each other, began to run up, towards to parents or protection. The street was captivated by smart cars, closing journey. At last the schoolyard became empty. Only the lonely figure of the boy in a cream jacket stiffened on a porch - the car everything wasn't. - Boy! For you will arrive soon? - the security guard shouted. - I don't know... - in embarrassment Denis murmured, getting the mobile phone. And where to call? There was no wish to disturb the father in such small occasion. - Probably, traffic jams... On the plan developed in advance the car that has to take away Denis home, distracted for some time. But in a stock of minutes five-ten, it is no more. And Andrey resolutely went to gate. - Denis! I for you! - loudly Andrey shouted and friendly I waved a hand. The boy raised the head, watchfully looked at the stranger. - Approach, please. I from your father!. The boy slowly came nearer. - Denis, - Andrey gave to a voice tragic notes. - You are not little, has to understand. On Igor Nikolaevich attempt, is made two hours ago. He is seriously wounded, in hospital now. And protection all was put, swine... We will go rather, mother already packed things, waits in the car. She wants to take away you to the country. The car nearby, I didn't begin to adjust to school, it is dangerous. We will go, every minute on the account!. - Do you know him? - the security guard asked suspiciously. - No, I didn't see, - Denis answered. Lips at the boy began to tremble, eyes were covered with moisture. He believed in sad words at once. - I will go... - Wait a moment! - the security guard stopped him. - It is possible your documents? - Yes, certainly, - Andrey quietly answered and showed the certificate of the security agency which served the father Denis. He had a good preparation and the fulfilled legend, there is no need to worry. The security guard attentively studied crusts and returned to the owner: - It seems everything is all right... Idi, Denis, he's right. It is more best to leave the city until everything clears up. Probably, hunting behind family, and especially, for the successor will begin. - That is, for me, - at the boy the cheek moved. - Go rather! Denis skipping rushed off after the guy who was quickly walking away. They passed half-quarter and really uvidat the parked BMW with tinted glasses. Andrey peeped the panel and hospitably slightly opened a back door. - Jump rather!. - in a low voice he told. The boy bent down, intending to slip inside. And during this instant... I zatrezvonit his mobile phone. Both, both the boy, and Andrey, shuddered from surprise. Denis came round with the first, pulled out a tube from a pocket and cried out: - Hallo, father! What happened? That... The tube took off from his hands from strong blow. Denis pointed a finger at a point on a thin clavicle and the boy became soft. Having picked up a weak-willed body, I pushed into the car. I slapped a door, promptly I ran all over around and I took the driver's place. The car jerked straight away so that tires began to squeal. In a second only the easy smoke reminded of a stealing sketch... dating myself by sad alex song download date today widget notion site mapMain Page